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22 Years of Sea Level Rise Measured From Space | Video

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Global ocean levels have risen about 6 cm (2.3 in) over the past two decades, matching models consistent with human-induced climate change. NASA monitors sea heights and other parameters with the Jason satellite series. Jet Propulsion Laboratory oceanographer Josh Willis explains the data. -- Full Story: http://goo.gl/G0j3ch
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Mafia Tours Philly fox (3 months ago)
How does sea level rise on one side of the planet but not everywhere
A. Boisjoli (6 months ago)
There's no such thing as human-caused climate change you moron! That theory has been debunked.
Joe Pierre (7 months ago)
The start with M no leftist centralist Republican I believe in ecology and economy hand in hand the rise of sea level though is occurring and other this video fix it at a tenth of an inch is that right for decade but that's not the truth
trick noon (8 months ago)
all around the world people​ are having to deal with sea level rise their are a ton of videos I know you're fears but we must act now or our kids are going to hate us
Edd English (9 months ago)
Oh maybe its a cycle, get back to us in 1000 years so we can ses a trend... mmmkay
GordonVigurs (10 months ago)
Would somebody please explain to me how a 10cm radar can measure changes of 5cm and less?
ROCKERS 78 (1 year ago)
GSM much ?
Solx (1 year ago)
we are a very young species. not one of us can ever come close to predicting sea level rise. how much sand is placed in the oceans by desert regions? how much magma and falling volcanic islands contribute? how much tectonic displacements are at a cause? carbon is a heavy element necessary for biological growth - how much of that has fallen from carbon admissions? it is impossible to successfully predict sea level rise.
Wellington Boobs (1 year ago)
6cm two decades. 6cm next decade. 6cm next five years. 6cm next 2.5 years. 6cm next 1.25 years. 6cm next 0.625. 6cm next 0.3125. That's forty-two centimeters before four decades is up and rapidly more than double that before year forty-two is over and done (glad I'm sure many will be it is then). The journey to this outcome isn't going to be nice, I think everyone can agree. And we can agree which corporate-run nations, mostly, caused it all too.
Dennis McCabe (1 year ago)
What magic pixie dust are they using that gives them the ability to measure the ocean depth to the centimeter?
Dan last (2 years ago)
Here at NASA we're doing more manipulation of data than ever before, so we can push this HOAX down every ones throat.
ROCKERS 78 (1 year ago)
Dan last see the Oppenheimer Ranch Project video that came out today 1/11/18
w4csc (2 years ago)
Here at NASA we're doing everything we can do to get more funding for more crazy James Hansen-like projects to keep us chest deep in money until we can all retire. 6 centimeters? Nobody ever mentions PLATE TECTONICS causing the land to SINK in this steady stream of bureaucratic bullshit.
citizenschallengeYT (2 years ago)
citizenschallengeYT (2 years ago)
w4csc, It's obvious you've never read anything that scientists have written. From personal reading I know that every study or report about coastal sea level changes, also mentions that land moves up and down and that this must also be taken into account. That what all those GPS sensors are about vertical as well as horizontal tracking This in quite the parade of spit ball comment, worthy of any 7th grade class full of delinquents. Sure you hate the science, but that is because you've created a grotesque fiction that has nothing to do with serious scientists or the science they are reporting. It's all bias and bile - no interest in learning just in vandalizing. Disgusting. Ridiculing it doesn't make it any less real!
Paul Schober (3 years ago)
So it's 1/10 of an inch per year? I'm heading for the hills screaming right now!
Denny Sensation (3 years ago)
When I was in 6th grade (23 years ago) They said that the Polar ice would be mostly melted away by now and most coastal cities in America would be under water in 30 years. So the climate has only 7 years to drown Los Angeles
Frank Blangeard (3 years ago)
If the current rise of a little over one inch every ten years continues then in another one hundred years we will see eleven inches of sea level rise. Oops. we won't be around in one hundred years !
cock slayer 2 (3 years ago)
Annette Schneider (3 years ago)
We just had "unprecedented" flooding off the South Coast of Australia when intense rain met high tide - Search Sussex Inlet flood.
Kozmikōcēlōtl (3 years ago)
Jet beams can't melt steel fuel
stophypocrisy (3 years ago)
Fear mongering BS. I live near the coast and the sea looks exactly the same level as it did 40 years ago. Beside we have just entered the 4oo year Grand Solar Minimum. Now the winters will get longer and colder so summers will get shorter.
stophypocrisy (3 years ago)
+Jason Powell Clearly you have to believe and follow who ever pays you regardless of facts.
Jason Powell (3 years ago)
+stophypocrisy No problem, I'll tell them that when I go into work Monday.
stophypocrisy (3 years ago)
+A.M. Schneider Did you ever stop to think that there may be an agenda through government agency's like NASA? NASA is really just a high tech trucking outfit,and yea, they are the best outfit for space trucking now but that doesn't mean they know more than other space scientists. NASA hasn't even figured out we live in an Electric Universe yet so how could you trust them on any thing else they claim? Oh your one of those guys that believe everything the government says. Never mind, go back to sleep.
Annette Schneider (3 years ago)
+Jason Powell - His eyes are more accurate than the eyes of NASA... not.
Jason Powell (3 years ago)
+stophypocrisy Must be true with you looking out your window.
SlipKnotRicky (3 years ago)
Doesn't water expand when it is frozen?
IonianGarden (2 years ago)
I should test this myself, but I would expect if you have a saucepan full of ice (no gaps), and melt it, the water will contract, but will rise as temperature increase. I don't think it would overflow before it boils. The sea levels are rising, about 3 millimeters per year, and that rate is increasing. About 90% of the energy is absorbed by the oceans, combined with glacier ice melting from Greenland, is increasing sea levels. http://www.ipcc.ch/publications_and_data/ar4/wg1/en/faq-5-1-figure-1.html
SlipKnotRicky (2 years ago)
+IonianGarden Which is greater when pertaining to water, thermal expansion or thermal contraction?
IonianGarden (2 years ago)
+SlipKnotRicky There are parts of the world, like Greenland, where the ice is on the land. But sea level rise isn't only cause by ice melt. When you heat water, it expands. Thermal expansion is also a major contributor to the rise of sea levels.
SlipKnotRicky (2 years ago)
+Tom H I wonder if that has been factored in concerning the Melting Ice?  If water expands when it freezes, that would mean that Ice contracts when it melts.  So the impact of melting ice wouldn't  be quite as bad as anticipated.....
Tom H (2 years ago)
+SlipKnotRicky Water reaches it's densest state at around 4ºC. Above and below that temperature, water expands. When it is colder and becomes ice, it is less dense than water and it floats. When water gets warmer than 4ºC, it also gets lighter. That's why you find warm water on the top of a lake or ocean with cooler water the deeper you go.
jwrappuhn71 (3 years ago)
human caused climate change. ..LOL LOL.
vern yanke (8 months ago)
I find it difficult to believe that they can measure it that accurately I think that they are blowing smoke.
RiotOfVio (3 years ago)
schat ap jawrapohn, dis is haw I talk aight?
jwrappuhn71 (3 years ago)
+RiotOfVio oh and, learn how to spell, makes you look more knowledgeable.
jwrappuhn71 (3 years ago)
Brain dead fucktard!!!!!
RiotOfVio (3 years ago)
+jwrappuhn71 R u fukin retard or somefink? Of kors humanz caused this. Co2 emission bitch!
michji2 (3 years ago)
No Baltic and Black see :(
TheNisgaa (3 years ago)
Just a part of the Earth's cycle, thats all.
Damn nippon
maxandsyd14 (3 years ago)
Think how much land there would be if water levels went down by 10 feet...
Inside-Ice (3 years ago)
William Johansen (3 years ago)

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