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Psychic medium John Edward performs a shocking audience reading

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Psychic medium, John Edward talks about what it's like to be a psychic medium and gives our audience an emotional reading. Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - https://goo.gl/AI9BNO Hear about upcoming shows, contests, and advice for your home, health, style and more. Subscribe to the Cityline Newsletter. - https://goo.gl/Jnjipv
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Reincarnation (1 day ago)
i really find this type of so called psychic stuff quite irritating. why is there so much guessing going on, why doesn't he know who in the audience has a connection with a brain condition...why such vague questions? doesn't make sense to me that spirits don't know ow to communicate?
Hip Hop Blows (2 days ago)
The South Park episode on this guy says it all.
Cosiie _ (3 days ago)
Oh dear he's so useless as a medium..he went from front row to second then the last on the brain haemorrhage..that became a tumour..bloody hell.
Sapphire Orchid (6 days ago)
He does explain the preminitions correctly. I think he may be a clairvoyant but he's exaggerating. Its not a clear flow. It's static. He could be tapped into it but even then it seems exaggerated.
Ebro Bar (6 days ago)
It´s a simple fraud
Keith Kent (9 days ago)
Genuine mediums don't need to keep asking questions but cold readers do.
Khin Noe (12 days ago)
He sees past and current situation,he sees future too?
Ebro Bar (6 days ago)
All the way to his bank
robert b (12 days ago)
He ripped off my elderly mother for 7 tickets at 150 each for a bad " show" that was oversold by thousands. He read 3 people and would never move on. GREED drives john Edward who has no conscious.
Re-Jector (13 days ago)
This must be fun. I wounder is he writing down these questions and ideas at home to prepare for this audience reads. Or is there some lists or books about most common accidents, names, events, about statistics that "mediums" use. Same with tarots. Who is inventing these stuff. I also wounder, maybe these "mediums" really think they have this gift so they are convinced they can read people. This is cool talent or skill if you ask me, like magicians. Check Darren Brown, he can do this but he will tell you how. He even have episode about exposing one. Nothing supernatural about this
stewart william (13 days ago)
Now THINK PLEASE and ask yourself this: Why would your loved one contact a complete stranger when they could contact you direct ................. Answer ... They wouldn't! But a CON-MAN would have you believe otherwise whilst taking your money.
Sam Cross (14 days ago)
Awww seeing john in birmingham september cannot wait
rymd pojke (15 days ago)
Booboobear2388 (15 days ago)
I have left this type of comment at other "psychic" sites, but I believe it should be repeated: When working an audience, the "psychic" speaker works with "degrees of freedom." For instance, if he is working a group who lost loved ones, he will say, "Someone here has lost a daughter to cancer?" Several hands will go up. Of course they would. Just by the nature of the group, there are going to be several who lost a daughter to cancer. He just as easily could have said, "Someone here lost a son in a car accident." Again, several (different) hands go up. It's entirely random. (But it must be a large enough crowd to allow more degrees of freedom.) As the "psychic" continues to ask questions, they are very general in nature. At first, nothing specific to an individual person or couple in the crowd. No names or details are provided because he is just guessing or "fishing." For instance, he might say, "I sense the daughter that passed on loved horses." Again, a few hands go up. Eventually his questions do zero in on one couple who lost their daughter to cancer, loved horses, etc. And everyone is amazed that he "knew" all these "facts.". But depending on the questions and the people in the group, he could have zeroed in on someone completely different. Again, it's entirely random. What's more, some of the questions he asks might get no response. As a result, he quickly changes tack and moves on to other (general) questions. But no one notices the "misses," just the "hits." What the "psychic" is doing is using people's deep emotional pain to deceive them and make himself look like someone who has "contacted" their loved ones. They should be ashamed of themselves. But they aren't because it makes them a lot of money (at the emotional expense of others.)
k Vybi (15 days ago)
All these talk about demons...maybe God gives certain people gifts ! Duh! Not everything is demons . I believe this guy is the real deal
Salvatore Mineo (16 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDtweExRjVM Feelings and intuition.
csilva3682 (16 days ago)
I want to believe it because it confirms to me that there is life after death. I think Tyler Henry is either the real deal or he is the most magnificent fraud ever.
Jack Meoff (17 days ago)
This is so cringy hahahaah
james parr (18 days ago)
Don't take refuge in the false security of consensus and the feeling that whatever you think you're bound to be okay because you're in the safely moral majority this guy is a obvious fraud. People cant "talk" to the dead.
STIN AGU (20 days ago)
Biggest douche in the universe 3 yrs in a row !!
baler johnson (23 days ago)
Check into the Amazing Randi ...people like this are scammers .
Zainab Raymundo (27 days ago)
You know,,i dont believed in a phychic,,because if there is, why there so many dying somewhere out there
jesus baby (29 days ago)
гандон обосцаный ты джон едвард
Mane Event (30 days ago)
Jennifer Hayley (30 days ago)
2 seconds in and i predict someone had "something to do with the leg"
BLZBOB (30 days ago)
I do think he is one of the best of a bad bunch.
Rose Serotta (1 month ago)
Lord have mercy why hasn't anyone listen to any of the past YouTube videos and Seen he asked the same question
Rose Serotta (1 month ago)
Same brain hemorrhage in Orlando same brain hemorrhage in every city he goes to why can someone not expose him?
Rose Serotta (1 month ago)
How incredible can he chair in the heart strings of grieving people and take their money and make believe the stories he says!
34572xx (1 month ago)
John was one of the mediums who was examined in the double blind trial reported in the book referenced below. He came through with flying colours and the evidence gathered was stunning. Arguing that all mediums are fake is about as illogical as finding a fake doctor or nurse and saying all medical professionals are fake. Certainly there are fraudster psychics, but there a fraudster cynics as well whose careers depend on debunking. In the double blind trials where the medium has not met or known who he or she are reading for the debunkers simply ignored the evidence as they could not challenge it.. If you want to read the evidence read this: The Afterlife Expto it eriments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death by Gary E. Schwartz, William Simon, Deepak Chopra 1st (first) Edition [Paperback(2003)]
Chris Lopez Skate325 (1 month ago)
This guy is fake af 😂
Joe Bull (1 month ago)
He's just awful... omg south park nailed it
Paul Juliano (1 month ago)
Lol womans face when interviewer says "that makes sense" 1:11
ImCarpet (1 month ago)
There he is, The biggest Douche in the Universe!
Douglas Denver (1 month ago)
it's true tho ...it sorta feels like a daydream & is nothing like what TV has tried to explain it is. shirley maclaine said it well during an interview w/ larry king in that you can't clearly define in the 2D what you are experiencing in the 3D. -i know that in h/s we had a seance and, they said i was telling them things i wouldn't have otherwise known. i also remember what it felt like from my end. (maybe if i was a professional psychic i'd make my finances transparent, work off trade as much as possible and, have a budget that i need to meet each year ..after that all profits go to charity.)
Boo bear x (1 month ago)
Fake ass scumbag 😡
Kathy Harvey (1 month ago)
He is a fake, he pisses me off, there are genuine mediums he ain't one of them, when the spirit speak you understand what they say they speak clearly, I should know,I hear clearly why say, and you know exactly who they talking about, not like john has anyone got a tumour really now! When I heard he's going to eat that glass I knew who they were talking about, then he started to munch on the glass
Gwendolyn (1 month ago)
Fake voice from host.
너미neomi (1 month ago)
Gwendolyn ?
J C (1 month ago)
im getting a vision of bullshit im not sure where thats coming from. im getting a john last name edwards.
Chris Wright (1 month ago)
Who's stephanie or Stanley? Lol
Michael Mole (1 month ago)
He was nominated biggest douche in the UNIVERSE!!! on national TV literally hahaha only reason I'm here
(1 month ago)
I truly believe in psychic mediums but not this dude. What a cold reading... did someone have a cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm, brain tumor, someone behind you? My husband had a brain tumor. Okay who had the J name around you. his grandson Did he know him in his life? yes Is anyone around you getting a new car? No I don't think so...well....I am...maybe in the next year. Do you have like diabetes? (to an overweight old women...who undoubtedly has something "like" diabetes) Yes I could have done this reading. I am no psychic.
Ebro Bar (1 month ago)
So in what psychic mediums do you believe?
Sam Wilson (1 month ago)
Kirk Steady (1 month ago)
Charlatans will always exist...psychics shouldn't have to "assume" or reach out there...they should in theory just know.
Ray Charles (1 month ago)
Perfect setup
naturalwoodsman (1 month ago)
This is such bullshit!
Gambler187 (1 month ago)
Hey, he won biggest douche in the galaxy show some respect.
Alan Ball (1 month ago)
There are no new tricks in the magic world ...just new variations..like this guy.If people want to pay to see him..it is their buck not mine.
joe bob (1 month ago)
I remember watching "crossing over" as a kid and thinking bleh. Now it's a bit different....
Teresa DI (2 months ago)
He is so full of it
Hoonah Hoonah (2 months ago)
This is seems like more reading in general. Test me : ) cmon down to New Orleans I'll buy you Gambo if you read me right : )
Mike Starkey (2 months ago)
Don't know if he is for real or not. But if he isn't there will be a special place in hell for him.
Ebro Bar (1 month ago)
He´s not
Tsambika (2 months ago)
Stenofrog channel states damian echols and john edwards are the SAME PERSON. wigs make up prosthetics. I believe Stenofrog!!
Zaid Mhandi (2 months ago)
biggest douche of the universe
Richard Morley (2 months ago)
Bob (2 months ago)
What the odds of asking a room full of people, "Does anybody have a brain tumor...", "Somebody thown from a vehicle...", that there wouldn't be someone with a connection to those questions? Typically, for a "medium", he asks way, way more questions than he provides information. Momma always said, stupid is, as stupid does.
Stacey's Girl (2 months ago)
I sense it to also. Yup. He's absolutely right.
Ebro Bar (1 month ago)
No, I wont shut up. You want me to shut up? The provide evidence to what you claim. Otherwise, you shut up!
Stacey's Girl (1 month ago)
Ebro Bar no one cares. Please shut up.
Ebro Bar (1 month ago)
Translation "I have no idea what am I talking about and when challenged to give a mature thought, I just go nuts"
Stacey's Girl (1 month ago)
None of your business.
Stacey's Girl (1 month ago)
Ebro Bar ???
Mrs Hiruth Seyoum (2 months ago)
He probably has a chip some technology that hasn’t come to the general public yet.
James Sterling (2 months ago)
discover the divine purpose of your life at www.psychiclovers.co.uk
James Sterling (2 months ago)
discover the divine purpose of your life at www.psychiclovers.co.uk
Drew Conway (2 months ago)
Fake, fake, fake, fake, FAKE! 🙄
lexi leline (2 months ago)
#DARRENBROWN !!! Dude! Stfu
Cindy Robin (2 months ago)
I have always found John to be compelling, and far too specific too be "cold" reading. He has even described the insides of people's homes. I recently got a reading from someone who's not known, except by word of mouth,. It was via telephone, so no chance of "tells". Some folks came through who I didn't recognize, but three family members came through, and the information was very accurate. One had been gone about 30 years, two had very recently passed. It was very helpful. My sister also got a reading, where another family member came through. I don't understand the energy people put into being "non-believers", and why they need to attack those of us who do believe. Two of our family members said they were surprised to find themselves in an afterlife, as they didn't believe there was one. People like James Randi may be in for a very big surprise.
Kirk Steady (1 month ago)
I'm getting the sense that you're the type of person who places great value on being liked and admired. At times, you can be prone to doubting whether or not you've made the right choices in your life. You can be excessively critical of yourself. You aren't a perfect person, but for the most part, you've made up for your weaknesses. You've got a lot of potential that has not been used to your advantage yet. You're an independent thinker. To a certain degree, you need some change in your life--too many restrictions make you uncomfortable. That said, finding security is one of your main goals. There have been times when social anxiety has been a problem for you Cindy.
Cindy Robin (1 month ago)
I'm not blind, I'm not your friend, and I don't accept "shoulds" from anyone, especially not internet trolls. Also, only one of those words was used in reference to John.
Kirk Steady (1 month ago)
Specificity and accurate should be removed from your vocabulary and definition of him my blind friend.
Matt Toner (2 months ago)
This is called cold reading and it's a pretty average demonstration of it - he did get lucky with the daughter's name sounding like Stephen.
terry tibbs (2 months ago)
Why is he asking so many questions? If he has the link, relay information. Cold reading masterclass.
pallaf100 (2 months ago)
I am spiritualist and I think that this guy is a charlatan. What a shame. Spiritism is real and serious, not what this man does. He keeps guessing or fishing or whatever you call it.
leonardo prov (3 months ago)
this is just a fake cold reading...
Jeff B (3 months ago)
Edward is trash. He’s worse than people who drink alcohol, just a dirty turd
qmnse1xu (2 months ago)
what is wrong with drinking alcohol?
Jeannine Roberton (3 months ago)
If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck ###
Jeannine Roberton (3 months ago)
If he's feeling airborne maybe he's releasing all the hot air he spews.
Jeannine Roberton (3 months ago)
The guy has studied probability and statistics. There is no hocus pocus. Watch his questions on different shows. They repeat and are generic. No magic here.
Jon Jones (3 months ago)
Awesome ...I was always wondering why these psychic readers can’t solve crimes and get information from deceased victims ...??
Spookychris01 (3 months ago)
Shocking is when a loved one dies in your arms, this video is not shocking. I wish sheeple would refrain from using the word in the wrong context.
Corrine Haley (3 months ago)
I understand you see right now but if you see something serious how do you steer them to safety?
12 34 (3 months ago)
stop smoking ...........budy. b.s.
29nickoli (3 months ago)
Why to go douch
Realest Gill (3 months ago)
There's a couple of real ones that can read individuals a whole crowd is kinda skeptic
zahra (3 months ago)
He’s used ‘J’ a lot in the videos I’ve watched of him
Carol Benson (3 months ago)
He's the only true medium.
demolazer (3 months ago)
Anyone who believes this needs sterilising to protect the future intellect of the human race
Riya Dey (4 months ago)
so this is hot reading, everything is set up. The people he is reading are either actors or he has anonymously collected information about them beforehand
Riya Dey (4 months ago)
scam artist
Sledge (4 months ago)
There's a difference between being ASKED something & being TOLD, which Edwards never does. It's all questions disguised as statements.
Sledge (4 months ago)
He could've won a million dollars if his gift was real, instead he chickened out like every other supposed psychic. If you really were psychic that would be the easiest test ever & you could donate all of it to a worthy charity to REALLY help people.
Julianne McCulloch (4 months ago)
Where do these dead people cross over too. I bet no one has ever asked him that question. All these psychics and mediums all say the same thing that everyone who has died is wandering the earth talking to them. cuckoo......................
dan hemmerling (4 months ago)
Does anyone know someone who's crossed over that has a name starting with a letter in the alphabet. Who knows somebody who's head, torso or legs having or had a problem. This guy is so awful and vague it's like astrology.
DharmaOfDog (4 months ago)
Speed Talking. He can roll off (for instance) about 20 "M" names & chances are great that he'll hit on one of them. Not sure what the fascination is really having a "reading" unless they're trying to solve a mystery & looking for a lead or clue. Beyond that I find these Entertainment for Narcissists.
Fat Steve (4 months ago)
It’s much easier for these fraudsters to get the information they need, all he needs is the name of members of the audience then look them up on social media like Facebook, and all the information he needs is there, this is 2018 and we still have people who believe in this, look on YouTube you will find most of these crooks have been caught cheating but then I suppose if you have lost a love one then you will be vulnerable, and then you want to believe you will meet up when you die
Lil Flame (4 months ago)
All these mediums have the same ability that’s to lie to your face. If it’s real than why y’all not finding all these missing children. Follow your nose Ya FROOT LOOP
steve clark (4 months ago)
Brilliant medium..
Bat with a Bow tie pro (4 months ago)
What a loser
Jimmy Kane (4 months ago)
Have these people no shame with this rubbish fooling around
Bet One (4 months ago)
The biggest Douche in the Universe.
wheelzwheela (4 months ago)
I remember sitting in the staff room one day at work and decided to try doing this. I did a "reading" on a co-worker (that was complete BS) and the worker was shocked how accurate it was. The trick it so be super broad in your questions (and ask a lot of them) and then throw out a few **shockers** for instance I told her that her loved one wanted her to remember the "chair" which was an idea I pulled out if thin air... she totally read into it because and told me there was a special chair she and her loved one had a special connection about. I,of course, told her after that it was completely bogus and how I did it.
Carol Obree (4 months ago)
I went to a phychic once (not) john Edwards I told her nothing do you no a J name I said I did not asks me if I know a lot no I did not some one is here worried about your health payed money none the wiser 2 years after that reading g I had open heart surgery made me wonder
Ebro Bar (4 months ago)
And if you have had it five years later, or ten or fifteen, still that would make you wonder. It is you who fill in the blanks, not the other way around
Jan Crab (4 months ago)
This is a whole new level of stupidity. How can anyone NOT see through this? Why do americans strive so hard to be called stupid by the rest of the world.
alaska Madelin123 (4 months ago)
How come this so called psychic never solved murders,this is how you know this is not real,people are so gullible that they want to believe no matter what.
rallisoify (4 months ago)
I just hate when there are so many cuts. Obviously, this video has many cuts. Too bad.
Jodie mills (4 months ago)
the most thing i want in this world is to find out what happen to my sister stacey its a cold case now nearly 26 yrs ago she was only 17 yrs old her boyfriend and his couisn know what happen had 3 days inquest and boyfriend at the time and his couisn had to different stories everyone knows thoriesere,s something not right only them 2 know what happen to her i need to know what really happen at the river that night no one was charged cause there,s no proof only that there stories aren,t the same she was found in the river 4 months later no slip marks no drag marks nothing i would love to find a psychic that is the real deal so my family and i can put it to rest
Ebro Bar (4 months ago)
no they are not, IT´s just a parlor trick
Kona Kevin (4 months ago)
Jodie mills That must be so difficult to live with. There's almost nothing worse than not having closure. I pray you know the truth, and soon. This I know beyond a shadow of a doubt... God knows what happened, and He loves you. These psychics, whether they know it or not, are channelling demonic spirits. Putting your hope and trust in them will only lead you astray. Ask Jesus into your heart and then ask Him for wisdom and discernment. He will guide you into all truth. He knows not only what happened to Stacey but He also can and will heal the hole left in your heart for her. I too have a sister named Stacy... I can only imagine the grief you feel. I may just be someone on the internet but trust that I just prayed for you. Blessings
Amy Paul (4 months ago)
I wish i could get a reading from John Edward lost 2 kids fire situation and my father last august my kids died march 11, 2006
Ebro Bar (4 months ago)
Amy Paul the only gift they have is to take advantage of the vulnerable
Amy Paul (4 months ago)
Well i believe in John Edwards there are those who have really these gifts trust me I know
Kona Kevin (4 months ago)
Amy Paul I'm so sorry for your loss Amy. John Edward and other psychic mediums are used by demonic spirits to manipulate and mislead people. Don't look to them, but rather Jesus for comfort and healing. He is the way, the truth and the life. Blessings
Matt Myers (4 months ago)
Congratulations John Edward!!! You've one the biggest douche of the universe award!

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