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The Art of Building a Roadmap - Atlassian Summit 2016

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Sherif Mansour Principal Product Manager, Atlassian The process of defining a roadmap is arguably one of the most difficult but important things a product manager has to do. Far too often roadmaps are built without the complete picture in mind, without the right timing, in silos, or are misdirected. How then can we ensure we’re doing it right? Is there really such a thing as an agile roadmap? This talk will draw from lessons learnt building product to provide practical tips and techniques enabling you to understand roadmap inputs, plan with different perspectives in mind, optimise for learning, communicate and set roadmap goals as well as find agility when the landscape around you changes. Products covered: Confluence
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va L (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for posting this. Very good video! Mansour puts it in such a way that it is clearer in his down-to-earth manner; this is actually helpful (unlike other Youtube videos on "how to roadmap" that don't help at all.
Zane Taylor (6 months ago)
Sure wish the audio levels were higher, quality is there though.
Aulya Firdausi (11 months ago)
This video is really good and easy to understand. I've been looking for this kind of resource everywhere. Thank you so much :)
Tobias Edwards (1 year ago)
I feel I’ve found a real diamond in the rough here. Lots of fluff videos out on YT but this is super helpful. As an entrepreneur I am looking at all elements of the business from vision to MVP. This video was incredibly helpful in helping formulate my ideas.
Sherif Mansour (3 months ago)
Thanks Tobias! Glad you found it useful.
Alex Moreno (1 year ago)
I used to work with the guy who built the @26:10 "Homer" Car. He even brought it to work once, pretty much did it for fun and for car shows. It was pretty cool.
Lawrence De'Ath (1 year ago)
A masterclass on Product Roadmapping. Reflect on that title - it's art not science, but that doesn't mean method can't help. Sherif Mansour tells it how it is - or could be ! Well worth a 45 minute watch
Easy Agile (2 years ago)
If you're keen to create a roadmap right on top of JIRA check out Easy Agile Roadmaps: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.arijea.easy-agile-roadmaps

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