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Top 15 Most Expensive Cars Of NBA Players

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Top 15 Most Expensive Cars of NBA Players Most Expensive Cars in the World: https://goo.gl/UBD8ta Specs for each car: https://goo.gl/ijVLtF Most expensive cars owned by Rappers: https://goo.gl/cFeK8l Hey Aluxers, many of you are wondering which are the most expensive cars owned by NBA players, so we made a video for you! We'll be looking at some of the top nba players, with their net worth and salaries to see if the really expensive car they bought makes any financial sense. In this Alux.com video, we'll try to answer the following questions: How rich is Lebron James? Lebron James Net Worth How many cars does LeBron James Own? What do NBA Players spend their money on? How Rich is Stephen Curry? What car does Stephen Curry drive? Say Hello on: https://www.instagram.com/aluxcom/ https://twitter.com/aluxcom https://www.facebook.com/EALUXE For business inquiries go to: http://www.alux.com/contact SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: https://goo.gl/KPRQT8 WATCH MORE VIDEOS ON ALUX.COM! Most Expensive Things: https://goo.gl/09XcYJ Luxury Cars: https://goo.gl/eOUgfS Becoming a Billionaire: https://goo.gl/rRLgJI World's Richest: https://goo.gl/m6emkX Inspiring People: https://goo.gl/KxqTdL Travel the World: https://goo.gl/g5BGmm Dark Luxury: https://goo.gl/20ZsSt Celebrity Videos: https://goo.gl/0cs6sx Businesses & Brands: https://goo.gl/otHsTB -- Alux.com is the largest community of luxury & fine living enthusiasts in the world. We are the #1 online resource for ranking the most expensive things in the world and frequently refferenced in publications such as Forbes, USAToday, Wikipedia and many more, as the GO-TO destination for luxury content! Our website: https://www.alux.com is the largest social network for people who are passionate about LUXURY! Join today!
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Text Comments (1627)
Coms1 (21 hours ago)
Sorry to bring up Floyd Mayweather but he has some crazy expensive cars.
Playboy Enterprises (13 days ago)
Some of us don't even watch NBA because we are not Americans. I couldn't care less if that dude was stephen steven or whatever. Who cares.
njabulo Godfrey (16 days ago)
I knew that the 1spot belonged to hitler
Navdeep Singh (1 month ago)
Leborn james
a e s t h e t i c (1 month ago)
But you only got *15 CARS*
Sports Fan13 (2 months ago)
His name is not Steven Curry smh
Lil Peeps Peeps (2 months ago)
STEVEN CURRY htf is that
Makayla Kershner (2 months ago)
It's not steven-(Stephen) it's stefen-(Stephen(
Brian The Explorer (3 months ago)
I respect Lebron James, he worked hard getting to the top. He definitely earned those cars
Mike Ock (3 months ago)
I wanna see how the Tesla Roadster 2 is gonna change the game. I'm torn between that and lambo as the coolest topless car out there.
Allen Richardson (3 months ago)
My favorite car in this post was LeBron James Lamborghini Aventador roadster
Allen Richardson (3 months ago)
Learn to talk pls
EDMOND LIOMBE (3 months ago)
Alux.u ar the best
Joshua Myrick (4 months ago)
Ima be south 🌴 riding on yacht
Kenn Earvin Embestro (4 months ago)
Panis lahat kay lebron
milan klein (4 months ago)
One of the most EXPENSIVE Porche the Panamera turbo s really. The price of that car isn’t even close to the most expensive car of Porsche
Edsel Anthony Ruiz (4 months ago)
Elijah Preston (4 months ago)
It’s Steph curry not Steven
Hayden Cutrone (5 months ago)
I knew there was going to be a bugatti
Hayden Cutrone (5 months ago)
Lamborghini huracan is my favorit lambo
Hayden Cutrone (5 months ago)
Lebron loves ferraris
Jonathan Pierre (5 months ago)
When she tried say Stephen curry she said Steven curry
yee (5 months ago)
Chris chris (5 months ago)
Omg steven curry lol
jake lam (5 months ago)
steeeeevvveeeeen wtf dumb bitch
Diego Grigorescu (6 months ago)
She said: 1.4 million dollars only Me: Bitch you aint gettin that in your life That’s allot of money
Andrew Passino (6 months ago)
just watched the grand tour a few days ago
Daylight_Playz (6 months ago)
3rd was coolest
yeah dawg (6 months ago)
Steven my ass bitch
the golden king stv (6 months ago)
Stephen curry is richesr he worth 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 0000 00 billon trilion millon infinty car is bugatti
pully 1010101 (7 months ago)
P -o -r -s-h-e not p -o -t-r-s-e
Cameron2004 (7 months ago)
Ste F en curry not steven
E Manny (7 months ago)
Really... Steven Curry
25mandell (7 months ago)
I have a Porsche Macan 5, and my favorite car is a Ferrari Laferrari
Brett Lamoriello (7 months ago)
This lady doesn't know how to say words
flip master 1 (7 months ago)
what is wrong with Russell Wilson eyes
yeah dawg (7 months ago)
LeBron James inatay pisti Nigro bahug utin sig chupa Gamay utin pisot
Lucas Hutchinson (7 months ago)
bro those prices are way of!?
Keith Decena (7 months ago)
Keith Decena (7 months ago)
Wait a ferrari 458 spyder is $350,000
Reggie Randolph (7 months ago)
9.9 m
Quayzhan Hart (7 months ago)
it's sthepen curry
Pretty_Love_. (7 months ago)
Steven curry is my fav lolz
T-Rex Cubing (7 months ago)
Danny Sullivan (8 months ago)
Rumor has it that Derrick Rose tore his ACL pressing the pedal
Danny Sullivan (8 months ago)
Bentleys are for old men. Stick with the Lambo
Daniel Thomas (8 months ago)
The bitch said top speed of 350!! im sleep
Ving Tan (8 months ago)
Steven curry ? Posh panamera
FangsRC (8 months ago)
steven curry
Background song I.D Please anyone
TheKran14 (8 months ago)
Dwight Howard got an insurgent
Xzodia Unltd (8 months ago)
I'm surprised that there are no comments about the Music playing in the background??
Ricki Fluker (9 months ago)
She getting they Name Wrong
Alonzo Hunter (9 months ago)
cool video
James Dozier (9 months ago)
I subscribed
xd LeJohnny (9 months ago)
Look I don't like Curry, but he isn't the best 3 pointer in the league. Plus wtf is Steven Curry. I bet you don't even watch the NBA please stop making NBA videos you know nothing about. Last thing get your facts right some players have cars in the 5 millions so almost every number is wrong.
Cjk Online (9 months ago)
I watch the grand tour
lol (9 months ago)
bitch wat?!! steven curry, nigga get ur shit straight
DannyPlayz ROBLOX (9 months ago)
And The Begging Its Stephan Curry Not Stephen Curry
Nedji Alexandre (9 months ago)
Do soccer players
Smoothie Shaker (9 months ago)
Steven Curry 😂😂😂
shaniqua monroe (9 months ago)
do Kyrei
MetallicWeeb (9 months ago)
Stee-ven Curry 😂😂😂
CG4165 GAMING (9 months ago)
CG4165 GAMING (9 months ago)
Ma boy Russel west brook LAMBORGHINI 4EVER
Matthew DeClue (9 months ago)
Foad Jemal Hassen (9 months ago)
can you make on soccer players we will get a lots of viwers trust me feedback if you can and cant
Shiu Chit Lau (9 months ago)
Grand tour!!!
NBA Thief (9 months ago)
Omg I love Steven Curry
GAMER BOY X (9 months ago)
its not Steven curry its Stephen curry
Justin Shim (9 months ago)
Steven ?
Did she seriously pronounce Stephen Curry like “Steven” Curry?
Situt Masyas (9 months ago)
Situt Masyas (9 months ago)
Isaac Brefo (9 months ago)
I going to the NBA
xXThunderSwordxX (9 months ago)
Steven curry???
OPTC nemesis (9 months ago)
And now Drose is in dept cause his contract is 2.1 mil
Joseph Woodley (9 months ago)
the Atlanta Hawk guys
Tae S17 (10 months ago)
Did she really say steven
Unknown CavsFan (10 months ago)
this bitch cant even say nike right smh
Adrian Vicente (10 months ago)
This girl has such a funny accent 😂
Isaac Vizcarrondo (10 months ago)
Cuz not to offend but it's kinda ugly for me :/
Isaac Vizcarrondo (10 months ago)
I wouldn't buy a Lamborghini alentador
Isaac Vizcarrondo (10 months ago)
Isaac Vizcarrondo (10 months ago)
The cars aren't too expensive
Isaac Vizcarrondo (10 months ago)
If I was them I would buy cars that cost millions cuz
Isaac Vizcarrondo (10 months ago)
BeastBro2 (10 months ago)
Tesla beats all race cars
astronomicgefit' (9 months ago)
It cant beat a buggati veyron
YOBOY DEVIL (10 months ago)
6:10 😂😂
Surfing (10 months ago)
It Stefan curry no steaven curry
animesh tiwari (10 months ago)
back music?
itsjoshuauy 1824 (10 months ago)
Wow! waiting for The Grand Tour season 2
Hype_world _kicks (10 months ago)
ROJAZ Z (10 months ago)
Just stop. Just stop doing this videos if you can't pronounce a simple name. "Steven" the fuck
Raslene DRIDI (10 months ago)
Nigga who the fuck is steven curry ? in done
UHH BLOOD HUNTER (10 months ago)
If i made 30 mill a year i would drop 10 mill on cars
Coms1 (21 hours ago)
UHH BLOOD HUNTER I feel you but I've made so many mistakes throughout my military career with cars I would drop my money on properties at this point in my life.
Diego Grigorescu (6 months ago)
THE REAL FEAR you would be broke by then, your houses the car cost the maintainance of the car, you are just saying what an idiot would say, why 10 million in cars if at the end you are going to be travelling to all your nba games and you will use a couple of cars you see? You are just a dumb spender.
ProbLem SoLve (10 months ago)
Who the hell is Steven curry damn I give up woman
the ROBLOX guy (10 months ago)
Sorry its on india
the ROBLOX guy (10 months ago)
I have a freind whos parents own a ferrari 458
Elizabeth lamb (10 months ago)
All of these cars I would own #sexy

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