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USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War: Crash Course World History #39

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In which John Green teaches you about the Cold War, which was occasionally hot, but on average, it was just cool. In the sense of its temperature. It was by no means cool, man. After World War II, there were basically two big geopolitical powers left to divide up the world. And divide they did. The United States and the Soviet Union divvied up Europe in the aftermath of the war, and then proceeded to spend the next 45 years fighting over the rest of the world. It was the great ideological struggle, with the US on the side of capitalism and profit, and the USSR pushing Communism, so-called. While both sides presented themselves as the good guy in this situation, the reality is that there are no good guys. Both parties to the Cold War engaged in forcible regime changes, built up vast nuclear arsenals, and basically got up to dirty tricks. If you had to pick a bad guy though, I would point out that the USSR had no intention of bringing Laika the Cosmonaut Dog home alive. That poor dog never had a shot. Sorry to disappoint, but the economist t-shirts are not a real product. Thanks to Raoul Meyer for the YUGOGAL photo. Crash Course World History is now available on DVD! http://store.dftba.com/products/crashcourse-world-history-the-complete-series-dvd-set Follow us: @thecrashcourse @realjohngreen @raoulmeyer @crashcoursestan @thoughtbubbler @saysdanica Like us!: http://www.facebook.com/youtubecrashcourse Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse
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Text Comments (12174)
Kannan Ravinther (3 days ago)
I learnt Stalin is a cold guy.But,why Russian is still holding to communism even thought it is doing poorly?
Air Barnabas (6 days ago)
Closer to the end of the history series I come to realise countries are made up of individual people and their ideals for themselves and their surroundings. Soviet Communism and Capitalism revolves around the idea of Economic Equality (a term from my own understanding). Firstly, the Soviets maintains a crowd of believers by having everyone equally poor while striving for a future with everyone rich. Secondly, Capitalism acknowledges that there is always poor and rich people, but it’s society dictates an idealistic and sometimes unreal consensus that everyone has the opportunity to become richer than another. In WWII, the fact that Capitalists won does not make the Soviets or Communists wrong. Instead, its better if either sides gave everyone the opportunity to become a better self than better than another. My ideal world would be only of one government and would be one accepting and promoting all races, religion and culture as not an idealistic but enforced policy to begin with. Then, amass the government’s wealth through universal taxation and provide an ever improving free public education that makes it mandatory for everyone to take so that everyone has an actual opportunity of not becoming rich or poor, but having actual choices coming from him or herself onto what role he or she wants to partake within the hypothetical society. Most importantly, free public health care and free public food centres to abolish the puppetry of civilians to work in order to satisfy basic needs. A civilisation would only survive if it’s basic needs are fulfilled, but I want civilisation to evolve with their basic needs being fulfilled by the government. A world like this might work only if the world is without countries but one country, without the starvation and etc. Trade wars between countries is what keeping us as human beings failing to achieve our full potential and because of passports often we are still ancient and no different than our tribal ancestors who see the other human differently and is wary of them. Politics make everything complicated because of its nature to run in circles in order to achieve its goal, but the nature of its goal is ultimately personal interest and I strongly disagree when collective personal interest hinders the development of a species. Right now, the world is at a comfort zone where it keeps itself going by having a majority of stupid people and a minority of smart people.
Abby Khan (7 days ago)
I don't understand, What led communist people so drastically believe the ideology of capitalism and Communist state never resist or didn't stopped them and unconsciously drown in capitalism?
Nahom Diro (9 days ago)
do ethiopian history
Bart Tare (10 days ago)
"No one like the humiliation of having to drive a Yugo." Ha!
Bart Tare (10 days ago)
I am a fan of British philosopher John Gray's framing of the "atheist communist vs. Christian capitalist" debate as a false one. In short, he posits that both ideologies are versions of Apocalyptic Christianity; in the communist version the inevitable triumph of the proletariat simply replaces the inevitable trump of good over evil during Christ's return.
Elaina Latino (10 days ago)
anyone here in 2019?
Dark Fang (12 days ago)
What were the foreign policies of the USSR during the cold war? (I have a project where I have to roleplay as the soviet union and have an argument with the US)
Enterprise EC (12 days ago)
This is definitely my favorite crash course, it is funny and has a great message. Also you mention Cesko.
dyslexix whore (12 days ago)
we love a capitalist bias
ithinkimcool (13 days ago)
this was so good! thank you for doing this!
99% of people who think, that Stalin was a terrible leader, they never was in USSR and 99.99% never was in USSR under Stalin rule.
Ох, ебаные пендосы
daniel lara (17 days ago)
2:46 black and white Venezuelan flag idk why but ok
-Gemberkoekje- (18 days ago)
The soviet Union a terrible place
Tom Gregory (19 days ago)
Hey :/ I drove Yugo
AliAlex R Gholizadeh (21 days ago)
Said seeing people support socialism
can we all agree in renaming Cold war into Proxy war?
Anastas'iya Mal'eeva (24 days ago)
8:07 "The third world was everyone else and we don't use this term anymore cause is lumps together a hugely diverse range of countries" It's sounds rather ironical but in Russia this term is used ALWAYS. Writing "always" i mean A L W A Y S P.S. I'm russian
Splotch Ink 649 (24 days ago)
aaaaaaaah PUTIN
Jason Wood (26 days ago)
aaah! P'UTIN!
Micah Luke Green (29 days ago)
I was yoooooped
Chloe Bass (1 month ago)
My head is literally spinning. My word, history just pours out of you like sweat pours from a chubby kid chasing an ice cream van. Fantastic video thanks!!!
uhmmm. cold war didn't end. alike vietnam and corea, see afghanistan, iraq, iran, syria, israel, yemen, etc. same thing USA vs Russia.
rezoukas1 (1 month ago)
Роб Арт (1 month ago)
Juuzou Suzuya (1 month ago)
I'm studying for my diplomas right now, and I just realized you are the only reason I passed my social classes, thank you Mr. John Green. I will be thanking your brother in June because I know he will help me pass biology. You guys truly made the world a better place.
Adam Laduzko (1 month ago)
I’m not defending Stalin, he’s the reason I almost wasn’t born, but he did love and treasure his daughter dearly
Eric WANG (1 month ago)
Ur so cringy
Barbora (1 month ago)
The velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia was in 1989 not 1990... :)
Jay Sevilla (1 month ago)
Can we get more info about the cuban missle crisis?
Aaryan Desai (1 month ago)
Sounds like capitalist propoganda. But okay.
Minh Dương (1 month ago)
the past feels distant even when it's near and the future seems assured even though it isn't <3
JuanjoDead (1 month ago)
Слава Сталину! Long live Stalin!
fcuking Sg Invain (1 month ago)
Zachary Croke (1 month ago)
you feel a knife press to your throat. terrified, you turn around and see John Green. "Time for the open letter" he says as your vision goes dark
Arnamo (1 month ago)
That quote at the end!!!
Edgar Franco (1 month ago)
U - United S -States S - Salutes R - Russia
RussianBuilds (1 month ago)
Anyone from 2019?
Vitaliy Dytchak (1 month ago)
You know three stories, but not the whole and not the end I know a different story I took a story not only from books, I heard the history of the war from those people who fought there
Pankaj Khokhar (1 month ago)
Goes on a rant about Stalin. Extremely understates American interventionism and neo-imperialism. “I’m a centrist”. This video was DEFINITELY objective. Not at all biased. Not at all bourgeois propaganda.
Papa stalin (1 month ago)
Sorry but the president of south vietnam killee pepole hor religon(he was catolique and killed pepole for not beong catolique and half of its nation was boodist was executed),any small protest,and just for having fun.a regime that mr good america suported and send secretly troops to execute and a regime that stalon wanted to destroy
Papa stalin (1 month ago)
Papa Stalin (1 month ago)
I saw what u did there. "Our" bad. Haha keep it up comrade
apple juice (1 month ago)
"can't even shoot straight" LMAO
під час Афганської кампанії радянські збройні сили виконали всі поставлені перед собою задачі і організовано покинули Афган. бля таку херню несеш, що і не чудно що СРСР сприймають як худо. Несвідоме переписання історії, а може і свідоме
DM 777 (1 month ago)
That's how you talk to a third grader? Even if it is you lol
Matthew Davies (2 months ago)
As this is told by an American, would I be right in saying this is biased asf?
The Mongols didn't conquer it either.
Trevin Beattie (2 months ago)
Today I learned what “1st world”, “2nd world”, and “3rd world” actually mean. I’d heard the 1st and 3rd terms before and kind of understood them from context, but didn’t have a clear definition until now. Thanks, John!
masterchief300 (2 months ago)
masterchief300 (2 months ago)
Redemption II
Jacob Stein (2 months ago)
The futures uncertain, the end is always near
unidentified pepe (2 months ago)
Cold Riffs (2 months ago)
Would be useful if you crashcourse one on the CONDOR plan, to mention such a tremendous event that lead to the torture and death of so many in so many countries simply as "an attemp to stabilize governments in Latin America" seems a bit careless. The lot of violence were years of dictatorship man. Great vid anyway (Y)
Chalago STR (2 months ago)
Marx's theoretical communism was a concept of utopia too good for the world then and still. What stalin had in soviet was not communism its stalinism.
Chamath Amarasinghe (2 months ago)
Stalin is a mass murderer, but he played a major role for Soviet Union. It was his actions (Yes, they are barbaric) that made Soviet Union a Super power during start of WWII.
Inwers (2 months ago)
"We, like, support many murders, BUT USSSR do 2 amoral deeds, so USSSR is avful" shame on you
anargyros kallos (2 months ago)
I bet you cannot cite any proper sources on Stalin. You are a puppet. I'm being serious.
Pavel (2 months ago)
All things u tell ur audience about Stalin is a way of propaganda, don't u think so? Every man, who knows russian history good enough, understands that Stalin was not just a murderer, he was a leader, who got the nearly feodal country and left it with atomic bomb. I don't think our world will ever meet a leader, who will be completely devoted to his country as Stalin did. He deserves some respect 100%
Pavel (26 days ago)
His paranoia began only after 2WW in a few years before his death, he was not a psycho for whole his life. Then, he didn't initiate Katyn massacre, u can read a bit more about it, he had tosign an order offered by his right hand, u can't just shift every war crime of that time to him because u don't like him. Also, he didn't kill his family, that is nonsence! He did not change my son to German officers, and this it is a choice that every leader can face, he made a fair decision. And the fact, that i know history not like ur kapitalists-owners tell u is not my problem. Confess yourself, u hate him only cause of some facts u have once heard in some videos on youtube or in ur mass media.
Maczeta Maczeta (27 days ago)
+Pavel "He was not a murderer" The thing is precisely that: he was a mass murder. Not only he has murdered his own family and almost everyone from his vicinity, just because he felt in his paranoia they were "spies" to the revolution. He also sentenced to death and exile millions of the conquered nations. See Katyn Forest. I don't even know why I'm talking to some Stalin revisionist: this thing is well known and written by all the historians from the entire world, even from Russia. You have some self-denial issues, not my problem - but you should probably avoid humans as flat-earth believers do.
Pavel (27 days ago)
What's the point... He was not a murderer. He was just a leader of country, where was the first socialst's revolution. U should understand, that the situation was not as easy as u think. Stalin gave citizens of his country free education and medicine system. While he was leading, there was more than +60 millions of natural population growth. I just do not uderstand, why do u believe all things, ur capitalist's mass media tell's u about communist's leader? Even in my country there's anti-stalin propaganga, but i can read real documentation of that period, analyze it and draw conclusions for me. I know, u can find some real historians articles in english and read it
Maczeta Maczeta (27 days ago)
Man, and Hitler was not only murdered... he was a painter. Who cares, when man deliberately slaughter his own nation and enslave half of Europe. This guy was disugsting and we have every right to call him by his name.
Commy01 (2 months ago)
Man, this video did not age well. At all.
dankmememastersavage (2 months ago)
August Emmery-Funch (2 months ago)
I dislike this, because no Bornholm.
Valentina OK (2 months ago)
I really like your videos, but you speak so fast! It is difficult to comprehend and retain all the information you are giving us at this speed.
Lion King (2 months ago)
The USA only bombed colored people like Japan. Why they did not bombs the nazi Germans says it all. NO REPLY 🤭
Stephen Jenkins (1 month ago)
They did, numbnuts. They bombed the hell out of the Nazi's.
Barbara (2 months ago)
dictatorships, that was what the US help establish in Latin America... dictatorships
TheCarrifaery Bear (2 months ago)
nice ballet joke lolz
Siddy Greene (2 months ago)
I sometimes feel bad for John Green from the past. :)
Matt Ball (2 months ago)
So crazy that there's still tension... hope USA and Russia will slowly, missile by missile pull away from one another.. Plus China should be watched more closely IMO
Shawn Landden (3 months ago)
Both are based on the idea of progress through technology, and rapidly eat through natural resources, especially oil. The US is of course going to collapse soon.
Die ? (3 months ago)
About Stalin... It's seems rude. I mean he's like national hero. Everyone knows that he isn't good person, but everyone things that he helped USSR.
Dabbing Unicorn (3 months ago)
Best Wishes. -John Green
Excom Films (3 months ago)
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Мертвого льва может пнуть любой, а ты пни живого, будет любопытно поглядеть на последствия.
Daniel Hamilton (3 months ago)
But silly puddy was like used by spies or something like that...
We love you too America.
Darth Xader (3 months ago)
The topaz draps The iron curtain
Toby Freeman (3 months ago)
"The past feels distant even when it's near, and the future seems assured - even though it isn't"
Alexander Cipher (3 months ago)
Without Einstein no country would have had nuclear capabilities...
Shea Layton (3 months ago)
Charlie Cross (3 months ago)
The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the first shots of ww3
Olesya Gorshkova (3 months ago)
A satellite, a man, a dog and a woman in space first☺️
TheThirdMan (3 months ago)
Does anyone here know anything else about Stalin other than, “You know he killed like 20 million people”?
Rehan Zahid (3 months ago)
11:01 Oh look Charlie Puth ; how long has this been going on?:P
KillerTacos (3 months ago)
Great video!
Fireyros (3 months ago)
hun gary not hungry
Niccolo Machiavelli (3 months ago)
Is it any way possible to get your sources from this video? I know its odd, but Im writing a research paper on whether the Soviets or US were responsible for the Cold war, who was the main antagonist, whether antagonism was mutual or if it was a result o mutual misperception.
monserrat hinojosa (3 months ago)
‘He can’t even shoot straight ‘ I burst out laughing 😂 oh no I have such a bad and dark humor
Stalin was a tyrant?! well, it depends how you look at it, he shot villains, enemies of the people, the capitalists who to this day do not want to work honestly and want to parasite on someone else's work robbing the people and bringing it to beggary, and themselves richer and on TV stupid transfers for stupid people. during his reign in the postwar years, he was able to rebuild the country and at the same time appreciated the human labor, the work of builders, doctors,miners, metallurgists, engineers, agronomists.., simple hard workers, no wonder the symbol of Soviet power were the hammer and sickle personification of the unity of workers and peasants. about the harsh laws of Stalin and say no, he reduced the working day to 8 hours, and said that it is necessary to reduce to 6ti, and then to 5ti that people had more free time for comprehensive development, because he made education free, by the way in the USSR at that time was the best education in the world.the Americans intimidated the Soviet Union that they didn't even have the desire to understand what the ideas of communism and what they eat. after all, Stalin is bad because bad because you didn't give fat bastards to steal from the Treasury. Putin is far from Stalin, he can not even and does not want to nationalize those industries that could bring a lot of money to the Treasury, and now that the oil that wood processing, that diamond... industries are all in private hands of those people whom you can find in the lists of "Forbes" and about any strong ruble can not talk, because all this so-called elite holds all their money in dollars and lives in Europe, like the children of Putin and other politicians, and the people are not in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and on the periphery now you've really learned more about Russian history ;)
Rick Stuifzand (3 months ago)
No, it does not depent on perspective. He was a sole ruler that purged all his oponents.
Сталин был деспотом?! ну-ка это глядя с какой стороны поглядеть, он расстреливал негодяев, противников народа, капиталистов которые и по сей денек не желают честно трудиться, а желают паразитировать на чужом труде обирая люд и доводя его до нищенства, а сами богатеют и демонстрируют по ТВ тупые передачи для отупения людей. во пора его правления в послевоенные годы он сумел отстроить страну и при этом ценил человечий труд, труд строителей, докторов,шахтёров, металлургов, инженеров, агрономов.., обычных трудяг, неспроста эмблемой русской власти являлись серп и молот персонификация единства рабочих и фермеров. о грозных законах Сталина и гласить не стоит, он уменьшил пролетарий денек до 8 часов, и гласил что необходимо уменьшить до 6ти, а позже и до 5ти что бы у людей было больше свободного времени на всестороннее развитие, ведь образование он сделал бесплатным, к слову в СССР на тот момент было наилучшее образование в мире.янки умышленно запугивали СССР что бы у их даже не было желания осознать что такое идеи коммунизма и с чем их едят. ведь нехороший Сталин поэтому и нехороший поэтому что не давал заевшимся гадам красть из казны. путину далековато до Сталина, он даже не может и не желает что страшней национализировать те отрасли которые могли бы приносить в казну кучу средств, а на данный момент что нефтяная, что деревоперерабатывающая, что алмазодобывающая... отрасли все находятся в личных руках у тех людей которых вы сможете отыскать в перечнях "форбс" и ни о каком сильном рубле не может шагать выговор, поэтому что вся эта этак именуемая элита держит все свои средства в баксах и живёт в Европе, будто и малыши путина и других политиков, а люд не в Москве либо Питере, а на периферии живёт будто скот. сейчас вы вправду узнали больше о Российской истории ;)
NIZAM UDDIN (3 months ago)
plz speak slowly i cant understand
Grunoloj (3 months ago)
Led his country into a superpower, defeated the most powerful opponent in History. The country, thanks to its management, was the first to build nuclear reactors and space rockets in the world. ... bad! tyrant! mass murderer! asshat!!
Martin Kravtsuk (4 months ago)
I am very sorry that you know Stalin only from the bad side, and you do not see how much he has done good and weighty actions! I certainly do not deny that he did a lot of bad, but this is a trifle!
bn ezabela (4 months ago)
Thnx you just helped me understand the lesson we did today 😀☺😉😁🙋
Иван Иванов (4 months ago)
I'm sorry, but you're not playing dumb, you're really stupid. :))))
Иван Иванов (3 months ago)
to argue with an idiot, the points do not respect themselves
Иван Иванов (3 months ago)
now I know the value of your degrees :))))
Rick Stuifzand (3 months ago)
He has a degree. What do you have except for pointless ad hominims?
Connor B. (4 months ago)
anugrah tewari (4 months ago)
Mr Green don't be so mean to yourself from the past plz
Samuel Gebrehiwet (4 months ago)
These Crash Course videos don't seem like they're 12-15 minutes, they feel more like 30 minute videos to me but I get a lot of info from watching these videos before the day of most of my tests.
Andrei Mihail (4 months ago)
Ceaușescu was executed while filmed by the national television
Farah T (4 months ago)
you are so annoying
Kyle Davis (4 months ago)
“Noted asshat Joseph Stalin.” That made me LOL.

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