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Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Official Video)

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Text Comments (30306)
Gabrielle Calea (7 hours ago)
Katrina Bivens (8 hours ago)
I subscribe because Beyoncé was in it
People Actu (13 hours ago)
This girl look like Beyoncé
The Nutt Cracker (13 hours ago)
dear god how i hate this song. so goddamn repetitive.
Ur boi is yeeting (15 hours ago)
At 3:09 tho when she hits that
Eva Clabbers | LLN (1 day ago)
beyonce 2.0
Douglas Cabral (1 day ago)
Eternas, Caralho 😍
Vim pq é a música do Gleuber 2018
Tieajah Roundtree (1 day ago)
LMAO Beyonce and the moving mannequins😆😆
Lady Bonney (1 day ago)
They are 18 year old in this video but they look like they are in their 30s, especially Kelly lol
sophie barbier (1 day ago)
une des meilleures chansons indétronables dans le rnb !!!!^^
Anelle Savares (1 day ago)
Dj moss (2 days ago)
Jonnathan Fernandes (2 days ago)
0:26 So beautiful. So cute. 😍
2040? anybody? ಠ_ಠ
Beau Melon (2 days ago)
Say My Name - Beyoncé (ft. Destiny’s Child)
nataša šmitran (2 days ago)
Rafael autsch (2 days ago)
Am I alone? I am german . Like this comment when you are a german too.
Sub Cutie (2 days ago)
Rafael autsch ich bin schwedischen
Débora Costa Ramos (2 days ago)
Vim parar aqui por causa de The Neighbourhood
farah kahiye (2 days ago)
YouTube got all my favourite songs together which is fantastic. I cannot go without it really. Music and Music yeah yeah!!! YouTube keep going, going.
Olivera Mk (3 days ago)
Beyonce is from United States. 💙
Olivera Mk (3 days ago)
Steven Hawkins 🇲🇰
Olivera Mk (2 days ago)
Olivera Mirror
Sub Cutie (2 days ago)
Olive Ra привет
Olivera Mk (3 days ago)
Митко и Лимонка се радовишани.
Palm 'm (3 days ago)
Ryro Love (3 days ago)
I’m here because of Logan Henderson ❤️
Sherry Lowe (3 days ago)
Kelly Roland is a lesbian
Tia Hall (3 days ago)
Damn. They gave Michelle and that other girl practically NO CAMERA TIME.
CargoRay (3 days ago)
Is that Beyonce?
La Flamee (3 days ago)
im like df she look like beyoncé and then my sister corrects me and says BECAUSE THAT IS BEYONCÉ im like im always right
Dylan Mosquera (4 days ago)
I like the second 8
Brandon Rios (4 days ago)
Can we all just take a second to appreciate how it’s exactly 4:00min
FROUIN Lilian (4 days ago)
Super chanson !
jeremy leach (4 days ago)
i love dis sooonnnggg
Robin Mclendon (4 days ago)
I love this song
Alejandra Hernández (4 days ago)
18 years ago... Thank u dad you introduce me to this music 😊😘
Alicia Julien (4 days ago)
November 2018
Mayo Fire (4 days ago)
*Alguien Latino????💕*
Belieber girl (4 days ago)
Anyone watching in november 2018?
Alicia Jackson (4 days ago)
SunShine xoxo (4 days ago)
It's my bday who's listening ... 🤔😁
Danielle Holm (4 days ago)
Hahaha, that's because it is Beyonce! Lol
SIMON CIANI (4 days ago)
Who else is watching in October 2018
Kennalynn45 Lou (5 days ago)
It sounds like shes saying he acting gay
Celeste Martinez (5 days ago)
ranma pranata (5 days ago)
LUAR biasa diva pop Beyonce
Fun Box (5 days ago)
Nita Pettis (5 days ago)
11-15-18 Chris say my name. Or someone else will
Bo Vang (6 days ago)
November 2018. 😂😍 Yep!
Fli Up (6 days ago)
No one cares what year you watch this in
Z t V (6 days ago)
the bob (6 days ago)
My p.e teacher played this in class xD
When y’all sing together you sound like Beyoncé
Rebecca Heart (6 days ago)
Someone just said it’s not destiny child more like DasTina’s child
Lena Duhoux (6 days ago)
The voice before the music sound like '' touch my tralala '' 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Rosan Oliveira (6 days ago)
My favorit music😍😘😝
Lilly K (6 days ago)
Im 9 and i love destiny’s child and i know all the lyrics to 5songs
Victoria G (6 days ago)
2018 anyone?😂😁
Suellen Nicolau (6 days ago)
Wonderful! The looks are super 2000's! ❤
Khadyme Fall (6 days ago)
november 2K18?
Is this completely out of sync or is it just my pc problem?
GorgeouslyReal T.V. (7 days ago)
One of the dancers in white passed away. God bless her!
GorgeouslyReal T.V. (7 days ago)
The original beyonce! Gorgeous!
rawtown101 (7 days ago)
joan c (7 days ago)
generation x y'all
Montrell Th. (7 days ago)
Mood at 3:20
Eva Burnz (7 days ago)
who is listening to this in life? Who cares.
Моя личка (7 days ago)
I love you and meme say my name !!! Good!!😘😘 (2018)
Alvaro Matias (7 days ago)
beyonce and the girls
Samone Holmes (7 days ago)
i love it
monique alegria (7 days ago)
Bey good but aaliyah forever 💕
Juste Justine (7 days ago)
Woooo we are in 2018
lia :l (7 days ago)
I love this song
zNaruto Uzumaki (7 days ago)
Nevaeh Banghard (8 days ago)
omg I am like the biggest destiny's child fan in the world even though I am only 10
Angie (8 days ago)
this was the video where we all had no idea who was actually in destiny's child and who wasn't lol
Kristin Guy (8 days ago)
✌ 😂
Agneta Rupšytė (8 days ago)
I was a babby in 2000 but I miss it so much.
Nataly Cano (8 days ago)
Omg love this song in 2018
Beren Yildirim (8 days ago)
There is something in the black female energy... it makes me cry my eyes out. It's just so powerful and incredibly moving...
What if he's gay
Isabella Geiser (8 days ago)
Has anyone told the lead singer that she looks like Shalissa?
iKETOURAGE (8 days ago)
If Farrah flick that wrist out one more time...
Rosan Oliveira (8 days ago)
I love😍😍
Kenny Wes (8 days ago)
Jigga didn't know that was Wifey back then lol!!!!
Abu 1903 (8 days ago)
Who listen this on November
Corrin Nugteren (8 days ago)
I came here for Beyoncé’s facial expressions
Louvinia Hayes (9 days ago)
Janiyah Diaz (9 days ago)
Why she look like Beyonce tho
shante Bryant (5 days ago)
That's cause that is Beyonce. When she was in the group.
Luna Valente (9 days ago)
I thought that too lmao 😂😂
Sir Lyrics (9 days ago)
Who's watching in 2018
Marissa Brown (9 days ago)
whos listening to this in novmember?
lili afi (9 days ago)
Nov 2018?
M K O (9 days ago)
Time flies
Zer0 Black (9 days ago)
Voldemort to Harry
中学のとき この床動く系好きだった、シャレオツwww ジャミロクワイとか 床スーンてのが シャレオツwww
nadirhajjour (10 days ago)
Farrah looked stunning!
Camille Steneck (10 days ago)
Who produced this song
Jin's messy hair (10 days ago)
2021 anyone?
holo its me (10 days ago)
GiftedRebelMusic (10 days ago)
Funny Letoya luckett wrote this. I believe she was supposed to be lead singer of Destiny’s child she was competition to Beyoncé that’s why they put her out the group FACTS
hhhh9579 (10 days ago)
Stinky pussy

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