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My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When (Official Music Video)

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Watch the official video for My Bloody Valentine - "To Here Knows When" from the album "Loveless". Subscribe to the Rhino Channel! http://bit.ly/SubscribeToRHINO Check Out Our Favorite Playlists: Rhino Favorite 100 http://bit.ly/RhinoFavorite100 80s Hits http://bit.ly/80sMusicHits Classic Rock http://bit.ly/ClassicRockFavorites Stay connected with RHINO on... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RHINO/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rhino_records Twitter https://twitter.com/Rhino_Records https://www.rhino.com/ Stay Connected with My Bloody Valentine... Website: http://www.mybloodyvalentine.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybloodyvalentine Official Merchandise: http://www.mybloodyvalentine.org/Catalogue.aspx RHINO is the official YouTube channel of the greatest music catalog in the world. Founded in 1978, Rhino is the world's leading pop culture label specializing in classic rock, soul, and 80's and 90's alternative. The vast Rhino catalog of more than 5,000 albums, videos, and hit songs features material by Warner Music Group artists such as Van Halen, Duran Duran, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Doors, Chicago, Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Yes, Alice Cooper, Linda Ronstadt, The Ramones, The Monkees, Carly Simon, and Curtis Mayfield, among many others. Check back for classic music videos, live performances, hand-curated playlists, the Rhino Podcast, and more!
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Text Comments (416)
Catherine M (2 days ago)
I’m living
05PtVxUI (1 month ago)
i can see where alot of people would'nt consider this song or album rockin at all; yea fuck the Hall its to much a popularity contest
barnibizer (1 month ago)
i just shivered as it started....i've heard this song 1000s of times for 15 yrs
Charles Newman (2 months ago)
Wheres the rest of it?
Vladimir Žikić (2 months ago)
how much I love this song .... dissonant, but I love
Darko Ciglenecki (3 months ago)
inxy (3 months ago)
Amazing song
79sand10s (4 months ago)
Everything I love about music in one place.
Kim NamJoon (5 months ago)
Estoy aca por el hilo+ BTS
FringeSalon1728 (5 months ago)
This song breaks my heart in the best way... beautiful and sad and beautiful and sad, etc
majest33 (5 months ago)
A unicorn''s nitemare
kurta (6 months ago)
Andrea Stephens (6 months ago)
The sound of dizzying loving rapture perfectly encapsulated
TheGerthax (6 months ago)
Im not too familiar with this band. Have they in the past talked about LSD use?
Shoegaze forever (5 months ago)
They are a Shoegaze band who came out with the album Loveless in 1991. Loveless ranks alongside Nevermind, OK Computer, and Mellon Collie as one of the best 90s albums. They are not druggies although they have occasionally taken some substance.
Camilo Cabrera (7 months ago)
Suhartana Putra (7 months ago)
anyone ever try listen to loveless and watching its winamp visualizer?
Don Smith (9 months ago)
I remeber when this came out my friends all thought I had gone mad saying this was one of the best records ever made, right there with sgt pepper and dark side of the moon, it awesome to see how people have come around
dancre (9 months ago)
Came here to say how much i hate this "song"
Kir (7 months ago)
Bruno ffs (9 months ago)
Whenever I take acid or other psychedelics and listen to music, it’s as if I can see/feel/taste the music as well as hear it. Idk why but this video actually captures what loveless looks like. Much love! ✌🏻🤑
Pizza de muzzarella (10 months ago)
Trascendental... mas alla de la realidad, esta en el plano de los sueños
Chris L. (10 months ago)
Nothing better than finding something new that's incredible. Don't.think id actually heard My Bloody valentine before until now. This song gives me chills.
Judi Saunders (10 months ago)
It's like listening to some beautiful music, from a distant planet, on an old radio........ lovely!
Joshua (10 months ago)
What the fuck is even going on
Pizza de muzzarella (10 months ago)
Que musica tan hermosa
keepit1oo (10 months ago)
Well done, nice video!
Major Tom (11 months ago)
Lost my left ear in a 1992 concert in Paris. Loved it.
Jeff Gryder (11 months ago)
Thats it i'm taking 2 hits of acid and smoking some pot i'll see you on the other side JEffg
Andy Whitaker (11 months ago)
'SHOEGAZE SONG' by SOUP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqUI7uxfDhI
Channel ERT (11 months ago)
first heard saw this on ITVs The Chart Show, a magical musical moment, bought Tremelo EP that very same day.
Shoegaze forever (5 months ago)
Tremolo is possibly the greatest EP ever made.
RaF KiNs (1 year ago)
How where these guys not on drugs? Lol i know the shoe gaze scene was pretty stright edge but this is some fucking great stoner music right here
Lostjoy IX (1 year ago)
RaF KiNs I heard Kevin Shields say he was high from time to time. It was his most popular interview
fiercedietyknight (1 year ago)
To me, "To Here Knows When" is the very most experimental track on Loveless.
Haabemaaster (1 year ago)
This gives me distorted vhs memories that I never actually experienced.
Gobi Pup (1 year ago)
I love that a major label thought music like this was going to be the next Michael Jackson. I love how much money they gave Kevin Shields. This is like dance music for non-corporeal interdimensional beings.
redaco old (1 year ago)
Cuando el sol te da esa sensacion de estar tibio ... casi como si lo necesitaras ..asi me hace sentir esta cancion , como la puerta del otro lado !
Kyle Booth (1 year ago)
Worst song on the album
Kyle Booth (1 year ago)
Touched is actually pretty awesome
James M (1 year ago)
Kyle Booth - Touched?
Abel Ramirez (1 year ago)
I'm gald I'm done with drugs. I get to hear music as it really is now.
S2 (1 year ago)
its like the most beautiful women in the world humming to herself walking along the river
Jacob Wilson-Gates (1 year ago)
i put my headphones on my friend's head and played this song at good volume. he laid back for the whole thing and he said he felt like he was in a planetarium or something. mission accomplished.
Adam Verssen (1 year ago)
Ahead of their time. If loveless came out today, it would blow people's minds. Album truly displays what's possible sonically
Stephen Wyatt (1 year ago)
I love music that's different. This (shoegaze) and Avant-garde are some of my favourite genres.
v1ct0rth3cl34n3r (1 year ago)
please consider my own band's feeble contribution to the scene in 1994 - notably SKYRYDER + DIVING: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE950683DFC95C5BF thanks - think you'll like it.
stenwald (1 year ago)
Greatest song of all time? No hyperbole.
tokenblackaspie (1 year ago)
I can see how Kevin Shields went bonkers trying to top this album.
Jose Rodriguez (4 months ago)
And yet, the mad man did it (in my opinion).
Ethan (1 year ago)
Just kinda float away from everything
Thevideogamearc (1 year ago)
Digital Nas
bunga hujan (1 year ago)
you are inside in the music
Derrel so cool sound (1 year ago)
WHERE IS THE OUTRO IN THE SONG?? Its my favorite part of the song lol
inphanta (1 year ago)
Not of this earth.
Do Du (1 year ago)
1st time i heard that song, changed my perception of music
Victor Ecilec (1 year ago)
dubseedz757 (1 year ago)
I just started listening to this band..Instantly in love <3
Do Du (1 year ago)
my favorite song from them
Gobi Pup (1 year ago)
Instantly nothing else ever like it.
Nash Lemmons (1 year ago)
shouts out digital nas
The kings
Muhammad Raditz (2 years ago)
Is this shoegaze or ambient?
Shoegaze forever (5 months ago)
This is Shoegaze - guitar driven music.
John Deer (2 years ago)
Mass immigration= WHITE GENOCIDE. Whites will go extinct in 100 years if Europe and America do not change!
Kyle Booth (1 year ago)
Nate Pan (2 years ago)
If only it could extinct assholes... This is a place for shoegazing and dreaming, not bullshit, troll.
keepitclean (2 years ago)
what the fuck is this shit? sounds like my air conditioner when it goes on the fritz.
Shoegaze forever (5 months ago)
This is music that has stood the test of time unlike most of the shit today. But you do need good headphones and high volume to fully appreciate it.
Arty Nox (1 year ago)
keepitclean Oi where can I get one of those? I need an air conditioner that blasts this stuff
HINRG14 (2 years ago)
Your air conditioner should win a grammy or something!
Aidan Amphlett (2 years ago)
watching this high, holy shit.
Zedfinite (2 years ago)
Shoegaze music is so timeless, you'd think this video is shot recently this year on a potato. A very hallucinogenic potato.
tim waterschoot (2 years ago)
they went from noise punkrock to the popular shoegaze/dreampop at that time. Irish legends 😎
DDball (2 years ago)
Reminds me of walking down beachside roads on Cape Cod with my dad, a long time ago. Truly some nostalgic sounds
Chris B. (2 years ago)
This is the only band I know of whose music sounds like what their videos and album artwork looks like.
cody8804 (1 month ago)
Beastie boys actually have some excellent videos that accompany the music perfectly. Check out the music videos to Shadrach, something’s got to give, holy snappers and so what’cha want. All of those videos seem to meet with the song to make one combined piece of art
Icarus Machines (3 months ago)
Modest Mouse
abby venturanza (11 months ago)
Bubble Gum (1 year ago)
Chris B. Except phsychocandy album by the Jesus and Mary chain
Yama Kasi (1 year ago)
Amesoeurs, Alcest, Tool,..
Andres Estupinan (2 years ago)
My school...My college years...33 years old and I'm still amazed and touched by this song...I love how songs become just kind of the soundtrack of your life, away from the meaning that the composer gave to them...Music is timeless and free from everything.
Bran Nubian (2 years ago)
I feel what you're saying! 😄 The melodies of music, manmade and in nature, seem to touch us on a more spiritual level than anything else, maybe the frequencies remind our consciousness of some kind of universal love of life itself 😃
Karel Zich (2 years ago)
genius, genius, genius. 199-fucking-1, and it still sounds absolutely amazing and boundaries-pushing today. btw gotta say I kinda cried when I heard this live a few years ago.
Tarrea Tolbert (2 years ago)
maybe you'll come back soon...
Abigail DorisMae (2 years ago)
This song makes me feel like I'm floating
Phil Yeary (4 months ago)
Abigail DorisMae it does give a good aural buzz...
Josh Craft (1 year ago)
Grateful Dead sinking, even
Grateful Dead (2 years ago)
with alison
Martino Rossi (2 years ago)
una delle mie preferite ... =)
Eddie The Head (2 years ago)
Like a dream. Thanks Smashing Pumpkins for helping me discover this amazing band.
Eddie The Head (2 years ago)
+TheGrimReaper54321 yes
TheGrimReaper54321 (2 years ago)
another maiden shoegazer I see \m/ up the irons
Tarrea Tolbert (2 years ago)
Josimar Oliveira (2 years ago)
Brian Eno feelings
Phil Roberts (2 years ago)
Loved this band and their music for so many different things. The way it isolated me in a soft bubble of dreaminess and psychedelic vibes. People at work hadn't the slightest what this was about I had a little picture of Bilinda that cheered me up and no one could see what a cute poppet she was . Only around 6 people in the town I lived in were into MBV. Magic music of its time and I'll always cherish it.
kevin fuller (2 years ago)
i got so many friends that cant handle this shit
Josh L (11 months ago)
junk bot Or they just personally don't like this music and it has nothing to do with their IQ.... Smh why do people always think their music taste makes them intellectually superior
Shoegaze forever (1 year ago)
My best friend can't handle this song but at least he tried and could understand why some people would like it.
Stephen Wyatt (1 year ago)
I think it's great!
junk bot (1 year ago)
They got a low IQ
elwrongo (1 year ago)
I have exactly this issue!
Maafa 1619 (2 years ago)
The only way I'd listen to this bullshit is if an L.A. 10 forced me to with her 22 year old waxed and bejazzled weaponized va-jay-jay.
Cheese on Toast (1 year ago)
who the fuck are you, go home.
Natasha F (2 years ago)
then..save your energy to write this fucking dumb comment.such an idiot
bruhhh (2 years ago)
Dumbest comment I've ever witnessed
Mike Parent (2 years ago)
Act like ya know it!!!!!
henri crousteau (2 years ago)
that reverse reverb man... THAT REVERB
Gloomer (29 days ago)
Bloom Monkman the guitar was plugged into a spx90 to get a reverse delay and they recorded that on tape then bounced the sound through a Marshall amp and thats the distortion
Gloomer (29 days ago)
Zen Jenga yes thats correct but not for the “guitar sound”, the process you described took place in order to obtain the flute like samples you hear on some hooks (i only Said)and on some of the codas like the transition from what you want to soon, loveless guitar sound was done mainly with EQ pedals, fuzz/distortion and or 100 wet reverse delay (with the exception of Blown a wish which is the only tracks that has modulation on the record)
Zen Jenga (5 months ago)
The "guitar" was done by recording lots of guitar feedback to DAT tape, and then turning it into Akai S1000 samples which could be triggered from a keyboard. This is according to Alan Moulder, the engineer.
big bahooga (7 months ago)
henri crousteau reverb was used extremely minimally on this album. reverb simply softens, widens and lengthens noises. delay creates a shimmering, echoed effect such as the one you hear throughout the album
big bahooga (7 months ago)
henri crousteau it's NOT reverb it's delay.
Talheim (2 years ago)
Everytime i listen to this, wish it came the coda of to here knows when,... but without it's still a great, too.
suspect (2 years ago)
I'm so so happy I got to see them back in the day at the "Brighton Rollercoaster" gig with blur, dinosaur junior, and Jesus and Mary chain. I saw nearly all the greats between '88 & '93 (one long 2nd summer of love as far as I was concerned!) but there are some bands I just can't forgive myself for missing! The Sundays, Stone Roses, and Carter USM are particularly painful but these guys back in their day were what I lived and breathed. lol....20+ minutes of the "you made me realise" riff at the end of the set, steadily getting more loud and out of tune didn't faze me one bit. Kevin had recently stated in a music rag it was their goal to clear a venue with boredom at the end of each set....but of course everyone there had read that interview and weren't going anywhere! Just good good times! 💕
b l a c k s t a r (2 years ago)
On this evening I listen to My bloody valentine for the first time in my life and It's amazing. I'm in love!
a miserable existence (5 months ago)
Same here now
Some Guy (7 months ago)
I remember the first time I heard them too. It stopped me in my tracks. I hope you've introduced this album to just about everyone you know. I hand it out as Christmas and birthday gifts.
MrCorentinM17 (2 years ago)
Jason TheDogCatcher (2 years ago)
I listened to this song first in 1991. I was 16 years old. Bought the Tremelo EP on vinyl. I still have it. Listening to this song teleports me back to amazing times and memories.
Mtv Punk (2 years ago)
i listened to them for the first time 2 years ago and i still love them
d gibson (2 years ago)
Everything will be okay.
d'ailleurs straits (2 years ago)
I don't know what this song reminds me of more; a beautiful sunny summer's day or a wailing phantom taking over the earth- maybe both? either way i love it
Tom (3 years ago)
This one album - Loveless - should be enough to get them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What do you guys think?
Don Smith (4 months ago)
busywl69 yup the Sex Pistols “ Nevermind The Bollocks!”
79sand10s (4 months ago)
Yes. No question
Some Guy (5 months ago)
Oh, hi, TheRunner75. I've never had a chance to address an actual retard in YouTube Comments before. So thanks for that. You're from -- I'm guessing -- Texas, right? I'm close, aren't I? Is there a Confederate flag in your possession somewhere? That's right, bitch. While you're down there, you might as well keep sucking.
Christian Granum (5 months ago)
No reason why it shouldn’t be. They did something new and it worked out fantastic.
TheRunner75 (7 months ago)
The thread below: https://rateyourmusic.com/board_message?message_id=6999977
ThomasNigelHawkins (3 years ago)
Am I high or am I high?
Phil Yeary (4 months ago)
ThomasNigelHawkins i am
Chris B. (2 years ago)
+Demonwhisper That's exactly how I was introduced to MBV. Life changing experience.
Demonwhisper (2 years ago)
+ThomasNigelHawkins I once listened to this while peaking on MDMA. I normally wouldn't go for this kind of music, but in that moment it was just incredible :-D
Josh Weisenberger (3 years ago)
One of the finest creations in terms of music - Loveless. Best $10 spent!
matty (3 years ago)
It's like I can see their music
cody8804 (1 month ago)
matty that’s a testament to how good the music video is more than the music
Le Pape (1 month ago)
it is called Synesthesia :)
Milo Cooper (1 year ago)
Very well said.  Kevin Shields said that music is visual imagery, and that he definitely had a picture in his mind as he wrote this track.
st. drum (3 years ago)
Kiss Your fear Your red button Falls from my mouth Slip Your dress Over your head It's been so long Move On top Because that way You touch her too Turn Your head Come back again To here knows when Read more: My Bloody Valentine - To Here Knows When Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Ross McDermott (3 years ago)
A 15 minute version of this tune would be ideal for a DMT trip
TheGerthax (6 months ago)
antstein nietstna thats not the point. This music sound in this song specifically is "good" for a dmt trip specifically due to the atmosphere of the music. When you do dmt, things like the music really effect the visuals you see when you close your eyes. The patterns will go to the rhythm and stuff. The music more helps the dmt trip then the other way around.
Caesar Voorhees (1 year ago)
Ross McDermott when you listen to mbv you don't need drugs the music is enough to get you to the other side of the universe
Harold Flaglatelli (1 year ago)
Massive influence to me...growing up in a shit hole called Edlington..mbv's music helped
danijel (2 years ago)
try lemon chair's version it's 10 minutes of auditive bliss
Eoghanii (3 years ago)
+Ross McDermott Just blaze or listen to the whole album
bunnyhead71 (3 years ago)
One of the most original bands to come out of the UK in decades. This album is absolutely stellar.
goodmood3 (2 years ago)
"We both like MBV...So obviously we are smarter than most..breathe, it's only music" True,very true. Most people are too simple to see the beauty in this.
Arthur Lecomte (2 years ago)
I love this conversation
Eoghanii (3 years ago)
+bunnyhead71 Hah thats true, it's just being irish i can't help but get upset when someone mistakes an irish thing as british.
bunnyhead71 (3 years ago)
+John Doe How am i a sore loser when the first thing in the reply said "Yes, I forgot"..That is not speaking with authority, Its called being wrong. Just like your use of the word "there" That's not correcting you , that's me defending myself, But who gives a shit. We both like MBV...So obviously we are smarter than most..breathe, it's only music
Eoghanii (3 years ago)
+bunnyhead71 There Irish you fucking retard, well at least kevin shields is and they were formed in dublin.
Jair Silva (3 years ago)
Brilliant !
Joseph Perez (4 years ago)
Is there a reason why all the shoegaze bands i've seen always use jaguars and jazzmasters?
André Fontes (3 months ago)
Nowadays, possibly due to the Nirvana popularity, they're guitars that attract people of specific music genres the most, but back in the day they were seen largely just as odd-looking guitars that sold for cheap yet offered good quality. It's much like how nowadays SS amps like the Peavey Bandit and the Marshall Valvestate appeal to many people looking for a specific sound of some bands of the era, but back then they just used them because they were cheap and sounded good. Nowadays mid-range guitars are so well built and affordable that young new musicians can pick up the most appropriate axe for their thing, much like how metalcore guys mostly use LTDs because they already came packed with great pups for heavy distortion, then the trend sticked. Those limitations allowed people to create find and create whole new sounds, though.
Octavian7771 (3 months ago)
Per 'geetarbube', the Jazzmaster, was the 'quirky', less expensive and less popular guitar of Indie's Elvis Costillo, Kurt Cobain, K. Shields, and Billy Corbin. After that, everybody started buying then and the price went up. Fender just released an interview with K. Shields where he explains why he has over 20 Jazzmasters. Not only for the whammy bar, but for the pick-up's and phase inversion switches. Nowadays, One of Johnny Matt's fav's! 🎸😜🎶
Oqsy (5 months ago)
Luca Not P-90s. Big Fender single coils. I’d say the sound is halfway between a P-90 and a Stratocaster single coil. They behave in fun ways the other two don’t when cranking pedals or layering effects. I find myself daydreaming about putting them in every guitar I come across.
professorfreedom (9 months ago)
Jazzmaster pickups look like p-90s, but they're their own thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HLkchdXzh4
Luca (11 months ago)
Jazzmasters also have P90s which sound thicker and less twangy compared to other Fender guitars and single coils. But the main reason was the price and the different sound (for which they weren't actually built I guess) which also made a difference to the common guitar sound back in the 70s/80s
Jon (4 years ago)
I remember when I first heard this I was like, "What the hell? This shit sounds like someone hooked up a circular saw to a flanger pedal", but now this is one of my favorite albums of all time.
James Patrick Harris (1 year ago)
'The reliable rhythm of a giant linoleum buffer systematically rubbing the skin off your soul.'
Tony Vilaysack (3 years ago)
It's abstract not just musically but also engineering-wise. It takes a while for ears to get used to the sound Kevin Shields made.
Diana Brasilis (4 years ago)
Adorei o clipe. Altamente psicodélico #natal
LongLiveDonkeys (4 years ago)
Wtf is this, cant understand anything shes singing and the intruments make me feel like im being hypnotized.
julosx (3 years ago)
+jma111000 Talking about it, this very song ended up being n° 7 in the charts, believe it or not… As Brian Eno said, "this is the vaguest piece of music to have ever entered in the top 50".
Gansuela Delgado (4 years ago)
it is called "shoegaze". it's the less legible variety of "dream pop"
Nikhil Sutliff (4 years ago)
that's the point. 
Aimee Nemith (4 years ago)
this *IS* shoegaze. beautiful
Best Pongsakon (4 years ago)
Norma Rodriguez (4 years ago)
MBV is art. Literally music but also art.
Sparrow12 (4 years ago)
Wow. Mindblowing. Thank you MBV.
leshurex (4 years ago)
Every track of Loveless is like a sunny spring day.
Robert Wilson (4 months ago)
You mean like a sunny sundae smile right??
Josh L (11 months ago)
For me it's like being in some weird dream world where the sky is pink and the the grass is super saturated.
Mariano Groisman (1 year ago)
Unicorn Guitar Hero Jesús okay dude
Washing Machine (1 year ago)
Dark winter night looking out of the kitchen window at the rain outside drinking hot chocolate, sad but knowing things will be okay.
Jacob Wilson-Gates (1 year ago)
its also like a dark winter night at the same time
Milo Cooper (4 years ago)
This is the single greatest rock song ever written. Yes.  It is that good.
Nacho Saldaño (3 months ago)
big strong boss  It is quite literally the best song on Loveless. Hell it's even the best shoegaze song ever made.
Mr. Reich (4 months ago)
Not sure about that but it is one of their best.
KanyeMakingCookies (7 months ago)
it is the best song on loveless actually
Miles Hoskinson (1 year ago)
Milo Cooper um
big strong boss (1 year ago)
Yeah, no, it's not even the best song on Loveless. It is quite good though
Shoegaze forever (4 years ago)
I loved this song the first time I heard it and still do. MBV have sometimes been compared to Jackson Pollock's style of painting - a wonderful combination of order, beauty and chaos of which this song is a good example. Of course, MBV does take a lot of people out of their musical comfort zone, and not everyone likes Jackson Pollock's paintings, but they have both been enormously influential on other artists. 
Iain Robb (4 years ago)
It took me a second listening to really get this album, but it really is gorgeous stuff. Even I could have put together a better video, though.

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