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Travel Tips : Packing Tips for a Trip to Europe

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When packing for a trip to Europe, it's important to carry light luggage with wheels, because most people take trains to travel between places throughout Europe. Learn about the importance of carrying a money belt in Europe with help from a certified travel counselor and agent in this free video on trips to Europe. Expert: Sally Watkins Contact: sallywatkins.com/ Bio: Sally Watkins is a certified travel counselor and agent with 21 years of experience in the travel industry. Filmmaker: Kevin Haberer
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Lita Keaton (4 months ago)
London 🇬🇧 and Ireland 🇮🇪 are my places to go in Europe.
fred church (1 year ago)
for the ladys do it the old fashion way put your wallet or paper money inside your bra cup/ no safer place.
Kevin Huang (2 years ago)
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Hannelore Verhelst (2 years ago)
Another tip: when going to an ATM, don't pick bills of 100 euro or higher since a lot of stores don't accept these (at least in Belgium that is). Indeed carry something for coins cause you'll end up having loads of them :)
In1998able (2 years ago)
tip: don't wear tennisshoes because American tourists wear tennisshoes
Mark-Leon Thorne (3 years ago)
Some very useful information there.
Osca Alva (3 years ago)
i travel lite tom bihn 45 carry on bag sack no wheels are bad if your going from plane train bus cabs pain in the ass thats all you need 1 bag the only bag tom bihn
Me (3 years ago)
kisses from Romania :)
Jhana Wind (4 years ago)
I am going to visit Europe soon. Beautiful continent:)
sunil sai (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot for this helpful information! I was always missing my errands, shopping and many other simple things in life and the result is that , all used to make fun of me and i was called almost a looser! luckily, one of colleague introduced me to "listall" mobile app by lokesh which helps in managing 8 different and important type of lists in life.  Now, I am much more organized and people now call me effective person! I cant believe it
Sage Marken (5 years ago)
Omg it sounded like you were moving there with all that stuff
jwaacks (5 years ago)
Oh my god, the fanny pack is only for those of you who want to look like the stereotypical obnoxious american tourist. Leave it at home. 
Porag Mahfuzur (5 years ago)
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Parnick Musick (5 years ago)
An additional tip if you are traveling to a major Eastern European tourist destination like Budapest: bring some Benedryl or Dramamine. These common anti-histamines (also used as sleep aids) are not readily available in Eastern Europe as they are in the USA or Western European destinations.
Sumi Khatun (5 years ago)
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Trival Swain (5 years ago)
Europe is way safer than usa
Badea Been (5 years ago)
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Dawn Smith (5 years ago)
The trinket/postcard tip is awesome! Thank you!!
Tárogató Clarinet (5 years ago)
What funny accent
Robert McWilliams (5 years ago)
Packing tips for a trip to Europe!!!!
Ebong Adil (5 years ago)
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Eponine Thenardier (6 years ago)
I'm not confused at all! I've traveled on trains and roads in Europe also! I can't see how your reply really pertains to my comment! It may be a bit of a hassle putting on and taking off a backpack but once it's on your back you're ready to go! Small doorways may be a problem but I think it can just add to the adventure with a funny story! I would not enjoy having to pull a suitcase behind me!
clhardi1 clhardi1 (6 years ago)
Depends on where you go in Europe.
TheGoldenRoses (6 years ago)
Personally, I think that a backpack is only necessary if you do not have a hotel you stay at. If you DO have a hotel, you can easily take a suitcase with you and leave it there for the time you stay there; you would only have to get it to the hotel, which really isn´t all that difficult. ;)
QuartyDawn (6 years ago)
ya this information video is most likely for the "luxury travel" kinds of people who wouldnt be caught dead carrying a backpack into their fancy hotels
TheArmaniModel1 (6 years ago)
America! Hoorah!
darkokumkd (6 years ago)
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watchingvids101 (6 years ago)
Superior intellect :)
pyllywaltteri (7 years ago)
depends on what part of europe you are going to
TheDD563 (7 years ago)
an empty wheeled carry-on is too heavy. 10kg MAX
TheDD563 (7 years ago)
depthtone (7 years ago)
Jeff Commissaris (7 years ago)
Some good advice here! Some of it not necessariy relevant for a budget bicycle tour, but this is helpful.
superslyfoxx1 (7 years ago)
Great tips! Headed to Italy this week and I am so excited.
Abs ♡ (7 years ago)
I live in the UK and I am going to Portugal
dalejaking (8 years ago)
I'm a American, living in Europe (mostly Germany) for over 20 years now and let me tell you: Just come to Europe! If you are not a totally stupid person, you will have no problems over here. Just please don't act as if Europe was the deepest jungle. Europe intellectually at least equal to the US
Darjan Sotenšek (8 years ago)
@Siobanphotogirl i totally agree. i live in slovenia and in april we went on a school trip to venice ( its like 2 hours from slovenia) and we laught so hard when we saw some americans with wheeled luggage trying to get to their hotel .it was sad to watch hahahha
Jan Tourkov (8 years ago)
What's the point of this? Europe is a much safer place than the USA. Just come across the pond and don't be so scared.
Siobanphotogirl (9 years ago)
@sweetncool i agree with Mr. Hypnofan totally... a backpack is best. Cobblestone streets are rampant in Europe..and so are crowds! People will trip over your wheeled luggage and the wheeled suitcases can flip over on the uneven cobblestones. Think of Venice... you've seen pictures of Venice, right? lots, lots, LOTS of little bridges with steps at both ends! it would not be fun lugging wheeled luggage over those bridges. BACKPACK! gotta go with the BACKPACK!
MrHypnofan (9 years ago)
@sweetncool They add weight that could be put to actual things, also, there are still a lot towns that have original cobblestone roads and steep and narrow stairs. Wheels would not be beneficial in these cases. And the bags themselves are more rigid, so you can't easily shove them into the overhead been or under the seat in front of you.
sweetncool (9 years ago)
@iRaymondAZ why not?? please tell :)

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