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Top 8: J Syd vs Alex NG | Rise to Dance All Styles Battles | Funk'd Up TV

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Watch all the battles from this playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9BCCCD281C2A4C20 Andre Kim Pham & St. Jude's Hospital Presents: Rise to Dance May 14, 2011 2-8pm Seven Trees Community Center 3590 Cas Drive San Jose, CA 95111 1 on 1 All-Styles Battles Hosted by: Andre Kim Pham (Flow Fanatics) All-Style Judges: Keith Pinto (Felonious, SJSU) Power Serge (Beatz N Pieces, Fresh Dynamix, All The Way Live) Profo Won (Floorgangz Worldwide) DJs: JoeMega WPN (Dragon Diggers/Flow Fanatics)
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