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Animated maps show sea level rise in US

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Climate central has released a series of multi layered interactive maps designed to illustrate how various levels of sea level rise may affect coastal communities all around United States. The group’s latest mapping tool, titled “Mapping Choices,” allows you to enter any zip code or U.S. city and compare — side-by-side — how that site would appear if pollution is allowed to continue “unchecked” versus a scenario in which pollution is heavily reduced. Majority of the scientists believe that sea level will continue to rise due to melting of the global ice caps. The maps also show what percentage of each community’s current homes and residents would be underwater at each stage of sea-level rise. The most striking numbers come from Old Orchard Beach, where 27.7 percent of homes and 13.1 percent of the population will fall into the Atlantic at the highest predicted levels. South Portland would see 9 percent of its current homes and 6.8 percent of its residents underwater at the highest sea-level rise estimate, by comparison.
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Madeleine deburgh01144 (10 months ago)
this is all the result of Corporation's greed

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