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Instagram Declares War on Youtube, Lele Pons IGTV, XXXTentacion, & Trump Executive Order

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Philip DeFranco (4 months ago)
If you're going to VidCon see ya soon! If not, I'll see you back here tomorrow. <3 XXXTentacion(00:06), Pokemon GO!(6:34), TIA(7:38), Immigration Update(10:28)
Rick Mannion (20 days ago)
Rip x
the1tigglet (2 months ago)
Has anyone else noticed how many times activists are shot and killed by "unknown" assailants who seemingly have no idea how to commit a robbery? Why is every death of an activist a failed robbery?
Central Elegance (4 months ago)
Tana con was so fun
Schäfer G. (4 months ago)
Acolyte of Torbjörn Its news thats important or interesting to him dipshit. He literally states this in the intro of every show. Take your little snow flake ass to Fox News if you're so butt hurt.
Lemonade ッ (3 days ago)
urdiary1344 (27 days ago)
I never knew xxx but I sad every time I remember the death and my grade in school all put xxx on there hands for his birthday to remember him
He aslo was a drug user he was smoking also and shit like that, but he cut them out he was only using a vape, just to not be a bad influence to children out there cause he was realy trying to change, he also was setting messenges to other artists to fill them passivity he never saw anyone as an enemy he was always trying to help, And I think he had this abusive behaviour because of his past ,as If you live childhood like his it's kind of understandable but I know its not an excuse (all of these is about xxxtentacion lol) aaw also Geneva had confessed about some lies she told against him
Xenre Lavague (1 month ago)
Okay. Time to get all controversial up in here. On yesterday's video I stated that I had no sympathy for the children that were being taken away from their parents because the parents knew what they were getting into when they tried to cross the border with their kids in tow. They made the shit sandwich and now they have to eat it. Boo-fucking-hoo. But with that said, there are a lot of people out there that don't feel the way I do (I'm a heartless asshole and am proud of it) and, being a political figure that passes or enforces unpopular and divisive legislation, you sign up to be protested and ridiculed. So I have no sympathy for Secretary Nielson. She helped put the policies in place, so she has to deal with people being in her grill about it. All of this is the price of doing business in America. And THIS is what freedom of speech is ALL about. Welcome to America, bitches.
Xenre Lavague (1 month ago)
XXXTentacion: No sympathy. Given the horrible shit he admitted doing? I think the world a little better for him not being in it any longer.
Linda Peavy (2 months ago)
Child separation? You got played, son! Welcome to the leftist fake news! Bye!
Norbit Rice (2 months ago)
X was a piece of shit
Onieyus Yojimbo (2 months ago)
What happened to XXXTentacion was karma of his own making, why should anyone feel sorry for him. If you dont want to be killed by a bunch of gangbangers, dont associate with a bunch of gangbangers. Jest because you want to become a better person dosent change your past, you still have to deal with your past before you can move on, clearly he did not deal with his.
I love x though
Divine E. Nantamu (2 months ago)
Typical Sloth (2 months ago)
Is it just me that thinks there would have been a lot more coverage and updates on this X story if It was not X, Just another normal citizen would the reaction be different. People judge him on his past and not the then present, I mean... I just don't like the response from people.
Kayleigh (3 months ago)
For the first guy, I will not celebrate nor disrespect his death. His actions were horrid, I can see he tried and I can commentate him for that, but I won't forget his previous life.
Lynn Leigha (3 months ago)
Exactly!! One of my all times sayings (because I have a pretty fkd up past) is, no matter how hard I try, I cannot change the past, all I can do is try and make for a better future. Can't always be looking backwards because you can miss so many great opportunities that may present themselves right in front of you.
Deacon The Narrator (3 months ago)
I know I'm super late, but I look at it like this. X was trying his best to changed and was still killed. I'm sorry and sympathetic to the situation. Now, if he had died while beating on someone or during a robbery, thats his own fault. But he was minding his own business planning another charity.
Ms10000123 (3 months ago)
There is no act one can perform that makes a person no longer human. Anyone who thinks that needs to consider what implications that has . (ethnic cleansing is a good example) There is no human, past or present, that doesn't change during their life. And accepting that, I also have to accept that people can move on from the person they were including the acts they've done. Thus I can't accept that there is an act that makes it so that a person cannot move beyond the act within their life. Whether they actually do move on depends on the person and the effort it takes depends on the act, but no act is beyond the possibility of redemption.
Charlie Gittins (3 months ago)
whether he was doing it for PR or good, XXX was doing good things and it's a shame that was cut short.
Deana Clewes (3 months ago)
I really don't think XXX deserved what he got he was trying to be a better man. Despite the details of his prior cases and what not he wrote some really great music that helped me through hard times. R.i.p X you will always be remembered
Georgia Grace (3 months ago)
All this x shit is so he said she said. I’ve heard so many different versions of every story but none of them are actually proven
J (3 months ago)
Did they use tear gas after the Super Bowl? Oh they didn’t. I was just wondering. 🤔🍵
Jono on YouTube (3 months ago)
Philip how do you think they can fix this problem with the border. I think it's so easy to solve. No matter what way you go some one Is always gonna be hurt .
Bran onymous (3 months ago)
I think the thing about that rapper trying to do positive things and better himself, where that's different from scumbags like Brock Turner is that he was consistently trying. When we (at least myself) imagine that garbage making a donation to charity before a premature death (if you can consider it that, since it's hard for me to say that a scumbag dying at a young age is dying before they should have), the image that comes to mind is the soul-less act of just cutting a check and nothing else. Where this rapper was regularly trying to use his fame to promote positivity as well as cutting checks to charity. I think it's seeing them put in the effort where the biggest difference is
XXXMOONLIGHT (4 months ago)
These niggas have no life
Jillian Rachael (4 months ago)
Just because he thanked his fans doesn't mean he regrets his past actions. Which he has never said. He has never taken responsibility for any of the horrible things he did or apologized for them. Hence, this was not an example of him "trying to change." Someone who says they shouldn't be defined by their past actions is someone who is not accepting responsibility. That is someone who is still throwing attitude when confronted with things they did. Like, man up and admit what you did. Then apologize/make reparations and then we all move on.
Dejion Jon (4 months ago)
Saying shit like the affluenza kid could never do anything to be a good person, shows a short sightedness that is very annoying. If Phil was born in that kid's shoes, I doubt he'd be so flippantly judgemental of his position. People dont know what his upbringing was like, but all signs point to his environment being fucked up, something that is not his fault...
Justin Scharf (4 months ago)
Whats your solution? Entering the country illegally needs to have consequences and you can't send a kid to jail! You probably just want open borders.
Donnie V. (4 months ago)
How about letting the parents know they are breaking federal law by crossing the border illegally! Due process applies to United States citizens only!
Lucian Corrvinus (4 months ago)
Actions speak louder than words...and for every "bad" thing one does,it takes 1,000 to make up for it. Genuine and patient good behavior is always a sign of growth and repentance but nobody should ever think it won't be something that happens overnight.....
Bass Player (4 months ago)
I though people hated him cuz he made shitty music.
Tor (4 months ago)
X is a thumbs up but fr I hate Philip
Amanda B (4 months ago)
Phil I believe people have a need to honestly believe that no one is beyond redemption. If we start believing that isn't true we start to feel like there's a line that once crossed you cannot ever be forgiven so what is the point in trying to be better.
Mnxe (4 months ago)
I didn't like XXX, didn't like his music it just wasn't my thing, etc. But, he was a human. Even though what he did was disgusting, he was a human and he was young, he lost his life too young. His death should not be celebrated, he is a human, and he has a family that is hurting and will hurt for the rest of their life.
loli_ cvnt (4 months ago)
That man is NOT 71 Teach me your skincare routine, old man!
Tern (4 months ago)
Unpopular opinion. If criminals don't want to be separated from their children, don't be criminals. Illegal immigrants are criminals and Mexico is far more strict with their immigration policies than the US is. If a man commits a crime, as a legal US resident, he is taken from his children. If he's a single parent, that child is placed in the care of CPS who looks for other family members who will take care of the child and attempt to place them in a healthy, safe environment. AWAY FROM THEIR CRIMINAL PARENT. We have, I think, a dozen embassies in Mexico? Sorry, but if you want to come to America -- do it legally. Because, shocker, then your kids won't be separated from you while you have to wait in jail to go to your court hearing because let's be real, if they didn't haul illegal immigrants off to jail 80% + of them would never be seen on their court date. That is real, statistical data. I'm so tired of this problem. It's horrible. I'm tired of how violent every is right now. I don't care if you're on the left or the right. I don't care what you think. I'm so sick of people being terrible to each other. I'm so sick of people being incapable of holding an actual conversation.
Elizabeth McEvoy (4 months ago)
Love your videos but the immigration policy that everyone is upset about was put into place by Obama and Trump has been working to fix it
Fron George (4 months ago)
I am still happy he died
Shaun Martin (4 months ago)
I'm a Christian and its a core part of what I believe that you cannot be forgiven by what you do. In xxxs case his deeds don't change the past and his abuse still hurt people. If he wants forgiveness all he needs is to ask for it and we as a people need to be willing to give it. Forgiveness is crazy though because we should be willing to give it even if he didn't ask. The awesome thing is, there is no crime we should not be willing to forgive. So my answer is that there is no line for when we forgive and don't forgive. Sure there are people who do unspeakable things and from a legal standpoint we can't forgive them but from our own hearts forgiveness should always be present.
David Wiessing (4 months ago)
Anyone can be redeemed.
Mykie Forbes (4 months ago)
Trump is just a plain idiot
Xpzilla (4 months ago)
X didn't beat up his cellmate BECAUSE he was gay, the guy was being creepy and staring at him while he was changing at stuff.
Erebus Akers (4 months ago)
I went to AA with my mom when she got sober for years. There were men in there who raped, who stole, who killed, who did some of the worst things that a human can do. And those men admitted to it, they plead for forgiveness from the victims and others affected, they did whatever they could to make up for it. I feel like XXX's actions later on in life were to make up for his past, but he still fucked up. I won't celebrate his death and I won't hold him on a pedestal, but I will say that he made thousands upon thousands of lives better and that's all we can hope for at the end of the day.
Central Elegance (4 months ago)
Box Truck Studios (4 months ago)
YouTube = minus sign... IGTV = sideways minus sign... therefore, IGTV + YouTube = Google Plus. Illuminati.
Shillip DeFraudo (4 months ago)
Vertical videos belong only in hell.
Leslie Monsibais (4 months ago)
Should Microsoft take themselves off of my computer since I support ICE? Get real.
Aaron Smith (4 months ago)
In terms of XXXTentacion, sure his past is riddled with violence but his child hood was filled with violence and i have no doubt that attributed to his future in some aspect. mental health plays a factor when looking at his past depression and anger issues left untreated can make a person do heinous things. the fact that he was actively trying to change and fix himself should be at the very least respected, he had a positive message, he was young and people CAN change. no excusing his actions but you cant condemn someone on past mistakes especially if there is an underlying mental issue that can be corrected. (if the allegations were true, he deserves to serve his time.) its a touchy issue, but i believe looking for the best in people, and anyone could see he was trying to change, while also documenting his own trials with depression. i know his music has helped me in the tough hours.
Xanhus (4 months ago)
Ky Lynch (4 months ago)
idk even if XXXtentacion had a 'good message' his message is inherently abusive. Sure, he wants you to be better, but he probably also wants you to support him while he assaults women. you lose the ability to be a 'good guy' when you beat your girlfriend
CCreepyCCrow (4 months ago)
im surprised you didnt talk about koko the gorillas death
TamraGirl (4 months ago)
Omg if you don’t live in a country illegally you don’t have to worry about getting deported ....if you cared about your children you would take the necessary steps to become citizens
leezha (4 months ago)
"High class MEXICAN restaurant" ... Ohh the irony.
Cruel Abduhl (4 months ago)
They are trained to deal with the children's needs, but need #1 through 10 is to be with their parents so obviously this is not working well.
David Martin (4 months ago)
Philip! Children are not get out of jail free cards. If you drag a kid across the border, that isn't a "catch and release" guarantee.
David Martin (4 months ago)
The dude was a dick, but his momma loved him.
NOO NOPE (4 months ago)
If you want the borders to be open. Then you should put ur money where ur mouth is and open your homes to these people as well. Help get them on their feet. Help them get a start on their new life. When i start seeing that i start believing till then everyone can shut the F^^^ up. Assholes crying about it are the ones in gated communities..... they dont see the crime rates that this causes.
Lo (4 months ago)
I think that past actions of a person, should somewhat determine whether they are a "garbage person", but if they one day wake up and start doing charitable and good acts for the right reasons (not just for good PR) I think that they should not be totally forgiven, but at least less hated. Bad usually trumps good, but enough good should be able to heal the bad. (Idk I'm a fetus 😂)
Tank Bros (4 months ago)
The reason we take these kids from their parents is that we make sure that people that want to sell or cause harm in the US so they don't use children to cross the border freely. They might rape women to get a child to get across the border. That is what could happen if we let every person with a child cross freely
Skev Beats (4 months ago)
New Yorkers can love philly I guess with you being a rocky and creed fan
Walkman (4 months ago)
Go Michigan
Amanda foxgiirrl (4 months ago)
Can someone who is a bad person change? I'm my opinion Yes I've had someone in my at one time i hated completely. But they have completely turned their life around and is no longer that person. I not only appreciate that person now but I am happy to see them when I do. They too have done many horrible things but we met when he was 20 and now he is 30. Change takes time but is possible.
John Smith (4 months ago)
For the record, he was quite literally exploiting that child though. Turns out that the girl with downs syndrome was only separated for about 20 minutes because they caught the mother attempting to illegally cross the border, and the girl had been crying before they were even caught due to hunger and dehydration. That's what you can expect out of these liberal pussies that trot out these sob stories as an attempt to conflate policy with punishment. I love you Phil, but this bullshit needs to be fully researched. Also, why didn't you show the "How dare you" reaction?
Sarah Norrie (4 months ago)
There’s a great podcast about victims confront their attackers to work through the trauma and work towards healing. If he truly was trying to better himself then I fully support that cause and believe that is a much better way to handle the situation. If you let hate and anger and pain rule the world we would all be dead.
Edward Coleman (4 months ago)
Sorry dad, as soon as you cross the border illegally you are a criminal, which would make me an accessory to your crime. Im gonna stay here with grandma.
Lucas Delaney (4 months ago)
That "speech" he gave on his stream was a stolen speech quote. It wasn't his to begin with
Maugre (4 months ago)
I'd follow you on instagram but I'd have to get instagram and my life hasnt got to that point yet
Joshoewa Simpsun (4 months ago)
I bet x was talkin shit then his po or some shit hopped on stream so he switched up
Blurry Face (4 months ago)
What happened to xxx was pure karma
Joshua Bixby (4 months ago)
The immigration law is simple, stop bringing your kids into our country. Stay in yours. Don't ever risk or do something so selfish that you risk losing your child. How more simple can they make it.. stop being stupid.. stupid lol
eugkra33 (4 months ago)
People still play pokemon go?
shea jackson (4 months ago)
Joshua A TM (4 months ago)
I look at X how I look at two other people in my life My siblings father. Abused us, tried to stab my mother with a screwdriver, refused to give me food, screamed at us for no reason, slapped me, force fed my brother, all sorts of things. Never tried to make up for it. Only good thing he ever did was give all these claw machine toys to a kids shelter, but only because he couldn’t be fucked looking after them. My step father. He was an alcoholic, got into lots of fights, sold and dud drugs, got kicked out of school for it and got kicked from home at fifteen. He ended up going to jail. But he’s actually turned his life around. Gotten help and counseling and is a good person now. There are people out here that do shit they shouldn’t, but what separates them from the scum of the earth, is the ones that actually try and turn their life around. X tried to turn his life around. He tried to be good. He deserved a second chance.
Joshua A TM (4 months ago)
Apparently x’s ex admitted she lied
Jessica Clones (4 months ago)
i could be wrong but i think this is the second time you've covered a pokemon go gone wrong story from st. louis... gotta love my city!!!
MrDonkDonkerson (4 months ago)
This is going to get lost in the shuffle but it needs to be said. You are wrong about Obama not separating children from parents. First, currently approx 10K of the 12K children in the Government's custody were sent without their parents in the first place. Kristjen Neilsen said this in an interview in the last two weeks or so. Second, the policy that children be separated from parents has been in place since 1997 when the Government settled a lawsuit after being sued OVER KEEPING CHILDREN DETAINED WITH THEIR PARENTS. It's called the Flores Settelement. Long story short the Flores Settlement required the children be released from detainment without unnecessary delay. This forced the government to release kids ahead of their parents if the parents were taking too long to process. In 2015 the Government found itself back in court for violating the Flores settlement b/c Obama's DHS built detainment centers in PA where it was keeping children detained with their parents. The court found that the Flores Settlement had been violated and clarified "without unnecessary delay" to mean within 20 days. After this ruling the Obama admin began separating and releasing the kids ahead of the parents, just like is happening now. If you want to argue that Trump is more strict in his enforcement than Obama I'd agree with you but to say the Obama admin did not do this is patently false. It's worth mentioning as well that children and parents are only separated IF THEY'RE CAUGHT CROSSING ILLEGALLY. If they go to a port of entry and apply for asylum they get to stay with their kids. What's more, after the parents are let in or deported they are reunited with their kids. It's not as if they never see them again. As odious as the separation policy is it's the executive branch's job to enforce the law. It's the Congress's job to legislate. If you don't like a law you should be pushing the Congress to change it, not the executive branch to stop enforcing it.
Aamyko (4 months ago)
And yet that XXX dude has the no.1 song in the U.S, how fucked up is that?
Clow (4 months ago)
maybe his record company paid for a hit so they could make the money without paying out as much
Front Butt Bandit (4 months ago)
Good guy Phil lol. X was a bum pos but he deserve to die.
JareBear TheGreat (4 months ago)
I have worked as a probation officer for 11 years. I have worked with adults and juveniles and the entire purpose of my job is to help people who have done shitty and evil things become decent. It at least seems like he was trying to make up for the horrible things he has done. In the end you cannot change your past, but you can at least learn from it and try to help others when you can.
Twister (4 months ago)
They say that most of the emotional problem on the kids are because they've been taken from their parents. As if being illegally trafficked into the country wouldn't leave any mental scars whatsoever.
SpaceCadetAlpha (4 months ago)
Human beings should not be thought of as “illegal” or “alien”. We’re all here on this shit-covered rock together. Divisiveness and pointing fingers will only guarantee that the future will continue to be dark. I do not condone the violent and drug-running organizations that may see the door being opened and coming through, but we have to start taking care of each other. We need to fix each other.
Twister (4 months ago)
People congratulating how he's dead because he was a monster but he wasn't even old enough to drink legally. Its all pretty fucked.
Alex Pace (4 months ago)
The outro 😂
Teshaina Abernathy (4 months ago)
My take on XXX is that it’s sad to see people celebrating his death, it’s still a human being that had loved ones and fans cared about. Can someone MAKE UP for horrible actions? It’s not that simple. Every single person in this world is terrible in some ways and wonderful in others, some worse than others. As an artist he wanted to spread a positive message and I appreciated and commend that about him. What I don’t understand is people’s obsession with deeming one person as inherently good or bad. People have depth, realistically speaking it’s not as black and white as good and bad in this world. None of these people pushing their opinions about him know him personally, know anything about what kind of person he was only the actions they’ve heard from the media.
zRicardo Emilio as (4 months ago)
Geez I miss Obama
Lauren C (4 months ago)
Don’t come here illegally, they’re the ones putting their children at risk. It they didn’t break the law they wouldn’t lose their kids.
cheyenne deas (4 months ago)
I was randomly unsubbed from you????
P.C. D (4 months ago)
Pew news copycat
abcd b (4 months ago)
Watch the interview. X said he had no problem with the man being gay but that the man wouldn’t stop looking at him while X was changing. The police also but the man with X because X was a calm prisoner
Holly (4 months ago)
Hi, Phil! Random question here... Do people really say RIP like the word "rip", instead of individual letters? "R.I.P.", or was that an oversight by you while reading?
Danny Tonnessen (4 months ago)
If you want the limit of 20 day....fine. 😆 Not a problem, BUT if we haven’t been able deal with the kid in the 20 day limit that you want, we should DEPORT THEM! Problem solved. 😂
Beng Chiat Seah (4 months ago)
One question. Isn't the responsibility of a minor lies in the hands of his parents/guardians? Knowingly committing a crime and then complain about the treatment received, they lost the rights to bring their kids up.
Frosty FTW (4 months ago)
Is Better Help also available in Canada? Like its an international thing? I know i prolly sound stupid right now but I don't care cuz I'm genuinely curious.
Erika Bardere (4 months ago)
I was hoping the title of this meant Instagram has war on Lele Pons [preventing her from having] IGTV
Just Pelé (4 months ago)
You bias really hasn't changed, has it Phil?
Savannah Tatianna (4 months ago)
I just CANT with politics today anymore. I have always been very, very up to date with politics. I have totally stopped all of my updates and notifications on news outlets and don’t watch tv anymore because I just can’t handle it anymore. I just feel nauseous to think about everything now. I have never seen a president tear people apart SO MUCH as trump does. I don’t understand why people can’t just stop with the hate. It doesn’t make your life any better. Hate will only weigh you down. All this political hate is just too much for me so that’s why I can’t watch it or engage it anymore. This video was the first thing I’ve watched political in MONTHS. I don’t want to constantly hear horrible news anymore...I only surround myself with positivity now. Ive been through too much in my life and have overcome and I’ve got a 9 year old child to raise lololol
NidgeDFX (4 months ago)
Phil you dodged the XXX answer.
Kiyo (4 months ago)
X pretty clearly was an incredibly self-involved person. That can make you a good artist but it often makes makes you a crap person (for a mild version of this, look at Kanye West). People try and pick apart his victims allegations, completely ignoring that his own art points to deep seated issues with women and other people in general. He would have had to spend his whole life making up for it, and it seems like he never would have. He would have learned a few things, expressed regret, done a few good things and then started to demand recognition and absolution (like the racist abuser Mark Wahlberg demanding his record be expunged) bc that’s how self involved people are. Unfortunately, his life was cut short before he could prove that theory wrong. You can lament the loss of potential, but don’t conflate potential character with actual character. He was a bad person and should be remembered accordingly so that others will learn from his mistakes. The violence he perpetuated against others is as much his legacy as any song- if that seems unfair, life’s unfair. You never know when your life will end and if you’re not happy with what your legacy would be if you died right now, the onus is on you to bust your ass and change that (and not just by kicking some money to a few charities).
GrieferDenisStudios (4 months ago)
These kids arent forcibly taken away from their parents, they chose to break the law and cross into the country illegally.
Amanda Knauss (4 months ago)
Ugh. I'm still annoyed by the tentacion situation. Like she may be chill with him or whatever but I'm tired of the excuse of how much potential a man has. How many womens' lives are we willing to risk or even lose for the sake of a man's potential??
Green Barrel (4 months ago)
I certainly hope the new Instagram project doesn't take off! Their draconian policy of requiring a phone number even to *view* content is ridiculous.
say narda (4 months ago)
Remember that Jon Lennon beat his wife up

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