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The naked Chefs - The Stoves - Live on French TV

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The Naked Chef (les hommes à poêles) offers you a very funny act with stoves ! This was performed live on French TV !
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Text Comments (396)
At 2:58 we see the red spot on his bum
עידו עובדיה (26 days ago)
איזה סוטים
Ha ha, giey
Laurens programmiert (4 months ago)
Thats kinda dumb and beautiful
Gün ışığı (4 months ago)
Elise Galea (5 months ago)
Awwwwww is saw there butts😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂
Ferhat Demir (5 months ago)
Tania Bray (5 months ago)
I’m so uncomfortable watching this. Lol
Sıdıka Kaya (6 months ago)
Larry Matias (7 months ago)
Music is the instrumental version of Yma Sumac’s Gopher Mambo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7JWxNqyIRtk
Error 404 Macro 202 (9 months ago)
Some dudes copied this and got it on amaricas got talent
Tacican bros tr (9 months ago)
Bu zaten gerçek deil
Natalia Lubrano Lavadera (9 months ago)
ma nooo dai
Przemek Leszczyński (10 months ago)
poco patelnie ?
Kerle Angelika (10 months ago)
Alyssa Lee (10 months ago)
Why was there little a little girl that watch that that is rated R
Franziska Echtle (1 year ago)
Wie heißt das Lied
Ха ха х ах аха
Ece Sezgin (1 year ago)
Ne izledim ben amk
pro Oyun 2 (4 months ago)
Ece Sezgin video :D
Dean McMullan (1 year ago)
that has to be fake
co cie to obchodzi (1 year ago)
Co za gejeee
Ann Slime (1 year ago)
Пссссс. Есть кто российский?
Карина Лайк (6 months ago)
Аня Звездочка конечно
La DeFlo (1 year ago)
I'm going to make a very Italian comment on this act. Positively unhygienic.
Mags Rochelle Batista (1 year ago)
What's the title of this song, please?
Quisha Dioso (1 year ago)
I see there butt
Лера Май (1 year ago)
вау кошмар
shana Hoff (1 year ago)
So stupid
lori Edgar (1 year ago)
Same act!!!!!!! Do more at least!!
paology (1 year ago)
Patrick: In this context, "poêles" means "frying pans" (des poêles à frire), not "stoves". It's the same word in French (poêles) but the wrong English translation. Stoves are "cuisinières".
You'r a private lol XD LOL HAHAHA
Kodus (1 year ago)
His Winnie slips show...
Hanna (1 year ago)
Wtf did I just watch...
DominiczeQ Nie (1 year ago)
2:56 brudno XD
campbell bailey (1 year ago)
Vedat Çelik (1 year ago)
bunu türkiyede yapsan gotunden kan alirlar
Arda R3KT (10 months ago)
Vedat Çelik aynn
Sky roblox And more (1 year ago)
Well that's weird😐
Hypniq (1 year ago)
Thats what you call a PAN sexual!
robinhood (1 year ago)
good to see some absurde cute oldschool funny little shows like this sometimes thanks
Catalin Georgian (1 year ago)
what song is that?
cateye cateye (1 year ago)
gayest performance
Emma James (1 year ago)
That was so rude and hilarious 😂🤣😆😸
Holly M (1 year ago)
reminds me of the towel guys
Cringy old Channel (1 year ago)
Omg that is 😜
Cringy old Channel (1 year ago)
Lol a boner
Ali IŞIK (1 year ago)
Bunlar gay ler galiba o kadar sürttüler birbirlerine :D
Blaze (1 year ago)
When someone pauses it to see there butt
Juan Olivares (1 year ago)
at first the left one had his penis out a bit
gianna b (1 year ago)
Is this the kind of things that are on French tv?? At least it was censored on AGT.
Stewie Griffin (1 year ago)
Brandon Wu (1 year ago)
They were just on AGT
MrCookie Melon (1 year ago)
I feel so bad for the guy who had to hold his partner like that
BizMarkie91 (1 year ago)
Anyone hungry for hotdogs now? No...?Just me?
Adrian Ciociu (1 year ago)
t iz (1 year ago)
eglence anlayisinizi zikiyim
Anton Diachuk (1 year ago)
Anton Diachuk (1 year ago)
на секунду выглянул из-за сковородки (взгляни в слоумо) (сковородой поправил, когда пинал другую)
Захар Smirnov (1 year ago)
Что на 2:51
karmabug8 88 (1 year ago)
I love your sho
The Clouds (1 year ago)
do it full naked no cover
Iam._.Mithikaa (1 year ago)
Simon should be here to judge
Cinnamoncustard (1 year ago)
Haha what is this? I love it XD
Кот (1 year ago)
Франция бляяя одни комики там живут
Jörn Buttkereit (1 year ago)
can some on pls name me the song name?
Trinidad Delgado (1 year ago)
hoo, " pura puteria " " pura puteria "
Melina Luna (1 year ago)
i hope that they don't use it anymore after that sorry for bad English
Nick Olson (2 years ago)
how the fuck did i get here??
Olha Sova (2 years ago)
Gregor Schäfer (2 years ago)
can somebody say from whom is that track ? (name and where i can find it..)
Annett Geisler (2 years ago)
Die sind bestimmt schwoll
Einfach Ente (2 years ago)
BenjaGamerChle (2 years ago)
Mario And Luigi xD
SWITCH Inc (2 years ago)
они геи
Roswita Meyer (2 years ago)
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiehhhhh toll gemacht aber etwas eklig 3:32 das drückt aus was wir alle fühlen
Selina w (2 years ago)
Mauricio Vasconcellos (2 years ago)
Hello people... what is this song's name??? i love it!!!! please... can you help me????
Tom Korver (1 year ago)
I also like to know the name of this music. Should be something like ballroom music.
Cédric Stüssi (1 year ago)
Mauricio Vasconcellos I'm trying to find it too!
Damla Dj (2 years ago)
mal lar ya amk ler
Bobby (2 years ago)
so all the kids in audience were watching this ... right ?
PAINNN666 (2 years ago)
Yes. So when they grow they becoming rapists and killers.
there was a little kid😲
Анна Сурмяк (2 years ago)
Анна Сурмяк (2 years ago)
i nyoman ardi (2 years ago)
Ungureanu Daniel (2 years ago)
why u were looking at their dicks?
Lee Zoeyi (2 years ago)
go to hell
Alam Sahea (2 years ago)
اعلق ؤوووووو
Phuongnhi Phan (2 years ago)
Poor pans
Kenardo Chaplin (2 years ago)
U guys a batty man
Kenardo Chaplin (2 years ago)
U guys a batty man
Renco Boy (2 years ago)
so stupid, indecent guys not shame at all, there is kid's in the auditorium
Gabriel Fonseca (1 year ago)
Ganesh Lechumanan not sure if ur joking or not, but nobody told people to bring their kids
nilova nina sica (2 years ago)
يا يما عالتبهداااايل😠😠😠
The Ghost (2 years ago)
this disgusting
Jason Floralde (2 years ago)
nice video.
Hamezrel Kaktus (2 years ago)
Jonnavelle Vidal (2 years ago)
I saw a kid !
Term-B Phillip (2 years ago)
Jonnavelle Vidal ohh you didn't hear...the kid was so traumatised and now refuses to be around people and lives in the jungle with lion's.
PAINNN666 (2 years ago)
Give yourself a medal.
CalebMark Bayot (2 years ago)
thy don't have 👌
Rock Singh (2 years ago)
I think, truck driver would have seen this video!!!

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