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2018 Volvo XC90 Inspiration - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - 2018 Chicago Auto Show

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Welcome to SuperCarTube! The Super fuel for car lovers. Join us in our daily series of videos from the biggest Auto Shows in Europe, USA and Canada, Frankfurt, Geneva, Paris, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles. Sneak into the best new cars. Еxplore the interior together with the exterior like you are already there. We bring you right at the heart of the models, because we share the same passion. So enjoy the video ride! All your comments are very welcome. You can find us on our official facebook, twitter and google+ pages: http://www.facebook.com/supercartube http://www.twitter.com/supercartuber http://plus.google.com/+106701718484114597279
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Text Comments (16)
sm (3 months ago)
What is this song?
I.M. Mitrovski (6 months ago)
Amazing Volvo
jerry caughron (7 months ago)
Great design!
sm (7 months ago)
This is not the Momentum, it is the Inscription. The tablet was just showing the Volvo website where you can configure your XC90, and the choices for configuring starts with picking between Momentum, R-Design, Inscription or Excellence. The one in the video is an XC90 T6 Inscription with Denim Blue Metallic exterior, Maroon Brown interior, 21” 5 V-Spoke wheels, and the Bowers and Wilkins sound system. The most beautiful SUV on the road today - incredible both inside and out!
SuperCarTube (7 months ago)
Yes your are right and forgot to change it! Thanks for the feedback, much appreciate
Jenna Watsik (9 months ago)
Loveeeeee this car!
Lotfi Triaa (10 months ago)
ما شاء الله لا قوة إلا بالله هذا اللون المفضل عندي لو كانت ب 7 مقاعد مريحة + تصفيح خفيف ضد الرصاص ستكون أفضل سيارة بنسبة لي
Deep Mix Station (10 months ago)
thats the inscription, not momentum. Weird.
Risto Johnson (10 months ago)
Inscription for sure
ParkChatLIVE (10 months ago)
Hey... where can I find this song?
Yury Klementev (10 months ago)
Ойй неплох...смотрится он оочень брутально,прекрасно,модно и презентабельно !!!!!!!
Harlem IntheBuildn (11 months ago)
This SUV looks boring. Nothing about the style or makeup of it stands out except that it is basic looking.
Ramon Zimmermann (4 days ago)
+BEeNett_yee E not really, Mercedes is boring, not BMW!
jerry caughron (7 months ago)
Harlem IntheBuildn I find the Audi extremey boring!
Fille S (7 months ago)
bennett 05 yep volvo stands out amongst them. They are also overpriced unlike volvo.
BEeNett_yee E (10 months ago)
Harlem IntheBuildn the Tesla. Audi. BMW is all boring too so

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