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How to Fail in GTA V: Game Meets Girl

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Yes, that's how I play, and Yes I really do suck that badly. Review of Story coming soon (I actually just beat it!) Oh and have some sexy wallpapers and animated Gifs. http://gamemeetsgirl.com/fan-exclusives/
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Dmitriy K. (5 years ago)
I enjoyed driving around and listening to the in-game radio; the variety of automobiles and other vehicles is what kept me from turning of the game. The online mode is pretty cool too !
nicholas wasniewski (5 years ago)
Come back gmg, time for new video :)
John Mason (5 years ago)
LOL, that was funny. Keep playing, you'll get better. And thanks for the sexy pic. ;-)
nicholas wasniewski (5 years ago)
I want you.....enough said
GameMeetsGirl (5 years ago)
It's been having issues as of late. I'm working on it. :) Hold tight.
o prieto (5 years ago)
Is the gamemeetsgirl(dot)com website down?
Renegade Crumble (5 years ago)
Its difficult, right?! I'm not the only one who thinks this? o: I did the same part of the first plane mission many many times because i died while landing. o3o
GameMeetsGirl (5 years ago)
I crash when landing too!!
Renegade Crumble (5 years ago)
That Tennis guy XDDD I crashed the plane many times when trying to land.. I find it SO difficult! XD
GameMeetsGirl (5 years ago)
Not sure yet. Maybe Beyond: Two Souls?
nicholas wasniewski (5 years ago)
I'm in heaven
nicholas wasniewski (5 years ago)
I'm in heaven
nicholas wasniewski (5 years ago)
I'm in heaven.....:) thanks so much for the shout. P.s. wow. But I have to say I love the curves you have now. However you are one sexy cowgirl
ken ryu (5 years ago)
wats the next gameplay ur going to play
Cass (5 years ago)
LOL "HELP, HE'S BLACK" Love that racism! Haha!!! Have you tried that flying character cheat yet?
V8Supercar1 (5 years ago)
Yeah thats just like GTA to stir up controversy.
GameMeetsGirl (5 years ago)
I walked into Tracey's room once, it wasn't nearly as funny as the Tennis instructor screaming "Help, he's BLACK!"
Incendo :3 (5 years ago)
LOL XD You so amazing at GTA, it hilarious:)

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