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GOTO 2017 • Top 7 Agile Tips I learnt as a Product Manager • Benjamin Mitchell

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This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam 2017 http://gotoams.nl Benjamin Mitchell - Partner at Equal Experts ABSTRACT Many people have experienced using Agile approaches within teams to deliver more working software, but what can be learnt from combing these approaches with Product Development? This talk will cover the top seven hard-earned tips I learnt from several years [...] Read the full abstract here: https://gotoams.nl/2017/sessions/124 https://twitter.com/gotoamst https://www.facebook.com/GOTOConference http://gotocon.com
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sbditto85 (7 months ago)
lol at the photographer at 31:00
Gregory Leman (10 months ago)
When a developer tells you something is a hack you should listen to them. What they're saying is "Yes, I can do that but it will incur technical debt." You should understand what that debt is and whether you can afford it.

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