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Sea level rise in Northern Europe

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Check out the new HD version of this video! Potential sea level rise in Northern Europe resulting from global warming and the complete melting of the polar ice sheets. This video shows sea level from the present-day location to the level estimated if the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets melt completely. Source: http://www.panglosstech.com/
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LAPPEN (18 days ago)
That estern EU u dumb fuck
Виктор Родин (7 months ago)
Scientists: "The damage from raising the level of the world ocean can exceed 13 trillion. dollars ". Situation on the planet for July 2018. Three climatic parameters have passed to the initial stage of irreversible processes, in a simple language - not capable of self-recovery: I give three more threats that will lead to threats to irreversible processes within one to three years. Problems. First. Quote: "The temperature on the planet is growing at an unprecedented pace." The second. "The physical pollution of the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and poisonous smog - on Earth this pollution was not in its entire history." Third. "Tap water can not be drunk in any country in the world - it is contaminated with all kinds of pollutants, like air, plus microparticles of plastic. If you do not eliminate these three problems, then the probability of survival is zero. Nowhere: neither in bunkers, nor under water, nor in Space. And returning to the beginning: "The damage from raising the level of the world ocean can exceed 13 trillion. dollars ". The cost of eliminating warming is one trillion. dollars! What is it? "Ignorance?" The degradation of the body due to pollution, and especially the brain, all kinds of pollution? "We'll leave this question alone for now." Let's take the first, and the only question for today, is to eliminate warming immediately. For we have already come into the situation: Either we eliminate warming, or warming - eliminates us. And judgments that "it is possible to save the Earth only by destroying mankind is stupidity." Warming is eliminated with a profit of 12 trillion. dollars. And civilization is not only preserved - it goes into that natural state according to the purity of the soil, water and air that the Lord God gave it. Sincerely, developer of environmental programs, Victor Rodin. Ukraine. Khmelnitsky NPP. Tel. Kiev Star: 961336344. Mail: [email protected] --- --- --- Ученые: «Ущерб от увеличения уровня мирового океана может превысить 13 трлн. баксов». Ситуация на планетке на июль 2018 года. Три погодных параметра перебежали в исходную стадию необратимых процессов, обычным языком – не способным к самовосстановлению: Я даю ещё три опасности, которые приведут опасности в необратимые процессы в течение 1-го-трёх лет. Проблемы. Первое. Цитата: «Температура на планетке растёт неслыханными темпами». Второе. «Физическое загрязнение атмосферы углекислым газом и ядовитым смогом – на Земле такового загрязнения не было за всю её историю». Третье. «Водопроводную воду невозможно тянуть ни в одной стране мира – она заражена всеми видами загрязнителей, что и атмосфера, плюс наночастицами пластика. Если не убрать эти три трудности, то возможность выжить – равна нулю. Нигде: ни в бункерах, ни под водой, ни в Космосе. И ворачиваясь к началу: «Ущерб от увеличения уровня мирового океана может превысить 13 трлн. баксов». Стоимость устранения потепления – одинешенек трлн. баксов! Что это? – Невежество? Деградация организма за счёт загрязнения, и в первую очередность мозга, всеми видами загрязнений? – Пока этот проблема оставим в покое. Возьмём 1-ый, и один-единственный на сейчас проблема – устранять потепление необходимо немедля. Ибо мы уже пришли в ситуацию: Либо мы устраняем потепление, или потепление – избавляет нас. И суждения, что «избавить Землю можно лишь уничтожив население земли – тупость. Потепление устраняется с прибылью в 12 трлн. баксов. И цивилизация не лишь сохраняется – она перебегает в то естественное состояние по чистоте почв, воды и воздуха, которые отдал ей Господь Бог.
Marphey (8 months ago)
Hey fellow Czech looks like we will have a sea in the future XD
Gethin Williams (8 months ago)
Wales is still alive yay
kevin khoa (8 months ago)
dude in the future only 2 meters above from the sea!
M Mauhan (10 months ago)
How would Europe look like if Seawater level rises by 5000 meter.😎
Isaac S (10 months ago)
I'm in London and if this happens in moving to Paris
JMT 97400 (8 months ago)
Seine altitude in Paris is 26m high only!
J M (10 months ago)
I get a free sea view upgrade for my contribution to global warming
avatara82 (10 months ago)
That was not northern europe... north europe countries are Norway Sweden Denmark Finland and Iceland...
PRO100 MAX (10 months ago)
There is no so many water on Earth
Meanwhile level rise in northen europe mediterranean is being dry
Boris The Slav (1 year ago)
France should build a Maginot Line for water
JMT 97400 (8 months ago)
Yes one on Seine River near Rouen but not to have an unsalted lake back of that dam and to limit the need of pumping out of the new endoreic man made territory, fresh water flow from rain and human use, it will be necessary to make a canal from Aube to Loire beginning around 150m altitude near the Aube Reservoir and finishing in the Loire Bassin. May be also to pump water from Upepr Seine and tributaries Valley to Saône and tributaries to use it in the Rhône Basin. Somme valley can also be protected in the same manner but not Northern regions, too flat. Middle valleys of Meuse and Rhine could also be protected by other dams, and part of their waters diverted to Rhône Basin. Upper Elba could be too, but not all the flat plains and little hills from Holland to Belarus and Carelia And for south of France, and all Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Red Sea countries, the better way is to build a dam in Gibraltar and another at the southern end of the Red Sea. As those seas evaporate more water than they receive from rivers and rain, there is Ocean water entering. That will allow to build two gigantic hydroelectric power stations to fund the dams and other buildings like canals and may be some dams (like the nord of Adriatic to make a lake from Venice to Triest and along the Dalmatian Islands, or in the Lion's Gulf or between the Greek Islands and Turkey or to maintain Marmara see level) to let gradually Mediterranean sea water decrease to recover land to install people being excluded by the ocean rise in northern europe. If Ocean Level rises to 135m other dams will be necessary north of Volga basin. Mediterranean basin new shores will have some salted waters canals for coastal navigation and to produce, with solar energy, unsalted water for the new lands . As Black sea has more water than needed, the upper will become an unsalted lake, regulated by a dam on Bosphorus, Marmara Sea will become Marmara Lake, regulated with a dam in Dardanelle's strait and after that canals will bring fresh unsalted water to the southern Macedonian and Turkish west coasts, and make navigation possible with another canal going down to the new Aegean See. Other parts of the world can protect themselves, like Persian Gulf, some siberian valleys (to block north artic ocean salted water and make most of their fresh water diverted to south in Kazakhstan for agriculture and make reborn completely Aral sea and other local lakes, till Caspian borders, including lower Volga (from which a part of waters could be diverted to Black sea)
Nooooooo AB
Jungshook (1 year ago)
Umm Northen Europe are the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic states, Poland, Germany, UK etc.
Bxke (1 year ago)
RIP Netherlands and Denmark
Bazagaza123 Keenan (1 year ago)
Whooooo I’m safe in he middle of scotland
Aliandro Kevin Winata (1 year ago)
Nothing Ugliest
SquirrelFromGradLife (1 year ago)
Well prehistoric man really screwed with them carbon diogicides huh... What were they thinking? Had they only known their camp fires would end the ice age they would have used solar power instead... Yes that makes total sense now.
Gaurav Deora (1 year ago)
This is awesome https://youtu.be/SBLpt-vQs8s
Jessica Giandolfo (1 year ago)
Jessica Giandolfo (1 year ago)
Prevent this from happening!
Dj Kirby (10 months ago)
Jessica Giandolfo mmmmmmmmm nah
Ries ! (1 year ago)
bye netherlands
Arstotzka Empire (1 year ago)
The waves rule Britain!
The7th (2 years ago)
We are not part of Europe, just because we're on a massive island off of the cost of Europe doesn't mean we're Europeans. If we could we would become our own continent
The7th (1 year ago)
Since when did anyone think that we are on the same continent as the French?
The7th (1 year ago)
Greenland is a continent
MrOrlica (1 year ago)
Your little islands are part of the European continental shelf, genious. Try visiting a school to see it from the inside at least. I suggest you try "to be your own continent" away from the South Atlantic ;-)
Jakub Piasecki (2 years ago)
The 7th Are you talking about Great Britain? Haha made my day. Now let's talk about Greenland, Madagascar and other big islands. Haha
ArcturanMegadonkey (2 years ago)
7,000BC the UK was part of Europe...way before this global warming hoax and way before the industrial revolution, climate 'scientist's' always forget to mention that. climate change is natural.
Nyne Kay (2 years ago)
Ooh I get it, so the UK was like Italy but lower in between Milano and Rome, So it has being swallowed by the water?
ArcturanMegadonkey (2 years ago)
Climate scientists are always talking about the seas will rise but rarely mention that this has always happened i.e. 7,000bc the UK was part of Europe but got cut off by the sea when it rose, my point being climate change has always been with us and is natural
12thDoctor's Companion (2 years ago)
What? Your comment doesn't make any sense.
Krakk23 (2 years ago)
Norway doesn't give a fuck.
Avocadov (3 years ago)
Poland 😭 RIP Słubice
Jakub Piasecki (2 years ago)
Illuminatrix Słubice is a city like Frankfurt, don't be selfish
Illu (2 years ago)
well, from poland isnt much gone. look at germany, berlin will be underwater at about 60m. and i hope you mean frankfurt/oder not damn słubice...
Anas (3 years ago)
RIP: Netherlands...... Im dead underwater in the future ..
Pengun78 (11 months ago)
geen zorgen nederland is pro in dijken als de zee gaat stijgen gaan alle landen om hulp vragen van nederland (dat doen ze nu soms ook al)
Ryan Nguyen (1 year ago)
Anas eisenga ok
12thDoctor's Companion (2 years ago)
There's a small island left ;)
sophie0100 (3 years ago)
Well my home town will be gone if this happens :/
John Kahwati (3 years ago)
R.I.P London
freedomfightertwo (3 years ago)
Berlin is an island.
Job van de Laar (3 years ago)
i from Netherlands and we have build dams i think this safe for 10 years but then its netherlands alone brabant and limburg!
Skateboarding Boy (3 years ago)
yay! clydebank (town in Scotland) is safe!
WatermElon Musk (3 years ago)
It will take 200 metres to flood my area! Woo goo #mountainsftw
WatermElon Musk (3 years ago)
Aye just screw the sea.. Norway and us are just sitting laughing at Europe especially Netherlands lol. Some serious draining they have to do
OtsoBeltz (3 years ago)
Espero que los británicos con su maravillosa tecnología, su maravillosa reina, y su maravillosa clase política xenófoba, sus maravillosos hooligans vulgares y malolientes que tanto les gusta pegar palizas a españoles, puedan hacer frente a la subida del mar y no emigre ni uno sólo a mi país.
Mh32 (4 years ago)
R.I.P Ireland. I don't feel safe anymore. If this happens, I'm moving back to Germany (if its not flooded with water)
Oisin Emerald (2 years ago)
Mh32 omg rip Ireland
Kjalwarn (4 years ago)
RIP Netherlands
MrOrlica (4 years ago)
There´s something positive about this: London disappears, one less problem for the world. Same goes for Berlin. Pity Paris is so far away from the sea, we would have three problem nations erased from the surface of the earth ;-)
MrOrlica (14 days ago)
+TWDdylan wrong I regret. But nice try. Start reading history, it´ll be good for you ;-)
MrOrlica (14 days ago)
+Marphey Yes, Marphey, everything evil comes from Putin, and I am so evil, because anglos are uncritizisable, right? Now, go get your pacifier, it´ll do your mental age a lot of good. ;-)
MrOrlica (14 days ago)
+INHERITOR VRX is it some kind of survey? Anglos are so anglo: they think they are the standard of the world and they even believe they have the right to question others, inquiry about where they come from and impose on them. None of your business, pal. And I´m doing you the favour of answering in your language, symbol of imposition around the globe. Be thankful ;-)
INHERITOR VRX (19 days ago)
+MrOrlica What country are you from as a matter of interest?
LgclanSauron (3 months ago)
stupid rural shit
Sam Otten (4 years ago)
That looks good, where I live is really far away from the sea but with a fair amount of sea-level rise I'll be living only a few miles from the shore. (But still high enough to not get flooded by a bit more of a rise).
George Chapman (4 years ago)
R.I.P Denmark
Wille 800 (8 months ago)
I live in Denmark 😭😭😭😭
DESTRoyer (4 years ago)
R.i.p ireland thank you for sacrificing your life for europe now your the new carribean!
PC Gamer Pro (4 years ago)
Damn i live in Ireland too, Im getting a boat!
Arcade Defenders (4 years ago)
In the Netherlands we would just build some dams en En they say fuck off to the sea :D
Pusilli Rex (4 years ago)
Conclusion : Live in Middle Europe. No earthquake, no tsunami, no tornado. 
Arstotzka Empire (1 year ago)
a number 9 large the place that never has water...
Pusilli Rex (1 year ago)
Oi, where can we live tho
Arstotzka Empire (1 year ago)
a number 9 large no water. And don't forget that rivers can also be unstable after this.
Ciarán Uí Néill (4 years ago)
Goodbye my Ireland
Fionn Moules (1 year ago)
ciarrai hyslop it does
ciarrai hyslop (1 year ago)
Ciarán Uí Néill notice that cork doesn't sink ;)
Oisin Emerald (2 years ago)
Ciarán Uí Néill yeah
johnathan murillo (4 years ago)
I feel bad
mike EFC (4 years ago)
cool, can't wait i fucking hate the ignorant southern english.
marrystylesford (4 years ago)
My area in Wales and Chester are completely fucked :/
J. Alexander (4 years ago)
well, the Netherlands is fucked
12388753 (5 years ago)
I live in Norway, so I'm safe
Elisa Mathew (5 years ago)
I'm going to survive then
deXter135790 (5 years ago)
I'm dead at 10m. I live 4 meters under sea level. 
UKish (5 years ago)
lol your dead befor the vid starts lol if you are living in the flooded areas of the uk atm im sorry for whats happened
Craig (5 years ago)
Looks like I'm dead at 30m. Long live the Queen.
Dylian groffen (5 years ago)
80 meters is a bit to much..
John Donaghan (5 years ago)
Thank you.
Witzel99 (5 years ago)
Crap, Denmark and Holland ain't going to make it. Oh well .. 
히철-씨King (2 years ago)
There going to make it but they're just islands.
loudross (5 years ago)
norway seems fine
Sohe (5 years ago)
yea but my town will go under water
Sock (5 years ago)
So, Britain turns into New Philippines?
MrDarragh123456789 (4 years ago)
Britain turns into Japan, Ireland turns into the Philippines
Kerrwheil Delfin (5 years ago)
+chips989 asia
Kerrwheil Delfin (5 years ago)
Sock (5 years ago)
+Dexter Delfin Which one?
Kerrwheil Delfin (5 years ago)
i live in philippines
Türk Paşası (5 years ago)
Arstotzka Empire (1 year ago)
Türk Paşası kebab in Germany yeah
vonteflon (5 years ago)
I'll vote for a rise of between 20 and 30 metres then.  Walking distance to the beach!
Mental Turtle (5 years ago)
all that happened in Scotland was the rise in the clyde and the forth
David Boyle (5 years ago)
It will take 250million years to rise 10 mtrs. Stop worrying
Grimescene City (1 year ago)
250 years more like
히철-씨King (2 years ago)
Toby Hill (5 years ago)
So then your telling me scotland wont be affected at all....
bolt853 (5 years ago)
then it will be the End of London... WHY??? my nana lives there!
milagrostorchia (5 years ago)
Hi there, have you heard of "TRAVELSEWHERE" (do a Google search for it)? I have come across some unbelievably affordable deluxe hotels as well as plane tickets. This may let you save on your future journey as well!
Nicky Mitchell (5 years ago)
Maybe God will stabilize the greenhouse effect or Jesus will come again before the worst happens
Oisin Emerald (2 years ago)
Nicky Mitchell maybe
Mr Wolfe (5 years ago)
You do realise that this takes hundreds of years to happen right? London will just spread outwards, or they'll dredge the thames to make it deeper.
Deigers132 (5 years ago)
scotland just sitting there like a fucking boss :P
Fanrabbit (5 years ago)
Not with it's impressive sea defences!
Davy van Oss (5 years ago)
haha no dear it sais, when all the polar ice melts, it will look like this, wich is the question if that will really happen, but not un-likely though. i guess we need bigger dyke's, and better delta works.
Davy van Oss (5 years ago)
thank you / i will do, and tell people about your interresting channel.
Pangloss Tech (5 years ago)
sure, just link back to the video
38dragoon38 (5 years ago)
Brilliant! London will be underwater!
der Führer (5 years ago)
only south Limburg wil survive of the netherlands
der Führer Mijn dorp (Emmen) ligt op een heuvel dus wij overleven het misschien ook wel
moviescrafter (5 years ago)
Norway is like...well...shit
graham christie (5 years ago)
lol! better move to america
graham christie (5 years ago)
woohoo! scotland ftw!
Edge_Pleb (5 years ago)
According to this video I am currently underwater...
Davy van Oss (5 years ago)
oy this is a treat to my country, we live 3 meters below sea level, mind if i share this video on a small news - discussion channel? PS thank god i live on the 7th floor hehe.
The Global Excursion (5 years ago)
Glad I live in Leeds
PaskualDon (5 years ago)
oh this sucks,I love English football :( Plz England don't sink!
GapeSeedGames (5 years ago)
we scots will be the last to go
BlazingLeopard (5 years ago)
Now: Well this is boring. 80m: Oh I do love to be beside the seaside :D
Pedro Simas (5 years ago)
too bad most european cities are near rivers and seas...
MrDanChandler (5 years ago)
Global Warming = Tropical islands. Everyone move their stuff out of the way! Europe's gonna be AWESOME.
islandinthesea (5 years ago)
You were joking yet you insulted me? Ah ok, great joke you fucking moron! And racist, are you seriously for fucking real? You really are butthurt it seems
ShadeyBladey (5 years ago)
I was joking! You ridiculous, over-tired racist fucking idiot!
TheJinksd (5 years ago)
What is left of Europe will be African and Muslim anyway
islandinthesea (5 years ago)
I didn't know that, hmm well fair enough I suppose, really it'd be a shame to lose any city due to a rise in sea levels
islandinthesea (5 years ago)
Interesting, it's just a shame ideas like those always get shot down, we should really give them a proper chance, because we do need some kind of sure fire defense against the sea, or a Plan B, a way to deal with such a crisis, but I'm afraid the main factor as to whether or not we do anything is the cost. I mean most ideas we have do work (even if only in theory) and could be a real life saver, but if it's too expensive and costs a lot of money, then it won't go ahead and we're back to square 1
Dantes (5 years ago)
No more Dutch people :'(
Waleswales01 (5 years ago)
As for Cardiff the only part that most Welsh people would really worry about is the Millennium Stadium. The National Assembly was nearly moved to Swansea.
Waleswales01 (5 years ago)
Sea level rise is frightening thought I know. But they are already talking about making concrete blocks and dropping them into the sea in order to make new land. Some conservative MP wanted to build an artificial island some off the North Wales coast and move everybody from Hong Kong to live there. This back in the late 1980,s. This might sound far fetched. But according to him he had his company look into it and it could be done apparently. who knows what will happen in the future.
islandinthesea (5 years ago)
Yes Wales does have a lot of higher ground which would be safe from a rise in sea level, at least upto 80 meters, England has some large areas of land that are flat and so would get flooded even just with a slight rise in sea level, but I guess we'd find a way to deal with it, like you say, we'd build drainage canals, dykes/dams, anything to keep out the sea!
islandinthesea (5 years ago)
Sorry, didn't realise, I'm just sick of there always being someone who has a go at England, my apologies
Waleswales01 (5 years ago)
according to reports most of Wales will be ok because of it geography. As for England they will build drainage canals etc.
Waleswales01 (5 years ago)
I was joking!!!
islandinthesea (5 years ago)
Well you weren't calling us English dicks when we bailed your sorry arses out and gave you lots of money to help keep your small economy afloat were you now?
islandinthesea (5 years ago)
Yes because Wales will be so much better off when it's an island, with its capital city, Cardiff completely underwater along with the rest of its major cities and towns, not to mention the fact that because Wales is so small, it would be wiped off the map completely, so I wouldn't be so happy about Wales being an island if I were you ;)
angelmom25 (5 years ago)
Wow Denmark is all gone... To bad I can't swim... :-D
Snyper532 (5 years ago)
Well Norwich is fucked...
FlappableBean (5 years ago)
Why is Archimedes being completely ignored???

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