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I've Been Lying To You About My Sexual Orientation

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I'm coming out as bisexual...it's time I told you the truth. Website in question : https://www.healthline.com/health/lgbtqia-safe-sex-guide#sexual-orientation Talk With Me 1 on 1 : https://www.patreon.com/ArielleScarcella Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Ash SIlas (1 month ago)
I'm a trans guy and I totally agree with you. These new definitions of sexual orientation are problematic. I respect you for making this video because Lord knows some sjw's are gonna come after. Only you can know who you are. The whole situation with people trying to label you differently is Bullshit.
Amaretto Punsch (14 days ago)
+Gabrielle Lee I see Chloe on the pic <3 <3 <3 i like it
Ash SIlas (21 days ago)
Jamie wickersham thanks
Jamie wickersham (1 month ago)
I just wanted to say nice pricefield picture!
'Eternal Optimism... (1 month ago)
(Ultimately,) When is passion for Love or Happiness (money, sex, etc.), not always fueled by the variable choice (as Hope) 1st for purpose? Selflessly, Ps. The ultimate empirically valid human causality of Love (3in1 code/pattern) example is that Hope always exists as a perfectly infinite choice, whether we choose to do or not do. Therefore, Love is a choice of free will that is built on blind trust as Hope and reciprocally makes a selfless circle to always inevitably cause Happiness as inner peace. (Human Nature Love Pattern) https://www.facebook.com/notes/eternal-optimism/causality-of-love-cause-and-effect-law-of-love/10157264829300720
Gabrielle Lee (1 month ago)
I agree with this, except for the comment about "SJWs" because that's stereotyping people still. I don't think it's up to other people to define your sexual orientation. *shrug* Just define yourself? idk why that's so difficult T_T
Vobiscum Satanas (26 seconds ago)
Clickbaiter pos
Em Dee (1 day ago)
I did not get she was being facetious...I almost had a heart attack lol
Alexander Brown (2 days ago)
You are fucking nuts
Jim Waters (2 days ago)
I understand..but in my earlier life in college I fell in love with a roommate who was Trans ..back in the early 70’s there wasn’t much information at all. She was actually a physical male..in fact had quite a beautiful full penis. She was cute, very soft and soon I found to be living her life as a woman...though had not had even begun transition yet. I found myself giving into her feelings..to the point I was thinking I might be gay. I desired her, loved looking at her body and finally at Christmas time we made love,,with both of us bottoming and topping. Oops..never something I could ever talk about. I was an Army Officer..! An officer who enjoyed all aspects of physical love with her. Talk confusion. A friend of hers said I was gay..I loved Oral and anal with her. But..thing us ..only with her. The thought of sex with any other man was a total turn off to me. What She and I did I loved..thinking of it with another guy..no way. Finally we both saw a counselor ..who really helped us. Long story.. I was recruited as what you might call a special operations officer... a spy I guess. One of my duties was lying..going undercover ..living a double life. I killed terrorists and hurt bad people too. To protect her, and myself ..we broke up. When I saw her again it was 12 yrs. she was married..had had full SRS surgery..and adopted children. Whew..never really told that full story. J W
Tammy Morgan-Heath (4 days ago)
Can you just be like my girlfriend already crushes on u for like 8 years now 😁
I’m shocked! 😱😨😰
Too Lazy (3 days ago)
Do you see the video? CLICKBAIT
Kylie Rollings (8 days ago)
Bro thank you. I’m a lesbian and I’ve been out for a very long time, long before all this weird bullshit. It feels like cis homosexuals aren’t allowed to have opinions 😂
Zark Fuckerberg (8 days ago)
Thank you!
J Mc (10 days ago)
I like your videos. Labeling us I think limits us. I think expressing that we are all on the spectrum that is not static is beneficial.
M V (10 days ago)
What is the song playing in the beginning!? I can’t find it
K H (13 days ago)
You're a lesbian, because how he saw himself has nothing to do with you.
heykelly (14 days ago)
MY GOD. When will you realize nobody cares who you would fuck?! Your sexuality has literally nothing to do with others identities.
Sophia Williams (14 days ago)
AHHHH oh my lord I got so freaking scared! Not that there would be anything wrong if u where bi but like ur my fav lesbian sooo
Petteri Tuovinem (14 days ago)
SO there is a change between us <3
Kale Shitt (15 days ago)
Like the femmes u know what I’m sayin 😏😏 lol.
Arielle, that title is very clickbaity. Maybe you could had "(not)" at the end.
Arielle, according to Youtube ALL your videos will always be controversial because you are a lesbian and you talk about sex and both are controversial for them.
SEX as in Sexual Orientation
Sun Stone (19 days ago)
Beware the "Label Trap". Sexuality is a spectrum, words tend to be cubbyholes. Our language is adapting to our changing views about sex and sexuality, but the operative word is "changing", we aren't there yet. If you are comfortable with a one-word label fine, if you need many words to define yourself also fine, all you sacrifice is a little efficiency, just never let another person define you.
SF (19 days ago)
wcagosta (19 days ago)
Very witty, Arielle!! Thank you for your videos, kisses from Greece!
Sarah RTH (19 days ago)
this gave me a whole fright
Common Sense (20 days ago)
Who cares!!!  This is all messed up!!
Gabrielle Arce (21 days ago)
I agree with you. You are attracted to females and the female body so you are a lesbian. Someone transitioning can identify as a woman, but they are not female, as you said in a previous video. I am attracted to women and a female body. I might be attracted to more masculine females, but I am attracted to what a female body comes with which, as you said, comes with softer skin and different smell.
Kala Kat (22 days ago)
F off you got me love you!!
Eran Ariel (24 days ago)
Arielle, I adore your channel, great humor and absolutely hilarious. I can definitely perceive you being attracted sexually to men as well as to woman.
MyLittleDiscolite (24 days ago)
So you wanted some D, no shame in it.
iamayoutubeaccount (7 days ago)
+MyLittleDiscolite Also a trans man is FTM, Arielle was dating a woman who later decided to identify as male. Take you and your lack of reading comprehension and your dumb ass "uwu it's not natural" rhetoric elsewhere. Go choke on a dick since you love it so much
iamayoutubeaccount (7 days ago)
+MyLittleDiscolite Fuck you.
MyLittleDiscolite (7 days ago)
+iamayoutubeaccount At one point, he had a D. Still, no shame in it. Vaginas were designed to accept the penis. You'd be weird if you didnt get some D
iamayoutubeaccount (21 days ago)
Did you watch the video? She said it was a trans guy (a person w vagina, therefore shes still lesbian
Esme n'haMaire (25 days ago)
Superb, as ever, Arille! xx
HE Rialp (25 days ago)
Who cares of you are a lesbian or bi... Sexual Orientation is overrated. What matters is how you define yourself and LOVE is flexible. I am proud of you and just keep doing what you're doing =3
May Son (25 days ago)
For me Im sexually attracted to men because dicks.... But I also date females alot. Im not sexually attracted to them and wouldnt think of having sex with them which is hard cuz it means I need to be careful with what female I date n make sure they are asexual and not interested in having sex with me.
bumble (26 days ago)
it's not like someone is a female before they transition to male. they were always a man. just like how you don't become depressed the moment a doctor diagnoses you with depression. you were always depressed. now you just have the paperwork for it. yikes.
iamayoutubeaccount (21 days ago)
Also, sex = /= gender. A trans guy may identify as male but are physically female
iamayoutubeaccount (21 days ago)
Mmmm no "depressed" isn't an identity
Bea Rose (26 days ago)
I define my sexual orientation
john boone (27 days ago)
i got one word in and said what's up dude oh , not a dude but a dude , its ok i am transguitar and transghost 2 , but it is cool you can be transfluent so what the fuxk does it matter , wait now i don't want labels , this is just confusing , ok i am just gonna drop the trans and be fluent , like guitarfluent or ghostfluent ,i don't know labels, no labels , how would i write that , geezzz guys it just so confusing when you cant decide who you are or wanna be when you grow up , oh we are grown , hummmmm…………………………...
alice (27 days ago)
well that was a rollercoaster... but I loved it! labels are so stupid imo, I firmly believe that everyone should be a free ass motherfucker (hello, janelle monae lol)
Rlambevlogs (28 days ago)
Ur my fav lgbt YouTuber
mary jane (28 days ago)
You had me going for a second! But, you know what? These twitter trolls are fucked up. You're a lesbian. There are people out there on a quest to erase homosexuals, especially lesbians. They have taken our spaces, redefined our culture and history, and are appropriating our labels. The healthline situation is bullshit. As far as I am concerned, they are completely discredited. Oh, and P.S. - it's bullshit like this that makes some people go down the road of biphobia and transphobia. This insanity is hurting the very cause they say they are trying to advance. I admit I bought into their shit in the name of being "open minded" before. No more. This shit has gone too far. I am all for advancing rights of ALL PEOPLE.Bisexuality is valid. Trans people are the gender they say they are. End of. But a lot of this narrative that has gone into policing the sex, dating, and identity lives of gay people has gone way over the line, and I am personally sick of it. This idea that a pre T, pre Op trans man who was not out to his lesbian girlfriend suddenly makes her bisexual instead of gay since he transitioned is just insane. Thank you for keeping it real on this channel. I, unlike some purists out there, don't need to agree with every word you utter to think you are awesome. Sincerely, A fellow Gold Star Lesbian
what name? (29 days ago)
I adore you arielle. As a bisexual, you and your open mindedness means so much. I love your contribution to my community. While living in Cali, I was made fun of for being a breeder. I appreciate, whether or not the attempt was befuddled by how you felt at the time, the way you approached the issue. Thank you for being you. Seriously. Thank you. Please continue being such an open person; that is the basis for why I love you. You are open. You admit to mistakes. You know when you're wrong: you don't delete the post, you learn and change, addressing the issue. It is so important. Thank you.
Hailyn S (29 days ago)
Just fuck and love whoever the fuck you want. If anyone has a problem with that and NEED you choose a label, that's their problem.
WickedLexa (29 days ago)
I love you
Gosh i am trans man, and I got lost, mmm well but you look really cute, I would date you, but i DINDT GET IT if you will accept. xD
Caty M (1 month ago)
I really love this.
Caty M (1 month ago)
Black widow (1 month ago)
It doesn’t matter what u call yourself! You can be gay and then one day fall in love with a man, or be straight and fall in with love with a woman! You love who u love. Your still a lesbian because it’s what u prefer. Your door just isn’t shut all the way. U have an open mind and accept all types of love and that just makes u a good person. Not bisexual, cuz ur not constantly dating both genders. Your a lesbian that has a heart pure of gold and willing to accept any type of love. So to me your just even more of an amazing person!
Matthew Paul (1 month ago)
Bigender homosexual
Matthew Paul (1 month ago)
Such click bait
Shortylaughs21 (1 month ago)
love you <3
Rich McQuiggan (1 month ago)
People worry way, way too much about labels. My wife enjoys having sex with women as well as guys but got all upset when I mentioned being bisexual. Who gives a shit. Most people are sexually a shade of gray as opposed to being black or white. You don't have to apologize, rationalize or explain who or what you are or what attracts you. Do what makes YOU feel good and screw those that need to be judgmental
Arianna Tuttle (1 month ago)
Perfectly said. I’m a lesbian who has dated trans men and trans women but has only ever really been attracted to female body parts. It’s nice to hear from someone else that my sexuality is still valid whether I like penises or not, regardless of who they’re attached to. I’m behind you all the way, Arielle! You’re an epic lesbian and if someone tries to shame you for being who you are they can bite it!
Gemma Elizabeth (1 month ago)
Still a lesbian bc it was before transition
Uncon TROLLable (1 month ago)
It's sad that political correctness made her have to hide her attraction to some men. Heterophobia is tragic. #bornthisway
Spirit Hawk (1 month ago)
Jesus fucking christ this made me cry, it feels like nobody will ever be attracted to me or if they are they'll not awknowledge me as male until I transition, which I can't do for quite a while. God this made me so dysphoric, how is anyone going to take me seriously as a man until I transition
Lori Alise Vlogs (1 month ago)
🙄 shouldnt you able to come to your own conclusion ??? Oh god actor ... annoying
Sarah Flara (1 month ago)
Ok so you should now just call people MULTISEXUAL because its so damn confusing these days!
dopeymark (1 month ago)
Who cares lady?
Pauline Jefferson (1 month ago)
Who gives a shit.
punk-as-puck (1 month ago)
the point is, you were attracted to someone who was a man, but that doesn't make you bisexual, but it does make you not a "gold star" lesbian.
Michael Merritt (1 month ago)
punk-as-puck they were a woman tho.
Chloane Abi Allam (1 month ago)
You don't have to label yourself
kinfeofspaghetti (1 month ago)
Most of the trans "women" attacking lesbians for rejecting them are basicallt just mad you won't have sex with them, or they're jealous that lesbians have a pretty good measure of social acceptance and have had it for a while.
Miniatur Sonne (1 month ago)
I always thought sexuality is fluid so in one part of your life your are e.x. homosexual, 10 years later your are e.x. heterosexual. so meh. any kind of relationship is good (unless it is abusive/toxic). be true to yourself and your partner :D
Michael Merritt (1 month ago)
Miniatur Sonne I guess the far right Christians were right. Gay people can change after all.
Palehorse (1 month ago)
You dont have to explain yourself to anybody..be with who ever you want to be with,f&ck labels.
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
There’s a dude that exists that you would bang I know because it me
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
That’s why you got a gold star
Sandmanofamarillo (1 month ago)
Gold Star lesbian means lesbians who bang guys
Fatboybug (1 month ago)
First off please do not be hard on yourself for being you. No you did not lie to us,life is about discovery and I think you made a realization of what you like (sexually) and had to ponder the thought for a while until you were sure. You have a channel here where you educate a lot of people about lifestyles,sexuality and things some folks just can't ask their neighbor.So go easy on yourself, enjoy life and please keep up the good work.
Meghan (1 month ago)
Let's not diminish bisexuals. k thanks.
Tina 12789 (1 month ago)
How can I write you?
T T (1 month ago)
Too funny!
Abdelkader Medjadji (1 month ago)
I don't know. .I'm. .I'm just too happy. My wife thought she was in love at fourteen with a girl...hormones. .brainwashing. .careless parents. Many many circumstances can make a honest heart refuge in sexual orientation. I said honest heart because evil hearts found with this hurrae homosexuality a perfect cover for perversion. I'm glad for you
Abdelkader Medjadji (1 month ago)
+Michael Merritt what does homophobic mean? When was it created? If homophobic means encouraging human beings to face their trauma with therapy instead of punishing themselves with a proven biologically psychologically cheap imitation of sexuality then sign me in :)
Michael Merritt (1 month ago)
That was homophobic.
Jessa Smith (1 month ago)
damn i Totally believed you at first you should go into acting lol
kriptonis (1 month ago)
and can't you have curiosity about a man, try it, say "nah" and continue a lesbian? Even if for a brief moment you found a male body somewhat interesting in the past?
Zarina Glaveva (1 month ago)
Where's the "Not interested" button for an entire channel?
Endeavourtolive (1 month ago)
I heart you so much.
tricia duzs (1 month ago)
I've always hated you
Michael Merritt (1 month ago)
tricia duzs for what reason?
sanad dennis (1 month ago)
Attention for views omg
Marshall A. (1 month ago)
Jesus christ LOL godammit girl. I'm so tired of people trying to erase the LG of LGBT e trying to include whatever Tumblr says is a gender and orientation and even fucking pedos
Terry Massey (1 month ago)
Annabelle Triabelle (1 month ago)
You're a lesbian my dear let no one tell you otherwise. You're bonafide family in the tribe. You define you
Lex W. (1 month ago)
You’re clearly a lesbian
Desiree Smith (1 month ago)
You're fake. you need to get a job, and probably go to school. You shit on everyone. gtfo
Maolo Noggi (1 month ago)
I need some advice here if anyone can help It's crazy because like before my ex partner who is literally the first woman I've ever dated i never knew anything at all about the LGBTQ community. In fact even though we are no longer together I do find that now I am more aware to what people in the LGBTQ community have to go through. She was an older italian woman and tbh I have been thinking a lot recently about my own sexuality and whether I'd actually be with another woman and I think I would as long as they are like her she was quite dominant and masculine so she balanced me well in a way. we split up due to technicalities and I'm now with a guy again. Even though I had never ever been with a woman prior to her (and she was my first woman lol) I really could see myself marrying her and settling down and adopting a puppy together (something she always wanted to do) Do you think that this is how bisexuality is found or would you say i fall into the pansexual department? I'm very confused with myself because honestly before her I was straight and I'd never ever pictured myself with a woman ever. I always felt I fell more into the demisexual category because I struggled to have an attraction to anyone in the past
Mrs.SAVAGE harer (1 month ago)
okay all i have to say is why everything has to be labeled i honestly don't see why it matters.
willtynellyworth (1 month ago)
I'm not letting anyone define me. I am a lesbian. I came out later in life. I was married to a man. I knew in Middle School that I was attracted to women. I allowed myself to live as I thought others wanted me to be. My family, community, and church family played a bigger role in my head than I ever knew. I had two boyfriends in my life (one of which became my husband) I couldn't keep ignoring who I was. I won't allow anyone to tell me who I am. I never been with a woman, but I know I have always desired to and never really desired to kiss a man. But I only ever had the experience of a man. And I am still a lesbian.
ReysExtremeCinema (1 month ago)
click bait
krum will (1 month ago)
Hmmm can’t people just love a person x ??
Mike Skidmore (1 month ago)
So you screwed a Man who thinks he wants to be woman some day .. so you got some dick ..
Kaimana Colobong (1 month ago)
Dont matter what other ppl think. You are who you are, not what other ppl tell you. Stay true to yourself. We make mistakes, we only human. Live "Aloha" 😉
Katharina Ebel (1 month ago)
you're a lesbian. I am a lesbian. But your videos make me want to not be a "lesbian". Who believes in labels anyway. I don't know. Your videos make me feel really uncomfortable, I can't even say why. It feels so clickbaity
Tyler (1 month ago)
I only call myself bisexual because I was attracted to one female in my life. They later came out as a trans man. I still identify as bisexual.
Cariba saffron (1 month ago)
Look good on you for stating your opinion but click bate please people stop😭😭😭
Alex Machacek (1 month ago)
could you please stop talking about transgender people? like just shut the f*ck up. you said enough. Shut your mouth i'm so upset bcs of you...
Alex Machacek (1 month ago)
shut the fuck up.....
sikspārnis (1 month ago)
u adorable troll <3
Greys Rays (1 month ago)
Let’s throw the labels in the trash
Haven-Storm Mounce (1 month ago)
My girlfriend is a lesbian dating a transboy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jamie wickersham (1 month ago)
I had a crush on another trans man before either of us were out. That doesn't mean I'm gay. I still only like women, I was attracted to his feminine body but now that he presents as masculine not so much. That's why I support Arielle
Chantell Whyte (1 month ago)
You know I accept you girl! I’ve been watching you since you’re Arielleishammin days. I miss those skits by the way... Also I still have your paintings that you used to sell!!
destiny beasley (1 month ago)
You should be an actress
Rhea Mahule (1 month ago)
Since you asked, I think People should stop caring about labels. As much as they are important in creating a positive visibility, it is stupid to say "I'm gay/straight and will remain so my whole life" because attraction can be fluid. So instead of worrying about who you are attracted to, you tell yourself who you CAN be attracted to, probably creating mental blocks. You yourself said that you can't make out if a person is trans unless they tell you or you happen to see their genitals. So if you fall in love with a woman, and you are passionately attracted to her, would her having a dick (which you clearly have said that you are not attracted to) kill your passion? how? why? why can't we just love who we love and not fight about who we can't love?

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