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There Is A Secret In My Soup - Full Movie

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Download Movie with Eng Subtitles Here http://rarelust.com/there-is-a-secret-in-my-soup-2001/ Escort Kitty is a gambling and drug addict. One day, her live-in boyfriend discovers that Kitty is missing. Actually she owes loan shark Brother Kit several thousand dollars and is now in Kit's hands. After her attempt to get an advance from work fails, Kit takes Kitty to an empty loft in Tsim Sha Tsui and with the help of followers Wing and Yung tortures her to force her to pay him back. Under the influence of the drug ice, the trio lose all senses of morality and take turn torturing Kitty.
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Text Comments (36)
handsomethe killa (5 years ago)
ill save ur time.... the best part is at 0:21:17
Potomacstud (5 years ago)
Hello kitty murder hk
istvan molnar (5 years ago)
Hanyinger ez nem film!!!
bernicewang1989 (5 years ago)
都系根据“hello kitty”公仔案改编ge电影wor

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