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5 Things I Can't Play Terraria Without! (2018 Update!)

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In today's top 5 I'm going to be going over 5 quality of life changes to Terraria that I can't play without. More Terraria Top 5's: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4jhj1XTbltqDN3ujYUatsn-n7AEe2zRx 🎮 ELGATO PARTNER : http://e.lga.to/Chippy Elgato makes everything a streamer needs, be sure to check out their website. Follow Me on Social: Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamesRobertBenn Facebook: https://facebook.com/chippygaming Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamesrobertbenn/
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Text Comments (686)
? Cuber (22 days ago)
I’m console And mobile
Splat2 Help (26 days ago)
#4 is on 1.2 console
VladMD (1 month ago)
The Jupiter Illusion (1 month ago)
I heard the word "starbound" and I was like 😀
David Power (1 month ago)
how the feck do you even get weapons like this? lol hard mode?
MayonDoesStuff (1 month ago)
What about 3ds??
Safety Kitten (1 month ago)
Damn. I was so used to crafting from chests I played mobile today and when i found it out it wasn't a feature I excused it as "they must've forgot it"
Kaizen_09 (1 month ago)
I need a WiFi
DOGE Dog (1 month ago)
How do you know I have glasses
Spodermen48 (1 month ago)
One of my favorite console features that isn't on pc is the fact that doors open when you walk into them. I mainly play on PC now, and I've started to really miss that feature. It really comes in handy sometimes.
NateDaBossRulez (2 months ago)
Minibus (2 months ago)
There is one thing I can’t play Terraria without... A PC.
Levi - Studios (2 months ago)
Hows about the grapple hook keybind?
Zekeram12 (2 months ago)
dunno how to call it (2 months ago)
Where u got ruthless doom cannon
Master Ed (2 months ago)
Block swap, it should require to different buttons to enable and disable just incase of miss click
Steve (2 months ago)
Just for 666 comments.
undercreeper 28 (3 months ago)
chippy you can take a piggy bank and put stuff in it and pick it up
Wowey Zowey (3 months ago)
This is probably way too late but I *always* have to get the arkhalis. Even tho it's like suPER rare, I just spend hours trying to get it Like it's really op imo
The Monster (3 months ago)
I cant play without Watching this Soon
the intimidating gnome (3 months ago)
Edwin Zell (3 months ago)
i did not know about advance building thx
Fabric Sterling (3 months ago)
Wait you can craft from chests in 1.3? That’s amazing! As a mobile player I’ve never done this it’s beautiful to know that that feature exists.
TomtheBomb837Games (3 months ago)
i can't do 2
Bro Gaming_YT (3 months ago)
I still see you playing terraria in your room i don't regret playing this game but I can't fix my controller fix my controller
Cats Eyes (3 months ago)
Omar Rishan (3 months ago)
2:38 A moment of silence for console players...
Magenta Dragon (3 months ago)
Some of those things aren't on console :')
Cononsberg (3 months ago)
One thing I can't play terraria without is loving it. Or Fossil Armor as vanity, seriously try it
So (4 months ago)
I hate how so many people abandoned this great game. Bought it a while ago and I've been loving it so far. Even dropped a Slime Staff early into the game (didn't know it was so rare until I looked it up) and even had to buy to for a friend because he didn't have money and I didn't want to play alone. Glad you're still making content until this day. Keep up the good work.
Abzol3 (4 months ago)
Im still in the 2006 update help me
Johnathon Li (4 months ago)
You van put a piggy in a piggy bank in a piggy bank in a piggy bank Then repeat for unlimited inventory I recommend 3 so you dont get confused
MagMeta X (4 months ago)
Wait, you didn't always walk up tiles? Must have been a nightmare.
MagMeta X (4 months ago)
Ui scaling. I wish, I've died SO many times in mobile because I could not zoom out and see more. I would also make the UI smaller so i would not be constantly opening my inventory to edit my hotbar.
TruSkeleZ (4 months ago)
I can’t play without the mod antaiaris cuz i feel the need for a queen of antlions
T0XIK_ Flanks (4 months ago)
I have watched your terraria c intent since 2013 and I have reallt injoyed
Nathan P (4 months ago)
2:45 everyone on console/mobile, regardless of version: *that must be nice*
potatochip (4 months ago)
Thing I can’t play terraria without is good gaming chair
Damian Sikorski (4 months ago)
I cant play with only this 1
swishy _ fishy (4 months ago)
what mods(s) were you using in the background?
TROLLER 107 (4 months ago)
Walking up blocks is a necessity for mobile players (including me)
FAtherOfNinEBuGs (4 months ago)
FUCK why do I keep binge watching your top (insert number here) vids
Toby noname (4 months ago)
Whats the big gun in the beginning named?
Galaxy 5 (4 months ago)
1.3.6 i dont have still it suck
Fubluhh (4 months ago)
In a new world, I need the corruption with snow or the crimson with the desert, I know with a large world you can have both biomes but any other world side makes me picky. As well as that I need my spawn point to be flat with no caves around it, I build bases underground and when you meet with a cave monsters become a pain in the ass.
Yolozocker (4 months ago)
Dude I love your Channel
Raffie265 (4 months ago)
I cant play terrarie if i dont have a world.
Freehugz ForLife (4 months ago)
You having to zoom on to see things... Bah... I had to zoom in to try to make the game playable, and you just do it for the heck of it...
Torsan (5 months ago)
Wait.. There's a dedicated inventory button!?
Gaming Universe 1101 (5 months ago)
I Dont Understand The Thumbnail .-.
David Trujillo (5 months ago)
which mod is the doom cannon from?
DeadShadozer (5 months ago)
Everything is why I play terraria
What mod you using? Like 2:35
Hyper BlazeCrusherX (1 month ago)
Игровой Канал mrSlaym Thorium and more
Kaas Stengel (5 months ago)
You can do uiscaling two by cliking on menu button and then holding the atack button
RED BOX (5 months ago)
Please make VIDEO in andro6
Charlie (5 months ago)
This video made me want to go back to terraria again!! Thank You!
Malcolm Brown (5 months ago)
So wait terraria got inspired by a feature of Starbound which was inspired by terraria
SmoothTurtle (5 months ago)
#1: A Computer
Calamity Dude (5 months ago)
I cannot play minecraft if i play terraria
Co Throne (5 months ago)
Wait.. forget about that stuff, how the hell did you shoot skulls out of the Doom cannon? When i use it all it did was destroy tiles (my house)
GHC EFG (5 months ago)
I still have the option enabled for the game to pause when I open my inventory, I can't play without it
Hossam Berjaoui (5 months ago)
Halfway through the video i said us console players have to but stuff in our hotbar
TheBill (5 months ago)
my list would be: 1. a fix to my crashing issue 2. a fix to my crashing issue 3. a fix to my crashing issue 4. a fix to my crashing issue 5. a fix to my crashing issue srly tho pls help me
Hunter Davis (5 months ago)
#1 autocursor
CryptoSoldier (5 months ago)
Thanks for all the tips and info, what inventory mod are you using in this video? Keep up the good work!
Tyler Winston (5 months ago)
Android needs 1.3
Itzyaboi L (5 months ago)
Playing on mobile sucks
GD TheProGamer711 (5 months ago)
i play with a hacked 75% ui cause otherwise i cant see some modded guis like the crafting interface from magic storage
Ethan Nobles (5 months ago)
They should add a new boss called cthulhu that look like a walking octopus because we got the eye of cthulhu the brain of cthulhu so why not cthulhu. I want to see a giant creature that drops cool powerful weapons. Like if you agree.
weird Entertainment (5 months ago)
Dario Miniello (5 months ago)
did starbound live to his hype? i used to follow the game in alpha but like 6-7 year after i just couldn't wait anymore lol i saw it launched eventually, how does it compare to terraria?
ANDREA BELISAURO (5 months ago)
Is it normal to play on mobile and not be able to get the water bolt from the shelves in skeletron's castle?
Windowssonic (5 months ago)
I remember the update where they changed to walking up tiles I was just playing normally, hopping up one block tiles, when suddenly I forgot to do it and still got up. I was like, "What the fuck?" Went back and did it at least 10 more times, and my mind was just...
Jusus RiceKrispy (5 months ago)
what did he say terraria is getting in the next update?
Aleksander Kozakowski (5 months ago)
What kind of fashion do you have ChippyGaming?
Gabriel gameing (6 months ago)
I can't live without wings it's hard to get around without them
Sergeant Detergent (6 months ago)
The one thing I can't play terraria with notso obvious, but the health bar
Cheyenne Sea (6 months ago)
I cant zoom in and out on my 3ds version ):
Nagy Norbert (6 months ago)
I'm the only one who can't play with autopause off? XD
CoolConGaming (6 months ago)
Jesus christ, i wish UI scaling and crafting from chests was in the old console ones, i still use xbox 360 which is locked at 1.2 mode
babygoo25 (6 months ago)
I like how you put UI scaling even though some people can't even use that feature yet
ZerO Danunater (6 months ago)
I dislike cause u say tarrial
Vanessa Uliana (6 months ago)
I cant play terraria without a computer
Tucker the YouTuber (6 months ago)
A computer.
R2D2 from Star Trek (6 months ago)
They should remove the one block thing on April fools.
Pine Apple (6 months ago)
Extended iventory. Me: Playing 1.3 already with extended inventory but always full because too lazy to put stuff in chest and because the world might get corrupted
Winyx (6 months ago)
I can't experience destroying your spacebar.... I played terraria from the update 1.2
Gustavo Ferreira (6 months ago)
Give Me Ideas To How Defeat Destroyer Pleasseeeeee My Itens: Forcefull Titanium Sword Orichalcum Pickaxe Hurtfull Dark Lance Hurtfull Ice Bow Unpleasant Magig Dagger Flower Of Frost Hel-Fire And One Big Arena Please Help \oOo/
Mr Pineapple (6 months ago)
For the ui scaling thing just use the + and - keys
Joshua Goh (6 months ago)
How can I do this on Xbox? My tv is too small so the hints for the keys at the bottom left and the top of the inventory bar is off the screen. How can I zoom in or out to see these things
Joshua Goh (5 months ago)
Kookie Dough I already zoomed out all the way xD
Kookie Dough (5 months ago)
Joshua Goh Press the menu botton (The one that haves the option button and save button, then hold LT to zoom out, hold RT to zoom in
Joshua Goh (5 months ago)
Mxdanger Gaming yeah the health and mana bar don’t appear on my screen ever since the 1.3 update
Mxdanger (6 months ago)
I play on a computer with a 17" monitor… and your tv is probably smaller than that. Rip.
Joshua Goh (6 months ago)
Mxdanger Gaming smaller than yours ;)
Atmos 556 (6 months ago)
Alex Baldwin (6 months ago)
What mod(s) were you using in this video? Some of those weapons looked really cool!
jomari razon (6 months ago)
I feel like mobile sucks now inventory is limited key molds and many moreee
Xvidnisch (6 months ago)
I wish they add chest filter for quick stack
Skeletron 124 (6 months ago)
anyone want play whit me at Terraria ps4????
ExclusiveNick (6 months ago)
2:58 because of this I usually forget that I have my inventory open because of how useful it is, and then an enemy decides to attack me and I forget it’s open so I die because I can’t get out my sword...
Nevin Good (6 months ago)
What mods were in this gameplay? And can you get them on tmodloader?
Hayden The Gamer (6 months ago)
Does anyone want to play Terraria on steam
Shadow Master (6 months ago)
cant play without boots that speed you up or hooks. cause im slower than a turtle without them
Human Being (6 months ago)
I'm in mobile... Mobile and computer are way off.. :(

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