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How To Know If A Girl Is A Lesbian (OFFICIAL SONG)

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So I actually DO get a lot of questions asking how to tell if a girl is gay, however this is clearly just a joke, because there is no real answer! I asked you guys for hints or characteristics that would make you think a girl is a lesbian and these lyrics were some of the answers I received! These are just some cliches, but of course there is no actual way to tell because sexual orientation doesn't define how anyone looks or acts. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song! SUBSCRIBE! Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/allyhills Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/allyhills Tumblr : http://www.allyhills.tumblr.com Thank you to my best friend, Danny, for filming it! Danny's Channel : http://www.youtube.com/dannypadilla Danny's Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/dannyjpadilla Danny's Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/dannyjpadilla
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Anna Lialine (5 hours ago)
This girl I have a crush on is obsessed with cat. But isn't like what you're describing. Now I'm scared. There's nothing that implies she's lesbian. DX
me 1995 (1 day ago)
All gays must be deluded to think homosexuality is normal and good for them.
TruffleTheHufflePuffle (11 hours ago)
You must be deluded to think anyone cares about your comment.
Harmony VW (1 day ago)
I grew up thinking: I’m going to kiss a boy and marry a boy..... I had my first make out session with a chick and now I’m all like: sorry mini me not happening
How to tell if someone's pan: 1. ? -Your friendly neighborhood Pansexual
continual plays (1 day ago)
2k18 Squad 💕 💕💕😁😁
Skyler Wyatt (1 day ago)
This chick is off the chain Dope AF 💯🤙🤙💯🔥🤙💯
Carmen foo (1 day ago)
Iis this song made by a singer?
lovely me (2 days ago)
Angela Rodríguez (2 days ago)
PreeTee20 :D (2 days ago)
this is the lesbian ANTHEM
Editha Rosanes (2 days ago)
Me is bi...But I like girls more
Deer _ Queen11 (3 days ago)
Blue is the warmest colour... I'm 15 but I wanna watch it... Sharing family netflix and it 18+, any1 know somewhere else I can watch it?
Trans Wolf (3 days ago)
I don’t wear low cut tank tops or beanie or Snap-backs tbh but I know I am a lesbian as well as me doing all these other things but I know I am
RX500 Android (3 days ago)
Well apparently I'm pretty lesbian even though I'm asexual and polyromantic (but girls are not included) Well
mArK nEeDs rEsT (3 days ago)
Why did my friend send me this
Jessica Dudley (4 days ago)
Fox Craft00playz (4 days ago)
This is me exactly.
Reece C. (4 days ago)
Just friendly gal pal kisses
bloodydeva48 (4 days ago)
Natalie Rose Puha (5 days ago)
My anthem
Mika Moon Mystery (5 days ago)
But with she’s the opposite of the things in this video but she be lesbian? lol I’m bi but I’d rather date a girl ( my gender ) than a boi. I like purple but blue is my 2nd favorite color. ( Black is third ) idk. XD Edit: NEVER MIND XD
Asher Hewer (5 days ago)
I really don’t know why I am watching this I am not even a lesbian in fact I am not even a girl I am a transboy who’s also bisexual so I really don’t know why I am watching this
Kite Crawl (5 days ago)
Love this song! I have a ton of snapbacks... Am I a lesbian? I do like flirting with women though... ;-*
bts and love yourself (3 days ago)
Don't flirt with them because it's hurt when they know you're straight
Wow the backpack thing offends me deeply
hot_topic_yeh (5 days ago)
well mkay
Crazy hippo (5 days ago)
Oh no I’m gay but like... NONE OF THESE WORK ON MEH?!?! Yeet I’m a mYsTeRy
Mia Colebaugh (6 days ago)
This song will be played at both my wedding and funeral
Jack AndTheBeanstalk (6 days ago)
My friend fits this song perfectly and is so far in the closet she can see Narnia.
Kylynn Buchanan (6 days ago)
She applies all of these but she’s still straight. WTH I GIVE UP
Autumn DV (6 days ago)
Not gonna lie, both of you girls in this video are hot af
Snow wolf 14 (6 days ago)
My new favourite song :D
Daisy Kedward (6 days ago)
Im bi and this is all me😂😂
Gorey Eclipse (6 days ago)
*Starts Dressing exactly Like This to show how gay I am* HELL YEEEE
C I A (7 days ago)
This is gay.... Oh wait... That's the point I don't agree with LGBT, or anything in that nature. It's wrong.
Dead aka Jeezbus (7 days ago)
If you kiss she is a lesbian it’s not that hard
Kali Kiel (7 days ago)
If your clit throbs and your ovaries burst into flames at the site of her arms with the tattoos then you're probably a lesbian.
Kali Kiel (7 days ago)
You don't have to necessarily apply to all the criteria listed in the song. As long as you're having the hots for the girls in the video, you're probably a lesbian.
Olivia Edmundson (8 days ago)
Does anyone else’s stomach get all tingly and breaths become shaky and it fells like your blood runs cold but your skin goes Antarctic cold Whenever they listen to LGBTQ songs or whenever someone mentions it
Olivia Edmundson (7 days ago)
Ya I like to talk to people on the internet about this stuff because in person I get weird looks and nobody knows what it is and stuff and it’s just embarrassing but I know what you mean because e a lot of people I know are supposedly bi but I’m not totally sure but in the meantime I will believe them but sometimes they ask me about stuff but I just say I don’t k ow but irl I THINK that I’m pan and gender fluid still not totally sure
charley dawson smith (7 days ago)
not just you my step mum said to me "i think your a lesbian" i froze up and didnt know that to say i mean she wasnt wrong but you know
Sylvie Ficco (8 days ago)
Who is the other girl??? I love her
Kylie Kight (8 days ago)
I’m gay and like want dogs lol but everything else is right
I came out to my parents the night before last and it went AMAZING! (+My dad decided to stop shipping me with my favorite male TV show character that he doesn’t know I ship with a dude 😂)
Riah (8 days ago)
Why is This so catchy & why am I just not seeing it 🤣🤣🤟🏽
Diamonds hoffman (9 days ago)
Hey can you make a video on how to come out to your parents. Thanks you are so awesome by the way
Gacha World (9 days ago)
I always wear a beanie
Liah English (9 days ago)
I'm bi. But my friend watched this for fun not realising what it was and then thought about it and realised that her best friend(me) does all these things...Now I'm out to her I guess...
Indigo And Cookies (9 days ago)
Im lesbian but i dont have any flannels and I dont wear beanies in the summer I ONLY FIT TWO STEREOTYPES The nails. I hate long nails. And the SnapBacks.
Wendy Huang (10 days ago)
I need to see what the signs are in the business world where the uniform is white button ups and suits 24/7 ;-;
Jilly B (10 days ago)
This is me😂 literally every example is describing me!
Emily Crees (10 days ago)
This is so much help X
Thorn McCoy (11 days ago)
I remember when this first came out 😂 still 100% accurate
Potato_gacha33 (11 days ago)
My mum and friends would joke about me being a lesbian but just earlier I came out to them as pansexual jokes on them haha 😂💖💛💙🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Mónica A (11 days ago)
this songs alway makes me so freaking happy
The Wolfgang (11 days ago)
I think im in love with my "straight" best friend
Em Nugget (11 days ago)
*whats this post so loud for*
charry misiedjan (11 days ago)
Why dont lesbians wanna date bi girls ?
Leigh (12 days ago)
you can tell if someone is gay if they sit awkwardly
siri sophie (12 days ago)
i am none of these and still gay hello
xjojox 711 (12 days ago)
I’m most of these and not gay sooooooooooooo
a person (13 days ago)
i’m 12. what am i doing with my life.
вut fríєnd ur α lєѕвíαn ím вíѕєхuαl
Eli De Angeli Awesome (13 days ago)
Is that your girlfriend or a random girl you asked to have in your video?
this is adorable
Violeta Fart (13 days ago)
I like this girl but she isn't gay....... FUUUUUUUUUCK
Luar D'Andrea (13 days ago)
How to know If a girl os gay: os she attracted sexually and romanticaly exclusively to women? If yes, she's gay. Anything else are Just details. But I do wear pocket t-shirts with sleeves rolled up...🤔
AnimeIsLove (13 days ago)
Bailey Callahan (14 days ago)
Screw it. I’m sending this to my cousin. This describes her way to much.
waffels & toast (14 days ago)
how do you know she is no bi
Dru Walsworth (14 days ago)
3:04 youre welcome
ur new gay friend (15 days ago)
me: *watches this video and follows everything this says to look as gay as possible* *days later at school* “friend”: so what *boy* do you like..?? me: -inHaLe- iM gAy
ur new gay friend (15 days ago)
ok but can we appreciate Ally’s voice for a minute—
_kai_ Kai_ (15 days ago)
Oh shit
awsumked22 (15 days ago)
what is the name of those types of backpacks (2:50)
Chiara Durand (15 days ago)
Oui après c’est les stéréotypes aussi 😉
Smoshua Does Stuff (15 days ago)
I've had this as my ringtone from highschool😂
Oddrey Weird (16 days ago)
four years ago when i was a young gay, and.. i was like *BUT IM NOT LIKE THIS!!!* and was like *NO WAY I CANT BE GAY! BUT I AM!??!*
Kur Gi (16 days ago)
Где кнопка "нескончаемый лайк" 😁
Abby David (16 days ago)
That is my definition
Smoshua Does Stuff (17 days ago)
(Im a guy) my girlfriend loves this song...confused
Lorraine sfx MUA (18 days ago)
I have long nails and I'm a lesbian but I'm single so it's ok
Patricia O'leary (18 days ago)
I fit all of these stereotypes before I came out to my friends and once I was like "OMG have you seen Hayley Kyokos new music video?" And one of them was like "you are the gayest straight person i have ever met" 😅
Camila urquiza (18 days ago)
This is my jam 😂 I can't stop listen
tal love (18 days ago)
Who is she with ally??
unicornPlayz (19 days ago)
im gqy. i have a crush on. a girl😊
Sarah Sabino (19 days ago)
Straight face Huh Huuuh HUUUUUH HOLY OOOOOOH
Sarah Sabino (19 days ago)
0:31 huh
Erin Curran (20 days ago)
I love this 10/10
Memes And more (20 days ago)
I’m straight
Rose Gold (20 days ago)
The blue is the warmest colour refrence
Rose Gold (15 days ago)
Smoshua Does Stuff yep totally agree
Smoshua Does Stuff (15 days ago)
Best Lesbian couple movie ever made(own opinion)
hi sisters (17 days ago)
I don’t fit any of this but I’m gay as hell😂🏳️‍🌈 The thing is I love lesbian/tomboy style so much but if I dress with flannels, low-cut, and snap backs everyone will be questioning me
shin sims (20 days ago)
or you could just ask
gim zack (20 days ago)
thanks for this info,many lipstick lesbian(feminin) like pretend to love men for their money and cheated them behind their back.Really grateful for this info.So men can identify them.
Brenda Scott (21 days ago)
Nice......love love this!😛👌❤️💕
Luna Candy (21 days ago)
I’m a lesbian and the girl I like is bi but she has a girlfriend
Kudess (21 days ago)
It'd be so nice comin out of mah closet and finding a tall girlfriend Like she doesn't have to be sexy she just needs to like a few of my hobbies, be taller than me and I'm hers
Laura Justavino (22 days ago)
2018 october?
Laura Justavino (22 days ago)
what's the girl in the video name
Valentina Vnz (22 days ago)
why is this in my home page 4 years after this was released
Isabella Johnson (22 days ago)
this gave me the courage to ask my crush out she said yes and im happy
Pew Pew (22 days ago)
I already fell in love with them both. *I'm so gay*
Makayla Nightcore (22 days ago)
I remember seeing this years ago and i just came back because i love it so much... I’m a girl and I have a girlfriend, and literally all of this is her, holy shit lmfao she’s still questioning if she’s bi or a lesbian but she thinks she’s a lesbian lmao (She always makes jokes about me being pan lol)

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