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BEST DESIGNER PERFUMES || Sensitivity to Smell Approved :)

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Hey Dandelions!!! SCENTBIRD Get 25% off your first perfume with my coupon code FLN25 at Scentbird http://sbird.co/2sGGI9k Cleopatra by Tocca http://sbird.co/2sxFgpj Bergamot by Malin +Goetz http://sbird.co/2sjbsL6 This is my perfume collection and all the summer scents I love wearing...I mean you can wear these all year. I feel like this video is perfect for those who have a sensitively to scents and don't like anything strong or too sweet. Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe!! XO STELLA & DOT https://www.stelladot.com/sites/nataliekoch SCENTSY https://nataliekoch.scentsy.us/ ~LET"S BE FRIENDZ!~ Instagram: https://instagram.com/flowerbomb31_/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Flowerbomb31 Snapchat nannygirl7 Perfumes MENTIONED Chanel Chance http://bit.ly/2top5LT or http://bit.ly/2s5usLQ Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt http://bit.ly/2s5vIyJ Tocca Giulietta http://bit.ly/2tnA3Bq Philosophy Amazing grace http://bit.ly/2s54qZm or http://bit.ly/2to6yiy Philosophy Pure Grace http://bit.ly/2s5bOnl or http://bit.ly/2tompxO Bobbi Brown Beach oil http://bit.ly/2s5unbf Mermaid Body oi l http://bit.ly/2tnSrtI Tom Ford Neroli Portofino http://bit.ly/2toq6nb Miu Miu http://bit.ly/2toqjXv Fresh Brown Sugar http://bit.ly/2s501Wd Rosie Jane https://byrosiejane.com/ **This video is sponsored by scentbird, all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links, thank you for using them!
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Text Comments (91)
Kenz Domyuji (20 days ago)
thank you SO much, dear
Kiwi truckers Fam (28 days ago)
I looked up chanel. Nearly $200 I can't justify myself paying that much when I can buy a whole. Wardrobe for my kids for that price
Gaby Pérez (2 months ago)
I love miu miu perfumes <3
Marie-Ève Anctil (3 months ago)
Chanel eau tendre is the best perfume ever
Karotsy (4 months ago)
I love how you describe the fragrances. I wear Amazing/Pure Grace and Omnia Crystalline. I am interested in the Tocca that you mentioned.
Sylvia Jackson (8 months ago)
Potty mouth
Haley Kolbush (9 months ago)
I apologize for the typos I just noticed towards the end of my note there. I was saying that the company does not even have a phone number (Scentbird) to contact them! 🤔they only have a email and that was a big complaint ....was that everyone was sending emails and just never hearing back,,also very frustrated that there is no phone number to call them.!? I mean come on it’s 2018 and they don’t have a phone number? Sounds strange to me. I was a little bit interested myself so I had a few questions and the rep I spoke to she would not answer my questions about the monthly club she just kept returning me to talk about some $44 kit for me to try and I kept trying to tell her no, I would like to try the $15 a month club and I had a few questions....I had seen on several post all over on that Facebook page, anyone can look it up on Facebook, the company was giving out discount codes for your first order. But when I inquired about that she told me NO, that they don’t give them out and that you have to get 1 from another customer....? Like I said, with many ladies, I saw the company giving the codes. So I got nothing but the runaround and it wasn’t even worth it! I say again instead of worrying about it monthly fee and having to wait for a package that doesn’t seem to show up for a lot of women, you can go in Sephora or even Ulta and simply spray those little paper tester tabs with fragrance, walk around the store for a bit see which one you like and purchase a bottle. I would rather have an entire bottle of something I like then end up with a bunch of bottles of ones I don’t like!that’s if they ever even send it! Then it’s one and done and no monthly fee !The customer service seems to stink with the company! They literally ignored my question. I am disappointed also with this review, I had typed in amazing race and I didn’t hear much or if anything said about it I just sounded like she was advertising for this company which trust me steer far far away from it and like I said you don’t have to take my word for it just go on your Facebook page, type in scent bird at the top and read through their page you will see tons of these questions and people complaining that they have not gone the shipment and they cannot call because They have they have NO 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ number which is just ridiculous!
Haley Kolbush (9 months ago)
Stay AWAY from Scebtbird!I went on their Facebook page and I read SO many bad reviews,!hThey were mostly about the initial 1st order and the monthly charge, well the company was very quick to deduct the money out of their accounts!but women not were not receiving the product after a month,by they still didn’t have it, they keep charging you every month and they still don’t have anything 🤨😡! I think it’s easy enough to just to go to Sephora or If someone is looking for amazing grace, check QVC,Qvc has a ton of deals on that in the kits and BTW, at Sephora, they have those little paper tabs that you can simply test & spray a bunch of them walk around the side of one, then you have your full bottle and years on and set of having to pay a monthly fee every month And counting on the company said to send it out because they don’t seem to reliable or fast. Also I was so they only have an email I want to sue thousand 18 get the phone! Nobody has the time to email the Missoula is in this: I wanna say this the phone all right all right
Snip-Snip Tear (10 months ago)
Her calm voice is so, so, so seductive. ♥ how she groaned. I can see my future in those beautiful hazel eyes ;)
arachnesweave (1 year ago)
Hi! Wow! You and I are like scent twins. I have and love several of the ones you showcased. Tocca Cleopatra, Leila Lou by Rosie Jane and Chanel Chance (I have Chance Eau Fraiche though) would most certainly be in my top ten favorite all time scents. Two that I think you would really like are Mojave Ghost by Byredo and Amber Musk by Aerin. Both are clean and fresh. Don't let the Amber Musk scare you - it's very clean, almost citrusy. And Mojave Ghost is perfection in a bottle. I get a lot of compliments with that one! :)
lowcountrygirl76 (1 year ago)
Philosophy amazing grace is my all time favorite. I also loved Jennifer Aniston's perfume. Don't think they make anymore but I got a back up. Smells like beachy gardenia. I recently started mixing philosophy pure grace and Hampton sun and I really like that too.
casawa casaouia (1 year ago)
Which CHANEL CHANCE fragrance was the one you featured in this video? It wasn't mentioned and I was unable to identify the name on the bottom of the bottle as it was unclear. Thanks!
Beatriz Herzberg (1 year ago)
Blackberry and bay by jo Malone is amazing! Love woodsage and sea salt. Also love Geranium by dipytique
Agne (1 year ago)
Calvin Klein Reveal :) Its warm and calm
andrea cherry (1 year ago)
I am into Niche fragrances. I think if you were to try Palermo by Byredo you might like it!
Eve Yitagesu (1 year ago)
We have the same exact perfumes choices/loves.
Larita Mathis (1 year ago)
Yeess I want to smell like a mermaid. I love the Tom Ford but he's a ASS. Ha! Love the Mui Mui and please try Navarna black. Very different and I get comments about it every time I wear it. The Navarna black dry shampoo is Amazing. Xo 💄👄
Minnie Marie (1 year ago)
Chance by Chanel Eau Tendre is a MUST have. I am on the Fifth Bottle !!! The amount of compliments I receive is ridiculous. It's fresh !!
shaustin22 (1 year ago)
I love anything by Jean Paul Gauthier. The bottles are very sexy too for both men and women. Great video ❤️🌺🇨🇦
Lynn L. (1 year ago)
How about good old 'j lo glow and Malibu? scents?
Lynn L. (1 year ago)
I need to know what you are wearing on your lips, love it!,
Trish Forney (1 year ago)
For fresh my fav is anthropology vanille
Trish Forney (1 year ago)
Tokyo milk dark !!!
Lori Arnold (1 year ago)
Tocca Collette is one of my favorites from Tocca too... also love the ones you mentioned. I have Simone coming from scentbird this month. Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay is next on my list to purchase. My signature scents are Amazing Grace and Pure Grace too!
annie bee (1 year ago)
I have tried almost all of those scents. Love them all. My very favorite would have to be Amazing Grace. I
christina m (1 year ago)
giorgio armani sun di gioia perfume. Smells like the beach!!
R S (1 year ago)
Bulgari Omnia Crystalline is my absolute fave fresh scent! So addictive.
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
R Sharping ok doll!!!
Leslie Edwards (1 year ago)
You've got to try the Bvlgari fragrances. My favorites are Omnia Crystalline eau de toilette (the EDP smells different and more sweet), Eau de Blanc, Eau de Verte, and Omnia Coral
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Leslie Edwards I wrote these down thanks b
Ashley Lytton (1 year ago)
my favorite perfume is from the house called A Lab On Fire and its called What We Do in Paris is Secret. I love love love love it but its a sweet smell gourmondish in body . I love perfume so much
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Ash lytton where can I find it? I've never heard of that brand
Lauren Alexandra (1 year ago)
Jo Malone perfumes are amazing I would say the blackberry & bay one is also very light perfect for summer 😊❤️
Lauren Alexandra (1 year ago)
Your Welcome <3
Lauren Alexandra (1 year ago)
Flowerbomb31 let me know how you like it! 😊💜
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Lauren Alexandra ok I'll check it out thanks boo
sigrid19841 (1 year ago)
There is an exact dupe for Tom Ford's Neroli called 4711. It is one of the oldest perfumes from Europe. You can get it from Amazon and it is super cheap. I challenge anyone to tell me they can tell the difference between it and Neroli.
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
sigrid19841 yasssssss thanks boo
MQS 1 (1 year ago)
If I may, I'd like to add EL Bronze Goddess body scent to the list. #obsessed It's not overpowering, def poolside approved and oh so magical! ✨ P.S>: What deodorant do you use? My Dove Dry spray isn't working ... 😓
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
MQS 1 thanks girl! I use secret, its new new coconut scent love it
MsEclectic (1 year ago)
Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is my favourite perfume EVERRRRR😍❤️fabulous pick👌🏼
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
MsEclectic ever and ever
michelle violetta (1 year ago)
I'm a chanel girl I have that perfume always lol I want to try the joe Malone one so bad. your looking pretty as always girl xo
Lisa Piper (1 year ago)
Which Chanel chance do you have? I love eau Tendre. I get lots of compliments on that one. BTW love your chanel!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Lisa Piper that's the one!!
Needless Essentials (1 year ago)
I get migraines from many perfumes. The ones I've found that don't make my head hurt are: Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrian, Philosophy Fresh Cream, Prada Candy and (shockingly) Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Bobbi Brown Beach and Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I love sunscreen and beach scents too! So good. If you like lemon try out the Annick Goutal. Sicilian Lemon is the main scent. So good. Been wearing it for years. We seem to have very similar taste in scents.
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Needless Essentials omg I wrote it down thanks so much boo
Sarah Ray (1 year ago)
See by Chloé !
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Sarah Ray 😘😘😘
Erika M (1 year ago)
I love this make up look on you!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Erika M thanks babe!
Lourdes Selman (1 year ago)
Girl you have great taste when it comes to fragrance. 👍👍👍 I own all the ones you mentioned plus many others as I love fragrance. Bond No 9 Fire Island is amazing. I don't own Mui Mui and Fresh brown sugar as they didn't act very well with my body chemistry. Love ya'. 😘😘💕💕💕💕
Lourdes Selman (1 year ago)
Flowerbomb31 You are going to love It if you decide to try. Enjoy your weekend. Love ya' girl 💕💕💕
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Lourdes Selman ooo I haven't tried the bond perfumes I know lisa loves them!
Hanna Norway (1 year ago)
My favorite summer perfume this year is Elizabeth Arden White Tea 😊 A very fresh perfume. .. 😊
sascha alexandra (1 year ago)
Hair! Perfection! Are you tired of me saying so yet? Stop looking so good and I'll shut up!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
sascha alexandra omg you are so cute
Lori Weinrib (1 year ago)
What I get the most compliments when wearing is-Cartier-Baiser Vole-it's not vanilla- its's just clean and fresh!! Love!!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Lori Weinrib oh yasssss
Sylvia Carrasquillo (1 year ago)
Thank you Natalie I need your polish colo!!!
Karen Wilson (1 year ago)
My favourite ride or die fragrances are Chanel coromandel and bottega veneta xx
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Karen Wilson thanks boo!!
Lisa Tucker (1 year ago)
Make up is great girl. My favorite recommendation from you is Jersey from Chanel.
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Lisa Tucker omg I finished that ages ago that is a perfect fragrance!!
sikupyte s (1 year ago)
Jo malone wood sage&sea salt te best.. its amaaaaaaaaaazing!!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
sikupyte s amazing
Colby Evans (1 year ago)
please tell us whats on your luscious lips!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
marc jacobs sugar sugar!
Mari (1 year ago)
Ahh, LOVE your faves!! I'm also uber sensitive to scents and strong smells make my migraine even worse too :/ We have so similar taste, my faves are Amazing Grace, Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede, Tom Ford Soleil Blanc and Gucci Guilty (original only, hate almost all other scents from Gucci, this is my only fresh love ;) I so need JM Wood Sage & Sea Salt in my life!! Love beachy scents, so maybe Beach too.. So you don't like UD Go Naked Perfume Oil, which every one here in yt loves? I thought I can't order it before I hear your opinion because of you have the best nose ;)
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
I don't have it! And it's sold out everywhere, I wanted to try it. I heard it smells like the beach
Marie Auge (1 year ago)
Try falling in love by philosophy as well. I would say it's sweet meets fresh... and your husband will love it. I also love Armani si.... but if over sprayed might give a headache
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
ok! My husband doesn't have a sense of smell!!! lol He was born with no sniffer
Renee Lopez (1 year ago)
sounds good, thanks you looking cute always
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
thanks babe!
jennifer izett (1 year ago)
Happy to see this video! Perfume can literally choke me lol. But I'm always game to find The One. because who doesn't want to smell awesome
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
soo agree!!
tracy smith (1 year ago)
I am so going to try these...i own some of these and it seems like we like the same scents...sooooo I am defiantly giving the ones I don't have a whirl!!!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
let me know how it works out!
BrainyBoobyBeachGirl (1 year ago)
Its crap that the Tom Ford fragrances never last on me either. I am going to try Chanel Chance because I need to do whatever you say. You are my beauty Spirit Animal!!
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
omg girl and it lasts a long time!!! like all day, I am so in love!! love you tons! XX
K Moresco (1 year ago)
Please tell us what you are wearing on your lips! So great! xo
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
thanks doll!! Marc jacobs sugar sugar!!!
Denise Lenhardt (1 year ago)
I am super sensitive to smells so far I can wear amazing grace pure grace and Red from B&BW I was wondering what you are wearing on your lips in this video looks amazing
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
lo thanks girl! I am wearing marc jacobs sugar sugar! I did a tutorial on tuesday of this look!!
Paniz Esfandiari (1 year ago)
By dolce vitta you meant Dolce and Gabbana right ? Lol
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
Paniz Esfandiari yesssss ugh
Rosie Bess (1 year ago)
I'm all about the fruity perfume..have you tried Ralph by ralph lauren in the blue bottle.. its fresh n sweet I love it!!
B -Bunny (9 months ago)
Rosie Bess i
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
really? No I haven't!
Sofia Delgado (1 year ago)
I never follow "rules" when is comes to perfume. I also wear perfumes all year long. If I love it, I'll wear it.
Flowerbomb31 (1 year ago)
honestly me either

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