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#2: Uber’s Director of Design, Didier Hilhorst, on what it took to redesign a global product

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Didier Hilhorst, Design Director at Uber, shares how his graduate degree in economics helps mold him as a designer and, in turn, shape how he and his team redesigned Uber from the ground up. --- FOLLOW US Twitter: http://twitter.com/highrespodcast Facebook: http://facebook.com/highrespodcast iTunes: http://bit.ly/highresitunes Google Play: http://bit.ly/highresgoogle Get early access to the next episode: http://highresolution.design/early-access --- THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS IBM – IBM's mission is simple: put the user at the center of our products. If you are a passionate problem-solver, able to empathize with users and turn that empathy into design insight, we want you to join us in creating exceptional experiences that span our vast product portfolio. Learn about the team! http://bit.ly/ibmsponsor InVision – InVision is the world's leading product design platform, powering the future of digital product design through our deep understanding of the dynamics of collaboration. Teams that build digital products are at a serious advantage when they use InVision's suite of prototyping tools. They're a great way of getting everyone on board. Get 3 full months on InVision FREE http://bit.ly/invisionpartner Searle Video – Searle Video is a creative studio based out of Portland, Oregon. They've helped the creative community tell stories for over 10 years. They've done advertisements, behind the scenes stories, and documentaries for companies like Slack, Intel, Adobe, Google and the XOXO festival. http://bit.ly/searlesponsor
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Phil Norcross (5 months ago)
Great resource, listening to one a day thank you for sharing High Resolution
Arash Lowni (11 months ago)
Ya but how much does Didier get paid?
L Cooper (1 year ago)
Thought you had tiny little Mac Pros on the table for a second there…
Per Lundgren (1 year ago)
My key take away from this talk was the question you need to keep asking yourself as a designer: is this design supporting the best case for the business?
flopeck tu amigo (1 year ago)
Amazing when he talk about the relationship with ingeniers!! Totally real
Konwo lorentz (1 year ago)
Hello Guys Thanks again for this podcast is the best among all the podcast on Design i have been listening. Cheers guy.Is amazing all the great reasources am gainin
SendMeTAXI (1 year ago)
shows they dont use focus groups for UX? not a one question for design decisions situations uber had to encounter... pickup vs desti... map readability as first screen for certain abo 20% clients group... etc...
Federico Kotek (1 year ago)
So michael buble works at uber. hmmm
Algirdas Armonavicius (1 year ago)
I listen to one podcast a day. Thank you guys :)
kai huang (1 year ago)
Wow this is really great! We need more of these videos. Amazing job :)
Masum Parvej (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for sharing these videos, Keep sharing guys!
Keegan Dsouza (1 year ago)
Working at your level how much does the technical ability (actual craft) come into play on a daily basis? Would you say you feel like an executive who manages designers or a designer who happens to do some managing?
surya megham (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing this
Magazine Du Webdesign (1 year ago)
A great work guys. But definitely not a good example of healthy work culture “I am an Uber survivor.” https://medium.com/@amyvertino/my-name-is-not-amy-i-am-an-uber-survivor-c6d6541e632f
WoZuiAiL (1 year ago)
Working at your level how much does the technical ability (actual craft) come into play on a daily basis? Would you say you feel like an executive who manages designers or a designer who happens to do some managing?
noahwarren (1 year ago)
Thank you guys!
Mason Hastie (1 year ago)
You talked about design having a seat at the table, what is design's role in guiding Uber's policy decisions? Failures in the human experience of the driver, negatively affect the rider experience. So how does the Uber design team currently advise and guide finance, marketing and operations departments on the driver-partner experience flow?
Didier Hilhorst (1 year ago)
We often work with teams that cover legal, financial and operational aspects of our products.
Mason Hastie (1 year ago)
Thanks for taking the time to answer. I was hoping for some more detail around the organization structure or process that allows design to be involved, if you would be so kind to provide more insight.
Didier Hilhorst (1 year ago)
It’s always a work in progress. I think as designers our responsibility is increasingly expanding to areas that extend beyond just the screen (or whatever is directly in front of us). Through research and other methods we are well-equipped in providing a perspective and we make sure to a) provide teams with the right insights, and b) push for experiences that support our customers (both riders and drivers alike).
High Resolution (1 year ago)
Hey everyone, if you have any questions for Didier after this awesome episode, ask your questions right here on Youtube and he will respond to as many as he can. We will help too, so ask away! Enjoy the episode :)
Chocolatier (1 year ago)
Didier Hilhorst Thanks Didier I really like the idea of getting through skills systematically. It seems like a good way to track progress. Thanks very much!
Didier Hilhorst (1 year ago)
Julie Zhuo from Facebook just published a timely article related to starting a career in design, absolutely worth a read: https://medium.com/the-year-of-the-looking-glass/the-beginning-of-your-design-career-549828025494#.7vsjd8514 For me, as I didn’t have a traditional background in design I simply started by doing personal projects, building and designing websites (back when there were no apps), or creating posters. Most of it was terrible, but each taught me new skills — and over time I got better. I would pick apart work I admired, and understand how it was put together. Over and over again. Design is a craft, and you learn most by doing. A focus on skills will yield the best results when starting out, from grid systems to typography, color and motion.
Gabriel Hourigan (1 year ago)
Hi guys, great interview! Look forward to episode 3 haha. I have a question which is as someone trying to break into the industry how can you figure out and show your value? Currently, I'm studying to try and build up a skillset for UX at what point would be best to try and get work? As opposed to maybe an internship or volunteering etc. It just seems difficult to prove you have monetary value without having worked in the industry plus not having formal qualifications.
cumbres (1 year ago)
Seriously guys, the best design podcast out there, thank so much for doing this.
High Resolution (1 year ago)
thank you so much!

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