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Map Shows World Following 260-Foot Sea Level Rise

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Designer Martin Varjic has drawn a map that shows what the world will look like if all of the polar ice melts and the sea level swells 260 feet. Environmentalists often talk about the dire effects of melting polar caps and rising sea levels, but the projected consequences can at times seem a bit abstract. As a means of making the situation more concrete, graphic designer Martin Vargic has drawn a vision of the future using the long-established techniques of cartography. His map shows what the world will look like if all of the polar ice melts and the sea level swells 260 feet. Instantly noticeable is that the continents shrink quite a bit. Closer examination shows that along with the disappearance current coastlines, major urban areas will end up under water as well. London, New Orleans, Berlin and Amsterdam will be no more. Parts of Brazil will also be lost, along with chunks of Miami, and Washington D.C. Said Vargic his rendering is an attempt to bring "traditional cartography to a contemporary setting, while reminding us about the dangers of global warming and subsequent climate change." How likely is it that his vision will come to pass? According to National Geographic, if everything continues as it is today, very. In time, modern conditions could cause the average temperature on the planet to increase from 58 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Frank Machado (1 year ago)
260ft rise? that is bullshit, if you know anything about history you will know that there is a jewish settlement about 300ft below sea lvl, now since the largest part of the ice age from that peroid has melted which brought it to 300ft level, you would have to be very bad at math to think that from the ice that is left it will raise it almost another 300ft........not likely, this is just more bullshit from the fake global warming bullshit scam.......
Computer Addic (2 years ago)
Bullshit!First,there is not enough water on the poles to rise the sealevel that much!Second,the sealevel is not rising!You cant do the math with just the amount of ice and convert that to water!Because ice is less dense than water.And third,we are heading to a mini ice age!Fourth,in the Netherlands we just put a bigger dike between the sea and the land,so Amsterdam will still be here..
adjwilley (4 months ago)
Only part of the sea level rise comes from the ice in the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets (plus glaciers around the world). The other factor is that water expands when it gets warmer, so if the oceans warm significantly enough to melt the poles, the existing ocean water also expands and has nowhere to go but up. You are correct that ice is less dense than water, but most of the ice in Antarctica and Greenland is actually sitting on land, not floating in the water.
Charles Coe (11 months ago)
Computer Addic denial is an impairment of your fear.
freedomfightertwo (3 years ago)
Berlin is underwater! Oh, no!
MrDarragh123456789 (4 years ago)
no links >:(
mmortal03 (4 years ago)
His last name is spelled Vargic, not Varjic.
Tony Badivuk (4 years ago)
Racist cunts
David Jack (4 years ago)
Uhh, what? 

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