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America's Got Talent 2014 - Auditions - Psychic Divas

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America's Got Talent 2014 - Auditions - Psychic Divas
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James (1 year ago)
Howie screwed their ass, did you see red? lol.
andre mclean (1 year ago)
this really come true .... nick did have a next baby
the breaking news (1 year ago)
and Nick Cannon did have another baby
Kotori (2 years ago)
"All of our predictions come true" "We will be going through tonight" Objective Failed
Mizumi Yahyyy (2 years ago)
what idiots those two ahah and the expression the one on the right do..what a totally idiot
tinakhalid (2 years ago)
i need them to tell my luck
Hans Cañedo (2 years ago)
weird af
Claudia Miranda (2 years ago)
pongan subtitulos porfavor
Geraldine Lavigne (2 years ago)
me encantaria saber inglés! me quede en incógnita-.- ponganle subtítulos
Angel Jackson (2 years ago)
the woman in the blue looks alot like Letoya Luckett
Chenee Thompson (3 months ago)
I see it
Random 101 (2 years ago)
heidi did make books thoe
Dake Kai (3 years ago)
Psychics are complete bullshit. Only a completely insecure individual would buy in to this crap...
Dake Kai (2 years ago)
+roysdon Who hasn't worked at a place that makes them sick? Come on, really?
Dake Kai (2 years ago)
+SAILA Yeah. I'm psychic too. And I predict you're full of shit.
roysdon (2 years ago)
I dunno I had a psychic tell me I work at a place that makes me sick and they were exactly right.
SAILA (2 years ago)
any proof at all. cause that would be great if you had any. because I am a psychic I can see spirits I can use clairvoyance I can see your future and past by looking into your own eyes.
Chrissy20106 (3 years ago)
The Chick in the blue was on divorce court about a year ago. she was in a polygamy marriage. She was wife number 1 out of 4. She said in court that she enjoyed being in that marriage and that the dude really loved her over all the other wives. Shes def out there, crazy, and fell off her rocker a long time ago!!!!
prettyboi 214 (3 years ago)
dat Bitch said AGAIN!!!! llab
Eric Yamzon (3 years ago)
this is hilariousss😂😂😂
Alex Ascencio (3 years ago)
Met them at The Carmichael Show taping. Lewis Dicks was bashing so hard on them 😂😂😂
Joakim S (2 years ago)
"I predicted my own death... aaaaand avoided it"
CZR M1t00m (3 years ago)
I love the ending. Howie is gonna be in the car business and Mel is gonna have giant...........
I know me Who are you? (4 years ago)
weird creepy lot..are they serious?
Randy James (4 years ago)
How can people that ugly call themselves a "Diva." 
roysdon (4 years ago)
Well Mariah and Nick broke up so that prediction was wrong!
Iruka Sen. (2 years ago)
They just said another kid not exactly with her
Tutune Pan (4 years ago)
lol...what did I just watch
Jpm King (4 years ago)
I predicted this was going to go bad 
ObiWant CannotBe (4 years ago)
it is Psychotic Disorders...not psychic divas
eldest808 (4 years ago)
I can see "mel" getting Brest implants. She has some huge tits. 
Stardaisia 16 (4 years ago)
teppolundgren (4 years ago)
Mel B: "Why ME?" Well, Scary, could it be because you were the only one to take this shit seriously? That's how it works. From Voodoo to the Pope & Co, they always prey on the weak-minded and easily frightened/converted.
Chenee Thompson (3 months ago)
Mel's always getting scared of stuff like this
John Paluska (4 years ago)
come on! This is incredibly fake. Breast Enhancements? Fear of germs? I could predict that!
TheBo0mer (3 years ago)
They weren't predictions. Just well known facts.
KristoferGrimm (4 years ago)
That hair is not working for her! She needs to do something with those eyebrows. Wtf was she wearing? And she has the London Look lol
silent observer (4 years ago)
And windy (4 years ago)
I love it guys is very important one and nice one
Jherome Slays (4 years ago)
More like syco divas if you ask me...
Kamille Castillo (4 years ago)
I kinda wanted to see more
ultrajn25 (4 years ago)
bitch please
Keauna Flemmings (4 years ago)
boanerges144 (4 years ago)
Spawn of Satan
Kaitlyn Nguyen (4 years ago)
omfg 'I know your secret,i know your secret' they're so annoying
Mitchie Emm (4 years ago)
Did she just say her name was Chewbacca!???
BlueStar7 (4 years ago)
oh my gosh i heard that too!
Klemo Khan (4 years ago)
HOwards story is true, can see in his eyes .... those women were super creepy 
209Ann (4 years ago)
Did you see red ? LOL... Howie Mandel remarks made me spilled my juice all over the place :) ( The psychic Divas should have really predicted they wouldn't go through to the next round) LMAO
Chenee Thompson (3 months ago)
Howie is so darn funny!
Corey Bruno (4 years ago)
too funny
Anh Hoang (4 years ago)
these two are so stupid and they and the WORST and they should kiss my feet and they are crazy and did they look at the xxxx
Elomere (4 years ago)
how do people like this get on national tv?
Tejon N.L. (4 years ago)
She couldn´t even tell the judge´s name is Heidi, and the name is written right above her. And anyone who have watched the program would have known the judge´s name, how stupid can she be?
goingfortheone1 (4 years ago)
If she predicted her own death and avoided it... then she was mistaken in her prediction.
Adonis Vlassis (4 years ago)
they did not see the xxxxxxxxxxxxs coming!!!hahahahaha
209Ann (4 years ago)
+Adonis Vlassis I don't why,but for some reason " I believe what they predicted about Nick " :)
209Ann (4 years ago)
+Adonis Vlassis I know,right ? LMAO
AUTELE09 (4 years ago)
Foreign Lawyer (4 years ago)
I am also a psychic. Ever since you were an age before 10,youve wanted to do something very generic. Boom. I have never given a wrong reading, I know your secrets.
sweethen (4 years ago)
But how did they know Howie hated germs when he was young? I mean someone would have had to have watched an interview with him on some talk show where he plugged his autobiography...or you know actually read it. 2psychic4me
Chex Mix (3 years ago)
He's ocd, it's been in a lot of articles
TheBo0mer (3 years ago)
Everyone knows he's always been a germophobe. Or, everyone _should_ already know that...
brian heidel (4 years ago)
how do you know he hated germs when he was young? .. or are you just taking her word for it ?
Woojoo333 Poseidon (4 years ago)
should've said predict what i do next, then pressed the button
Elyse0913 (4 years ago)
There gonna be sorry
King Veldaban (4 years ago)
You could fit a house between her two front teeth.
brian heidel (4 years ago)
how about the entire neighborhood ? :D
Isaac Yankem (4 years ago)
Guise, I can predict the future! In the next 10 minutes I'm going to push out a fatty shit, and it will be runny.
susanff113 (4 years ago)
they are so stupid!
Robin Hood (4 years ago)
Howie is not afraid of germs, he's afraid of Nazi Germans! lol  Melanie  is more likely to get a breast reduction! And Howards has changed the world of digital radio already and he has actually made others cry! haha !! How did I do? lmao!
209Ann (4 years ago)
+Robin Hood I don't know why,but for some reason " I believe what they predicted about Nick " :)
Ron Stewart (4 years ago)
These chums are such fakers, one's fate is never determined. Atheism is the answer, watch natural selection get these ladies
Nofuture91 (4 years ago)
Only atheism, reason and logic (Logic Pro X to be exact) are true.  Those who still cling to their magic sky daddies shall be evolved out of the pack.  Just like the mankeys on the discovery channel.
Cristian // (4 years ago)
Her fucking tooth gap...
Iruka Sen. (2 years ago)
+brian heidel even if blind
brian heidel (4 years ago)
+Toebex even if you never flew a plane before. :D
Toebex (4 years ago)
You could pilot a boeing 747 through that gap
iJackFun (4 years ago)
get the london look
mohd fitri (4 years ago)
I predict they are crazy....oh wait that is not a prediction......
adore3 gaming (4 years ago)
those girls are ugly
Only talent videos (4 years ago)
Who is she to predict.. fuck
Only talent videos (4 years ago)
This lady is a liar nd syco
curtis peek (4 years ago)
I'm physic too, and I'm seeing something in their future! Many, many, many cats in a lonely apartment cuz they are creepy as fuck
Milistaier (3 years ago)
+TheBo0mer plenty actually :D
TheBo0mer (3 years ago)
There is _nothing_ wrong with having lots of cats. Hmf.
curtis peek (4 years ago)
Both man, both..
uleih (4 years ago)
Creepy fuckers
Michael austin (4 years ago)

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