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A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

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Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises. Behind The Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q40IfQbYlSw Explore more: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/new-dawn
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Text Comments (80456)
Tintø Rōssî (2 hours ago)
Rengar ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fanboy Chris (20 hours ago)
My favorite cinematic
2 fat 2 carry (22 hours ago)
They will regret opposing me!!! Darius is a one bad as dude!
Luckitas 15 (1 day ago)
Nueva vieja xD
Aguante nocturne, pantheon, soraka, tristana y anivia, los mejores en su posicion
Braydon Klimp (1 day ago)
lChristl De Leon (1 day ago)
Feeded enemy lol
Pickle in a cup (2 days ago)
Ok here’s something that doesn’t make sense to me...at the beginning Leona gets knocked down and is kept in check by Draven who steps on her sword and basically has her at his mercy, a second later we see Darius attempting to slay Ahri and before you know it Leona is right there to shield Ahri from Darius but....how?? She was at Dravens mercy on the ground, how did she get up and go to a full sprint without Draven attacking her? That makes no sense! Talk about plot armor...
Wolfy Love (2 days ago)
kat should have killed ahri ingame she is ALOT stronger
lord arzeal (2 days ago)
XenoGenie (3 days ago)
Katarina looks like a snack tho
L K (4 days ago)
"Overwatch", d'fuck is that?
Report ahri leona 4 int
CEGI gamesYT (4 days ago)
someone plz make this into actual in game
Shirobuu (4 days ago)
Golden Year of League
Mr Potatochu (4 days ago)
How the heck had jax died darius has no knokback in his kit wtf
deal with that (4 days ago)
That jax was bad
Blume88 (4 days ago)
wish we could turn back time to the good old days
Wolfy Love (5 days ago)
Draven looks hot lmao
Moch Ridwan F (5 days ago)
Wow amazing 🔥🔥👏👏
Marcin Zhang (5 days ago)
*Report Darius left Leona with 1 hp
Kolsuz Rengar (5 days ago)
bloody killer kardeşim sayesinde bi kez daha izledim :D
Nik Olai (5 days ago)
0:13 rip dodge runes
ecren nehir yılmaz (5 days ago)
Rengar is so cuteeee 💙
Tina (5 days ago)
1:05 its ok she gonna respawn i hope
Cecilia Aguila (6 days ago)
Vodka42 (6 days ago)
draven threw only 1 auto in this clip and even managed to miss it bg reported 9x
Asiel Almontaser (6 days ago)
3:26 When supp naut 1v3 your team
Asiel Almontaser (6 days ago)
5:58 let’s back,get our items,and heal Leona ur too low don’t overstay
Asiel Almontaser (6 days ago)
0:20 wen your teammates are getting jebaited
Magikarp God (6 days ago)
2:00 ADC in 2k18 lul
Cyberpunk 99 (6 days ago)
Joder que graficos, paisajes, floras y animaciones mas bonitas, se estan comiendo a Blizzard sin patatas, se esta quedando atras con estas ultimas expansiones del WoW..
Minh Bui Tuan (6 days ago)
5:29 What's Ahri's power level? Her power level is over 9000
Blue Silver (6 days ago)
I LOVE THIS!!!! I want to see one with Ekko my dream champ! And you guys need to make a League of Legends movie
Vv Mew (7 days ago)
Why is there not a movie yet for this game :/ it would be pretty cool
Nerf Singed
Brendan Dossey (7 days ago)
Can we just appreciate how Nautilus could have singlehandedly taken down everyone if not for Graves's clever usage of the environment?
Naracid (8 days ago)
Back when League was great
Guillaume Thoreau (8 days ago)
arhi!😀☺ *intense fantasy music playing* yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GamingSharky (9 days ago)
I like the cat girl way cool!
This is why I'm an Ahri main <3 this was really cool btw
Law Anime (9 days ago)
2:55 uh
CrootexGaming Liang (9 days ago)
Oh ma god I wish nautilus was this strong in the real game
CrootexGaming Liang (9 days ago)
Zyra looks thicc
TomeQ (9 days ago)
500K like
Hüseyin Y (9 days ago)
Flawless cinematic
careless_productions (9 days ago)
3:26 “yeet”
MineGalaxy (9 days ago)
that's what supports do. Die for their teammates
paige herdson (9 days ago)
Yukicchie Chie (10 days ago)
This is never true, darius got a pentakill
im andy hi (10 days ago)
i remember the day this came out as if it was only yesterday
7mody433 (10 days ago)
report these noobs 3 vs 1 darius
The Black (10 days ago)
Moral of the cinematic. DO NOT CHASE WITHOUT VISION .
atamgwadi (11 days ago)
Graves face at 2:10 is the equivalent to spamming question mark pings in game when someone gets one shot
Dat Nguyen (11 days ago)
To recap: - Ahri and Leona chased Katarina => Leona dead - Darius, Draven, Katarina and Zyra chased Ahri => Got ambushed by Ahri's team => Draven dead (surprisingly soon due to poor positioning), Kat dead and Zyra dead - Nautilus didn't chase and came in to rescue his team with a double kill on Jax and Graves but eventually got killed by falling rock because he's a support. - Darius somehow decided that it's time to chase Ahri again (knowing that all 4 of his teammates is dead and Leona is about to respawn) => Darius got ambushed by Rengar, Ahri and Leona. Although it's unclear how much HP Rengar had left that he got knocked out by only 2 punches from Darius or why Leona respawned with only 1/4 of her HP, they managed to stall Darius long enough for Ahri to finish him off with her just-off-cooldown ultimate. Lesson of the day: DONT EFFING CHASE!! In next episode: Watch as Ahri, Rengar and Leona decide to push the enemy base with Leona at 1/4 of her health, Rengar at probably 10% HP and Ahri with no mana and how their bold decision is gonna turn out.
Tobias Grace (11 days ago)
I got to admit I love the small details they put into this video. before Nautilus enters, you could see ahri's ears making small movements and rotations, reacting to sounds
Holy Doggo (12 days ago)
Derek aka Derek (1 day ago)
Blur studios man. It's unreal.
A_Fish _Called_Luca (6 days ago)
True, this cinematic is one of the best.
Ari (12 days ago)
That was an amazing team
William Elao (12 days ago)
alan moronta (13 days ago)
Allon Braitman (13 days ago)
lmao darius only ulted leona once, did nothing the rest of the teamfight. kat did nothing but bait people around the map. draven missed a few q's then died, and jax was oneshot by naut. gg
AARON-BURR1937 (14 days ago)
Sleksin (14 days ago)
Nautilus' intro is just one of those epic moments. Like in the Scooby Doo movie where Scrappy is turning giant and completes his transformation just before he says "SCOOBY DOO."
Alpha 70 (14 days ago)
Rewatching all the LoL cinematics. I can't for the day Riot will make a movie/series on Runeterra!
Diyar Erat (14 days ago)
Graven Enişteme benziyor aq E:QWEWQ
Solar Wolf (14 days ago)
Ahri is cool
Peihan Liu (14 days ago)
"report support for ks" "report top for inting"
More On (15 days ago)
When the game was still good :(
Los Pollos Hermanos (15 days ago)
Its time to make a League of Legends movie. It would be so nice
Sacres (15 days ago)
nautilius so balanced here
Babi Metal (16 days ago)
Katarina um charme
XrohnX II (16 days ago)
never chase ahri
DeadGuy425 (16 days ago)
the classic 3v1 darius
Kc Games (16 days ago)
go kitsune
Kc Games (16 days ago)
go kitsune
• Kobe (16 days ago)
Bruh hes dead
Alexander Beingolea (16 days ago)
Mi juego favorito prras :v
Miço Gaming (17 days ago)
Adc heros is need Power rengar 1 hitXd
Faluga LMZ (17 days ago)
Hawk Sage (17 days ago)
Ahri is best girl change my mind
Jeff Godoy (17 days ago)
All i see is RUNNING
WalKen (17 days ago)
Instagram: walken_lol
juan cortapan (17 days ago)
graves is a badass, but naut is like the final boss
oh ok (18 days ago)
We need a movie
My name is Jeff (18 days ago)
Hos that big one?
Riptuh ;D (18 days ago)
Ahri me la pone durisima
KDT PEPINO (15 days ago)
Dirty Hangul (18 days ago)
I still want a movie.
Ozan Kuram (18 days ago)
I think jax is not dead
Stefan (18 days ago)
wow epic animation
Lepesito Manquete (18 days ago)
The nautilus full ap :v
Jayr Montemayor (18 days ago)
When are you going to did like this again
Nós no vlog (18 days ago)
riot pq vcs n fas um filme de lol ia fica mo daora mesmo se demorace um ano mas faz
PaniniPomPoms (18 days ago)
Oh man... I can't believe it was 4 years ago.. LMAO that was the year my account got hacked...
FawColt Br (18 days ago)
Ahri is just there to take a beating
AkiK (19 days ago)
duo mid = win xd
Mini world BLOCK art (19 days ago)
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood !¡!¡!¡!
Kai'Sa My boys (19 days ago)
So beautiful
M E (19 days ago)
Who is here after the Rune cinematic
Rahul Singh (19 days ago)
Darius can killl All

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