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College Romance | Web Series | S01E05 Finale - Happily Fucked Up | The Timeliners

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Trippy is worried about Raveena and her ex. Karan is jealous about Deepika's new date and Naira and Bagga are fighting about his swearing problem. Watch finale "Happily Fucked Up" to find out how they solve their issues. #YaarPyaarAurBakchodi Gulf Pride 4T Plus gives your bike the #InstaPickUp it needs to accelerate fastest from 0 to 60 kmph without breaking any traffic rules: http://bit.ly/CRPride4T To dress like them visit: http://bit.ly/FleekTalk Please subscribe to our channel by clicking the following link to make sure you get the notifications for our videos: https://goo.gl/TVeum4 Like Us On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTimeliners Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_timeliners Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetimeliners #CollegeRomance Written By: Kunal Aneja & Abhishek Srivastava Directed By: Simarpreet Singh Trippy: Manjot Singh Naira: Apoorva Arora Karan: Keshav Sadhna Deepika: Shreya Mehta Raveena: Hira Ashar Bagga: Gagan Arora
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The Timeliners (1 month ago)
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mariyam khan (24 minutes ago)
Make season 2 plz with same cast
jasmin S (1 hour ago)
Looking for some more episodes
Manish Singh (1 hour ago)
Awesome series aage ke part kab aayenge
manav ahuja (6 hours ago)
Best series
Alina Sudan (9 hours ago)
Please ka second season banao
Vishal Rajbhar Rajbhar (1 minute ago)
Wow so very nice video bhai or bnana aise video plese collage ki
Vaishali Tandon (2 minutes ago)
Osm yrrrrr 😂👌😘😍
Khushi LODHI (3 minutes ago)
Please continue this series
Chetan Pawar (14 minutes ago)
bhencho one more series chahiye....
tera_love_ 13 (22 minutes ago)
Sabb bohty sohnaa act krde aw
tera_love_ 13 (22 minutes ago)
Sabbbb kuchh okk haii
tera_love_ 13 (22 minutes ago)
Bagga di actingg siraa haiii
Sunil Chavan (27 minutes ago)
Appki next video kb aa rahi hai
Unmesh0669 (38 minutes ago)
next season kab ayyegi...........
Anish Shrestha (44 minutes ago)
Wait for next episode best web series.. Love form Nepal 😍😍😍😍
Baba's Gyan Theory (49 minutes ago)
bhai maine abhi dekhi lekin sab ek saat dekhi....faaduuuu hai .... all are fabulus workd and....fuckdup....wow
bablu kumar (53 minutes ago)
Tripi I love you bhai 🤗 🤗 🤗 🤗
bablu kumar (53 minutes ago)
भाइयों अगली विडियो कब आ रही है
Entertainment Chanel (53 minutes ago)
What the fuck where are next episode
Abhishek Sharma (54 minutes ago)
Nice so
Kinza Manjiyani (55 minutes ago)
When is season 2 coming???plzz tell us...who wants to know..🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Ravi Gurung (56 minutes ago)
You should have to make more espocide of college rommance
Bm Malhotra (58 minutes ago)
are 6 episode kb aaye ga
Satish Chandra (1 hour ago)
Want 2 season..
Sanjeev Sharma (1 hour ago)
Bai or kyu ni bna rhe ho sb se mst to aap logo ka h plz bai next b le k aaow
Stephen Anthony (1 hour ago)
Season 2?
Anmol Dude_30 (1 hour ago)
I love bagga ❤️ We need season 2 Please 🙏
Priyani Chhabra (1 hour ago)
When is season 2 coming eagerly waiting for it
VERMAJI piyush (28 minutes ago)
Gagan bhai udam kar diya bhancho mazzaa a gya 2 part kab a rha h apoorva l ilke you gagan bhai sorry but ho jata h h bhanchoooo
lakhbir dhiman (1 hour ago)
bagga is fire... love u veere... 😝😝😝☺
Suresh Rajput (1 hour ago)
Wowwww l realy like thise shows
Zeetu (1 hour ago)
Bagga rocks 👌👌🤣
Yash Singh (1 hour ago)
Tabahi series thi yaar mja aagya season 2 kab aara hai?
A K (1 hour ago)
We want second season with same characters!!!!
Jayant Shukla (2 hours ago)
Season 2 do na plzz
Rahul Singh (2 hours ago)
Bhai ye he apisod ha kya ya or bhe aye ge
Ritesh Kumar (2 hours ago)
It is not more less than any movie Really bhai maza aa gaya 😃😃😃😃
Ritesh Kumar (2 hours ago)
Mazza aa gaya
Danish Iqbal (2 hours ago)
Its awesome series please We want to see more episode. Its Fantastic web series. I had seen all episodes 4 time.
Abhi Choudhary (2 hours ago)
This #FINAL episode was really AMAZING ✌ KILLING ❤❤❤
Soyal Khan (2 hours ago)
Bhai episode6 kab aa rha h
Abhi Choudhary (2 hours ago)
It's a great experience to see this real life story 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gautam Jaiswal (2 hours ago)
bhai its me gautam jaiswal and bhai video break Q ho gaya yar and we want next part
Rinku Kashyap (2 hours ago)
Bagga is next akshay kumar
Rinku Kashyap (2 hours ago)
Continue plzzzz
Rinku Kashyap (2 hours ago)
So awesome part
crazy soul (3 hours ago)
Who is here in 3018 too🔥🔥🔥
sameer khan (3 hours ago)
S02 kb aayga bhai I am waiting 😉😉😉😉🖒
Ravi Shankar Mandal (3 hours ago)
Anand Prajapati (3 hours ago)
Aur episode banao bhai 7&8 aur
Tirth Patel (3 hours ago)
Episode06 kab banaoge bhaio????
Lakshay Soin (3 hours ago)
Next episode kbb aeggaa jiii
Nitya Tyagi (3 hours ago)
Waiting for season 2 with the same crew😍
Yadav Abhi (4 hours ago)
Rocking guy bugga 😎😂
Siddarth Chanvariya (4 hours ago)
Bhai plz or bnao aesi series bdi mast thi bro
manohar (4 hours ago)
Ek number hai but agega kab ayga ....
mohsin khan (4 hours ago)
This is the best web series I have ever seen. Baggga BHAI meh to Tera Jabra fan ho gya
mohsin khan (4 hours ago)
Baggga BHAI tu to bhenchod 1 number hai
Deepak Bisht (4 hours ago)
Waiting for your next episode 6
Deepak Bisht (4 hours ago)
Sooo Nice Videoooo specially Mr. Baggaa
Khushi Singh (4 hours ago)
I want season 2 pls
Karan Kumar (4 hours ago)
Veri nice bhai good b. L. S. U
Sourav Mahanta (4 hours ago)
I Love
Kishan Sony (5 hours ago)
Bagga bc👌👌
Divakar Chouhan (5 hours ago)
Sir plz more episodes 😊😊
dk target (5 hours ago)
I like u all gayss officeliy
Mahaveer singh (5 hours ago)
super....ming blowing yaar
MAA durga (5 hours ago)
Awesome serious mann...
Mahaveer singh (5 hours ago)
love it please make more part...yaar
dk target (5 hours ago)
Mera request hai director sabse eiska aur bhi part banaya Jaye wo bhi ek dum fadu
dk target (5 hours ago)
And faduu bagga and love u bagga brooo I like u I love u bagga brooo
dk target (5 hours ago)
I like u bagga and best is best
dk target (5 hours ago)
Bagga yaar may fun ho Gaya tera
Little Things (5 hours ago)
Bhai yar dil Jeet liya
md ikram (5 hours ago)
When is 2nd season starting I am eager to watch
How play cricket (5 hours ago)
Ak number bhai
Thakur Sanchit (5 hours ago)
Wants more vedios like college romance
FOJI JaAT (6 hours ago)
16×2=8 22 jmma tod pad rakhya h Kti SWAD aagya All episodes r tooooooooo gooodddd Love you all
PAWAN SISODIYA (6 hours ago)
Yaro or video dekhni h plz dhosto
PAWAN SISODIYA (6 hours ago)
Bhai maza aa gya kasam se its a nice videos , bancho
Farhan Sarguroh (6 hours ago)
yaar iska season 2 doo!
Farhan Sarguroh (6 hours ago)
yaar iska season 2 doo!
Arvind Dahariya (6 hours ago)
Bagga cool yarrr... I love it😁😁
Sayyed Owais (6 hours ago)
Another series pleaseeeeeeeee🖤🖤🔥
SHIVAM PAL (6 hours ago)
Next episode kb tk ayega
Johar Deep (7 hours ago)
Johar Deep (7 hours ago)
I'am veting for 6 episod
Hoorain Hoorain (7 hours ago)
We love you all guys
sachin rathi (7 hours ago)
Aman Raj (7 hours ago)
Oo Bhai or video kb aayega
Aditya Grover (8 hours ago)
When ur new episode come
ayush srivastava (8 hours ago)
this series was just awesome all character were best just want more episodes to be uploaded as soon as possible.. great job
Pallav Changkakoty (8 hours ago)
Awesome Bhai
Bhavesh Sonar (8 hours ago)
Bhai yr episode 6 kB ayegi...
ALi ZAffar (8 hours ago)
It should be continued... I am really interested to see next ones with more drama love and romance...infact we all are waiting..
Nav Bansal (8 hours ago)
I love this web series ❤ ❤ ❤
Rupa Roy Barman (8 hours ago)
We need more Web series like this...plssss
mansi soni (8 hours ago)
Ranjan Chaube (9 hours ago)
Bagga and Karan really nailed the character...Bagga ke dialogues,a class apart :-) mazaaa agaya...
Earn Master (9 hours ago)
Can u make more episodes I eger to watch more.... Plzz plzzz
Addy Raj (9 hours ago)
College Romance Vs Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree Which is the best ?
Rohan Patel (9 hours ago)
Next season banao ...bagga is great ...
sarabjot singh (9 hours ago)
Guys.. whats the deal; with so much profanity. who the fuck talks like that .............for real?? and why would u script it like that.. just curious
Mohit Kumar (9 hours ago)
Plzz next part

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