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Psychic medium John Edward performs a shocking audience reading

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Psychic medium, John Edward talks about what it's like to be a psychic medium and gives our audience an emotional reading. Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - https://goo.gl/AI9BNO Hear about upcoming shows, contests, and advice for your home, health, style and more. Subscribe to the Cityline Newsletter. - https://goo.gl/Jnjipv
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Elon Musket (1 day ago)
And the award for the biggest douche-bag goes to.....
Co Ro (1 day ago)
💝All of John Edward's books & tv readings are awesome because of the peace of mind he brings! He reveals events, names, descriptions of many things that were only previously known by his audience members. Good guy, awe-SOME individual. Check out his books at your local library. Outstanding!!💗 💕A desperate charade to cover up personal fears of transitioning by posting rude unsubstantiated comments proves self hatred by person posting that comment. Wishing everyone including the abusers here, better happier days and peace of mind.🌞🏆💎
Pat Downs (2 days ago)
If someone could demonstrate that ANYTHING supernatural exists, it would totally change the entire world. Science as we know it would be out the window. We would literally be in a new paradigm of endless possibilities. These 'channelers' and 'psychics' of course know this. So why don't they do it? Why doesn't ANYONE just predict, for example, the headlines in the NY Times 24 hours in advance? Why doesn't ANYONE give a cure for cancer? Why doesn't ANYONE make a needle move inside a vacuum jar with just power of their mind? Why doesn't ANYONE demonstrate they can pick winning lottery numbers? Why doesn't ANYONE channel deceased entities that actually say anything worthwhile other than "Tell my family I'm doing peachie .. my old dog is here with me and he's barking hello to all?" Why? Because they CAN'T. Look at all the books produced by Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts and a dozen others like Sylvia Browne etc. They all make outrageous claims such as the existence of Atlantis .. take your pick; their books are packed with this nonsense. Don't you think a genuine entity trying to prove authenticity would start out by demonstrating the same? Not one of them starts out by saying, "Ok, here I am. I know to you I'm just a voice speaking through this human. So I know I have to prove I am who I say I am before we even start. So. Here goes." And then proof is supplied and the entity goes on from there BECAUSE NOW PEOPLE KNOW HE IS TRUSTWORTHY. But nothing like that ever happens. The entities can't prove they're real because they're NOT. They have no existence except in fantasy. Santa Claus cannot give proof he exists because he doesn't. Guys, this is all total rubbish; it's all bogus.
Julie B (3 days ago)
I don't doubt what he does but he seems to have a little bit of arrogance about him. Theresa Caputo seems nicer. Just my opinion.
Right Read (3 days ago)
Watch south park episode about him
Right Read (1 day ago)
+barb lee I'm 23 years old do u think i'm 12??! I Just say watch this épisode it's funny. (I'm french sorry for my bad english)
barb lee (1 day ago)
You think South Park is real ? you're a hoot... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
jayjayhere fre (3 days ago)
cringeworthy epic fail.
Linda Burton (4 days ago)
Dear Alice092948 - how do you explain the detailed information (NOT GENERIC SUCH AS SHAMPOO). My daughter couldn't yesterday but swears it's a fraud. Let me know when you can come up with an explanation of private detailed information such as what position or where I had sex when my child was born. You analogy sucks.
Bansi Lal Dharmarthi (4 days ago)
Q to see
wow haven't seen anything. recent wish there was more of him
katebeautyx (5 days ago)
I love how this show allows babies to be present. 😍
Patrik Lindholm (5 days ago)
No, he doesn't, actually.
zhang chen (7 days ago)
Will you be in Singapore any time soon?
M H (8 days ago)
Definitely a fraud. Genuine mediums don’t ask questions, they don’t need to as we are told what to say. This guy and Van Praagh need to be outed and removed from TV. The reason they get air time is to make you believe it’s not real. If you research this subject properly as I have, you will find real mediums. I’m one myself, that’s why I researched it. I have no intention of ever reading anyone. The spirit world has taken heed of my wishes and hasn’t communicated with me since 2014. So I know what mediumship looks like, and John Edwards doesn’t ever come close. He should be banned along with Van Praagh
barb lee (1 day ago)
Oh yes definitely have to ask questions. may see something a symbol and it could have a few different meanings so need to ask to go in right direction, don't believe everything you read. Read up about him you'll find you aren't as smart as you think you are. I would say you wish you were a medium, but wishful thinking doesn't make it so, and stop pretending....
Hugo Quintero (8 days ago)
International delusional schizo nut
Fuck ur feelings (9 days ago)
♪♪There he is♪♪the biggest douche in the universe♪♪♪♪
Alex Al (11 days ago)
barb lee (1 day ago)
Ya Mom says it takes one to know one 👍🏻
Sarah Jayne (12 days ago)
Why do women wear such ugly glasses?
Ambi Cahira (12 days ago)
I'm interested to hear any sceptic in the comments explain how he con-guessed that a body part was severed in the car accident and that the family struggled with the graphic images of that. I'm interested to hear your take on that. When he called Kim authentic he meant that in person when they sat together she wasn't guarded like most celebs he has met are. Pretty much every human has a job persona so most people could be called inauthentic when they are working, but when you can pick up on people's vibe you can tell if they are open or closed towards you in that moment and he called her authentic because she wasn't trying to hide and stayed very open and honest to the experience.
KinggniK (13 days ago)
Пришёл потом Южного Парка. На инглише говорю не весьма, этак что надеюсь здесь кушать словяне. HE IS BIGGEST DOUCHE IN THE UNIVERSAL! i hope you understand me
Tony Bantaloni (14 days ago)
These are the masters of deception the Bible warns us of. Reject them because the devil is a liar!
Erica Floyd (17 days ago)
And y ths host scratching her ass😕
Erica Floyd (17 days ago)
That audience is in lala land, damn 🤦🏾‍♀️
Catharina Parlors (17 days ago)
I would like to talk to him about my death family...
Bryan Badass Dass (18 days ago)
con artist
dave kozarek (19 days ago)
Not true you are talking to a witch so I know that is not true
Soooo he doesn’t like dealing with celebrities because they have a lot of baggage... um, a lot of people do. But yet Kim K doesn’t?? Okay, I knew this dude was a con.
John Quinn (20 days ago)
Law of averages trial and error Not for me
Pamela White (21 days ago)
Utter Crap
Embrace Truth (21 days ago)
I truly hope there is nobody stupid enough to ever believe anything that would come out of this fake's mouth. The only thing authentic about any Kardashian is the fact that they are all fake.
Lee Flood (21 days ago)
Edwards isnt that good he didnt was wrong with Kardashian and others
jan schroeder (21 days ago)
Is the room bugged so this guy picks up conversations?
Cynth Wise (22 days ago)
He really has been the only one that is somewht convincing & like able... the long Island Medium, Wow she is so full of BS it reeks!!!..She should be ashamed for exploiting vulnerable grieving people...
Maureen Land (22 days ago)
Watched a few of Johns videos now and if one zooms up on his ears there appears to be some kind of aid in his ears ...in.the older videos this is vey easy to see .........later years the device is less obvious .
TRUMP FOREVER (22 days ago)
Debunked con artist.
Jacqueline Judge (22 days ago)
This couldn't be more of a scam if it trued
Yee Yin Teoh (23 days ago)
Sensitive to certain frequency that invades you with depressing vibes? Recite this dispelling mantra “Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha” 108 times or more. Find out more at: bit((dot))ly/DSretreat
lucky sol (23 days ago)
Deborah Henderson (23 days ago)
Watch: Trump/Pelosi! Can Our Dead Speak to Us?!   You will find out this man is talking to demon spirits, and not talking to the dead!!!
Paige (24 days ago)
Is there someone here who died? They loved that you were at their service and they loved the flowers. They are at peace. Do you have their jewelry? They love that you think of them. Anyone with a J name? John, Joe, jimmy? Yes, got it.
David Henderson (24 days ago)
It’s the same old cold reading drivel
Moon child (26 days ago)
that first one was really accurate.
Dieu Temple (27 days ago)
John ! Please do a reading on Harry and MM.
Miracle122485 (27 days ago)
What was shocking about this reading?  Can somebody please tell me?
Luna Wolf (27 days ago)
My first cousin was in the Air Force, no one knew that he had a brain annusim.I thank you.
Joan Widdoes (28 days ago)
How do you turn it on and shut it off
Ryan Myers (30 days ago)
They find the oldest person and ask if thier parent passed away. Then were they on drugs of course they were most people have some form of prescription. So fake.
junith 369 (30 days ago)
My respect 4 John Edwards is now zero since he said Kim Kardashian was authentic and real... Bollocks...!!
I just watched the south park episode, biggest douche ever am right? no hate though, the irl person seems respectable, he's not a douche
black lightning (1 month ago)
Isn't he supposed to tell them there history.. Not ask DID HE KNOW HIM BEFORE HE PASSED..
Kriti Singh (1 month ago)
People might not believe it till the time it actually happens with them.
ann baker (1 month ago)
All misery. Can he not say something happy for once?
Dean Mason (1 month ago)
I’m getting a ber, it’s a ser , it’s a ker Kennnnyyyyy Kenny says hi
Steve Sand (1 month ago)
This guy is NOT REAL, these audience members, even though they are not actors, they have do do family histories and surveys to prove that they aren’t lying in their answers, but it’s really to give the “psychic” material. He pointed to the First person and said I’m seing a brain tumor or aneurism coming from that direction, so one of those w15 people were gullible enough to think this is about them, then he does a cold read. Psychics never just get the whole story it’s always “I’m feeling wind and death and the letter m or J”
Nature Girl (1 month ago)
"Who is the J name"? If a spirit was talking to him..Would they say my name begins with J or my name is John,Jason,Jacob....??? 100% Bullshit and it just sounds like he's making it up as he goes along...
dcb4357 hiitsme (1 month ago)
this is a "mentalist". uses lots of interrogation techniques. he is a showman, not like a really gifted woman i know. she knows nothing and all you do is give her a name or show her a photo and she takes off with inside info she has no way to know. this guy is talented as a mentalist but not as a psychic. sorry. i have seen the real thing and those who appear at night clubs .
Sid (1 month ago)
I bet he wouldnt know what present I get in a kinder egg *:)
mac243877 (1 month ago)
To many questions, a scam man
Bella Blue (1 month ago)
I usually love John Edward, and was enjoying this video up until the mention of a Kardashian. Completely ruined it for me. And tainted my opinion of his authenticity a bit. Shame
William Butler (1 month ago)
why do humans have hair on their heads , and what purpose does it serve , not against the sun because humans in cold climates have hair to !
janicejanisjan (1 month ago)
Don't know if anyone here believes in chinese face reading but Kim's face, specifically the brows, reveals deception.
M H (1 month ago)
Mediumship is actually real. This IS NOT mediumship. I’m happy to take on John Edwards and James Van Praagh. These two men need to be exposed by a real medium. I’m on Van Praagh’s channel with my real name and location. Unlike these idiots, I don’t attempt to read people, I actually think it’s wrong. But I’m still learning. However there is something I can do, that they can’t, that proves I have a spiritual connection. I want my time with science😀 All skeptics are fools, and I want to take you all on, as well as international mediums who I deem fake. (Almost all) I have an opportunity. When the time is right, I’ll make a video challenging them all. Including the biggest con of all time, James Randi. He duped all of you fools
Shamot Sesju (1 month ago)
Psychic people are not necessarily ‘talking to the dead’. What they are doing is reading information coming off the person who wants to know about their dead relative. If these people could truly talk to the dead then they could solve all murders where the person who did the crime is unknown, simply by asking the deceased.
Shayna Reid (1 month ago)
3:50 listen to what sounds like a little voice, sounds like someone is talking on his ear
Lisa Burton (1 month ago)
He really sucks.
Chris Mcdermott (1 month ago)
What a douche
Zoes Dada (1 month ago)
Darlene Canup (1 month ago)
He is a pricey penny just to see him shame on him. Just know that your love one's will Alway's be with you. They are in dream's, song's, memories and in storey's they left you. Just listen and be still 😇
Bev Peffer (1 month ago)
I need to speak with you
Saraswati Shankar (1 month ago)
Very interesting. I definitely believe in psychic medium and there are many psychic mediums work for the benefit of others and in Tibetan Buddhism we have oracles who takes trance of enlightened beings we call dharma protectors who would speak through these oracles to benefit people... take a look at 700 over people meeting with a divine enlightened protector who is a Buddha of wisdom... bit(dot)ly/MeetBuddha
Trisha Mom (1 month ago)
If they are psychic why aren’t they predicting natural disasters and terrorist attacks?!
All the nay-sayers are entitled to their opinion.... however, I will add my two cents worth... I recently attended a John Edward event recently on the Gold Coast Australia... all I can say is wow... John was amazing....the things he picked up on from the people he read was amazing and there is no way he could have known unless he knew the person well.... and to reply to the person who says he has people in the crowd before the event with mics and cameras ....all I will say to that is... what a load of rubbish.... there was NOBODY like that in the crowd at the event I attended.. the only other people who were there apart from the audience waiting was two people who checked everybody in.... and they at no stage came anywhere near the people waiting to enter the auditorium.....John Edward is very talented and accurate.....as someone who also can sense, see and hear spirit, I wish I had the gift he has.....everybody is entitled to their opinion....but I think all people who rubbish him just don't comprehend it.... I for one believe he is 100% genuine...… each to their own....
Larson Davidson (1 month ago)
gcbronco warriortitan18 Sorry, just can’t take him seriously, especially after that one episode of South Park. It really shed light on how not only John Edwards readings work but tv psychics in general.
Raven Moonsinger (1 month ago)
All "psychics" ask leading questions like they'll address an audience full of people and ask, "Who can identify with a brain tumor or aneurism." Of course, someone in the audience will respond to that. Questions like "how do you identify with the number 14 or do you recognize a male who's name starts with the letter J?" John Edwards ask all of those leading questions to get a re-action or read a person's body language. A real psychic would just walk up to you out of the blue and tell you very specific things without having to ask you a lot of leading questions.
Ricky Picerno (2 months ago)
Hell if somebody paid me a hunned bucks I'll cry I'll act shocked and say " OhHHhhh my Godd" all that bs
Nathaniel Bendy (2 months ago)
Why is this guy still alive?
Pablito Clavito (2 months ago)
Here he is... The biggest douche in the universe ♪
Karlyn Pinson (2 months ago)
Jade Samaya (2 months ago)
This is interesting but I bet you have seen an enlightened Dharma protector talk to us mere mortals? bit(dot)ly/MeetBuddha
Rui Viegas (2 months ago)
THE bible tells us that the dead know nothing, if that is the case, and the bible does not lie then who are we really contacting ?
Jake B (2 months ago)
I came to check out this big douche after watching south park, they are not wrong
ILoveMyOrchids (2 months ago)
People are SO stupid. He didn’t say one specific thing. How do people fall for these jokers?
barb lee (1 day ago)
How come you love orchids? 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Jim Lewis (2 months ago)
1. Starts off asking does anyone have a brain aneurysm or a brain tumour. Two totally different diseases which gives him three avenues (brain, aneurysm, tumour). No hit so straight away moves to another subject 2. Somebody behind you. Convenient switch given the first subject was sitting in the front row, 3. Goes fishing till he gets a hit in the back row. 4, Asks where the J-name is - the most common letter to begin a name in the English speaking world 5. Gets a hit with grandson but has to ask "did he know the grandson in life?" 6. Asks the car question - gets a fail but pushes till she admits she might buy a car in the following year. Follows up with vague reference to changing brands 7. Gets a hit with the diabetic question - . 33% of the elderly population are diagnosed with diabetes with the figure expected to grow markedly in the future according to the journal article I just read 8. Gets Stephanie/Stanley. A good hit but could he have read their lips, or overheard an S-name being mentioned 9. Asks "Was that your dad we were talking about?". Hardly a hit - quite obviously a mother/daughter combo 10. Asks "Are you Stephanie Anne?" You'd reckon the spirit would know his own wife's name 11. Finishes with the usual "take care of yourself" and "he's OK" - a meaningless phrase plus a happy birthday which is not confirmed 12. Starts fishing again this time for a car accident victim 13. Has to ask his next subject "Did she pass?" You'd reckon the spirit would know whether she was dead or not 14. Again, has to ask "Is this your sister?" after confirming the woman's sister flew off the road (which happens often in a car accident) 15. Brings up the seven connection and quickly moves from it when he realises there is no connection 16. Asks "has her dad passed". Total miss 17. Vague reference to an older male with colon cancer 18. Mentions something getting severed - pretty high chance of that happening given he's established it was pretty terrible car accident 19. "Please don't remember me in the way that I passed" - I'd guess no spirit would want people to remember them in death. Totally meaningless statement 20. Brings up the celebrity endorsement Amazingly this comes out at 20 because that is essentially what he does. He plays a game of 20 questions and then claims psychic powers when he arrives at an answer.
Johnny Blazem (2 months ago)
The biggest douch in the world
dimitrismemory Ward (2 months ago)
I saw him in person and paid good money. What a ripoff! It was a small audience and he concentrated on one family. It came out that the people he read come to every show in the country. When I was in hall I heard him speaking to people who were giving him info about people in line.
pamela mckenzie (2 months ago)
hear hear I don't feel its jealous its that they love the negative chat that's their food they have to find a negative, all that make you sick and sad, they are the low energy people, yes its true we all have psychic ability as you say some strong some not we all get gut feelings about people or places or just any thing. Why do these negative low energy come on here we don't need it, we got enough out there in the world and really you are lost souls I send love and healing to low energy  people out there.
Alice Holland (2 months ago)
It's all fraud. There is some power there but it comes from satan The bible makes it very clear we should not connect with psychics mediums wizards etc. Anyone that this man gives advice to here = will be affected by the other side for the rest of their iives unless they have prayers of deliverance from a good pastor
Mags Greenslade (2 months ago)
What a load of crap. "Is there anybody here who..." Yeah, there will be somebody who connects because he's a charlatan.
Ann Cho (2 months ago)
How much are the actors paid?
Ann Cho (2 months ago)
Fake news paid actors
Katie Bragg (2 months ago)
He is a bullshit artist that bugs everyone before they even enter the studio. He also has people run around listening to the crowd with cameras on their shirts, so he can pinpoint the people by face after they unknowingly gave information on a past loved one. Sick..he deserves prison time.
barb lee (1 day ago)
Nice to have someone who has been given the authority to know everything about everyone and be able to help judge them, like an assistant. Are you going to get a name that starts with a capital G ... also?
VALORES NET (2 months ago)
Are in your comfy chair reading and suddenly a figure caught the corner of your eye but when you turn there was no one there? Learn more: https://www.tsemrinpoche.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/buddhas-dharma/dorje-shugden-retreat-a-powerful-practice-to-fulfill-wishes.html
Smart Work (2 months ago)
Are in your comfy chair reading and suddenly a figure caught the corner of your eye but when you turn there was no one there? Learn more: https://bit.ly/2NW5exC
Isaiah David (2 months ago)
Are in your comfy chair reading and suddenly a figure caught the corner of your eye but when you turn there was no one there? Learn more:  https://bit.ly/2NW5exC
AlexZeBeast (2 months ago)
Wow, he's actually a giant douche...
Trish Bell (2 months ago)
That host is so pretty!
Glasgow Blues (2 months ago)
This is ridiculous.He is just using basic hit and miss techniques
Reggie Wagstaff (2 months ago)
Once, i met a woman who I had information about (marriage ending poorly due to money problems) and, on impulse, I said I had been studied by the government because of psychic powers. The woman was interested and asked about the experience, so I continued to play the role of “psychic” but acted reluctant and hesitant. Of course she wanted an example (she had been emotionally traumatized and was open for “answers”) so I held her hand and told her that I saw troubles in her recent past...about things she wanted...about something she couldn’t have. Of course, it seemed to be spot on to her and she wanted more. I saw her drive up in a crappy car, so I said she “lost” a vehicle, or she had wanted one but was denied and that had bothered her. She went bananas and thought I was legit. I made a few other guesses and she only paid attention to the correct ones, wanting to believe and buying the impromptu scam completely. I let it go at that and haven’t done the same since, but it taught me that when you are weak and want/need to believe, almost anyone can take advantage of you.
Matt Odlum (2 months ago)
wow south park was actually not exaggerating at all
David Watson (2 months ago)
I'm neither open or closed to all this, but I still have the same question I had 40 years ago! If someone wanted to contact you, why on earth would they say "it's J here" or "it's John here"? Why no surnames, EVER? Someone answer me that and then we can proceed!
makemoneyrelax (2 months ago)
how does he do it? it cant be cold reading...he is too specific
Ebrobaru 2014 (2 months ago)
No he´s not. TExt book cold reading
Krolle Varas (2 months ago)
are we all gonna forget the south park episode?

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