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Fashion - Kangana's Photoshoot HD

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Watch the video to see Kangana Ranaut's photoshoot in the movie Fashion.
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Text Comments (157)
Shut Up (10 days ago)
Arbaz ne bhi superb acting ki hai... And KANGANA rocks!
Ash yad (18 days ago)
Wow what an attitude for fashion world.Its impressive yar.
Chaitali Paul (1 month ago)
Sach mein yr maan liya ji kangana tu to queen se v uper h .. bollywood mein asi acting kavi nehi dekhi hu.. you ar god gift of bollywood. Mind blowing ,,, love you kangana tum best ho,
Eva chowdhury (1 month ago)
i m from bd but like just bollywood movie...bcz alll time big budget or gorgrous😍😍😍
Shivangi Singh (1 month ago)
No one noticed Kangana then. Everyone praised Priyanka. Even though she was better than PC. Now people realize her talent.
Gee Sin (1 month ago)
0:45 was really funny... I hv heard it was improvised by kangna...
Shikha Singh (1 month ago)
Love you kangana mam
udhhav singh (2 months ago)
Kangana ki acting ..kaatil h
Janaki Sinha (2 months ago)
kangana ranawat is the excellent actress forever
Cherry Gurung (2 months ago)
Princess of Persia (2 months ago)
Kangana's full healthy face really accentuated her beauty in those days
Arvi Arvi (2 months ago)
Fantastic actor
Reenu Patyal (3 months ago)
Love you kangna
NAMITHA GOWDA LUCKY (3 months ago)
Love u kangana
Shubham Kushwaha (3 months ago)
I love kangna's aiaiyaaaa 👌😂😂
Talha Ali (3 months ago)
It shows girls face so many trouble in industry no doubt
tanguturi.anuja anuja (3 months ago)
Fashion is not Priyanka's hit.. it's kangana's bigg huge hit...I love her
Priyanka Bhat (3 months ago)
Superb acting by kangana ❤️❤️
Kali Gadi (3 months ago)
So realistic....
water and roses (3 months ago)
Kangna is unique.
Jazzy zunn (3 months ago)
I have no words to describe kangana
Aashish Rao (3 months ago)
Kangna har muusibat ka samba akla kartii ha l proud of you
Fozua Fozia (3 months ago)
kangana is the best
Sanjeev Agarwal (3 months ago)
Kangana tum kamaal ho truly amazing acting
deep veer (3 months ago)
i think Kangana nailed in the film more than PC did
Always Smile (4 months ago)
Bahot saare log per day par hai..👍
Ananya Nath (4 months ago)
Kangna,rajkumar rao, Nawazuddin Siddiqui,irfan khan😘😍
Wasim Sheikh (4 months ago)
Great chemistry of kangna and priyanka in fashion film ❤❤❤❤❤
yamuna Unni (4 months ago)
lv uuuuuuu kangana 😍
deni denia (4 months ago)
Sedih banget 😭😭😭
nandita (4 months ago)
Karan Johar chakke Ko batao talent ye hota h
Shetty Vijesh (4 months ago)
Whoz dat girl @1:20
Ruchika M (5 months ago)
Kangana love u...want to meet u
Shruti Khajuria (5 months ago)
Kangana is 😍
luxem shah (5 months ago)
Fantastic kangana
DINESH KUMAR (5 months ago)
ankita verma (5 months ago)
Hilarious .....vee vee vee veeee
Nitin Omkar (5 months ago)
Awesome kangana
pallavi Mehra (5 months ago)
awsmm acting
Manju Budhathoki (5 months ago)
Kangana awesome performance
Meraz Ahmed (5 months ago)
Kangana gave a big competition to Priyanka in this movie must say ! 🔥
Haroon Mazhar (5 months ago)
Best acting
Barnali Das (5 months ago)
Kangene is good actress and powerful women. I salute Kangene
Prince Pradhan (5 months ago)
Who deleted the full movie?
Ruchika M (5 months ago)
Kangana I love ur acting n d way ur..
Lazmee ch (6 months ago)
She isn't kangana she's sonali gujral
Rocky Phuritsabam (6 months ago)
Kangana ranaut nailed this movie and why priyanka got the award and why not kangana... this is the reason why I never watches Bollywood.
Sheikh Farkhanda (5 months ago)
she got national award for this film. :-)
Imran Bhaiya (6 months ago)
I love it when she make dunny face 😁😂😂enwenwenwnew😂😂
Parmesh K (6 months ago)
I am Karnataka I like kangana mam..
sonali patil (6 months ago)
Kangana is awesome
Tania Ferzana (6 months ago)
no1 can match Kangana's acting level
Deepa Singhal (6 months ago)
Kangana in her first/second film with uber confidence and knack for acting!! Super! If people didnt know, the sound she makes at the end of that lady nagging her was improvised by her and kept in the movie.
Shubam Sharma (7 months ago)
how many of you think that this movie would have been even better if Kangana was cast as the main lead. She was better than PC
Lhamu Chonzom Gyamo (7 months ago)
You are the best actress in the Bollywood ... You no need to be others ... You are perfect the way u r
SUJIT PAUL (7 months ago)
best ekta
a murarka (7 months ago)
Heena Naroliya (7 months ago)
I Love kangna
Splendor Shah (7 months ago)
Konkona sen has one scene in fashion and she rocks.
Splendor Shah (7 months ago)
Раиса Вербовецкая watch that above clip @1:13 she is Konkonasen Sharma
Konkona is not in fashion
Siya Vs (8 months ago)
Jabardast kagana character
Aparna Das (8 months ago)
Kangana is always special
Moto C Plus 13 (8 months ago)
Excellent kangana ranaut
Tabibar Rahman (8 months ago)
0:45 lmfao
pooja indoliya (8 months ago)
Preeti Parekh (8 months ago)
Where is my team...
Preeti Parekh (8 months ago)
But where is your transportation..
Preeti Parekh (8 months ago)
I like your shoot...
Preeti Parekh (8 months ago)
Right act...
Preeti Parekh (8 months ago)
I have also problem..
Moto C Plus 13 (9 months ago)
Excellent kangana
Tarana Fatima (9 months ago)
My fvrt movie
Baisakhi Das (9 months ago)
I love kangana
anne Edwin (9 months ago)
Bollywood is shit
sathya sd (9 months ago)
Kangana the best
SAJID PATEL (9 months ago)
But her acting is superb
SAJID PATEL (9 months ago)
I dont like kamgana very much
Swosta Timalsina (9 months ago)
I like her so mush.. she is awesome
Pushpen Ghosh (9 months ago)
Kngna is awsom.
TppT ÉnterTaînmènT (10 months ago)
Quite realistic cinema by Madhur Bhandarkar..i like his films.. His films always creat a awareness...
Rakesh Rupini (10 months ago)
She's reaction weeehhh wehhh
indu tewatia (10 months ago)
Yes she is the best
Heena Naroliya (10 months ago)
i love kangna
Moto C Plus 13 (10 months ago)
Kangana is excellent really
One thing I want to say abt mumbai and delhi people... glamour,paisa,beauty,inhi ki bhasha samajhte hain...very mechanical they are...
Harpreet Kaur (11 months ago)
Lv u kangna u r the best muaaaaah
Yohan Laksitha (11 months ago)
kangana is like Maduri and sridevi ( I mean acting skills ) , but unfortunately Maduri dixit has no good known films
alok mishra (11 months ago)
bollywood is blessed with kangana
S Sharma (11 months ago)
Is she actually smoking?? ...just asking
Zoya Khan (11 months ago)
u r best
vishal sanger (11 months ago)
She is one of them ➡️irfankhan, manoj bajpei,nawazuddin siddiqui, shahrukh in devdas.. Super talented... 💪💪
vishal sanger (11 months ago)
shaanju that's your opinion 👍
shaanju (11 months ago)
no worry bro, respect to your opinion, but as i say I i feel insult to those actors when someone talks about the art of actor and brings shahrukh on the art. Just watch devdas of Dilip kumar you realize the real devdas!!
vishal sanger (11 months ago)
shaanju that's your opinion, and its mine, and i love aamir sir the type characters he has played with such perfection.. He has given many remarkable movies to Indian cinema which will be remembered.. But my comment was not about that.. For me i commented on the basis of impact of acting which stayed with me weither its role of 5 minute or a entire movie or number of films.. And i desagree you said Sahrukh is not good actor.. Anyways his potrayel in devdas was just award winner.. i don't think any other actor could have done this whith that level of intensity, sahrukh did.. Anyway that's your opinion..
shaanju (11 months ago)
in place of shahrukh put aamir there, rest are in same category. shahrukh is overrated over-hyped overacting actor. most of his movies are exaggeration and he does exaggerate in most roles which you cannot call acting. Look at aamir movies like dangal, laagan, mangal pandey, rang de basanti. rangeela Pk, etc you will notice noting exaggeration in the roles he played.
Rahul Sadhukhan (1 year ago)
best casting kangana nd priyanka
Be/ rose Maryminati (1 year ago)
Kangna is one of the most precious gifts ever to the Acting world....
it's Mə (1 month ago)
Reeja K (1 year ago)
Kangana is great!!!!!!!!!!
Bitch! That's called S W A G.......... Kangana 😍
Simita Patnaik (1 year ago)
Kangana s character based on 80 s model Gia Carangi.
Vk Goutivk79 (4 days ago)
Angelena jolie movie?
Zauva (4 months ago)
Simita Patnaik is it...wow
Do good kangna
Naseema Kousar (1 year ago)
Awesome acting kanga raunat talent
Raveena Rocky (1 year ago)
my god great performance by kangana
Krati Sharma (1 year ago)
_Uggyenn Cover music (1 year ago)
Just love her😍😍
Bob (1 year ago)
Hahahaha what an acting by kangana

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