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Hindi Short Film – Truth – A film about true #Relationships

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A story about a pure relation shared by a little girl who is a scrap picker and an old man, who genuinely cares for her. The girl who lives with her mother treats the man like her father. Unfortunately, one night two strangers abduct the girl. The old man tries to look for her as he hears a loud scream from somewhere down the street. Will he be able to save her? #hindishortfilm Visit www.pocketfilms.in to know more about us and our activities including film #contests, updates, etc. Cast & Crew: Director: pravin jha Music / Sound: satya sharma Editor: satya sharma Cinematographer: ravi naidu Actors: shaggir khan, muskan bamne Are you a filmmaker? Want to showcase your film/documentary and also generate income? Contact us at - [email protected]"
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Text Comments (148)
Bds Bisht (9 days ago)
Wrong story
saiteja chinnam (10 days ago)
Okom Christian (11 days ago)
Such is life god have mercy
Preeti Chauhan (11 days ago)
nobody heard the scream of that girl and everybody waked up just by passing of that man silently, what rubbish. Be logical. Kuch bhi mat bnao.
Cuong Phan (15 days ago)
Me no danh hoang nguoi tot.tien day cong ly het roi.khon nang wa
gayathri p (15 days ago)
VSR Gash (17 days ago)
If you are politician or business men with money, you can get away with any crime. Police, the protector will support give you as much trouble as possible. Singapore has a society has grown from Lee Kuan as PM. When do we get such leader for India?
Codycode Marcia (20 days ago)
Hejo de puta pulisiya
ANIL KUMAR POLLEY (21 days ago)
ANIL KUMAR POLLEY (21 days ago)
garrett garretramey (23 days ago)
Sunny Kumar (29 days ago)
Ye India he mere yaar bus feko paisa phir ....
Azad Khan (1 month ago)
This real face of our indian people.this true story our india.crime koi aur krta hai aur saza kisi aur ko milta hai.
Moeiza shaikh (1 month ago)
Bht galat hua be kasoor ko saZa or mujrim ko riha
Shyam Raj Pal (1 month ago)
Khalid Saifi (1 month ago)
Abhi RSS bajrang dal aur bjp ke raaj mai. Saare hi Bharat mai police waale aisa hi ki kar rahe hain. Aur is tarah ki ghatna kahin bhi hoti hai to Bhopun media kuchh dikhati bhi nahi balke JANTA ka dheyaan hatane ke liye ek naya farzi jhooti khabar. Bana kar 24 ghante usi farzi khabar par Bhonkta rahta hai. Aur maara JANTA hai ek 1 be gunaah. Police ko maa bhi mil maal bhi milta hai. Aur promotion bhi
Muthu Kumar (1 month ago)
Please discuss first then give any tarchar for like this people he is very sin
Sowmya Prathima (1 month ago)
nyumge mindo (1 month ago)
Police tho eshe hi hote h har jaga m qki unpar log police m job krta h
Rajosree Chakraborty (1 month ago)
saleee kutte khi ke insabko t....😬😬😤😤sher ke samne daal dwna xhahiye
prasanna kumar Kanungo (2 months ago)
Sairam. Jo galat hua uskee saja Uparwala dega, jiske lathi main awaj nahi hota.
Yasir khan (2 months ago)
80% reality of India Pakistan and bengladeah
hussanjefsd123456 (2 months ago)
This is face of world
hussanjefsd123456 (2 months ago)
Sunil Rajbhar (2 months ago)
Sanrarlinlin linlin (2 months ago)
I got pain in my heart. We should not do anything/judge without correct investigation.
Jayprakash Mishra (2 months ago)
agar paisa maghe to side cort jao saboot sahit
Jayprakash Mishra (2 months ago)
police hum janta se juri hai or agar hum logh chahe to police sistem Sahi ho sakta hai
Jayprakash Mishra (2 months ago)
ye Galt hai kaha hai Indian sarkar,jo karta hai use police. nahi pakarti hai or jo beksoor hai use mardeti hai esi liye Mai police ki bharti par nahi jata ho I hate you police officer
Rahul D. Gajbhiye (2 months ago)
True story... Bt gone wrong..... Sad
Vpin Kumar (2 months ago)
95% police wale currept and rapist murderer hote hai..... police wale official Gunda hote hai
Shahzaara Zaara (3 months ago)
Sach me ESA hi ho rha h har mulk me
Moeiza shaikh (1 month ago)
Hmmm bilkul
Antoji Kalathinkal (3 months ago)
In our Police service..physical ability and qualification are the main factors...Some times they are far away from Human rights...
Claire Barry (3 months ago)
This story has so much potential but there wasn't enough time for character development. Good choice of music, good videography, and the actors and actresses were good. But the video editing and the fact that there isn't enough time for impact because it's a short film, are where this lacks. Overall, I love this very much. Keep up the good work.
Claire Barry (3 months ago)
Claire Barry (3 months ago)
Claire Barry (3 months ago)
the sound at the beginning started to sound like the tardis lol
Ayesha Begum (11 days ago)
Claire Barry Currect Medum sound is very nice
angleV (3 months ago)
This is the true story of india and is because of corruption and tyrant leaders of nation.
Deepmala Paul (3 months ago)
This was wrong justice the policemen n two boys must be punished by law because the two boys have raped, raped think still now is uncommon for people's for men's or boy if we protect from other or parents this thing important for us n if something be happened be justice from our selves may other be not punished, ministry or any rich people if they do wrong we should punished them so keep eyes n honestly be good justice for other.
Nabeela Sheikh (3 months ago)
So sad
Firoz Siddiqui (3 months ago)
Ye bahut galat hua hai
Unknown Origin (4 months ago)
hope they can live happily in heaven
Muhammad Ebadat Ebadat (3 months ago)
Lovely Paws' vlog प्रेम बंधन मेबनजा
Prabhat Choudhary (4 months ago)
Hamesha nasaa karne wala insaan galat nahi hota nazariya galat hota
Tapan Das (4 months ago)
Sad story,,,but agar har police wala aisa hi ho to koi sandeh nhi, Badi hi zaldi Desh khaak me mil jayega,,,,
Jayanta Mohanty (4 months ago)
Very good story.. ! This the justice of today...... !!
sony dhaliwal (4 months ago)
o my god
Radheshyam Patel (2 months ago)
Polis wale rupiyo ke liye apne biwi aur beti ko bhi dhande pe laga deta hai
santosh kumar (4 months ago)
Most currupted department in world is indian police department is 101% Right. Tbi purane log police ko kutta bolte hai..
Chandan Jha (4 months ago)
Very nice video
My Melodies (4 months ago)
Godhan Lal (3 months ago)
My Melodies Gosgd
Devanand Bhati Ji (5 months ago)
India Pakistan kanuj
Sandeep Kharvar (5 months ago)
Lady tarzan
Anwar Osman (5 months ago)
Crime petrol mein toh Indian police ki badi tareef karte Hain bhenchod
Abnoor Ahmed (1 month ago)
Anwar Osman aur shavdhan India mein bhi bohut tarif sunne Ko milti hain
Rakesh Kumar (5 months ago)
Rakesh kumar
Rakesh Kumar (5 months ago)
Rakesh kumar
Jenny Jack (5 months ago)
Ugly bitchesss
Sunil Yadav (5 months ago)
Paritosh 123456 (5 months ago)
Sunil Yadav
Royal Thoughts (5 months ago)
stop assuming men as predators
Babu Ram (5 months ago)
Sabhi police ak jaise nahi hote hai
Jagdish Suthar (6 months ago)
Verry sad
Shankar Sharma (6 months ago)
Koi nhi insaaf hoga.or dard bhi bahut hoga.
shankar wagh (6 months ago)
Mahadev sang
Churamani Golmei (6 months ago)
It shows indian's police is corrupted to the world.
Lyn O'Reilly (6 months ago)
innocent old guy...
Savio Nokrek (1 month ago)
Maheshkumar Gupta (6 months ago)
Lyn O'Reilly Xxxx
Haneen Alam (6 months ago)
Ye admi tho is larki ki Marat kara ha hai tho ye maragaya queeeeee
Siva kumar siva (7 months ago)
Mani Chandra (7 months ago)
Dogle ka jana tha pulicwala sale ko jinda dafan kardena chahie
Ruku Mahananda (7 months ago)
so sad
nice movie
Jogie Narine (7 months ago)
Bappy Adhikari (7 months ago)
On much
Raju Paudel (6 months ago)
Ending is not good.... incomplete story.....
Andha kanoon
Vandana Bajpai (7 months ago)
It was very Sad !!!!
Ayesha Begum (11 days ago)
Vandana Bajpai Y correct medum
Binod Ganjhu (7 months ago)
Policewala Gunda
Savio Nokrek (1 month ago)
Yeah every police are same
basavaraj basavaraj (2 months ago)
Rekha very nice (7 months ago)
white Rose (7 months ago)
very darty game...
Shahnaz Yusafzai (7 months ago)
Yah hia police walon ka karname raqam ka liya apni aulad ko bhi dhande per laga kar haram ki kamai khti hia ALLAHA KO KIA JAWAB DANGE
md delwar (4 months ago)
Shahnaz Yusafzai You are right, police wala harami hotahai
haris fadhillah (7 months ago)
Saeed Sincere (7 months ago)
Sach nazar nahi ata, dhondhn parta hai. But who can try to find?
M.K.Pandey Brahmin (7 months ago)
Pyare Bhayion ewam bahanon aap jo bhi ees video ko dekhlie ho, to koi bhi faisla bade baariki se karna varna natija to jaan hi lie ho.
usf usf (7 months ago)
yehi insaf sare dunya ki police ka ha.
Mainak SRKian Chatterjee (7 months ago)
Ye galat hua....Justice kaha???
Bds Bisht (9 days ago)
U r right
H Boy Khalsa (14 days ago)
Mainak SRKian Chatterjee
Johnny Friselius (2 months ago)
Umesh Pandey (3 months ago)
Mainak SRKian Chatterjee .
Nihal Khan (5 months ago)
Mainak Chatterjee
Mohan Kumar (8 months ago)
Mohan Kumar
Alee Ahmed (7 months ago)
Mohan KumAMm ar
Kajol Y. Yangtze (8 months ago)
I hate story like this...it hurt me too much.
Amir Khan (22 days ago)
Savio Nokrek ytuh
Savio Nokrek (1 month ago)
This story is right its not a fake story
sony dhaliwal (4 months ago)
Kajol Y. Kirad hi
Falak Banu (6 months ago)
Kajol Yang tuhaggagaahauhf
Hamdur Rahman (7 months ago)
Kajol Yang thanks for your judgement
R- FOR ROCKY (8 months ago)
correption will never end until our police deperment do there job with veracious
Rehan Lucky (2 months ago)
Rocky Khanra cc
Raj kumar roadie (11 months ago)
Heart wrenching emotion. Loved it
Romaya Heeramun (1 month ago)
Raj kumar roadie
Lalchand Pal (8 months ago)
Raj kumar roadie
ankita verma (3 years ago)
will our generation work better than our present situation in this case?or the corruption will continue to play this game? 
Hiii ankita
M R SHAIKH SHAIKH (2 months ago)
why not it will continue.we are share less and blinded by religion
M R SHAIKH SHAIKH (2 months ago)
ankita verma why
Muhammad Ebadat Ebadat (3 months ago)
ankita verma मुझ से दोस्ती करो गे
Sardar Sykhdev (4 months ago)
ankita verma s
Dhirubhai Mody (3 years ago)
Its the fact that shows by very heartfelt storyline short film. Directed very smart way. It is eyeopener. Money can buy anything. Spoiled child and charactor from Rich world/background can target small child etc. and such police inspiring them and  protect them, by selling their own soul for bloody money. By that money the police will take care/educate  their own child. What type/moral of their child/generation will be?

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