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DEEP Product Backlogs for Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Delivery

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As a Product Owner I want an efficient backlog methodology So that I can more effectively work the backlog and present the backlog to the team Product Owner Primary audience, but this is the written interface between the vision and the production so it’s good for everyone in the team to understand this take on backlogs. Essential enterprise addition to others such as face to face ceremonies Opportunities: People able to focus on the right amount of work at the right time Product and team able to incept and start faster Product able to get to MVP quicker Product able and if pivot and change direction Less stress, more productive team working with human characteristics and biases DEEP backlogs and the Backlog as an Iceberg Detailed appropriately – definition of done, user stories, gherkins - appropriately just-in-time Estimated – t-shirt sized or triaged against each other Emergent – slap a one-liner on it, throwaway, PO idea Prioritized – fluid over structure, rigidity. So that's DEEP, and I really like marrying it with this Product Iceberg analogy as that really helps with Definition of Ready, and reinforces each of the Detailed, Estimated, Emergent, and Prioritised angles. Icebergs are good for transformation: Waterfall design documents with Fixed Long list of use cases that have been exhaustively thought about and scheduled. Excessive rigidity Sprint forecasting and forward allocation of stories to sprints – in sprint 11,12&13 we will add the reporting charts. Which to me is a long way from marking up stories into an overall MVP or Release. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Availability_heuristic Heuristics & Biases of the human mind, working with them not against the grain. Availability bias, your brain finds it easier to recall what it's more recently experienced/discussed. Daniel Kahnmann – K-game OK crux of the keep it simple Backlog -
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