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Sage and sea salt liquid soap

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How to Make Sage & Sea Salt Liquid Soap. Formula: 1. 500g Soap Lab's Handmade Liquid Castile Soap 2. 25g Sage & Sea Salt Fragrance Oil (skinsafe by soaplabmalaysia) 3. Peacock Green Mica Color Pigment To purchase ingredient: please visit www.soaplabmalaysia.com For more recipes and how to's subscribe to our youtube channel:-) This liquid soap is suitable for: Eczema, Babies, Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin
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ailurophiles (1 year ago)
hi why do i want to remove the bubbles?
Soap Lab (1 year ago)
ailurophiles to make sure it doesnt bubble up too much to a point u cant pour it into a container. Ghe bubbles is still there when j use it. Just not frm the mixing

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