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It's a brand new day, and background.

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Hi. My name is Nice Peter, and this is the Monday Show. It's way too late o'clock on Sunday as I write these words, so I will make this brief. Okay, maybe boxer brief. I would like to thank Ashley Planks, who has started working for me on business stuff, so I can focus on making songs and videos. Ashley helped find an artist named Melissa Judson, although now I'm told she prefers to be called Mel, who did an amazing job taking all of the artwork and turning it into one big awesome background. It feels good when different people all come together on one thing, and I'm glad you were a part of it, even if all you did was watch, you're still awesome. Have a cool week, there is more of everything coming, even more than normal this time. The song "Garlic is Gross" was engineered by another, new, wonderful person who is helping me out named Jose Mendoza. We are growing fast, but it's all in the right direction, and as always, I'm glad that you're along for the ride. See you soon. -nice peter
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Text Comments (937)
Lukas Schellhorn (2 years ago)
I come back to this video every once in a while to enjoy the genius of 'Garlic is gross'.
Lukas Schellhorn (4 months ago)
It's that time of the year again. :-)
Pamela Chautla (4 years ago)
Funny, how you mentioned Mel And then three years later, she has her own awesome vlog Oh how life works... :-) P.S. YOU always brighten my day, Take Care Man
SKADA FAE (5 years ago)
Garlic is... 2:13
Snaduko (5 years ago)
I certainly did.
Einheit247 (5 years ago)
Hi Ashley ! :)
DeathOfAFatMan (5 years ago)
Soooo close! lol
Eric J. Foster (5 years ago)
hey, you look like the guy on epic rap battles of history, wait...
nikko validor (5 years ago)
Dylan G. (5 years ago)
I did.
Chloe Bull (5 years ago)
i came back to see Melissa, and i also went back to the Sunflower Song :)
Angela Wiles (5 years ago)
Yup, came back :P
Crimson Typhoon (5 years ago)
Hahah, came to see Mel!
rachel (5 years ago)
Like if you came to this video to see nicepeters gurlfriend
Ivan Juresic (5 years ago)
Looks like a lot of us Nice Peter fans think alike and wanted to find his girl friend lol She's also in his new "What the Waves Say" music video. Regardless, Mel seems lovely!
kustimork (5 years ago)
Found her! High five!!! <3
Naizy (5 years ago)
She's hot :P Good job Peter :D
Kelly Urbano (5 years ago)
guilty. :3
luklucens (5 years ago)
That is one reason, the other is this awesome song. ;-)
Dan (5 years ago)
Congratulations Peter, hope the you and Melissa are very happy together. :-) nice seeing you so happy. Not that you're not usually but even more so.
ThePaladinHulk (5 years ago)
Peter, your girlfriend is VERY cute. congrats.
EduardoVelezIII (5 years ago)
I must admit. Pete's lady friend is pretty hot.
Brix Tunes (5 years ago)
Oh, i'm not the only one, i told you guys she prefers to be called Mel. Look, Peter was really happy in this monday show. :)
DacheeseX (5 years ago)
like if you came here from today's MONDAY SHOW!
f.i. (5 years ago)
She. Looks. HOT ... ok ok, she also looks like someone who's pretty awesome :) Happy for you Pete
KYLE PAZi (5 years ago)
starry night (5 years ago)
um, that's not his girlfriend... it's the other girl lol
wakimaniac (5 years ago)
We all came back here to look for Peter's loved one.
christopher caldwell (5 years ago)
Haha I went back just for the name
sonnihm (5 years ago)
I mean Melissa surry :( 3
sonnihm (5 years ago)
Mellisa 3
LifeisaLullaby (5 years ago)
I found Melissa, :p
Tinkerbell (5 years ago)
So who all went back to find this video after Peter said he was dating the person that made the background?
DeathOfAFatMan (5 years ago)
Ashley is a good find Peter!! Best wishes to you both!! Any chance she may one day step in front of the camera again?
Jessasay (5 years ago)
Hi Ashley
Jessasay (5 years ago)
He is hot
elarify (5 years ago)
Hi Ashley!
heather4him (6 years ago)
How did I miss this Monday Show?? Well, better late than never. Purple is a nice color with his skin color!
Solo CW (6 years ago)
Love the tune Pete plz make a separate link for Garlic is gross awesome
Natalie May (6 years ago)
I like ur suit :-)
McKenna Carroll (6 years ago)
Now Sarah is very allergic to garlic, I KNOW!
Katie McCabe (6 years ago)
who can watch this and be all like 'I dislike this' ?!?!?!?!
CoolAmyKid (6 years ago)
Howdy Ashley :)
k8g8s8 (6 years ago)
hahahahah i hate wen that happens but its still kind of awesome that you thought of that 2 lol
Missy Llusion (6 years ago)
blessed be Ashley
tkjohnson65 (6 years ago)
You look great all spiffied up!
Nefeli Roupa (6 years ago)
hi ashley!
Mount Rockula (6 years ago)
cool song man!
gabrielle meinhardt (6 years ago)
hi ashley who is awesome with music
Kristen Cervantes (6 years ago)
Dude he looke hot in a suit
k8g8s8 (6 years ago)
Nirimeria (6 years ago)
no :D
k8g8s8 (6 years ago)
XD am i the one person who thought VAMPIRE wen he said she was allergic to garlic
squggies (6 years ago)
Hi :D
Kylee Brown (6 years ago)
missymoo767 (6 years ago)
nicepeter + suit = one spexy mofo!!:)
missymoo767 (6 years ago)
lol of course hes being nicepeter :) who else can he be?
buggaboo2620 (6 years ago)
I loves you nice Peter. You are my YouTube crush :)
lauren voyles (6 years ago)
i know someone who is allergic to cinnamon
michael mathews (6 years ago)
did anyone else say hi to Ashley out loud?
Commandersam14 (6 years ago)
hi Ashley
thatvideobloke (6 years ago)
Hi Ashley :)
Sisyphus (7 years ago)
like if u like dem boobies cause boobies are awsome
Nirimeria (7 years ago)
Anonymous Dog (7 years ago)
Okay, this is the last Monday Show I'm watching. Wait! I haven't seen that one yet! I am so watching it.
Alex Cook (7 years ago)
HI ASHLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Savage Light Studios (7 years ago)
JD Fizzy (7 years ago)
hi ashley your great
BurntCookieRockstar (7 years ago)
@1120percyjacksonrox NO. hes mineeee! <3
Tim Wan (7 years ago)
Hi Ashley?
Lucy (7 years ago)
I hate garlic- I WISH I was allergic to it!!!
cps (7 years ago)
monday. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW. haha nice
Marie Tie (7 years ago)
he makes me so happy.
Lee (7 years ago)
i dont like garlic
willszz (7 years ago)
hi Ashley :D - have a nice day!
heroa59a (7 years ago)
hi ashley!!!!!!
Amazing23 (7 years ago)
The day before a wedding you went to a store to get your outfit for it... my god your such guy.
roadrunnersaysmeep (7 years ago)
hi ashley
shes a vampire
Brianne Duley (7 years ago)
hi ashley! :D go to 1:46 then to 2:02. jacket. no jacket. jacket. no jacket! <3
FerretFighterX (7 years ago)
hi ashley :)
Joseph Marino Tripp (7 years ago)
hi Ashley!
Grub killers (7 years ago)
Tobuscus at 3:16
LoganationDevice (7 years ago)
hi Ashley
LoganationDevice (7 years ago)
hi ashly
zomgseriosuly (7 years ago)
Hi Ashley!
Danni B (7 years ago)
My mum has a horrible intolerance to garlic, she gets migraines and depending on how much can get very ill. I grew up without having any garlic in the house, and now i absolutely hate it and cant even stand the smell. So i appreciate that song lol
2334523 (7 years ago)
Hey ashley
Big_Allah (7 years ago)
ima alergic to nothing
hxen gynx (7 years ago)
Goofy Vs Werewolf
LiamNL (7 years ago)
you make me feel like im in the bank (i mean you look like an acountant ^^)
coollary1 (7 years ago)
she's a vampire obviously!!!! shit burn her
William McNamara (7 years ago)
@PayneProdutions No . Adam Levine Looks Like NicePeter .
Thomas (7 years ago)
@Robloxtutorialss uhm no :D it was a girl :D
Threeman (7 years ago)
Hi Ashley
Rachel Rebeka (7 years ago)
Rule for mondays~~ do a crazy jackass prank/stunt! (: xx
Omegaprimeification (7 years ago)
can we here the mysteryguitarmans song
GrandTheftYoshi (7 years ago)
hi ashley
myisland (7 years ago)
you're hot anyway, but throw a suit into the mix and HOLY MOLY
f23r23 (7 years ago)
This video reminds me of "=3". By the way, congrats for your collab with RWJ on the new Yourfavoritemartian video. Your voice makes the song special ;)

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