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KAOHS Swimwear Fashion Show SS2019 Miami Swim Week 2018 Paraiso Fashion Fair

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Yaers Fashion TV http://www.yaers.com KAOHS Swimwear Fashion Show Runway SS2019 Paraiso Fashion Fair Miami Swim Week 2018 HD 1080P Video by Jason Chen http://www.jasonchen.com Music Track: it's different - Outlaw (feat. Miss Mary) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/Y2Lu0o3S2sU Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/outlaw Watch Miami Swim Week 2018 fashion shows on the Yaers Fashion TV channel from brands and designers such as Monica Hansen, Bikini.com, Baes & Bikinis, Monday Swimwear, Aguaclara, Mikoh, iShine365, Style Saves x Eberjey, Agua Bendita, Aerie, Stone Fox Swim, Acacia, Luli Fama, Sinesia Karol, Gigi C, KAOHS, Montce, Fashion Palette x Australian Designers, PITUSA, Maaji, KOA-KYA, HALE BOB, JUST BONES BOARDWEAR, CANDICE CUOCO, MAGALII ARAVENA COLLECTION, VICHI SWIM, LYBETHRAS, TRIVERA BY TAMMY RIVERA, GYV ME BODY, LUXE ISLE, SURF GYPSY, SAUVAGE SWIMWEAR, HONEY BEE SWIM, OMG MIAMI SWIMWEAR, ARGYLE GRANT, STELLO, GOTTEX, ROSE PAULINO, K8 SWIM, FERNANDO ALBERTO ATELIER ,CAROLINE CONSTAS, ORLEBAR BROWN, VILEBREQUIN, MARYSIA, ONIA, TRINA TURK & MR. TURK , ALAIA EVE, PIKAI SWIMWEAR, LILA NIKOLE, WILLFREDO GERARDO, CIRONE SWIM, CARMEN STEFFENS, BLACK TAPE PROJECT, CZARINA, MISTER TRIPLE X Watch Miami Fashion Week fashion shows on the Yaers Fashion TV channel from brands and designers such as Agatha Ruiz del la Prada, Angel Sanchez, Benito Santos, Carolinea Estefan, Custo Barcelona, Daniella Batlle, Lina Cantillo, Pamela De Haro & Fundación Iluminemos, Rene by RR, Miami Fashion Institute
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Text Comments (80)
art gammarino (57 minutes ago)
Clint Eastwood movies were never this good!
I wonder... what is the name of model wearing the white cowboy hat; Entrance at 2:38 - 3:03?
Christina Pulcher (1 hour ago)
Fereydoon Fazilat (5 hours ago)
1: 16. Name please!
Bog Skurwysyn (5 hours ago)
i'm cumming
Kam Cheong Wong (22 hours ago)
Az Az (1 day ago)
Падсажите куды выплачивать за модель №2?? Я уже насоберал на это 50 баксов. П.С. Букварь я скурил в 7 классе.
Tony V (1 day ago)
F Victoria secret
DigiPal (1 day ago)
Wondering if boots are the best shoes to wear when going to the beach...
Bennewman11 (1 day ago)
The woman at 6:30 what's her name? She looks gorgeous with her hair straightened!
Bennewman11 (2 days ago)
3:28 What is her name she is a smasher!
Tai Muse (2 days ago)
Help! 14:56 first out on final walk. Her name please?
Freezehell (3 days ago)
After watching this i want to possess a bigger peniz
bb77077 (3 days ago)
Oh my god! Who is at 4:00 with the baby blue?!
nuukvannte (3 days ago)
Fark Yovanna ventura has lost weight didn't realize until I saw this.
Masaらっきょ (3 days ago)
she name is Yovanna Ventura. 1:33 6:07 13:09
Fereydoon Fazilat (5 hours ago)
Masaらっきょ is there a lucky guy penatrating her buttock?
Masaらっきょ (3 days ago)
0:54 5:06 9:05 who is she...?
Epic One (4 days ago)
0:40, 0:55, 3:45 what names?
FireRed 102 (4 days ago)
Chauhan Abhiyantriki (4 days ago)
Wojciech Terebka (4 days ago)
Only 55 comments.. I guess it’s hard to type with only one hand 🤪🤓
Wiley Coyote (5 days ago)
8:46 did it for me
Candy Arrow (5 days ago)
Who is the model at 0:52, 5:03, 9:01??
6:10, 13:07 Who is she?? Tell me she is name.
Candy Arrow (5 days ago)
Yovanna Ventura.
Saiful Saiful (5 days ago)
The cowboy accessories make the models and bikinis look old 😐
Aiko N'simba (7 days ago)
Great show women’s sexy hot lingerie models 😳😳😍so and to work bought for the next event in participate différents tournament championship off organization event projet gets live direct to send different play concepts productions your selections models show published live Chanel mag great show good staffs the movie women’s productions live direct 💋
oscaramartinez3 (7 days ago)
Wow ! Too much punishment!
Arshad Ahmed (7 days ago)
Sergey Makarov (7 days ago)
2:11 мало-мало тряпочек
Monirul Islam (7 days ago)
|•|°π}{|•• |=π|| |••°`~ }{{`ππ••^ }{|•|°\√\√ `~ °√!!
Zoey Yoreman (8 days ago)
14:20 left - who is that amazonian blonde?
Candy Arrow (5 days ago)
Natalie Roser!
camilo cuervo (8 days ago)
Where are they from? Us. Australia. Heaven just wondering.
giga cr (8 days ago)
what's her name at 2.51 sec
pippin mac (3 days ago)
Kristina Mendonca- 2:46 front 2:53 back ... 6:42 front 6:50 back ... 12:30 front 12:38 back ... 15:29 final walk by
아가멤논 (7 days ago)
kristina mendonca
MercDeMerco (8 days ago)
0:39 and 1:32 amazing
Tito Tio (7 days ago)
Celebs bright
abdulrahman gadi (7 days ago)
yah who is she at 0:39
Cheong Wong (8 days ago)
John Cage (9 days ago)
Great! 😍
Tommy Magnusson (9 days ago)
Absolutely gorgeous beautiful cowgirls especially Sofia Jamora WOW 😍😍
jtiss _ (9 days ago)
These guys insta has all their videos with each model tagged. @yaersfashiontv
pippin mac (10 days ago)
Sofia Jamora- 1:04 front 1:23 back ... 5:38 front 5:55 back ... 13:58 front 14:14 back ... 15:25 final walk by
Fereydoon Fazilat (4 hours ago)
pippin mac is it possible get dying between her legs?
Lym Liu (3 days ago)
chalkomatas (10 days ago)
Cow girls punish and ride well lucky men!
AgosHD (10 days ago)
2:25 Butt plug?
Dana Sloan (7 days ago)
The way she dribbled the walk... like she has it. Well, athletes are born wonders.
LazarusStirs (10 days ago)
One of the best shows ever. Everything cut very high on the hip with a thong or semi thong in the back. Not to mention of course Sofia Jamora. Also shot very well.
tomas good (10 days ago)
Well done yaers Well done. All the girls are beautiful, with AVERY ROSE BROWN (2:13) being better than everyone.
tazlumim Sahi (10 days ago)
07:39 - Graceful
tazlumim Sahi (10 days ago)
Pause at 14:12 - that's the invitation I love!
ChottoMatteTV (10 days ago)
Oh.... My.... God... my right hand took possession of me.
wong kam cheong (10 days ago)
Mikey Sky (11 days ago)
5:20 Nipple nearly pops out. Gorgeous women
Maverick Jones (11 days ago)
Special mentions @1:12, 2:47, 3:55, 4:27, 5:41, 8:27, 10:16, 12:29 & 14:01
Maverick Jones (11 days ago)
This video deserves 0 dislikes.....full of beauty & hotness. I saved it for "further investigation"
Angelo Fornaro (11 days ago)
1:22 5:39 13:55 Sofia Jamora
Paul Kotsu (10 days ago)
she's got some fat tiddies and a fat ass if that's what you mean
999 999 wyświetleń (10 days ago)
She was sexy before became famous than got lazy than got fat.
Angelo Fornaro (10 days ago)
Paul Kotsu (10 days ago)
You know what the people want
LazarusStirs (10 days ago)
Thank You.
aventurerofugaz (11 days ago)
*0% deslikes*
Steve McQuack (11 days ago)
shadows631 (11 days ago)
shadows631 (11 days ago)
Angelo Fornaro (11 days ago)
Sofia Jamora
BORIZ1985 (11 days ago)
Wow! This is amazing.
MR. BEAN Joker (11 days ago)
dizzysand (11 days ago)
стриптиз какой то
Slavik G (11 days ago)
Фигура роскошная и Сиськи прекрасные и огромные у женщин.

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