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Psychic medium John Edward performs a shocking audience reading

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Psychic medium, John Edward talks about what it's like to be a psychic medium and gives our audience an emotional reading. Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - https://goo.gl/AI9BNO Hear about upcoming shows, contests, and advice for your home, health, style and more. Subscribe to the Cityline Newsletter. - https://goo.gl/Jnjipv
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Rose Bud (9 hours ago)
There are real psychics and mediums but John Edward is so fake, he is a charlatan! He is asking so obvious things. For ex. number seven means something to everyone and almost everyone has lost a male figure or grandfather or great.. And like Kim Kardashian is sooo smart that she would get if someones fake or not.. xD Nooo Noo.
Katie Barr (15 hours ago)
What a good trick why don't you people watch other people who do this and notice a pattern also notice how he asks people questions and the responses very good trick
nikanaughty (1 day ago)
What a croc! Misses which person had some brain something, so finds another fool. How can the sporits he communicates with be so confused?
Nick (1 day ago)
Too scruffy for a psychic.
Richard Hargadon (2 days ago)
Rose Millman (4 days ago)
John Cortex (9 days ago)
As a partial rebuff to those commentators that cite instances when not a lot seems to happen - l can say with experience that sometimes the magic just doesn't flow. No one knows quite why but it happens to us all occasionally. So, give the good mediums a break on this one please.
See Canon (10 days ago)
No such thing. A hoax, lie and being misinformed.
R Castaneda (10 days ago)
It's so rude they forgot to mention his biggest douche in the universe award when they introduced him.
IT Girl (12 days ago)
Idk if I'm a skeptic or not yet, but he seems so cold, almost arrogant.. I'm very tuned off by him
Tom Keir (14 days ago)
What a truly lovely lady this presenter is, she is so kind.
er e (15 days ago)
Worse medium ever
k0smon (12 days ago)
er///// Sure you are. Hopeful you do not charge for your bad info.
Drayven Crownen (16 days ago)
ALL psychics are frauds and if you believe their lies then you're in denile and you need to wake up and stop beleiving in santa. The fact alone that he has any level of respect for a kardashian proves hes not just lying but not very bright.
k0smon (12 days ago)
+Drayven Crownen///// When do you start?
Drayven Crownen (12 days ago)
+k0smon that's the worst you can do? There's nothing wrong with wanting to live in reality.
k0smon (12 days ago)
Crow//// You are the biggest fraud of all, just another dopey name-caller.
thrinr v (17 days ago)
Alf Alfred (22 days ago)
There's psychic for sure. But the flow or strength is weakened the moment it becomes a business or done for shows.
Brett Davies (22 days ago)
He's an 'internationally renowned' liar and arsehole.
k0smon (12 days ago)
Brett/// You have him confused with yourself.
angela murphy (22 days ago)
for those who might be christians seeking this.Leviticus 20:6 “If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people. There are many more verses about this. The spirits are called familiar spirits. The person who is communicating with these spirits is selling themselves to demons.
k0smon (12 days ago)
Angie////// The bible is totally wrong. There are no demons. We know this because we can communicate with those in the afterlife.
Staci Osorio (24 days ago)
This reminds me of that South Park episode lmao
Christopher Debattista (26 days ago)
Beware my friends. All this medium stuff is evil. Yeah, some people will say. Oh ! We got a new freak here. Then go and check ex-psychic mediums and ex-new agers and see for yourselves! God bless you in Jesus name.
k0smon (12 days ago)
CD////// Evil? How so? It is a two way street into and out of fundamentalist Christianity. Refer to Carlton Pearson and Joshua Tongol here on YT.
NYC girl (27 days ago)
Ive been to several mediums/psychics & all but 1 were scammers. The one real psychic laid out my life & it played out exactly. She told me I would meet & marry within 1 year. I told her I was already married for 3 years. She shook her head & said NO I see your soulmate. A few weeks later I met my current husband, got divorced, and married all within that year. This psychic also told me we'd have 4 kids all very close in age...she then hesitated & said maybe 3 kids. We had quadruplets 2 years later however 1 died shortly after birth. She told me I'd have a career change..I did. This woman had religious statues bibles & crosses all over her basement & she prayed before the readings. She told my friend startling things that came true. One thing was the death of her son. This woman was in her 80s in 1977. My daughter lives blocks from the Long Island Medium. Im not sure if she's a fake.
Skull Kid (29 days ago)
did anyone in todays crowd happen to wake up from sleeping today ? hmm im getting a weird vibe someone must be born from september to august on day 1-31 .... this is crazy but does someone in the crowd happen to be human?
Skull Kid (12 days ago)
and you sir are one of those retards who make people like this guy wealthy .
k0smon (12 days ago)
Skull//// You are not one who woke up.
tigress63 (30 days ago)
You know, he is looking so much better than what he used to.  Before he looked exhausted.  Whether it's because he has a better lifestyle (as I'm sure this stuff pulls in major $$ and perhaps some touch-ups) or whether it is how he has learned to live with what he does...either way he looks better than he used to.
Rebecca Marshman (30 days ago)
So lovely what you do and the host of this show is soooooooo respectful lovely to watch !!!!!!
Debbie Paskin (30 days ago)
This ‘subject’ ie mediumship or whatever, has interested me on and off for many years - now.......I DO have a faith, and like to think I try to follow Christ’s teachings, and therefore I realise that dabbling in, or trying to contact our loved ones is not right at all...........still, I can understand the sheer desperation of so many people worldwide who just cannot resist the lure of these folk like Mr Edwards for some reassurance etc But, even though I also feel that same desperation at times, particularly since losing my dear mom not that long ago, plus many other loved humans and pets, I have now told myself enough is enough! And also, does anyone else notice how really expensive these so called ‘psychics’ charge??? Hypothetically, I might be more impressed if that’s the right word, if they simply asked for donations, or something along those lines- and maybe I am being naive here!! Just a thought! Folk may say in response, “Oh, well they have got to pay the bills like us” lol lol 😆 but no, I remain utterly sceptical 🤨 and until someone like Mr Edwards tells me something REALLY unique and pertinent to ME, then I shall stay sceptical/cynical Up to now, NONE of these ‘psychics’ have never ever done so.................😡😡
k0smon (12 days ago)
Deb//// The bible is wrong. Get a more accurate source.
Vasanthi Raju (1 month ago)
Can u help me, I want to speak to my daddy. What's app +6597862992
T Bone (1 month ago)
. .I understand there a LOT of Charlatans out there... I happen to think John is cut from a different cloth...If you Don't believe ... That's fine.... Rock -on!!! BTW.... Is your LIFE so SHALLOW EMPTY and UNEVENTFUL that you are COMPELLED to Degrade and TROLL the favorable commenters on here.... Here's an IDEA JUST stop "watching " and you won't feel the Overwhelming agonizing NEED to leave your UNSOLICITED... narrow minded, low-brow ,un-evolved, opinion....be respectful & please JUST don't... It just makes you look weak minded and petty....
Maricarmen Tovar (1 month ago)
He s a fraud. He is just fishing and bublbuling .
k0smon (12 days ago)
MT//// He is quite accurate and has been doing this for many years. If he was as fake as your are, he would have failed many years ago.
millie mura-hita (1 month ago)
He is fake fake fake attenti0n seeker
k0smon (12 days ago)
Millie//// He is quite real. He does get a lot of attention.
Bryan Max (1 month ago)
no wonder most youtube videos with him are disabled
Popeyes (1 month ago)
Kim Kardashian Shocking????? Naw..... Really??
Popeyes (1 month ago)
He's feeling an Airborne Connection???
fastcougar3200 (1 month ago)
No, they think in terms of "con artist"
catmaster17 (1 month ago)
He lost me at Kim being sincere and real... like lmao, shes literally 90% fake. XDDDD
Pranjal Bhosale (1 month ago)
I feel sad that they say after death we are roaming around people... Iike I don't want to roam around everyone... Like I love my family and all but... I want to believe in science like after death you are just gone nothing else... Seriously...
k0smon (12 days ago)
Pran////// "Science" is a rather nebulous concept. There are plenty of scientists that believe in the afterlife. Free download "Life in the World Unseen" will clue you in.
Chris Cone (1 month ago)
I didn't see any misses here and the info was specific...unless the audience members were a plant, it appears authentic.
k0smon (12 days ago)
+felicity shagwell ////Let me guess----- You are a Dumbcrat.
felicity shagwell (29 days ago)
Let me guess you're Republican??
D-tar OV (1 month ago)
From my personal experience the people who call themselves "psychics" are all frauds and con artists. But astrology is different, of course i don't talk about the popularized zodiac sign columns on newspapers, i mean when a professional astrologer reads your own birth chart. If someone want's to give it a try send me a private message, i can recommend you good and accurate astrologers.
k0smon (12 days ago)
OV///// Just how extensive is your experience?
Rob Mack (1 month ago)
What is the J in the family? This just about covers the entire planet.... All con artists everyone of them.
k0smon (12 days ago)
Rob////// Is there a brain in Rob Mack?
Caledonia (1 month ago)
The classic con=man. Makes a fortune out of conning people. This is cold reading pure and simple, James Randi has exposed all of these frauds.
k0smon (12 days ago)
Cal//// Cold reading tell you hardly anything. You and the unamazing randy are both frauds.
midnightchannel (1 month ago)
There is nothing whatsoever "shocking" about this reading.
midnightchannel (1 month ago)
I wish psychics would not present like this, namely, lead with a question... What he SHOULD say is, "I see someone with an aneurysm but do not know more . So, who here has an aneurism".
Laveda Hernandez (1 month ago)
KeyboardKramer (1 month ago)
Heeeeeeeeeeeere he is...
Violeta B (1 month ago)
Such a scam! If he was talking to “spirits” wouldn’t they say their names and point to the people who are relatives?
k0smon (12 days ago)
+Violeta B /////// Too much bible has warped your mind. The bible is wrong. There are no demons. They are just biblical scare tactics.
Violeta B (12 days ago)
k0smon no, they scam vulnerable people. Dead people do not come back and talk to mediums. If these mediums talk to anybody they talk to demons. But mostly it’s just a scam.
k0smon (12 days ago)
VB/////// They do not 'hear' spirits. They get visual flashes and intuition.
pmgpc69 (23 days ago)
Well, how can you say names when you don’t have vocal chords? Also, if you don’t have a body, how can you point?
k0smon (25 days ago)
VB////// You are ignorant of how communication works.
Gina Bizzaro (1 month ago)
Is there someone in the audience with two ears? Is there a K or C sound in someone's name here, dead or alive? Is there someone here with black hair?? NOW PAY ME A MILLION DOLLARS
Gina Bizzaro (1 month ago)
Kim Kardashian is the most authentic person in Hollywood?? WHAAAAAT????
tewsplace (1 month ago)
I saw him twice. The second time he did get everything about my husband who had passed.
corduroy99 (1 month ago)
omfg!!!! are you kidding me!!!! COLD READING ANYONE? Plus fishing for dupes!
k0smon (12 days ago)
99//// No, cold reading tells you very little. Do a little more research.
gmagma_co Hello (1 month ago)
Thank you John you helped me to embrace my gift mediumship.👥👤👥
Dolores Vallejos (1 month ago)
C.j Johnson (1 month ago)
It's called "cold readings". He just throws out a bunch of guesses and waits on someone to bite. Such a con-artist bastard. The guest on the show also fill registration cards out with a lot of information on them and John Edwards, and his staff, reads them. They busted The Long Island psychic lady doing it.
k0smon (12 days ago)
CJ//// Garbage. Cold reading is almost worthless. No reg cards. No the LIM was never busted. Try some accuracy for a change.
Boricua Alma (1 month ago)
Wow! He knew her name, both of their names... And to know the thing about CARS! and to find out she sold cars for 35 years! and her husband had a brain tumor which is the first thing he said! There's no way he's a fraud! This man is THE REAL DEAL!
Sheriese Henderson (1 month ago)
I would like to know what you know about me.Do you know my spirit guides names
Melvin Tindal (1 month ago)
Oh dear!
William Harvey (1 month ago)
Kim cardashians reading will be full of demons.he's probably been scared.
Andy B (1 month ago)
Fake twat. Yeah, If `i came though to my daughter I'd give the initial of a random relative for proof too! They deserve each other these idiots.
Carla Farrar (1 month ago)
This. Man here is no joke ,I don't normally believe this ,but 12/10 I had chance to call him on radio, and he said nothing about why I called him, he was talking about water ,boats cancer relating things, he said immediately to me about someone close passed with diabetes,, which my Mother, he said he had her, and I needed to get my sugar tested, I said no ,my baby brother was just diagnosed with do he said no she telling Me,its You, and if I didn't get control I wouldn't live to be her age ,I was 49 at this time She passed at 56, I fasted for 12 hrs and my reading was 197 which is really bad ,so any rate went to Dr ,A1C. ( over all 1/4 reading # ) and it was 6.7 which is considerly high as mind is 5.6 to 6.2 per do any way got control and A controlled diabetic today became of this Man and I do thank him, God will put You were U need To be it's up to One if you take the hint, Blessing 😀😀😀😇😇
L. Brown (1 month ago)
Complete lying fraud
Danielle Colangelo (1 month ago)
Why do people watch this just to call “bullshit” I don’t get it smh
Linda McPherson (1 month ago)
Great conman...
Anthony (1 month ago)
k0smon (12 days ago)
Anthony///// You are?
Lee Ryan (1 month ago)
i cannot speak for all mediums but this dude is 100% FAKE
k0smon (12 days ago)
Lee////// You cannot speak for ANY medium. You are the fake.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Lee Ryan //// Unlike you, he is genuine and does what he claims he can do. I watch videos of him (for free).
Lee Ryan (1 month ago)
k0smon  Yes, one of the best charlatans out there. He makes money off the back of the gullible.....folk like you, LOL
k0smon (1 month ago)
Lee//// You had better not speak at all, for JE is one of the best.
Beverley Ann Wright (1 month ago)
I don't want to speak ill of anyone and if you don't believe in it you don't believe . Because I know it's not possible to speak to the dead they are dead . However , john Edwards believes he can and no amount of slagging the man off will stop him practising his art . I know all about psychic mentality and mediumship before I am accused of having a closed mind . I have a very open mind and know what exists and doesn't however , that doesn't mean I want to bad things against these people it just means I believe in a higher spirituality that exists within us all and some choose to different ways that is choice furthermore , you don't have to watch believe or ask as it's having an open mind that gives everyone of us a choice . Also if demons do or don't exist why is there so much interest in paranormal activity and more and more people interesting in proving or disproving ? I also have friends who believe in this and are psychics n mediums in their belief , however, I discuss with them their theories n their work and I know where it comes from they disagree or try to prove to me otherwise in a friendly discussion because I know it's what they believe so I don't disrespect them . However, I know from personal experience where it comes from and I'm satisfied with my believe too .
Beverley Ann Wright (1 month ago)
+k0smon lol yes correct my belief . I guess they will have to be corrected then they do not speak to the dead ! Have a wonderful evening you've been a blast and it's really not worth getting annoyed or irked about a personal choice or belief !
k0smon (1 month ago)
BAW///// There are no 'dead'. Once the physical body dies, your spirit body takes over and you enter the afterlife. Yes, we can communicate with them. It is your 'belief', not your 'believe' (Noun vs. verb)
SmartGirls TV (1 month ago)
His earlier stuff is so cringe worthy . Really terribly rude to his audiences .
k0smon (1 month ago)
TV/// Were you part of his audience?
Mark Brander (1 month ago)
Stay away from psychics and new age or you will soon be in hell. Read some hell testimonies at hearthelordjesus.com they will change your life. Read the Lord's latest warnings about war coming to the USA soon there as well.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Mark////// Bible BS. There is no fiery hell, no Satan and no demons. They are just bible scare tactics. New age is a good way to think. See Carlton Pearson for a good example of this.
Steve Animal (1 month ago)
Steve Animal (1 month ago)
k0smon look me up , I can do it over the phone but it’s easier if I see you in person . That’s why I love a large group of people so I also say I feel someone is sick or been sick or maybe even past on but the letter d keeps coming to me . Oh is your dad or if I get a better bullshit hit your brother Dennis, ow I see. Do ya get the gist yet or you may have a lower IQ which makes it easier to be FOOLED
k0smon (1 month ago)
SA//// When does your series start?
Jeannine Summers (1 month ago)
Thank you, you are amazing! I would love you to read my family!!!😘❤️❤️❤️🌈🌻🌎🕊
Jan Watson (1 month ago)
Money money money
k0smon (1 month ago)
Jan////// Spirit, spirit, spirit
Stephen Riley (1 month ago)
Wow, I didn't know so many American women were obese and morbidly obese when watching this show !
RNLovely Russell (1 month ago)
So cute in his glasses
Official Silke F (1 month ago)
Psychic medium? Come on, he's probably just a covered NSA spy agent that knows also how often everyone in this comment section went in the 6 hours to the toilet.
GunsNpolitics (1 month ago)
Fake! Liar! Con Artist!
k0smon (1 month ago)
Gun////// You are the liar. JE tells no lies. He only relays messages from people in the afterlife.
GunsNpolitics (1 month ago)
Proud of what? Knowing the man is a liar?
k0smon (1 month ago)
GP///// And you are proud of that? You should stop right now.
Christie Welch (1 month ago)
Biggest Douche in the Universe
Jerome Goodwin (1 month ago)
Pick a typeo of person disribe it and someone will raise their hand. Yeah that's me. However having said that if I were to believe in this type of reading he is one I could believe.
roger johnson (1 month ago)
Only foolish people listen to this demon possessed servant of Satan. All psychics,mediums, fortune tellers and clairvoyances are serving Satan. People are so gullible. They reap what they sow. ITS JESUS OR HELL.YOU CHOOSE.
roger johnson (1 month ago)
+k0smon/ When you stand before Jesus your creator and Judge, your mouth will be stopped. You will regret the very day that you were born. You allowed Satan to give you a reprobate mind. THE BIBLE SAYS THAT WHEN THEY REJECT THE TRUTH, GOD SENDS THEM A STRONG DELUSION IN THAT THEY WOULD BELIEVE THE LIE, THAT THEY MIGHT BE DAMNED WHO BELIEVED NOT THE TRUTH, BUT HAD PLEASURE IN UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Rog///// Too much bible has scrambled your brains. There is no Satan, no demons, and no fiery hell. You are gullible about the false gospel of Jesus the Christ.
Silintra Stewart (1 month ago)
No bro
- Raes - (1 month ago)
disgusting manipulator, not allowing comments under his videos. only those who want to keep dumb audience are hiding comments, becouse some of them could convince the fool from being a fool. he is producing so powerful manipulation, even the smart ones can get fooled by him. i feel sorry for those people.
Mark Hardstaff (1 month ago)
This IS NOT mediumship. Make no mistake, spiritual communication is real. But he wouldn’t need to ask questions, he would be told what to say. This dude is on TV, yet can’t achieve altered state? Not a medium. I experience and research this subject . And for all those religious nuts out there, it has nothing to do with Demons, as they don’t exist. Your bible is full of fear and guilt, it’s mostly not true. Meaning of life..... “Experience” We are all spirits and we existed long before we were born. We are here to experience physical reality. Here we experience hot/cold/pain/food/being young/being old and everything in between. We live lives in different races for the different experience we receive. Some of us are born still connected to the non physical dimensions, and in these dimensions communication is telepathic. Clearly to me, John Edwards is not telepathic. Plus he doesn’t correct the “talk to dead people line” all true mediums no that’s not the case.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Mark///// Because he gets his information thru flashes of intuition and imagery, seldom thru sound, his 'questions' are merely requests for confirmation that he is interpreting his information correctly. You misread what is going on.
meygan crowly (1 month ago)
i want to believe him so bad, but the more videos i watch of him the more you see he does the same guesses over and over. the ones i notice are the brain tumour the number 7 and a j name and after seeing him do this so many times i just cant believe. open minded tho, if i meet a psychic and then change my mind then awesome! but its a no from me
meygan crowly (1 month ago)
k0smon  im not going to rule out that you're right because in reality the only person that knows for a fact in his telling the truth is himself. for me, videos and books can only go so far with convincing me. if i experienced anything from a psychic in person myself then i am completely willing to change my mind. i'm going to a show with my mom in november so maybe seeing it in person will change something? for now though, i am skeptical.
k0smon (1 month ago)
meygan crowly  //// A few are grieving. But the majority are just there for the show. You have come to the wrong conclusion. Get one of his books (from the library) and see if you get the same conclusion.
meygan crowly (1 month ago)
k0smon  i think the people who go see someone like this are grieving and in a desperate situation and so badly want to believe it that they do. honestly i really want to believe it as well, i spent like 8 hours watching non stop videos on youtube and almost did believe it but then i started to realise it was the same guesses each time, the same 3 are just always a starting off point and these people are incredibly intelligent and go off of simple communication cues like the small things you say, the way your voice sounds when you talk about them helps them judge the kind of relationship you have, i cant believe it but i want to.
k0smon (1 month ago)
MC////// They are never 'guesses'. He must interpret the information he gets from spirit, and in that he can sometimes be mistaken. If he was guessing, his audience would soon disappear.
jas c (1 month ago)
This guy should be in jail
k0smon (1 month ago)
Jas///// You need company in your cell?
Jeanette Kniebusch (1 month ago)
Some people have amnesia when they talk to him(hw mentioned this before) its ANNOYING. No no oh yes. The snoopy tie no he d idnt have one then they showed it hanging in the closet on one w episode
Colin james Mcintosh (1 month ago)
I don't think souls get to go on day trips to talk to the living.They are in Hell or Heaven,There is no in between.Its what makes John so dangerous.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Colin//// GET AWAY FROM THE BIBLE. It is so wrong about so many things. John is using a gift he was given. I so wish I had been given that gift.
phil cowbreath (1 month ago)
when cold reading goes wrong
phil cowbreath (1 month ago)
k0smon  I like doris stokes and and ena stubbs
k0smon (1 month ago)
phil cowbreath  //// She is now quite dead, but while alive, I do not think she was a good medium. She made errors in interpretation.
phil cowbreath (1 month ago)
k0smon  so would you say Sylvia brown is real
k0smon (1 month ago)
Phil/// Not here. No real medium uses 'cold reading'. They have no need to.
Charlotte Kellum (1 month ago)
The Bible says don't believe in these people, tarot cards,etc. They are of the devil.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Charlotte Kellum  //// Thanks for the prayers. I used to be a fundy Christian myself.
Charlotte Kellum (1 month ago)
k0smon Well maybe that's the way you believe but not me. Therefore we'll agree to disagree. I will pray for your soul.
k0smon (1 month ago)
CK///// And the bible is so wrong. There is no devil. There are no demons. There is no fiery hell. You need better information.
Bipolar Initiative (1 month ago)
Jack F Boyda is a real psychic/spirit reader who does telephone readings . He astonished me with some messages from deceased relatives. His site is https://www.jackfboydaspiritreadings.com/
julia nearing (1 month ago)
I am writing because my biological mom passed away in 2010 after she passed away she came to see me and I need to know who came with her and why also I have a brother who is in prison because his baby daughter was murdered and I need to know who murdered her and why so I can help my brother
Karmaindustrie (1 month ago)
Spirits don't exist! he is just fooled by spirits! (just kind of kidding)
Mademoiselle A (2 months ago)
The only medium I believe in is Matthew Fraser. This douche is a fraud.
k0smon (1 month ago)
MA///// Matt is good, but so is J.E. You stop trying to defraud us.
renate Krivulka (2 months ago)
At 354 he asked did she pass LOL my ASF off. I thought that's what it was all about that he could read the spirits. What a joke
renate Krivulka (2 months ago)
A true reading tells you what the other people are saying on the other side not asking questions
k0smon (1 month ago)
Ren///// They are not 'saying' anything. The medium get flashes of intuition and visual imagery which he must interpret.
Sam Sams (2 months ago)
John can’t see the future John can’t even see his own feet
Glynna Schmehl (2 months ago)
My friend just gave me one of his books. I can't wait to read it. My friend in grade school, Jonathan Enfield was shot. Since his killer asked me out, I think about him a lot.
Ben Wfc (2 months ago)
They talk before the show, the producers take information and give it him...
k0smon (1 month ago)
Ben Wfc //// Ben, you take the cake in the dumb department.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Ben Wfc  ///// Sorry Ben, not fact. Anyone can speak to the dead. To hear them answer, you must be a medium.
k0smon (1 month ago)
Ben//// Mediums are lazy. They get their information from spirit.
Ben Wfc (1 month ago)
+YatesNYC you're dumber than you look haha grow up
YatesNYC (1 month ago)
+Ben Wfc Show me some empirical data, some real science that proves that your opinion is fact. Until then, i have to keep an open mind.
Siddharth Kumar (2 months ago)
So that's what dead people do?? Hear our conversations all day?? That's after life?? That useless??
k0smon (1 month ago)
Sid///// They do a lot. Free download "Life in the World Unseen" will explain it.
Artie Choker (2 months ago)
Who brings a baby to a show?
BabyBoomerChannel (2 months ago)
Ok. I’m impressed. He got both names.
Liv Nichole (2 months ago)
I've never believed in this guy. He fishes for answers way too much, like a lot of "mediums" do. The only medium I've really believed in is Teresa Caputo. She doesn't fish for answers and he questions are more so her looking for validation or just wanting to confirm what she is saying is correct, rather than fishing for answers to lead to her being "correct"
k0smon (1 month ago)
Liv//// You are right about Caputo and wrong about J.E. They are both doing the same thing.
Guds777 (2 months ago)
John Edward biggest douche in the universe, he even got the award.
k0smon (1 month ago)
777///// From comedians like yourself.
Stephen Howlett (2 months ago)
He has far to many misses unlike the psychic barber Gordon Smith, he’s just the best and does keep saying ‘ did he this and did he that , Gordon just says he did this and he did that. If there is such a thing as psychic then Gordon is the real deal if it’s fake then he’s the best fake.
Adam Mangler (2 months ago)
Yeah - charlatans can be pretty shocking...
k0smon (1 month ago)
Adam Mangler //// You must be psychic.
Adam Mangler (1 month ago)
k0smon/// - I knew you were going to say that! :0)
k0smon (1 month ago)
Adam/// You are one, so you know?
Peaches Jackofski (2 months ago)
Is there anyone been to see John at a show? Does anyone know if you have to fill in cards before the show, saying who you hope to hear from or personal stuff? I’ve heard that other “psychic” shows do this. I’m just curious, I think he’s amazing.

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