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Thanks For Watching! Products Used: Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist and Shout Cream Shea Moisture Leave in Conditioner Jamaican Black Castor Oil Coconut Oil Wide Tooth Comb Follow me on Social Media: www.facebook.com/LivBeauty www.instagram.com/livbeautayy What’s my face beat with? Fenty Beauty/ Covergirl Liquid Foundations Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Trophy Wife Highlight Tarte Blush Tarte Mascara
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Text Comments (117)
MayhemBeauty (1 month ago)
Very cute I always think Marley twists are so beautiful on black women
Inspectah Dek (5 months ago)
This is great. Love the hairstyle.
Sassy Critic Beauty (5 months ago)
Very nice! You have a lot of patience that I don't lol! You did a good job.
Terrell Allen (7 months ago)
looking good!
Elaina Ssosse (7 months ago)
I used to wear this style alot in high school..I need to start doing th his again
Sneiko the Diva (7 months ago)
So is this like a 2 in 1 Marley twist u can wear as such them untwist for a twist out
Senja Aldee (9 months ago)
Very unique hair you have.. pretty braiding.. pla sew my other video too
Nijah J (10 months ago)
yaaaaaaaaaaaas to that highlight!!!! I'm looking forward to some hang time to do twists on my hair
Kylie Webb (10 months ago)
wow that's​ awesome, i'm going to have to try this out
Ms Sparkle And Glow (10 months ago)
Great video very helpful
Painted Confidence (10 months ago)
This is such a great protective style. Low maintenance and super cute.
CharmingMommyVlogs (10 months ago)
This is pretty neat! Thanks for sharing
Restored Beauty (10 months ago)
cant wait till mine are grown back again
Anaya Coley (10 months ago)
I wonder how it looks when you take it down? You should record it 😊 I love that backdrop!
Kearson Roberts (10 months ago)
This is a great protective style. I did something similar to this as well! Great video!
Dubby Wilk (10 months ago)
Good job.. I love wearing my natural hair like this.. . I just hate doing it myself lol
Kita the Explorer (10 months ago)
Cute hair! I workout a lot and mine usually sweat it in a few days. Does this happen to you?
Alexandria Greene (10 months ago)
like your intro! and the twists look super moisturized! great video
B. Savvy (10 months ago)
This is my favorite style to do on my hair. I love the method you used. Will be trying this myself.
DVEJU VU (10 months ago)
I always try to do these but they never stay the way that I want 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m going to try your method!
DVEJU VU (10 months ago)
And your highlight is poppinnnnnn
Blaise Joelle (10 months ago)
My daughters hair is this texture.. I’ve been thinking about trying this on her hair! Loved the tutorial.
that was great thanks for sharing, it looks really nice
Jeannide V (10 months ago)
Oh shoot . I thought you were going to crotchet Marley Hair after but u did mention it as an option after . :)
Sydney Imani (10 months ago)
your hair color is beautiful and you hair looks so healthy! protective styles are super important and this is really cute!
Cass&Mila (10 months ago)
I love your background! OMG. And did you go to beauty school? I'm terrible with my hair. It's usually always in a bun
LaShayna LaVonne (10 months ago)
I'm literally planning to do this to my hair tomorrow! It came out really cute on you 👌
Mariela Merino (10 months ago)
so cute! looks great on you. I have a round face I dont think it would look great on me lol
Courtney Allison (10 months ago)
What a transformation - how long did it take you? I love the way it looks!
Gretchen White (10 months ago)
I love Marley Twists, they are so simple. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!
Teosha's Love (10 months ago)
It will definitely make your hair grow
VeganUpNorth (10 months ago)
I love the length of your hair
Yolanda Phorne (10 months ago)
You have beautiful hair ... love the color .. Inspired to do this to my natural hair .. thanks for sharing 💕 .. New subbie supporter to your channel 🎥📺👀👍
Antonia Gorneo (10 months ago)
Wow!! Nice. Im thinking, hopefully I can do this on my hair. I think I need someone else's help. hehee How many minutes/hours did it take to complete? :)
Restored Beauty (10 months ago)
so pretty!
Sintich Lee (10 months ago)
You look beautiful and this tutorial is nice and straight to the point
KeepinitRealLiz (10 months ago)
I wish that I could do the same for my hair, but the shrinkage is the devil :( great video btw
Sonia DoubleG (10 months ago)
your hair looks so cute <3
The Journey (10 months ago)
Super cute hairstyle it fits you!
Hira's Makeup Stash! (10 months ago)
Hey there. Loved the curls. They look so good on you. Your technique is quiet good. Enjoyed watching this curl tutorial 👍
Tina Maughan (10 months ago)
Your hair looks adorable! I can’t believe how easy you make this look and the results are amazing!
Coley Ming (10 months ago)
i love how you did them . gonna try this out
Deborah's Destiny (10 months ago)
Looking to add some new products to my collection.
ariontheair (11 months ago)
This is such a cute hairstyle 💕
LA's Hair Affair (11 months ago)
It came out so beautifully, i wish i had the patience to try this because it looks like a great and easy to manage protective style!
DanieD (11 months ago)
I wish i hair would look good like yours
Kae P (11 months ago)
Love this style as a protective style!! ♥️
Evy Evette (11 months ago)
This is one of my go to protective styles.❤️
Taylor Caitlyn (11 months ago)
You look gorgeous- this hairstyle suits you so well!
Sekhmet SapphyreSun (11 months ago)
You made it look so easy, Thank you for sharing, Love Sekhmet Sapphyre-Sun😍
des mercene (11 months ago)
you are so beautiful and your hair looks amazing 😍
love livieliv (10 months ago)
des mercene ty!
AbigailAshley (11 months ago)
I like this! I’m really intrigued to see what it looks like when untwisted
Lesa Noelle (11 months ago)
Hi Liv :D I just SUBBED you...Love this style!!! It looks so cute on you!!!! :) <3 <3
Lesa Noelle (11 months ago)
i thumbs up your vid too...
Rells Room (11 months ago)
This Look Came Out Nice & It Seems Easy
Dealing with the Wheelers (11 months ago)
Really cute style! I may consider leaving in my twists once I get a little more length.
Maddi Byrne (11 months ago)
Great video! I reckon it would be cool to have some commentary on what you're doing as well, not the whole way through but as you do each step! Love the background as well!
YourGirlSudanny (11 months ago)
Your natural hair looks soo healthy! Loved the finished look girl😊👌
MakeItWithMecca (11 months ago)
I usually do little braids this size, but this looks pretty too. What do you put in your hair before you do it?
Ace In Beautyland (11 months ago)
That looks great on you. Very cute hairstyle!
The Daily Nedds (11 months ago)
Cute style, it’s my go to! Your highlight is blinding 🤩
Casey Joe (11 months ago)
this is a great way too protective style! especially during these brutal months!
Rabia Nunes (11 months ago)
you have such lovely hair great tips and tricks! i'd love to invite you to my channel! i'd love love to know your thoughts! have a wonderful day! xox
Bethany Shaw (11 months ago)
That is so cool! I didn’t know it would help you with hair growth and protection! Neat!
This style is totally versatile and cute👌🏽
Nerd in the Bay (11 months ago)
Wow! That's amazing how much of a process it is to do that! That looks great! 😀
Vana Supernova (11 months ago)
Your hair came out beautiful! Love the color on you. I can't wait to get back to catering to my natural hair!
Life as Aisha (11 months ago)
Beautiful finished look! I love this style on you 😍 Great step by step tutorial & I love the Jamaican black castor oil also.
Clean Eat Junky (11 months ago)
I want to have my sister try this on my hair in 2 weeks hopefully it comes out just as Nice
Dani E (11 months ago)
You have great hair! New subbie!
MummyandMunchkin (11 months ago)
This is such a cute style 😍
Super cute! Also are you wearing the trophy wife highlighter from Rihanna’s makeup line...whatever it is it’s super cute!
love livieliv (10 months ago)
Coco Reena Goes International yes its trophy wife!
WhitsAndBeauty (11 months ago)
Love the look on you!
SoDazzling (11 months ago)
Your hair turned out so good. I love using twists as a protective style.
Hamida Begum (11 months ago)
Although my hair is curly itself, I find ur video quite interesting! 😎
Shyla Inez (11 months ago)
Looks amazing on you!
Kiyanna and Brionna (11 months ago)
Those twists look so bomb on you! im going to look 12 if I wear mine like this smh and the shrinkage is sooo real smh
PopularLoner (11 months ago)
marley twists are my favorite !!
Fitness and Lipstick (11 months ago)
Very pretty and I love the way the twists shape your face.
love livieliv (10 months ago)
Fitness and Lipstick ty!
Bashia Sheree (11 months ago)
This is cute, I’ve seen this hairstyle more often now lately. I would love to do as well, but I big chopped my hair so it’s at such a weird length. I really like how helpful you are. Great video
tarafied (11 months ago)
It frames your face so nicely!
love livieliv (10 months ago)
tarafied ty!
Slim TV (11 months ago)
Yess will be trying soon 😻 came out nice
Mariela Merino (11 months ago)
omg these look so cute on you!! i have a lot of hair this would be very time consuming but i love it!
FeliciaMarieTV (11 months ago)
Your hair is so gorgeous and healthy! Will you show the take down after the two weeks?
dashay bivens (11 months ago)
They came out so nice I just have no type of patience to do them 😩
LifeFeaturing Aliya (11 months ago)
This is a super cute protective style. Definitely going to be giving this a try on my natural hair.
MyLifeAndKids (11 months ago)
Wow your hair looks great. Awesome tutorial xx
ilmememe (11 months ago)
Very nice. I’m sure the take down was easy and your hair was beautiful and full.
Paradise Forever (11 months ago)
You are so cute 😍 great job
Żaneta Uba (11 months ago)
I wish I had hair like yours, also this effect is nice and funky :)
Queen Calz (11 months ago)
amazing tutorial love twist outs!
DiscoveringNatural (11 months ago)
I am so glad you have found a method to style your hair during the winter. Cute hairstyle
Lee Larner (11 months ago)
loved the intro and great video, youll go far and be a famous youtuber one day just keep uploading for 12+ months
Kay's Ways (11 months ago)
Just twisted my hair with the Blueberry cream yesterday too! We use similar products, I agree twists are the perfect way to retain length & just let your hair be great lol. I see that Trophy Wife coming through, it looks great on you!
msjvckson (11 months ago)
Cute! Your hair is so thick! 😍 & what HIGHLIGHT is thattttt?! Lol
love livieliv (10 months ago)
Yup it’s trophy wife
msjvckson (11 months ago)
Oh wait is see it’s trophy wife!
Meet The Chambers (11 months ago)
Super cute twists! I just bought the twist n shout cream last weekend. I just loooove how their products smell!
MomentswithMamaSpice (11 months ago)
Nice tutorial. That’s how I did mine when I was pregnant ☺️
HicksFamilyVLOG (11 months ago)
I love doing these on my hair!! Great video Love!
iamsilentprogress (11 months ago)
That highlight though 🙌🏾🙌🏾 And you do your hair so effortless
Love this!! I’m trying to get my twist like this when I’m not wearing my wig. Thank you for sharing. Sidebar: Love the background.
Sneiko the Diva (11 months ago)
Cool so u leave it like this ...but if u take it out it's considered a twist out right
love livieliv (11 months ago)
Sneiko the Diva yup exactly!
Asia Monet Wright (11 months ago)
This is really cute! I want to do it but my hair shrinks when it dries a lot cause it’s super curly, I wonder if it would maintain length if I tried this hairstyle! I’m obsessed with Marley twist
love livieliv (11 months ago)
Asia Monet Wright it will shrink just expect it and embrace it ❤️

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