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10 Reasons We May Be Entering a Dark Age of Technology

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Support our efforts to make videos about what we want: https://www.patreon.com/toptenz/overview When it comes to technology, we are living in amazing times. We have practically instant communication with people all over the globe, anyone can record anything with a device in their pocket and play it back later, we have a wealth of high tech entertainment options, transportation is a breeze compared to the days of horses, and companies are now looking toward increasingly complex nanotechnology. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: 10 Top Tips for Practical Immortality https://youtu.be/UKsqc-CV6MY?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLyDzDNeyvA6ZKu5_jMYMip 10 Things to Know That Might One Day Save Your Life https://youtu.be/m0A-Q2PSA2o?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLyDzDNeyvA6ZKu5_jMYMip Text version: https://www.toptenz.net/10-reasons-we-may-be-entering-a-dark-age-of-technology.php Coming up: 10. We Are Running Out Of A Lot Of Important Metals For Making Smartphones 9. Technology Is Becoming Increasingly Complex And Increasingly Layered 8. The Amount Of People Who Can Make An Entire Piece Of Technology Is Dwindling 7. Some Arts Are Already Mostly Lost To Time And Could Be Lost Entirely 6. Data Is Stored In Ways That May One Day Be Entirely Irretrievable 5. If The Environment Continues To Worsen, A Lot Of Infrastructure Will Be Destroyed 4. We May Have To Rediscover More “Primitive” Technologies From The Recent Past 3. Global Trade Could Be Very Easily And Very Quickly Disrupted By Environmental Disaster 2. Satellite Damage Could Further Weaken Our Ability To Communicate And Learn 1. People Could Be More Concerned With Resources In The Near Future Than Technology Source/Further reading: https://www.techtimes.com/articles/42435/20150326/metals-used-make-smartphones-run-out-soon.htm http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/future_tense/2015/12/the_problem_with_technological_ignorance.html https://consumerist.com/2016/08/05/it-takes-dozens-of-companies-to-make-your-iphone/index.html https://www.jsonline.com/story/communities/northwest/news/lisbon/2017/09/06/watchmaking-industry-dying-out-lisbons-lake-country-jewelers-owner-reflects/627218001/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11922192/Vital-information-could-be-lost-in-digital-dark-age-warns-professor.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/weather-in-2015-was-warmer-and-more-extreme-than-ever-and-its-likely-getting-worse/2016/01/20/8d698620-be2b-11e5-9443-7074c3645405_story.html https://www.bbc.com/news/av/magazine-24917880/the-very-particular-world-of-amateur-radio https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/first-read/trump-rolls-dice-trade-war-against-u-s-allies-n879146 https://www.nasa.gov/centers/wstf/site_tour/remote_hypervelocity_test_laboratory/micrometeoroid_and_orbital_debris.html http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-apple-microsoft-google-slowing-down-2018-6
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Text Comments (2669)
Aaron Francis (13 minutes ago)
at 12:20 you imply that internet traffic is all done via satellite when in fact the vast majority of internet traffic is via submarine cabling. Where wireless links are utilized they are typically terrestrial links.
Cuvtixo D (4 hours ago)
Ridiculous. Watchmaking for example, could be learned from the internet, maybe even YouTube videos. Skill training has been automated- Sponsors of this channel promise to do so presently. I'm surprised they haven't made a bigger fuss about the subject of this video and how dismissive it is of their business.
Nicholas Killmeier (13 hours ago)
LOL that blacksmith photo
vidsscreen (1 day ago)
Wolfy Kaname (1 day ago)
Sou ka? Well that is unfortunate.
Aj Brandt (1 day ago)
This is a very stupid and not well researched video. This video should be taken about as seriously as your conspiracy theory videos. The only actual world changing issue brought up in this video is climate change.
Kc Cel (1 day ago)
...this channel never fails to depress me...
Donald Grant (3 days ago)
Oh and hand writing will be taught in school again. Have you seen some of the hand writing of millennials?
Donald Grant (3 days ago)
AAAAAH. With technology gone then we'd have to do it the old fashioned way by having more people working. We got through with less technology and we can do it again. I know sexting would be gone, but Kodak would come back.
Alex Hessler (3 days ago)
Quartz watches and timekeeping devices were important for accuracy, not ease of reading the time. Accurate time keeping was also vital to navigation at sea.
halistine jenkins (3 days ago)
David Sault (4 days ago)
And separate from all the mentioned problems is the problem of rising complexity itself. More and more complexity is added every year, not just in technology, but in all areas of human endeavor. There must eventually be a "complexity collapse" when systems and individuals can no longer deal with that future level of complexity.
Hanan Pasha (8 days ago)
Nice. Canada isn't involved in armed conflicts
Colin (9 days ago)
It's funny. I saw this video and the first thing I thought would be that we are at a pivotal moment when Moore's law will be hitting a wall soon. We need a paradigm shift with transistors and some other way to compute.
Discordian (9 days ago)
Almost all of this is a problem with education. We've had the same damn education since before I was alive and I'm turning 26 this year. It was outdated when I was in school, and it's still outdated. I'm a computer scientist, no part of that is taught in elementary school or highschool where I live, you're not even taught how to use a computer properly. However don't brood and think no one knows most of the step-by-step processes for most technology. I began studying when I was 9, and I still study today. My goal is to know everything I possibly can for the field, and I've met one other person who does this. It isn't super marketable, as I desire extremely complex tasks, and require to be constantly learning. In terms of technology, I'd like to think other people do know these things, and you could assemble a very small team of people who could recreate most things. Now-a-days because of for-profit education we don't have our best and brightest in most positions today. Very far from it actually. If something happened that rendered these vast swaths of people irrelevant (any shakeup at all in most cases), we'd have drastically different economies, and a very different world. However, we wouldn't lose what we're used to overall, it just may be less accessible.
David Hall (10 days ago)
I don’t know if Australia can go backwards any faster than it’s going. Still no cable internet to homes in 2019 I’m given up and have wireless 4G internet to my home
Ryan Coulter (10 days ago)
And this is why i still have three manual portable typewriters. they’ll be worth their weight in gold.
Joseph DESTAUBIN (11 days ago)
The phrase you're looking for is "hyper specialization".
TheCrazyGamer (13 days ago)
What are you doing vsauce?!?!
DuskyPredator (17 days ago)
Well, we are screwed. Who wants to join my raider gang?
Ed Jonson (17 days ago)
Stop with that natural disasters bs
Don Johnson (18 days ago)
You are showing more and more bias.....
Don Johnson (18 days ago)
Soooooo...No pics of Ping? 2 sides of the trade war.
Don Johnson (18 days ago)
Woo Hoo.....Time to start moving forward with space travel. Moon mining anyone?
Serai3 (20 days ago)
Gee, you mean all these innovations were leaped into without anyone thinking about whether they would be sustainable? SO IT AIN'T SO. * snortgigglesnort *
Lark Only (20 days ago)
Doesn't the planet supporting life take precedence over the preservation of knowledge? Loss of data seems the least of our worries.
Xadion (24 days ago)
I wonder how much precious metals and energy AIs and robots will require. You cannot expect to build a human-like artificial sentient entity and expect it to consume the amount of energy of a toaster.
Cheng Chi Man (24 days ago)
Buy only durable products and use as long as you can
Sean Williams (24 days ago)
The telegraph, really?! You think we wouldn't be able to make telephones or teletypes instead? Why not go the whole hog and say we'll be back to semaphores and smoke signals?
Zeno Stoikos (24 days ago)
I'm disappointed that the top comment wasn't a WH40K ref u_u
Shaun Summers (25 days ago)
I normally like your videos but this one is a pile of garbage.
Michelle Burkholder (26 days ago)
I wouldn't mind going back to 1975. Kill the cell phone build real community, like talk to your neighbors.
iain rocks (26 days ago)
All nonsense.
Jessieka Walker (26 days ago)
Ok the dark ages where actually dark . Volcano ash blocked the sun after the mega eruption. So unless chump startes dropping nukes. Or puttin launches from south america.
kairon156 (26 days ago)
While that libary was a grate loss, I'm sure it wasn't the only place back than to hold and distribute books. While not being able to recycle ewaste sucks we'll be able to mine astroids within the next 30-50 years.
Trung Nguyen (27 days ago)
we may have returned to the necessary economy, to peace and help people.
Ronald Williamson (27 days ago)
Mechanical timepieces are pretty common.
Wand ItUp (27 days ago)
This video is so sad. Alexa establish world peace.
Kyle Miller (29 days ago)
Until someone mines an asteroid
sdmitch16 (29 days ago)
This is why it's so important to have a space colony. One planet will always have the means to read technology.
4one14 (29 days ago)
Watchmaking was also essential to our ability to explore and map the world by solving the longitude problem of navigation.
kayakchrispy (30 days ago)
The Professor from Gilligans island could solve some of these issues
Jack Rabbit (30 days ago)
Fact is our quality of life has not been improved one iota with all this electronic technology - quite the opposite: we have become detached from one another and our natural world, steeped in banal trivialities offered up on the net, people no longer use their brains much, deferring to "instant"bits of information that has been pre-digested for them, more vulnerable and so on. Computer technology is much over-rated, and recent so-called improvements are nothing of the sort, rather, things re crammed with "features", most of which are useless and unnecessary, making the devices more complicated and less intuitive to use.
Mike Quinton (30 days ago)
Thank goodness....bring back the typewriter....I still have mine
Kaiserland111 (1 month ago)
"And if a natural disaster" is bad enough, we could all just die tomorrow. Such a pessimistic view of the future. This isn't Warhammer 40k
Ben Brown (1 month ago)
Saw Dark age of technology, was hopeing to see something about the Men of Iron or the Man-emporer of mankind.
Andrew James (1 month ago)
ha. the ad on the video was that one with the tv screen that moves up and down
100% Drunk (1 month ago)
I havent upgraded my phone, the new phones suck! The reason you dont see single inventors is they get killed off, eg Jan Sloot There is a problem with radio - all the frequencies have been sold off to cellphone carriers.
Danish Joshi (1 month ago)
Coders for the win ! Lol 😂.
Tanya Dowson (1 month ago)
OMG I have been saying this for years... and what's more, he's right, we are ALL citizens of Planet Earth..... talk about history repeating itself !! We should be looking to heal our world instead of passing our mistakes onto our children. GREED
emil merenheimo (1 month ago)
Progress and technology usually evolves with war. computers, internet and all kind of luxuries we use today were originally invented for ww2 I believe that before we have a new war technology will not evolve significantly
Jock Ronayne (1 month ago)
So I guess you would describe yourself as a "glass half full" type of guy?
Peter Stawicki (1 month ago)
everything he says about hurricane seasons and how horrible they truly are just look back at the record of the last hundred years hurricane seasons have not been bad in the last 10 years at the very least and this is just one more b******* lie about global warming
Sntx _ (1 month ago)
Battle between Apple and Android, I'm out.
BFK (1 month ago)
The robo callers are taking over
Jason Wood (1 month ago)
After the apocalypse I'm going to make a living teaching hunting bros how to survive without night scopes and sniper rounds.
VobisPacem (1 month ago)
Great video but simply untrue. Energy: we are developing more and more solar etc energy, and in next century we will harness kinetic earth, fusion, etc. Metals: we will use other materials. Any chemist knows those properties are available in other compounds or elements. A metal is used in electronics not because there is no substitute but because of industrial convenience. Specialization: work coordination is organic while the whole population is more and more educated not less. Reference sources become more efficient and industrial secrets are disclosed as patents expire. So, no, no dark age. As long as we don't do stupid things like societal regression or nuclear warfare, the future is very bright.
The Seattle Cyclist (1 month ago)
Vsause Micheal here? Only British?
Darrin Scott (1 month ago)
Praise the Omnissiah
ARMED DEFENSE (1 month ago)
i never thought about satellites crashing into each other, better stock up on canned foods and water
Charles Watson (1 month ago)
Try to find typewriter repairmen.
Ruben Leal (1 month ago)
First-world, narrow-minded nonsense. I lived in Colombia, South America for 4 years. My car's frame was damage to a level in which in the US, it would have been totaled. I sat and watched three men bend metal with some of the most basic items and elements, over a 2hr period. No parts replaced, yet my car drove better and straighter than when it was new. On another occasion, I saw a man add a room to his house with no more than bamboo, palm leaves, and twine made from bamboo fiber. This is what third-world migrants can bring to the first world: Basic human skill and art.
Frank (1 month ago)
He failed to mention the primary reason we are already dealing with in the processor realm for most computers; Moore’s Law. We have got a point where processors don’t really appear to be rocketing up in speed as they were just ten years ago. This is because we have started to reach a point where the current type of processor architecture is physically unable to work faster and we require more processors of this type in gain more speed. This is why multi core processors have become a thing. In order to build a faster single processor we will need to explore other mathematical systems of logic such Trinary (ternary) processors to gain a higher processing density and be able to compute more complex problems.
Victor Y. (1 month ago)
Sol Rosenberg (1 month ago)
"Hurricanes are getting worse" That's right, most of the most deadliest and costliest hurricanes ever happened in the 1800's and before then.
JM1993951 (1 month ago)
The migrant "crisis" is only a crisis in so far as politicians use it to rile up white supremacist fears.
petrol devo (1 month ago)
Apparently ! When we keep mining and drilling for oil, eventually we'll run out. Thats one of the biggest problems we keep using up resources, but never put back or find a way to use other materials in place of resources running out before we run out.
Lauren Doe (1 month ago)
Bringing up the fact that the information on how to build a computer requires a computer to access it reminds me of the days where some Video Cassette Recorders (VCRs) came with a video cassette explaining how to hook up the VCR.
add0x (1 month ago)
Fusion energy; fusile nucleosynthesis; and decay-proof, contingent, universal, documentation of everything. It's really an enormous project, but it can be done. I just hope Mr. Burns and Elon Musk can agree on this one youtube _(The Simpsons episode (season 26, episode 12))_-- it's going to need a crap-ton of funding and brain-power (both characters possess both attributes).
nomikes (1 month ago)
I get it. The United States should continue paying every one else's tab
Darren Miller (1 month ago)
At the 8 minute mark, you waffled on climate change. Climate change is human caused and not a mix of different "things". There is no credible science that can discredit this fact. The earth's tilt and elliptical orbit do not count. The Earth is warming because of the greenhouse effect. Just say it.
Bryan Ferguson (1 month ago)
Sooo one of the ads that came up was a full Rondo9 (whoever that is) music video. I’m not personally offended, but I’m sure some of your viewers wouldn’t appreciate the frequent N words and other swear words being dropped... YouTube shouldn’t allow profanity on Ads...
Seamus Howling (1 month ago)
We iz running out of nanometers.
Tony Tone (1 month ago)
How many channels does Simon have? I know of this one as #3...
Robert Palumbo (1 month ago)
Or 1995 year 1 after internet
Robert Palumbo (1 month ago)
The dark age of technology was in 2010
Nicula Andrei (1 month ago)
OO I cant wait for The DARK AGE OF THECNOLOGY 40k
Mystee Pulcine (1 month ago)
That blacksmith is missing many key pieces of PPE.
kaiza94 (1 month ago)
This is very misinforming. I expacted more from this channel. there are still millions upon millions of people who wear a wristwatch ever day. With an incredebal market for watches. Also thinking we would ever go back to telegraphs and radio only is just plane dumb.
Last Name Here (1 month ago)
You are distractingly handsome
Paul Ziolo (1 month ago)
What’s wrong with dumb phones? Actually, they were always far more reliable.
DanceySteve (1 month ago)
Why doesn't the haptic gyroscope movement throughout the day get transferred into charge? (like a wrist watch does with movement) or surely a solar power phone screen must exist by now? Surely. I realise these functions wouldn't give you perpetually charged phone, but the added 10-20% from Kinetic and Solar Screen would be a viable option for me to think about a purchase
Javier Carrera (1 month ago)
One of the best and more useful videos of our time
Maine man (1 month ago)
dude, you should say after each breath, this is my opinion, we welcome yours. didn't believe a word you said, you're speaking like this is a 100% fact, when it's not. It's your opinion dude.
greg taylor (1 month ago)
Technology is like a drug the more you want the more you need. We are all tech addicts
James Vaughan (2 months ago)
To all of this I've one comment: Easter Island. Figure it out.
Luke Youngs (2 months ago)
Primitive Solar Power LOL
Ricky Sanchez (2 months ago)
Global warming again? Give me a break. It’s there are 8 + billion people.
Siebert Giovanni Kalele (2 months ago)
Thomas Darby (2 months ago)
You touched on a subject that I'm hoping you have time to delve into further. Our modern high-tech world is replacing old-fashioned skills. A new, handmade Swiss watch can cost more than a mid-size sedan. That's because they are made by hand, to order, by skilled craftsmen... and their skills are dying out. So... what if we had an EMP blast, that basically sent our technology back to 1880? Or is that even possible? So: Top Ten Changes to the World caused by an EMP blast. Think of a better title, though.
Thomas Kent (2 months ago)
People have been saying this since Malthus. We don't know at this time when the next truly revolutionary may come around the bend but we do know there are a constant list of new things everyday. People who we don't know or even where they are working can come up with an entirely new idea that can change all of modern society.
Cullen Kelley (2 months ago)
This is really bias and his political leaning bleeds through excessively. I normally like these vids or at least consider the points he makes. This one well I can tell you right now that not only is our tech fine if anything were to happen their are absurdly well protected vaults around the world that document how to make practically everything. These are maintained by International agreements between countries and can easy sustain themselves for hundreds of years. Second we are actually getting pretty close to a tech 'cap' so to say as nano tech is getting to the point where physics will not allow as to go smaller. I had a discussion with and engineering major and myself a cyber sec major and he explained why it's so damn hard to get these thing to the size they are. This actually can be seen in the newest forms of tech like the new gtx graphics cards are only slightly better than the existing 1080 ti etc.
Joshan Ryu (2 months ago)
It's comfortable to ignore the world's problems, and the video is exaggerating since countermeasures are being explored, BUT there are things that simple have no viable solution. Removing Space junk is nearly impossible or time-consuming and super expensive at best. Then there's the obvious environmental changes that we cannot stop. Humanity isn't really getting dumber, but there is a huge gap between the average person and specialists needed to make our society function.. You don't even need a disaster to cripple the world. Just murder a bunch of specialists that are irreplaceable in their field and technological advances will slow down for years, maybe decades. We don't have enough 'adults' running the show.
Nicholas Farrell (2 months ago)
For the record, I don't wear a watch because my skin is so greasy that it guns up the various moving parts in a few days. Tried keeping them clean, but it absolutely does not work.
Lilith V. (2 months ago)
All of that is a problem for people who don't know how to garden, use a gun for hunting and self defense, or build a home.
mister voodoo (2 months ago)
C'mon dark age. Western civilization is becoming weak because life is so easy and convenient.
Joshua Kehl (2 months ago)
see *Moore’s Law.
formless777 (2 months ago)
This video makes a lot of valid points about how fragile the current economy is. Resource shocks have hit humanity before, and it will happen again. Stand warned.
Corcon (3 months ago)
No more hard drives means a whole lot of information that we'll need to print on paper, and that means a whole lot of trees will have to die.
Merry Midlight (3 months ago)
Fear Mongering

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