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[MMD] Luka & Miku duet - The Secret Garden PV

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I made this duet, enjoy it! I create this mp3 http://www.mediafire.com/?4q4wwpow0qob63a Download Moti http://bytatsu.net/uploader/mikumikudance/upload.cgi?mode=dl&file=2310 Pass: garden
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Text Comments (15)
miawcatz (6 years ago)
umm, can't you re-upload the motion data? I couldn't find it at the link provided. Thanks in advance ^^
Catherine Hidalgo (7 years ago)
amazing how you put them together i always wanted to hear this duet of secret garden =3
luigi4856 (7 years ago)
it's very good,too bad it's not HD D:
animekittykitty (7 years ago)
Your videos are so beautifully done! I love it!
CHAN-kun (7 years ago)
I luuuuvv this . Thanks so much for posting this Luka and Miku just sound soo adorabe together.. :3
Mystic Mina (7 years ago)
@foreverloveyou22 please help! =(
Mystic Mina (7 years ago)
the pass dose not work???
Brian Coolidge (7 years ago)
@ariefd11 I Love you dood XD
MintySodafied (8 years ago)
@VampireKnightFreak77 kio luka and project diva miku school there is vid some where on youtube with the links
MMDPsyKurono (8 years ago)
@MarQchisan eahhhhhh XD wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Dennis Reed (8 years ago)
Excellent Yami, loved what you did with the music, sweeter & softer! :) Thanks for the links!
VampireKnightFreak77 (8 years ago)
Dannywy (8 years ago)
the pass is "secret" without the quotes
David Mc (8 years ago)
Help us Yamilucy, you are our only hope. Sweet video. :D
coroixiwa (8 years ago)
broken download link

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