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David Bowie- Little Wonder/Scary Monsters/Fashion [Live HD]

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Live at Bowie's 50th Birthday Celebration Concert at Madison Square Garden (New York) in 1997.
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Michael Griff (1 month ago)
Who is Frank Black anyway?
RJ Nuzzi (2 months ago)
50 & still gorgeous!!! Great quirky Bowie track from the equally quirky & overly- energized 'Earthling' release... This rock icon never stood still other than to still astound... How did it go so unnoticed!?!
Fred M (6 months ago)
Wotrthless, he think's he is voice, but he ain't .......
LeapingMechromancer (1 month ago)
who offended you so badly that you lost all knowledge of how to spell?
Lisa Mena (1 year ago)
Such a sexy voice
René Peraza (1 year ago)
Frank Black was a bad idea at this show 20 years ago. Doesn't know what to do with himself... just not a showman, unfortunately. But, David was a Pixies fan, and wanted him there, so...
Ciclopea2 (1 year ago)
He was clearly from another planet, he just went back home on a day like today, missing you like crazy, you little wonder, little wonder you.
MusicCollaborator (2 years ago)
One of my favorite live Bowie concerts, this is an astonishing live show from start to finish.
The Woman With No Head (2 years ago)
50 and what an incredible energy and eternal youthness !
SeaBassVamp (2 years ago)
Cool video, Great Music:)
E Roc (2 years ago)
Frank Black looks like a roadie who just wandered out onto stage.
hey now (2 months ago)
Don't he though, lol!!!!! I have this CD, it is a bootleg, but a great ,quality bootleg recording. I wish I had it this live show on vinyl, much better recording quality. Goddamn analog recording ~ those cd's, lol
Lorena Navarro Vargas (2 years ago)
Grande David Bowie deacansa y sigue cantando a los grandes que estan en el cielo contigo HOY

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