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Gran Turismo Sport - All Cars / Full Car List

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GT Sport all Cars Dealership Full Car List on PS4 PRO 1080p 60fps. More cars will become available over time as free DLC. Subscribe for more! Shirrako Store: https://teespring.com/stores/shirrako-store Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Shirrako Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShirrakoGaming/ Follow me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/shirrakogaming Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shirrakogaming Donate: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6DCQW5HUXEPLL
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Shirrako (3 months ago)
July 2018 Update NEW CARS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ijfCGAKB8g
Still lackluster compared to Project CARS 2 and all Forza games available on Windows 10.
Wiktor Jurczak (1 day ago)
Where is a Audi RS6 and RS7 :((
Majesty (7 days ago)
GT 3 looks like better than this
Cbetts 2004 (15 days ago)
DLC as well?
Очень залипательный видос😃👍👍👍👍👍
Eddel Monterozo (23 days ago)
like it
Varenya Aggarwal (30 days ago)
cauã maximus (1 month ago)
Grande turismo falha no básico : a lista de veículos é extremamente limitada, muitos carros de corrida e nada praticamente de carros de rua. Realmente uma decepção.
Amiga500 (1 month ago)
Why does a veyron gr4 only have 433 hp?
Wessel Snoey (1 month ago)
Subscribe to my GT sport channel
Florencio Sanchez (2 months ago)
min 14: 20 What did they mean, that the Swiss dedicate themselves to making watches?
ItsBaconSeason (2 months ago)
Should i trade The Crew 2 for this game or not worth it?
tee duke (2 months ago)
what is it like 170 cars if that? man i remember when Gran Turismo was the pentacle of racing games because of its car lineup. it had over 1000 cars. now you barely get over 200 smh. but it ain't the quantity that counts, its the quality of the game that counts.
UrgotHasCancer (2 months ago)
Racing games aren't a thing I admire like I used to aswell. I was stating my opinion between GT Sport, since I can only play 3 tracks because of the Online Mode thing, writing opinions about GTS is what I do. Trying to buy a PS2 and GT4 at the moment, because emulators seem harder and less fair. If I find a cheap one, I'm gonna get one of those steering wheels too
tee duke (2 months ago)
lol as long as you enjoy it that's what counts. i was just making a point. however i believe GT will be a launch title for the PS5. me though, i'm not a fan of either racing franchises. TBH i ain't big on racers like i use to be. racing games just doesn't interest me anymore. i do plan on getting PC2 on the x1x though, and GTS on the pro just because i am buying a racing wheel & want to experience driving with it for myself.
UrgotHasCancer (2 months ago)
In a racing game, both quantity and quality counts alot IMO. That´s why, due to the quality of the game (and simply the fact that PS4 is the only console I own at the moment), I always give Polyphony a change to add new cars that I actually like and fix the Online mode thing for the next updates. Honda Beat just came in, so I´m this close for a HQ Peugoet 106 or something similar However, they keep adding 4 cars (and sometimes 1 track) 3 months each. Yikes... At this ratio, the new GT sequel will come in 2061
Tedi Nikolov (2 months ago)
Im From Bulgaria
Roby Vlogs (3 months ago)
I hope they add koenigsegg and more cars ...game is good but still need more cars best car is srt tomahawk best handling and accleration
Aminur Rashid (3 months ago)
Boring.. No 90'
Geek in Glam (3 months ago)
No koenigsegg?
Louie Rivera (3 months ago)
So is the Rx7 and supra apart of the basic game? Or do i have to purchase seperately?
Don Elmediterraneo (3 months ago)
Forza fans : we have +700 cars (we have an army) Gran Turismo fans : we have Vision GT cars (we have Hulk)
Braulio Miranda (3 months ago)
Fucked everything would have continued as in GT 4 that there were enough cars from the basic to the best of each brand. That normally the basics were in the used store.
Ed Mutd Gamers (3 months ago)
No good
BURAK 90 UK (4 months ago)
All the shit cars here ! Where is like esp e30 , e 36 , e 46 bmw , mercedes 190 e and others !
1k subs without videos? (4 months ago)
At least fm7 has a huge car list and is still a better game
Wtf? THIS GAME IS A SHIT! There are some cars! In Gran Turismo 6 the cars are incredible
Xse YE (4 months ago)
They need to add a Subaru 2007 legacy
baked beans (5 months ago)
No Zonda? Forget it
massi massi (5 months ago)
Etienne Balmier (5 months ago)
Remember when you could drive budget or street car in Gran Turismo ? It was a looong time ago
Nazariah Gatal (5 months ago)
Forza motorsport is better.
bassblaster505 (5 months ago)
i feel like this game is a turn backwards from GT5 and 6. those 2 were great because it was FULL of NON race, "normal" cars. even ones that are completely useless in an actual race. where you would do your first races in somithing like a Daihatsu Copen or a Suzuki Cappuccino, that seems to be completely gone in GT Sport. seems to be very few "normal" cars and mostly pure blood race cars. what happened to the 1000+ cars in GT5 and i think around 1200 in GT6? Unless theres going to be a large car update...i may be looking over at Forza...
The Fallen One (5 months ago)
No classics? No muscle? No '67/70 charger? No thanks. I'll stick to Gran Turismo 6 -_-
Tanner Gaming (6 months ago)
Tanner Gaming (6 months ago)
Andile Mtshali (6 months ago)
Man I like your video
Im dissapointed. I was waiting more cars like in gt5. Gt5 has a good car list. I think forza is still best in car lists
Game AndroPS (6 months ago)
O Gran turismo Sport e sensacional
Wayne Nast (6 months ago)
Hey! You skipped Switzerland are there Koenigsegg??
Parth Mehta (6 months ago)
which to buy pc2 or gt sport
James stevenson (7 months ago)
Achmad Yudha (7 months ago)
No Lexus LFA 😭
Josue R. (7 months ago)
This car list is sad sad where are all the JDM's American muscle europe wtf is this shit driving fucking project cars
mertono111 (7 months ago)
Where the Aventador at?
MrScarykat (7 months ago)
Listen to this(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTxKyhntay4&t=75s) while watching this video.
Fazzani Ahmed (7 months ago)
Only 1, yes, ONE! Legendary car in this game? R.I.P. Gran Turismo! I really missed the gt that had a LOT of cars and included a few legendary ones! Even GT3 wasn't an exception as it included MORE legendary cars by that time!
Souhail Nekkachi (7 months ago)
who no got spain cars
UrgotHasCancer (2 months ago)
Not much racing SEATs around
No Shelby 350 R come on.
Vinicius Andrade De Lara (7 months ago)
At least have a 86gt
Vinicius Andrade De Lara (7 months ago)
MR. Gazella (7 months ago)
omg the best car game
Dgisch (7 months ago)
in GT5 were 1200 cars how many are this?
Zaul Dragon (7 months ago)
16:00 what the fuck is that?? so thick!!!!
Brian Mak (7 months ago)
Ban comments selection
Shady RS (7 months ago)
Gran turismo is always my favorite game especially gt5 and gt6 but when I saw that car list I got dissapointed so thats why I kept my ps3 and I didn't sell it because of gran turismo and I have Xbox one and got forza 7 and and forza horizon 3 and I enjoy them now and sometimes I play Gran turismo 6
Ryan (7 months ago)
Grab turismo needs to add more cars such as the Dodge Challenger etc. also more classical ones as well then I’ll buy it
mas xtgt (7 months ago)
What, no Dodge Challenger ? But a freaking vision dodge, hell no.
DC77 Gaming (8 months ago)
Nice car list and all, but this needs more variety. This game needs more cars than it has. And despite the fact that every other licensed game had a P1 since 2013 yet this isn't in GT Sport which is rather dissapointing. And the car list is mostly contains supercars and hypercars with their race counterparts (which is a sorry excuse for duplication) Although this is the only console exclusive out there that has Toyota, this is still lacking. They can get more of an advantage. They didn't even add the legendary AE86 into the game. And don't call me a Xbox fanboy because I'm not afraid to say that GT Sport is better than any other racing game on some aspects like the graphics. And the car list is a major step down from previous GT titles with them getting as far as having over a thousand cars in the previous titles. The franchise was the king of car lists until this game. And, like every other person that talks about in GT Sport, there is no career. Every racing game in this generarion has a career except this. This had some true potential. But they missed their chance. This is an OK game from how it plays, but this is heavily lacking in everything that makes a racing game a racing game.
DC77 Gaming (8 months ago)
And here comes the angry GT fanboys
WindowsMaster (8 months ago)
What people fail to see is that GT Sport is nowhere NEAR a sequel. Think Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. A tech demo of what's to come in the future. Gran Turismo isn't dead because "this game didn't include 100 variations of the Honda Civic. Or that one 80's Corolla that only has a following because Initial D and memes. Or any crappy cars from 3rd world countries." This...isn't the real Gran Turismo continuation we've been asking for. Just a little strip tease. Hell, they even confirmed that they're working on a *proper* sequel, so sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and deal with it. If you want a massive carlist with everything you could possibly ask for (yes, even multiple clones of already existing cars that are slightly different but not really different enough), then go play Gran Turismo 6. Or 5. Fuck it; if you have a PS2 that still works, go play Gran Turismo 4! Gran Turismo Sport is not those games. It will never *be* those games. I don't even think it's a main entry. I would understand if they were advertising it as one, but I don't see a "7" next to that Gran Turismo logo, so...doesn't look like one to me!
2017 ean (8 months ago)
Always looking for classic cars BMW all series This GTS car list is very poor OMG
iTzRyZz_- (8 months ago)
Is ther a p1?
Master Chief MCLR-S117 (8 months ago)
Sadly none. I absolutely loathe Polyphony Digital for not adding that car despite that the P1 is literally a racing game icon now! These games have always had the P1: Forza (since 2013) Need for Speed (since 2013) Asphalt (since 2014) CSR Racing (since 2015, albeit with the P1 GTR first instead) Project CARS (since 2015) Assetto Corsa And I strongly fear that by the time the P1 is added to GT Sport, it will really be too late as Forza Horizon 4's final car pack will already have been announced and released!
Federici Maldonado (8 months ago)
Gran turismo 2 is the best
MElekiaZ (8 months ago)
no honda s2000. no nissan s15. no rx8. no 350z/370z?????
gabriel hoffmman (8 months ago)
Meu que decadência, sdds gran turismo 6 cm seus 400 carros, vai dxa mta sdd T-T
Jacob Ramirez (8 months ago)
I like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the Nissan GT-R.
xxNeed For Speed65xx (8 months ago)
Were is the Red Bull X?? :(
Android Gamer CZ (8 months ago)
GRAN TURIZMO 6 Is better at least there is a better selection of cars
Idominuss (8 months ago)
No classic muscle cars? No thanks.
Where is Lamborghini Gallardo?
Why they have so many le mans cars?Only 40% of cars in Gran Turismo are normal.
What the hell only one mini cooper where is my Mr bean mini from gran turismo 5.😫😫😫😫😥😥😥😫
classicgoldenman (8 months ago)
Which one?
WILD GAMING (8 months ago)
what happened to my favorite racing game smdh
MATTHEW575M (9 months ago)
McLarenP1 Boy, I can't help but notice that you're very biased when it comes to mclaries but GT is decades older than project cars and has always been the best racing sim. I was just pointing out cars that haven't been added to the game yet because its such a good game(physics, graphics, customizable) wise that should really be in the game in the near future like '15 ford gt or 918.
Master Chief MCLR-S117 (8 months ago)
GT is NOT a sim. At best, it's a simcade. PC2 and Assetto Corsa are closer to sims. Want a real sim? Play PC2, AC, iRacing, and Race Room Racing Experience. I am not only angry about the P1's absence. The lack of a 2017 Ford GT, Porsche 918, or even a Fenyr SuperSport makes me insanely furious to the core!
Master Chief MCLR-S117 (9 months ago)
No P1, no Aventador, no 918, no buy! Thank God I got PC2 instead.
Haidar Lean (9 months ago)
bugatti is from Volkswagen !
MrSchinken (9 months ago)
Actually if this is the Car-List of the Base Game, then it is the worst Line-up out of every Gran Turismo Game. It used to be the "Drive every imaginable Car against eachother". Now they are 50% Concepts and important Cars are missing . . .
Wolf Man (9 months ago)
*ALERT ALERT!!!* This is not the full car list!! He doesn't have the updates!! There are old JDM'S including Supra's,Nissan GTR33,34 (and more) Old Ferrari old Lamborghini McLaren F1
Mazda 787B (9 months ago)
ffs they added: Corvette stingray(older one) R34 R32 Supra Sambabus RX-7(fd) old Viper the Ford GT and few others
Daniel Theron (9 months ago)
This car selection sucks. Fuck that. FORZA 7 for the win.
okkdowa (9 months ago)
Gran Turosmo 6 is better then Gran Turismo 7.In GT6 was so many clasic cars but in GT7 are scifi cars :/
Jim och Emma (9 months ago)
Gran Turismo 6 have 1000+ cars LOL the GT suck!
hArDsTyLe2259 (9 months ago)
I want these cars: New Ford GT Koenigsegg McLaren P1 and 720s Porsche 918 Road legal Bugatti Chiron Ferrari F12 and 488 TVR
Master Chief MCLR-S117 (8 months ago)
The 720S is still a Project CARS 2-exclusive car. Everything else mentioned here is already in Forza though.
hArDsTyLe2259 (9 months ago)
Mazda 787B yea but i get kcked for using vgt cars so the original Bugatti Chiron would be better with the real interior
Mazda 787B (9 months ago)
you have the Bugatti VGT
ILoveDB8 (9 months ago)
what we want? Older cars in new games!
fast car1995 (9 months ago)
although gt sport has been improved and is a fantastic game but don't get me wrong it misses the classic and 1990s and 2000s cars
Johannes L (9 months ago)
Where is all RS Audis?
AndroidSunner (9 months ago)
Less cars than gran turismo 6 I am dissapointed, polyphony.
ItsObsidian Topdrives (9 months ago)
Where did all those cars from GT6 go? Like Mercedes benz SLR McLaren, Nissan Skylines, Almost all the hondas and theres only Lamborghini hurican' and veneno in this game.
Revolutions88 (9 months ago)
Avionic Gordon (9 months ago)
MUNKSGSR (9 months ago)
Glad I watched this video before I bought the game! None of the old hondas? Def not buying it.
SCRacing2017 (9 months ago)
I like how everyone is continually bitching about the lack of cars in the game. I don't mind, it's still a good game.
Akiya Match (9 months ago)
Oh no...!!! oh no... where is the ae86, the GTSt, the A70, the Rx7, the r34...? and the others... !!! 😭😭😭
chinola 1681 (9 months ago)
Infiniti's are by Nissan
DJay Jenkins (9 months ago)
where is my Dodge Challenger?!
DestruxandExploze (9 months ago)
MATTHEW575M (9 months ago)
There's not even the the Challenger Hellcat? Oh but there is the Charger Hellcat. No P1 but they have LaFerrari? Really
Polyphony Digital must be condemned until they realize the poor car selections they are doing with their updates.
Master Chief MCLR-S117 (9 months ago)
MATTHEW575M Fuck this game. Project CARS 2 was always better anyways. #P1forlife
Cri Fra (9 months ago)
ashchu 745 (9 months ago)
I want the nissan sil80
ashchu 745 (9 months ago)
so empty compared to gran torismo 6 where is the skylines the mr2s ae86s and the silvias ind sil80
Poop Poop (9 months ago)
I have the game but i3 sucks If you buy it!☺
Burak haberleri Hd (9 months ago)
I Like buggati chiron gt omgggg

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