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More Progress on the New Background for NCIX Tech Tips

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I think it looks great so far. More tweaks still to come, but soon we'll be shooting on our brand new background.
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Text Comments (57)
XsenGaming (3 years ago)
it's fun to look back at theese old videos
OGkillaz94 (1 month ago)
OsmLps (7 years ago)
EPHIN SHIRT. WIN AS FUCK. Did Linus have SDK doing this mural? ;D If anyone else in here is a graffiti writer, you're as excited as me.
Arcadian (11 months ago)
Highly, highly doubt it. I guarantee he just bought one of their t-shirt. This guy is using painters tape, and the lines still come out inconsistent. Dudes a toy, no way he affiliated with SDK.
OsmLps (7 years ago)
@CaesarRoyale That's a Washington Nationals hat...
CaesarRoyale (7 years ago)
Wallgreen's hat = Epic win
UTubeLightBulb (9 years ago)
Does he do school yards?
saffant (9 years ago)
Shaxuul (9 years ago)
NCIX got wiggerfied.
Janne Granström (9 years ago)
Marazuga Alonsus (9 years ago)
Linus adding some ''gangsta'' to the ''geek''! ;>
geneticswede (9 years ago)
xD i wish i had his job
CarbonSteel93 (9 years ago)
@LinusTechTips lol didn't think so
DarthScape (9 years ago)
looks so 90's
Jeremy (9 years ago)
@LinusTechTips o.O Gaming too much my friend.
xmurder95x (9 years ago)
are you scared of the cameraman? :D
VWestlife (9 years ago)
Now paint some cats on the wall, too!
Ryan Harvey (9 years ago)
It reminds me of nickelodeon. Or YTV or something. Just seems childish.
Andrius Pragarauskas (9 years ago)
Omg awesom! :)
Johan Pigari (9 years ago)
I think cameraman is a robot for one of those "weekend" protects.
George Papadopoulos (9 years ago)
Alex148710 (9 years ago)
@RawrrItzMattiee It looked better on paper
locolalo1364 (9 years ago)
Neighbor hood vandal lol
The Architect Intech (9 years ago)
i love the work u don keep up man. ur going to kill (D3gameman) and all the other guys on You tube
danthaman7777 (9 years ago)
@LinusTechTips really?
Alex148710 (9 years ago)
Now police can caught the neighborhood vandal @ 1:05
CruelQuertos (9 years ago)
The cameraman need to show himself
ArmyofSeaturtles (9 years ago)
Canadian graffiti :o
metalmasterlp (9 years ago)
can i rent him for 10 minutes ?
Nikita Barkov (9 years ago)
Tyler Camp (9 years ago)
I bet he likes you calling him the neighborhood vandal.
Bramm Gaming (9 years ago)
Nice, nice, nice =D!
Sast06 (9 years ago)
Looking good Linus.
ChrisCzib (9 years ago)
When can we see the cameraman?
OZA5 (9 years ago)
Looks nice, exciting to see a final result.
Krozone (9 years ago)
@LinusTechTips why?
makedonii (9 years ago)
great work! love it! i wonder how mutch it has cost to make it happen? :)
Søren Bendlin (9 years ago)
Fucking awesome logo :)
Br. Lucian (9 years ago)
cool background ) like;)
1pd (9 years ago)
Lookin good, hope you can unbox the crosshair 4 formula soon too.
Zereks (9 years ago)
@LinusTechTips The cat vid soon uploaded 8) ?
JereHakala (9 years ago)
𝕮𝖔𝖔𝖑 𝖘𝖙𝖚𝖋𝖋.
Linus Tech Tips (9 years ago)
@UserNamei5 no.
woodshuck (9 years ago)
u should make a vid about the cameraman: the ultimate reveal :P nice wall btw
Son Goku (9 years ago)
lol local vandal do u pay hi in paint :P
Anton (9 years ago)
@givemethelotion No?
DBoehn79 (9 years ago)
Nice idea to do the mural / logo. It look great so far. Can't wait to see it when it's all finished.
Linus Tech Tips (9 years ago)
@APFORDDESIGN They are covered in sisal woven fabric. They really like it.
MuggyB (9 years ago)
lolmont is lame sorry
Jonislol (9 years ago)
Andrea Andrea (9 years ago)
@JKill20 fail
Linus Tech Tips (9 years ago)
@APFORDDESIGN new cat tree video uploading as we speak
OGkillaz94 (1 month ago)
awesome, CANT WAIT!!
Boreo (9 years ago)
"so.." Was the cameraman angry?
Harley2991 (9 years ago)
linus ur like 12yo kid at christmas night and btw "so we've made..."
Biker Gremling (9 years ago)
givemethelotion (9 years ago)
That backwards cap makes him look likes he's 8 years old

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