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literally how to scissor - LESBIAN SEX 101 [Episode 4]

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Text Comments (1029)
Sophie Joelle (4 days ago)
rewatching bc i forgot ksks
Current mood
Evita Hisaw (5 days ago)
I feel like lesbian sex hurts
Jamaizing89 (9 days ago)
Tribbing is by far the best 😍
1:40 NOIOOOO!!! I dont think that Dont put me in that catigory and keep my out of this stereo typical group! Imam guy bui i want to be lesbian.
Clayton carmine (13 days ago)
The $#@& is this
Faiz Anindita (14 days ago)
thisis kawin
Abdulwahab Qureshi (18 days ago)
Val Villar (18 days ago)
My (;)+ her(;) might =🤤
Khadapi Khadapi (22 days ago)
I love u
Shaw Rahul (24 days ago)
Hi this is my whatapp number chat me in whatapp ok 9874312464
Reaper X (25 days ago)
scissoring with a toy in the between both vaginas is excellent, but with practice we learn how to do it well😋 and better 😏😋
Joeseph Templeton (29 days ago)
Sounds like you're trying to insert a penis but can't. Just get yourself a real man and quit pretending.
Laura Millard (1 month ago)
I had a dental-dam once but it was in the 90s I haven't seen one since. They do sell them on Amazon if you really want one.
Crystal Lopez (1 month ago)
OMG you seriously sound like a little freak, lol.
Crystal Lopez (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahahahaha....I love you, lol I'm From Belize in central America we never call it that. We just call it sex....my girl was like babe when will we do scissors.....I told we did that already. Rubbing that watch....epic lmfao!!!
Keanlly Mendoza (1 month ago)
Let sex
syeda rayeesa rayeesa (1 month ago)
Hi sexy
Stormey Roth (1 month ago)
I'm so damn confused how would you use a dental dam and scissor
vinnie catullo (1 month ago)
call me i'm a hot mail Italian oh i forgot you like lady's i forgot
Emeil Mohammed (1 month ago)
I want to scissor uranus... you did mention gravity.
Mirna Ali (1 month ago)
1000st comment
Hi Its Leah (1 month ago)
I want those honey dukes in the background T3T
Sarah khader (1 month ago)
Are you lesbian? Your so cute😍
Yeah like OMG let’s do this and burn hell together woo hoo. You will see on your judgment day you’re welcome. Hey what can I say accept go fuck yourself you’re welcome.
Nora M-H (2 months ago)
You can make a diy dental damn by cutting a condom down the middle
Boo_itz_Jelly 19 (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who was straight going into this but is now questioning my sexuality? No? Ok...
mimicduzit (2 months ago)
She jus to cute n funny
Russ Ladehoff (2 months ago)
My wife is a bisexual curvy woman. We've been married for 18 years. And she enjoys sexfights and crotch to crotch grinding trib fights with her girlfriends.
cat99 my little life (2 months ago)
Ari CM (2 months ago)
Is it direct genital to genital CUNTact XD
Mary Kitty (2 months ago)
Ive been in love with the same girl for a long time and she bi and I'm bi, we spend a lot of time together and people ship us but we never dated and I'm thinking what would be a good way to ask her out and start fucking. Like what do you recommend we start with, toys, scissoring, threesome?
Mary Kitty wait how old r u?
Todd Jackson (2 months ago)
Stop waisting your time! Fake Dick's...fake relationship! Strap on,etc...at the end of the day you can't get pregnant without a real dick....sorry! Guess wat else,women are beating up other women more than men!!! I know cause I see it all the time! God way is the only way!!!
Frank Portes (2 months ago)
peaches dale (2 months ago)
K I need to kno this
Bloomington (3 months ago)
I'm a Lasbian...😍❤🌈!!!
Yafa Mualem (3 months ago)
i have a very limited lesbian sexual experience but tribbing is always fun for me
Simone Henry (3 months ago)
I always been a bisexual chick I with my long term hubby and want to try fucking a chick I always wanted to do it and I can't think about nothing else my partner wants to do a threesome but can't find the right women
Love, Gabby (3 months ago)
I have dated 12 women and only of them were into tribbing. Bitches is weird!
Kiira PotatOS (3 months ago)
Wait where am I?
Jim Nova (3 months ago)
AshRJ (3 months ago)
Lol I call it pattycake
Mrs. T (3 months ago)
Also if you don't have dental damn. You can use plastic wrap (suran wrap).
Sahil K (3 months ago)
Stivie Can u give me ur watsaap no.
Cmfith Cm (3 months ago)
Let's do this Stevie (3 months ago)
Why do we have the same name😡😡😡
Lifebee LifeBee (3 months ago)
at tender age of 60 I am learning something new bahaha ew
Shimaa Magdy (4 months ago)
Come i will show u how 😂😂😜
Mia Tatro (4 months ago)
Darricka Dukes (4 months ago)
I LOVE tribbing especially with a fat pussy
pandapoo777 (5 months ago)
Really, You thought you needed to make a video on this? We get it. Rub our twats together like a bunch of retards wishing we had a real big hot throbbing cock to throw. Simple ass bitches I swear. Don't think you some lipstick dyke either. Probably look like a foot without make up and hair.
jessie hales (5 months ago)
HI, I like this girl and just wanted to be ready in case as I know that she's had sex (and likes me) so I was kinda stressing out. So MEGA THANKS!!!!! Plus thanks for normalising it, I've only just come out so it's still kinda tough.
A. Irizarri (5 months ago)
You can make a dental dam from a condom. Roll it out and cut the tip off. Then cut it open length wise and walls you have a dental dam. You can also use Saran wrap.
Tyler Monroe (5 months ago)
im one of those lesbians open to every sex position. dont reply
deniz * (5 months ago)
So, I'm gonna be honest rn. I'm 17 and virgin. when i masturbate there is no... liquid? cum? lol my english is bad. anyway, i do get relax and all so i know its over ans when to stop. So when I'll do it with a girl, am i just gonna say "ok, ok, you did it its over" wouldnt she think I'm weird? And what is wrong with me?
Maaancheta (5 months ago)
Rock, paper,...
Sexy Style (5 months ago)
I have a large problem,im a female and i've been atracted by other females(that was before 2years) But now i cant stop having sex with my girlfriends every day or else i start pissing all over my dorm and it hurts me badly downthere. I hate that feeling and in my world like there is no boys for me,only girls,i always MUST have sex with'em or im gonna have problem with pissing or anything else,can anyone tell me how to stop being atracted by female gender and stop that lroblem please?!
QueenTaylor_59 (5 months ago)
Love your vidssss girlll ;)
Theo Mann (5 months ago)
Ewww imagine if a guy tried that.
andrew Villa (6 months ago)
If u want to watch sex videos go to pornhub
Brook Duch (6 months ago)
Is this a tutorial or a blah blah blah
Barbieei Doll (6 months ago)
bcoz of Stevie I wish if I was living in US
jake roberts (6 months ago)
Please tell me were you born a lesbian or just chose to follow this lifestyle because you hate men?
Ressa Bunda (6 months ago)
You are a gay too.!!!!!!
Sharpaaayyy (6 months ago)
I am bi so you are very helpful Stevie
LIA MINELLI (6 months ago)
Scissoring? *THE BEST*
lil boi jesus (6 months ago)
it's 5 am how tf did i get here
lexasunrise tw (6 months ago)
“Hopefully “ 😂😂
ام غمازة (6 months ago)
Thanks 😊
Gabriela Alvez (6 months ago)
How do you keep a dental dam in place while scissoring?
SUDWIPTA DAS (6 months ago)
u r so sexy
Layla Sterling (7 months ago)
You're like that lesbian big sister I never had.
Sophie Noelle Gaming (7 months ago)
Daaaamn Stevie. You is smoking!!
I'm a homoromantic bisexual virgin and I'm like, terrified of... not knowing what to do when I get to... do stuff...😖😳
Margarita Barbosa (7 months ago)
I am am a bit younger human and this video is really helpful and I'm happy that you made this video it because I couldn't find any videos that help me like this one did
Magda Schlater (7 months ago)
Why is your tounge that red? 👀
Rachel Gouvea (7 months ago)
The main character in blue is the warmest color was actually written to be bi that’s why she liked a guy. Doesn’t make it any less of a queer movie tho
a gains (8 months ago)
yo ur so funny, im dead
Rim Piko (8 months ago)
Love youuu
Jackson (8 months ago)
Original Windex (8 months ago)
KPEC3arrival (8 months ago)
No Stevie I am heterosexual man turned on by lesbians and i don’t know shit
sofi san (8 months ago)
The handmaiden korean movie i totally recommend it. I think they pictured scissoring correctly. Never had sex 😂😂😂
Elizabeth Michel (9 months ago)
Zero gravity sex sounds hot
Gweny (9 months ago)
Omg LMAO!!!!!! "Time traveling scissoring"
Dinuri Sigera (9 months ago)
Is she gay?
boo Boo (9 months ago)
Fuck, you explain scissoring perfectly. My girlfriend and I do scissor, though it is a common misconception that it is not even real. I think it's great, because you're able to bond with your partner at such a close, vulnerable level. I love your videos Stevie! Keep doing you queen.
You have sooo beautiful hands, Stevie. Too bad you‘re a lesbian, honey 😘
Trinity Renée Roberts (9 months ago)
See me and my girlfriend tried scissoring but ended up laughing. It was fun but maybe we weren't doing it right? Wasnt for us?🤷🏽
THOT ДЕСТЯОJEЯ (9 months ago)
If i was a girl i would totally be lesbian , i dunno why girls even wanna have sex with us guys tribbing is so hot
Nipple Pinch Genocide (9 months ago)
lesbian sex? aint nobody got time for that
Ashley the bisexual (9 months ago)
cool boy serr (9 months ago)
Fuck you
Alexina Lockie (9 months ago)
Dental dams are originally for dentists and if you go to the dentist office they'll give them to you. You can also cut the tip of a condom off then cut the side of the condom so it's like one sheet of latex or polyurethane.
Dora maggy (9 months ago)
Are you lesbian
dreamergirl1177 (9 months ago)
This was so cute and educational! Thank you 🖤
Existing Creature (9 months ago)
omg you know zelda i love you. ;)
Mheljazz Barataman (10 months ago)
no try to same position boy and girl.
Francesca Hart (10 months ago)
Fun fact! You can make a dam out of a condom. When you take it out of the package just keep it rolled and cut off the tip then cut the circle so when you unroll it you'll have a dental dam!
personwhoexists (10 months ago)
“are elbows sexy?” according to the dress code, yeah
TommyVallonTV (10 months ago)

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