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MEEGAN ELIZABETH HAWAII HOUSE Swimwear Miami Fashion Week SS 2015 HD by Fashion Channel

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MEEGAN ELIZABETH HAWAII HOUSE Swimwear Miami Fashion Week SS 2015 HD by Fashion Channel YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/fashionchannel WEB TV: http://www.fashionchannel.it/en/web-tv FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fashionchannelmilano TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FashionChannelP PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/fashionchannel INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/fashionchanneltv The best videos, the most exclusive moments of the international runway since 1982 until now, of the most representative fashion weeks of the world. Backstage secrets, make-up and hair style insights, curiosities from the fashion world, celebrities, photo shoot, designer and model clips, red carpets and gossip, parties, obviously besides the shows of all the top designers, generally available in high definition formats HD on the Youtube network FASHION CHANNEL. Fashion Channel shows new interesting videos continuous flow. WEBSITE: http://www.fashionchannel.it
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Text Comments (19)
John Bruce (1 month ago)
Runway show held at Motel 6.
Maverick Jones (3 months ago)
Quick Guide @0:08, 1:26, 2:35 to 3:35, 4:25 to 4:50 & 5:17
Schizophrenic Leo (6 months ago)
01:50 Name plz...
n nn (8 months ago)
3:14 So HOT Back...!!
fifi fan (8 months ago)
5: 20 - 5: 30 / the best buttock in this scene.
fifi fan (8 months ago)
1: 35 - 1: 45 / the best buttock in the world. name please
BlackRazor (10 months ago)
such beautiful women, with amazing bodies
we'll call you k (1 year ago)
Why do they use fat cunts ..those cows know better than to go to the beach
Leo Ayala (1 year ago)
5:30,especial para mi👽
Kam Cheong Wong (1 year ago)
L Lawliet (2 years ago)
How low can the standards for swimsuit model go?
Sweetface Iradonia (2 years ago)
who let the drunk dueche bag in the blue shirt sit right in the front - he keeps trying to drink through his nose - while hilarious, it seems as though just about anyone can go to these and not just people in fashion
Skyisnotalimit (1 year ago)
He´s destroying what is good in this.
Sweetface Iradonia (2 years ago)
also the other dueche bag on the left in the tan jacket texting on his phone - does anyone care what is going on in front of them...you came here to do that - come on
Theforestview w (2 years ago)
I love watching the confidence in the models walk but none of these girls had that "pop" or charisma
Dhunsad Sk (3 months ago)
Theforestview w u
Rene Inostroza (1 year ago)
Theforestview w ..
Fmw Msri (2 years ago)
chalkomatas (2 years ago)
3:14 who is she?

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