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Men 1 Mile Invitational Run Texas Relays (U.S. # 1 Sam Worley, Alex Rogers, Leo Manzano)

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Men 1 Mile Run Jerry Thompson Invitational 1 Samuel Worley 12 New Braunfels Canyon 4:00.61 2 Alex Rogers SO Texas 4:01.65 3 Leo Manzano Hoka One One 4:02.02 4 Reed Brown 12 SoLake Carroll 4:03.23 5 Brian Barraza NA UNAT-Houston 4:03.69 6 Jonah Koech SO UTEP 4:03.75 7 Adam Godwin USATF Team G 4:04.39 8 Yasunari Kusu Japan 4:06.97 9 Wilkerson Given USATF Team G 4:13.22 10 Logan Emery JR Texas 4:18.20 11 Spencer Dodds FR Texas 4:26.96 -- John Rice FR Texas DNF New Braunfels Canyon (TX) senior and University of Texas signee Sam Worley ran the No. 11 all-time fastest high school boys mile in the Jerry Thompson Mile on Saturday at the Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays, winning the elite field in 4:00.61.
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Text Comments (71)
Laurie Williams (1 month ago)
the most annoying commentary that I have ever heard in my entire life
Daniel Bausch (4 months ago)
The announcer needs to quit shouting random names and focus on telling splits
Noel Chavez (5 months ago)
Damn I just notcied the video is the the time of my mile pr
Joshua House (7 months ago)
that was like a 56 last lap for him DAMN
Andrew K (8 months ago)
he cut through the pack of elite runners so easily in less than 200m
ricky scott (9 months ago)
kenyan lol probably noypi
Liv I. (9 months ago)
why did john rice just drop out
cyoungrun1 (10 months ago)
These are high school times.
Mark M (11 months ago)
Sam came out of no where
ykmjc (1 year ago)
announcer needs to drink decafe
Rift (1 year ago)
Manzano is a fucking Olympic medalist losing to high schoolers... MIND BLOWN
Lucas Paschal (1 year ago)
Dude at 5:46 is a bit angry lol
Ultimate_ Cuber (1 year ago)
Whis tler (1 year ago)
Reed Brown 3:59.30. Congrats.
Edward Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Jeez Worley is a freak showing up even Manzano, I mean he's getting old but when a HS kid beats an Olympian and a bunch of DI college runners that is saying something. Definitely a very talented runner with a lot of potential along with Reed Brown
Jesse Cabitac (1 year ago)
Spencer dodds 😭
AstoundingPilot -SW- (1 year ago)
1:06 i'm not the only person that starts with a double arm pump
David Silva (1 year ago)
AstoundingPilot -SW- Top schnarf
Sam Wahl (1 year ago)
Oh my god I would be so annoyed running with that idiot screaming the whole time.
Preston Peters (11 months ago)
Sam Wahl He made it even more excited.
ryan keilitz (1 year ago)
what spikes is worley wearing?
watermaster75 (1 year ago)
this was posted on april 1st
Joe Morrison (1 year ago)
I'm a freshman and I can run a 4:34 hopefully I can get down to these times by the time I'm a senior
David Montalvo (1 month ago)
That's awesome. How is your mile now?
Great Race
Andrew Hamrick (1 year ago)
this announcer needs to either stop talking or take it down a notch...
Jamison Michael (1 year ago)
Andrew Hamrick you should go to TSU relays in Houston. Their announcer takes it to a whole new level 😅
Rafael Samson (1 year ago)
Announcers that don't talk are fucking awkward though -_-
Zach Kennedy (1 year ago)
The craziest part is that world went through 800m in 2:03, and 1200m at 3:04, and then closed in 57
ManGoesRunning (1 year ago)
Awesome commentator !
Sk James (1 year ago)
Just saying their names doesn't count as commentary smh
Antonio Morales (1 year ago)
the announcer hyped up Leo so much and then he got beat, wow
Wyatt Brown (1 month ago)
It really didn't surprise me. I saw him run 4:08 two years ago in person.
david fraser (7 months ago)
leo .. leo.. leo
Leek (1 year ago)
The line is making me nervous and Im not even there
Simon Berube (1 year ago)
That guy after the race needs to chill out lol
Javier Zamora (9 months ago)
Rafael Samson he’s talking about the commentator
David Silva (1 year ago)
Lmao Spencer
Rafael Samson (1 year ago)
I mean he usually gets under 4:10 so I can see why he got mad
(1 year ago)
I feel like Manzano has already peaked when it comes to speed. Some marathoner's peak at their mid-30s though. Would be cool to see Manzano do longer distances
travz21 (9 months ago)
Depends where he was during his training cycle. A low 4-minute mile without peaking yet would be great.
Ashley Odell (1 year ago)
Someone help me out. Why is Leo manzano, Olympic silver medalist getting beat by high schoolers?
Rockin Harmonyyy (10 months ago)
either way, leo was just setting the pace
Rafael Samson (1 year ago)
My dudes, Leo Manzano's best mile time is 3:50...
Lit Af (1 year ago)
+Jaymes Cole Exactly, no surprise there lol.
Jaymes Cole (1 year ago)
+Lit Af and let it be known he doubled in this meet and ran a workout after. Most pros do something like that with early season meets like what Eric Jenkins did at Payton Jordan this past weekend.
Lit Af (1 year ago)
Leo is likely 1, not going all out, or 2 since he is not peaking until August still not nearly into top speed shape and is probably working on base right now.
AmistadChris (1 year ago)
Crazy kick
Squints (1 year ago)
Ike Huber (1 year ago)
this announcer though
Ron Winter (1 year ago)
Exactly...Let's Get Ready to Rumble!! What a used car salesman tool.
manic (1 year ago)
repping from new braunfels!
Nick Harris (1 year ago)
i can barely run that pace for 2 laps...
James Davis (1 year ago)
Nick Harris ikr? My 800 is 2:09 and they running 2:03 at the back of the pack.
Morgan Faunce (1 year ago)
He beet college kids man he's gonna be big
Morgan Faunce (1 year ago)
Ben L sorry thanks for the reminder
Ben L (1 year ago)
Bro you just completely ignored that he beat an olympic silver medalist LOL, granted that was 5 years ago for Manzano.
Grant Thompson (1 year ago)
He made a 4 flat mile look so easy
darkpupitar2enchant (1 year ago)
Fthanks for recording ;)
C (1 year ago)
Damn should be interesting how the end of the season plays out for the top High Schoolers plenty people already in that 4-405 range
Mark Finley (1 year ago)
I check athletic(dot)net for high school times as I am in high school also and Cooper Teare ran a 3:59.80 1600m, and then Sam Worley had a 4:02.30 1600m. In the actual mile (1609.34m) Cooper had a 4:00.16 and Sam had a 4:00.61.
Cody Cornell (1 year ago)
I'm going to guess you are also a conspiracy nut?
Ron Winter (1 year ago)
Kevin William You can't question this one.
Michael Hamlin (1 year ago)
Kevin, I am not doubting that some numbers get fudged at times when these guys are tenths of seconds away from this huge barrier. (one article headline on a national running website stated that Sam ran a sub-4. It then went on to give the correct time in the article, but I guess they decided to fudge the number in the headline for clickbait.) However, I have been around Alex and Sam's running since they started high school here in New Braunfels Canyon. I have seen them inching closer and closer to the 4 minute mark for a couple of years. It would take a huge conspiracy by many different timing staffs to pull this scam off. This one was the real deal.
Kevin William (1 year ago)
C B Ozymandias yeeaah, I'm beginning to question some of these results. Don't want to take credit away from any individuals that have truly earned these amazing times, but it just seems that every other week there is yet another high school miler that is on the verge of running a sub 4min mile. Don't mean to be negative, but I'm having a difficult time believing this. Hopefully, my thoughts are incorrect.
Joe Swanson (1 year ago)

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