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Here's Why The LGBT Community Hates Me...(Wish This Was Clickbait)

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Long overdue video about why the SJW side of the LGBT community hates me and think's I'm trash. Outspoken women usually do get the most hate, don't they? Talk With Me 1 on 1 : https://www.patreon.com/ArielleScarcella Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Rowan Mooney (8 days ago)
This insanity of which you speak is why I cringe so hard over how trans people are presented online. People like Riley Dennis and Zinnia Jones terrify me because they are demanding and trying to police other people's sexual orientations and such when the very body policing they are doing is in-line with what some tell transgender people to do. No one should police another person's body. Ever. Your videos are a needed breath of fresh air and rationale. - a trans disabled Army veteran
Offbeatdrummer (1 hour ago)
Rowan Mooney the majority of trans people don’t think they are entitled to have others like their genitals. Yeah some trans people think is not great that people blankly say they won’t like us based on our genitals, but that’s just tough shit. Everyone has preferences and that’s over. I prefer to only have relations with people that are interested in all of me.
leopard prints (1 day ago)
I totally disagree that Riley is coming from a 'good place'. Riley is coming from a place of male entitlement.
leopard prints (6 days ago)
It is 'trans women' like Zinnia and Riley, and other 'trans women' who harass and emotionally blackmail lesbians who are causing the rift in the LGBTQ movement. In the UK right now the movement is a mess, because lesbians are scared, and fed-up with how so many 'trans women' behave towards them.They are getting rape and death threats and labelled 'TERFs' for saying they would never have sex with a trans women- which is their right!! I am sick of women being labelled as 'murdering terfs' for pointing out this disturbing behaviour from many in the trans movement. I say 'trans women' in quotation marks, because I think many of them are just in it for sexual reasons and don't have genuine dysphoria. I know there are many genuine trans women who believe in this too and it gives them a bad name. Look up Autogynephilia. This is what we are dealing with here.
Rowan Mooney (6 days ago)
Gee, what a comeback. You really showed me. I am slain. Cease.
Zinnia Jones (7 days ago)
*galaxy eyeroll*
Chris Moon (1 hour ago)
HO-LEE-CRAP!!! What a bunch of scaredy cat crap!!! SCAT!!! lol... you like what you like, I'm considered a gay man trapped in a woman's body, but my body can't handle implants so I have to stay androgynous... IT SUCKS, because a real penis is what I would love to have on myself, and would love women, but due to body limitations, some of is transgender people CAN'T transition all the way. I WISH for more research and informative interest in sexuality VS. biology VS brain. I wish more people knew there are approximately 3 different things going on: brain, heart, and biology (genitals), plus a bunch of other stuff that can't really be pinned down... You made a great video here :)
TheSaxBandGeek (3 hours ago)
My roommate is trans we've talked loads of times about sexuality. I recognize her as a woman even pre-op but she respects I could never date someone with a penis. It's not my thing. I've never been comfortable with men even when I was trying to be straight for my conservative family. And after being assaulted by a male. It is more of a trigger. I couldn't date someone pre-op as I wouldn't be able to be with them sexually and that's important to me. Luckily my roommate is cool and she says I shouldn't be shamed for it. All of this to say keep doing you. And forget the haters. Love you! Thanks for helping me come out. Was one of your first callers when you did the coaching. 😁
Sexuality ≠ "Genital preference"
Milana Jovanov (8 hours ago)
gay men are gay , bi men are gay , bi women are straight , lesbians are bi
Muppouni (8 hours ago)
3:58 she speeks true words right here
Mateus Silva (12 hours ago)
I cannot express with words how much I agree with you Arielle!!!
Combat Medic Mercy (14 hours ago)
I recently cut off a lot of friends who turned into what you described in this video. Can't say we ever had a friendship to begin with though, because it turned out that once they became SJWs they only saw me as a "white privileged" punching bag for them. They seemed to have thought I would've taken it, or I was expected to. You want to be a bully, go find someone else to call a "friend" then.
Eric Alex Anderson (14 hours ago)
Honestly I think a lot of people think being gay is like fitting the gay agenda, when you can be anything you want if you're gay. It's just one part of you, and that's okay. So good for you.
Leo Kot (14 hours ago)
I am a transman and I support you in this longterm debate, not those trans-sjws! You speak frankly, giving accurate and logical arguments. I bet they have nothing against this, that is why they are angry (when someone has nothing to say - they scream and argue). Keep going, some trans people like myself need you!!! Thank you a lot for your courage to come against all this shit. Bless you <3
LadyChaos101 (23 hours ago)
Don’t talk about trans issues then. Stick to what you know.
bluecannibaleyes (18 hours ago)
She knows a lot about trans people attacking her over this.
A S (1 day ago)
KUDOS 🙋🏼🌴🔆❤️🏳️‍🌈
fre439 (1 day ago)
Honestly fuck the lgbt community. I'm bisexual but I'm not a part of that. I don't have time in my life for shithole, crazy, negative people who tell me how I should think or act or be.
demon515 (1 day ago)
I’ve noticed that trans women are more likely to get shitty over genital preferences. It’s almost like they were socialized to be entitled to women’s bodies.
Olivia Reid (1 day ago)
Without men there is no child or woman
BBDrums34 (1 day ago)
What the hell are TERFS?
kajestro m. (1 day ago)
There is a huge difference between education and indoctrination.
I love your videos, you’re the least hateful Youtuber I can think of in terms of what you present. 💗
John southern (1 day ago)
LOL!!!. The mentally ill are turning on themselves.
Irina K (1 day ago)
The left hates women more than the right does at this point.
Becoming Leo (2 days ago)
genital preference =/= transphobia. I mean me, a bisexual trans male, I don't have a particular genital preference, but what I do have is basic fucking common sense to know that even if I did, I wouldnt be a transphobe
Max Moore (2 days ago)
As a lesbian it feels predatory to me that so many think we should want a dick Another way a dick has to be forced on me. I think the trans community aren't as understanding as they would like people to be about them and it's somewhat hypocritical. Because I am a lesbian who honestly has a fetish for eating a nice wet pussy. I can be attracted to a trans woman but when I get down to making love to her and she is still pre-op...That means a penis is sharing me in the face and it's something I am not into. That means they want me to suck this dick...when I don't want to suck a fucking dick. It's a male trait if we're being honest. And me being lesbian (not pansexual) means I like all parts of a woman. A trans woman who is post op...That I am attracted to is something I could see myself being into. But it is very unreasonable to expect a LESBIAN (a HOMOSEXUAL woman ... trans or sic) to want a penis. The lines are being blurred here a d it's frustrating to keep hearing especially when every time you have spoken on this you have trans women on discussing it with you. Shit is irritating. All I can say is keep doing you and keep being honest. All this shit is predatory as fuck. Saying this about a lesbian is like saying a man should be down for that too and it's obvious they're not because they want to fuck a vagina. I think this isn't complicated to understand AT ALL. There is an insecurity due to an issue of not having what they prolly desire to but it shouldn't be forced on others It's not a fair concept and it's not reasonable. I am a masculine lesbian on top of everything else. It's unreasonable to think I should still fuck a woman with a penis regardless. That's not for me...that's to please her How dare THEY have issues with me because I genuinely love females and everything about their bodies. ITs like A vagina shouldn't be desired. I desire a nice wet vagina...women can genuinely be loved too without a dick being forced into my face.
Mojavi H (2 days ago)
I’m on your side. I believe the LGBTQ+ SJWs (& allies) are so afraid of being perceived as not “inclusive” enough that they begin to exclude. They are projecting their bias onto others and calling out everyone else BUT themselves
Kyra Ray (2 days ago)
Celluloid Queer (2 days ago)
Thank goodness I don’t hang around people with that “you’re a bigot if you don’t fuck (insert anything here) mindset.” Anymore. Cut off ties with all of those self righteous people. The longer time I’ve spent away from them the more it helped me not to give a shit how they felt. Just realize their opinions do not make you a bad person, they are not some sort of god/goddess or righteous being as they like to act like, keep fucking who you want and distance yourself from people like that. It works wonders. They’ll keep on whining about (insert controversial topic of choice here) and you’ll just keep doing whatever the hell you want. You know you aren’t a terrible person. Who the hell are they to pass judgement? No one important. When they start talking crazy, you don’t even need to say anything (they’re just going to jump down your throat anyway. It’s like talking to a brick wall. They won’t listen), just smile and keep fucking who you want and enjoy your preferences because they don’t know what’s in your head. I even deleted my tumblr. It was bad when I left, I can’t imagine now.
Humongous Hugo (2 days ago)
Genuine question here, compared to the outrage coming from trans women, how bad is the situation with trans men? I am hesistant to make this analysis because I am not caught up with events and I am certainly not as informed as I would like to be on the topic, but all I could think about as a man watching Ariella's video is that damn all this behaviour she is railing against is so unfortunately ordinary in its "maleness" both in terms of the overweening display of dominance and the concurrent sense of perennial injury, regardless of whether it's coming from straight cis-males or or trans women. As she hints at in the end of the video, why is that somehow biological women always end up on the receiving end of these abusive expectations, even within the queer community? Something smells mighty patriarchal to me.
Lauren Manner (2 days ago)
i loved this whole video
Industrial Alliance (2 days ago)
You are my favorite lesbian YouTuber. I discovered I was bisexual more than 2 years ago. But our heteronormative sex and romance education made me feel left out. So thank you for giving me a space on YouTube to learn about these things Arielle. That's all I have to say.
amethy rose (2 days ago)
Thanks for not being an idiot. Idk all of this should be obvious but sadly its not
supergoku1515 (3 days ago)
When the left is so left they're attacking their own.
Daisy Moreno (3 days ago)
Hannah Ryg (3 days ago)
I have great respect for you, Arielle. You are AMAZING, intelligent, compassionate, and a refreshing asset to our community! Keep doing what you do and I thank you.
Ebenezer Scrooge (3 days ago)
Thankyou. You make me Comfortable having opinions as a lesbian
exstaci (3 days ago)
Lol bringing out the receipts you go girl!!!!!!!
Cerebral Trip (3 days ago)
Oh honey... There is a lot you don't know. Given what you said here.. Not saying people don't get shamed, they do. However there are way more pressing issues that - little do people know, has to do with all this hate at it's root. YouTube will always talk about Trans issues and the like. I just think we've hit a massive lead for sexuality.. Why push it? Stand up, yeah I hear you.. But again life is more than sexual perceptions on or at any point of the spectrum as a whole. Also.. To be honest.. You don't need to be in a bra or have someone at your crotch in your thumbnail to prove those points. People will always have uneasy feeling about it. Although I think that's just a human thing.
A Wamboldt (3 days ago)
Ego Death (3 days ago)
As someone from New Zealand, these people are very toxic. I know they speak to Americans but us being very American-ized still partake in similar media. Since there is a smaller transgender community (since there's a smaller population), people will go online to search what it means and stumble on SJWs. Meanwhile, the small transgender community gets easily influenced by SJWs because of others thinking they are like that anyway, and them needing people to connect with. Thanks for fighting the stereotype Arielle!
mair owen (4 days ago)
I fucking love how rad you’re getting. The R in terf stands for radical . Watching your beautiful development
bluecannibaleyes (1 day ago)
mair owen Oh trust me, I definitely know how that feels! We live in a clown world now. At any other point in history, my beliefs would be considered normal and common sense, but today they are considered ‘radical’ and ‘extremist’.
mair owen (2 days ago)
bluecannibaleyes yep, unfortunately when you’re up against powerful corporations, the medical industry and law and government who ALL agree that men can be women, disagreeing with these longstanding and often dangerous institutions is indeed a radical act
bluecannibaleyes (2 days ago)
It’s a sad day when believing in biology is considered ‘radical’.
Bernard Portelance (4 days ago)
I love you .....you the best lesbian in the world
jade blues (4 days ago)
Hey I’ve been watching you for a long time I’ve been subscribed to you for a long time the one thing I noticed is that you’re very balanced in your views ! Hang in there keep doing what you’re doing because it needed.
Parker Jackson (4 days ago)
bearman akadan (4 days ago)
I'm bisexual nd proud, ppl r who they r nd love who they love nd if ppl don't like that then they should move on
bearman akadan (4 days ago)
U go girl
ThePandaKitten (4 days ago)
You look so familiar....
RicoProm1989 (4 days ago)
There’s also this thing going around the lesbian community and stud on stud and how if you like are a lesbian and you like fems then you must like studs too
Cristy Webb (4 days ago)
Also DAMN you getting more radical every vid, girl. I might have to subscribe. This is NOT "BASIC". This is real. This is what a lesbian IS. This is women having opinions and boundaries, and people with a problem with it need to deal with their misogyny and sit the fuck down.
Cristy Webb (4 days ago)
It's SUPER IRONIC. Thanks for speaking out and being brave on this issue.
Laura Reid (4 days ago)
Men do get hate for not dating trans people https://youtu.be/0sMH7dSbKaA In this video she shames men who don’t date trans woman it isn’t just lesbians
Laura Reid (2 days ago)
I am a lesbian and I am attracted to both cis woman and trans woman as long as they are feminine looking then I wouldn’t mind if they have a penis HOWEVER that doesn’t mean that every lesbian should be attracted to trans women since i totally get why some lesbians wouldnt have sex with a woman with a penis these sjws are going too far
bluecannibaleyes (2 days ago)
If they have (or had) a penis, they ain’t a woman. And a surgically created wound is not a vagina.
Laura Reid (2 days ago)
but thats what they are women with penises unless they had surgery
bluecannibaleyes (4 days ago)
Anyone who says ‘woman with a penis’ is going too far.
Victoria Jacobsen (4 days ago)
This is the reason I won't ever "come out" as anything... Because how I feel attraction doesn't fit other people's definition of the sexualities we have in our society. I've only ever been romantically attracted to people, but never have I ever felt sexually attracted to anyone. Like, sure I've wondered how it feels to be with another person in that way, but It's never gone beyond that. So, basically, it sucks ass even for someone like me because I don't feel like I fit people's definition of; straight, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, etc. I hate the concept that people have to "come out" for their sexuality to be valid, and even then (as you said) people (especially "basic" lesbians) are being judged for not meeting the standards other people have for that sexuality. Like, sexuality is literally a preference and what you seek in a partner so if you're not into dick you won't be in a (sexual) relationship with someone who has a dick, whether they be a cis male or a transgender female (mtf). Like, let people have their preferences, it's not something you can just change and it never has been. Sexuality isn't something you choose and neither is your preferences in a (sexual) partner. Preferences are something you have to figure out by yourself, so don't listen to people telling you, you should like this and that because you're whatever, it's about you and how you feel. So, if anyone wants to tell people what they should prefer based off their sexuality then keep it to yourself. You are doing nothing for society, the person you're trying to "help", or anyone else. PS: Sorry for this rant, but this video made me pissed off (not at Arielle, but the radicals in the LGBTQ+ community)
Kayla Pierce (4 days ago)
This is a great video. Thanks so much for making it. Keep up doing you dude.
FrugleBugle Oogle (5 days ago)
I agree w/ u 100%. Honestly, these SJW trans are enough to make one almost wanna be a terf b/c they are sooooooooooooooo blatantly homophobic, very hypocritical when they are utterly desperate for validation but wanna invalidate us as lesbians, and sooooooooooo blatantly misogynist it's enraging and disgusting. Like u say, ur the only 1 to consistently have trans on for 5 yrs, yet u get called a terf. It's such utter bs. Why must we have to be bisexual as lesbians to not be labeled in such a way?! It annoys the fk outta me!!! We get such hate from the extreme right AND the extreme left for our sexual preference!!! I almost feel like why should I accept and respect trans if they don't accept and respect me for what I am? Uk. Ik that may not be good as they're not all bad but, that's how I feel b/c so many are attacking us. I'm not a terf but, sometimes I feel I wanna go that way seeing so many sjw trans disrespecting my orientation. SJW's are the most bigoted hateful ppl on earth, and it's ironic that so many SJW trans wanna be women but hate "cis" women, and lesbians for not liking their d!ck. It's really just pu$$y envy. To me...to try to force ones p3n!s on a female is very much like a typical male, and their projected invalidation is only a reflection of what they already know, that they aren't real women. (Not saying all trans and invalid but that SJW rapey type....aren't valid as women b/c that's typical male behavior to force oneself unto others and think it's ok, to think sex is the only way to get validation as a man or woman, and to be a bigoted homophobe. That way of thinking is very very male.) I find it ironic that ppl think we should include ppl like "Caitlyn" Jenner in the LGBT community as if they were a real LGBT hero or be labeled a terf when that POS doesn't even think, or didn't at one point, that gays and lesbians had the right to marry!!!! I mean seriously.... Why wasn't there a fuss about that mfs homophobia? Why should we accept ppl like that that don't accept us, or even downright hate us, and think WE are invalid, into our community? Who should we honor next, the homophobes that killed Sam Shepard? It's insanely hypocritical and fked up. Not saying all trans are homophobic but, saying the ones that are can fk the hell off. If one wants respect, & acceptance they should be willing to give those things in return. Accepting a trans donkey d!ck shouldn't be the only way they can feel validated and men, I mean *cough* women (real women wouldn't seek validation in such a way). If we liked d!ck we'd all be bi!!! It's ridiculous to try to seek validation thru trying to invalidate us, and disgusting.
Corin Bin Saleh (5 days ago)
Love ur channel
lucoa (5 days ago)
It's always been troubling to me that you received hate for just being an unapologetic lesbian, lol. You're legit the only YouTuber I've watched who does genuine LGBT advocacy and LGBT education with people of many different identities. I've learned a lot about my own identity because of you, and I understand the other facets of the community much better than I once did because of all the guests you've had on your channel. It's wild that anyone could ever hate you because you don't feel attraction in the way THEY determine you should.
Jedi KMA (5 days ago)
Can you possibly talk about biromantic/homoromantic etc. asexuals? People who are attracted to the same sex romantically but not sexually?
13brokenmessiah (5 days ago)
Sexual orientation has gotten so crazy over the years... what ever happened to there being Gay, Staright, Bi, Lesbian and Trans? Life was so much simpler back then. These days, everyone wants to stand out on their own. We are supposed to be a community and support each other. Not hate each other for dumb shit. It's just as bad as racism... come on people...
A Rae (5 days ago)
I use to hate living in the bible belt but now I'm actually kinda happy to live here. I'd rather deal with the same ignorant people (and rarely having to deal with them) saying the same thing they've said since the beginning of time instead of having social justice warriors scream at me because I'm apparently something that I'm not.
Lesbian Amazon Sister (5 days ago)
P.S. Arielle, please check out this article, I think you would resonate with it https://www.feministcurrent.com/2017/01/13/todays-shameless-lesbians-wont-queered/
Lesbian Amazon Sister (5 days ago)
YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!! FULL 100% SAID IT! I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW!! There's nothing boring or basic about being a lesbian. There's nothing wrong with ANY woman saying no to dick. No justification needed. It's funny how if you're a female, only open to love and sex with other females, you get the most hate. the "LGBT" community is blatantly homophobic, and actively encourages conversion therapy hiding behind "queer progressiveness", exactly as you said. It's funny how they only call FEMALE BORN FEMALES cunts and whores. It's funny how """"transwomen"""" who say we should be more inclusive in who we date tend to only date females. It's not funny at all. It's dangerous. It needs to stop right fucking now. Go Arielle! LOVE YOU!! "You're attraction to one body type does not make you wiser or less shallow" A FUCKING WOMAN SISTER!!!!
Alana Vernik (5 days ago)
I'm bisexual and I am not attracted to pre op trans people. I have no issues with it, but I just cant be attracted to someone whose face and body don't match their genitals. I can't change that either..
Jennifer Vega (5 days ago)
I’ve been watching you since you made your first video. Love your videos and have always enjoyed watching them, You’re fucking awesome !!
ohohvalerie (5 days ago)
Listen up girl I learned about you through a recent video on one of onision's channels where he talks shit about you and puts your videos on blast. FROM WHAT I SAW I LOVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND I THINK YOU'RE EMPOWERING AND INFORMATIVE. You just got a new subscriber. Fuck him. Report his channel for harassment because he fucking sucks.
Chris B (5 days ago)
Lesbian in her 60’s, here. During a time where lesbians were kicked out of their homes for being who they are. I love biological women. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this natural desire. I am who I am, love who I am, and make no apologies for who I am. Right on, Arielle!
K Labeck (5 days ago)
I'm not going to call you "brave" for living with integrity. But I will call those who don't selfish. Stay with us. Rage with us. And keep telling others to check themselves when they need it.
Zoe T. (5 days ago)
To all lgbt people : As a logical bisexual woman I say : Straight men like vagina. Lesbians like vagina. Straight women like dick. Gays like dick. Bisexual like both. You can be bi curious if you're a homosexual or a heterosexual . Do not confuse gender with sexuality. If you do, you sound stupid. End of story.
lyss p (5 days ago)
Hey uh, 17 year old lesbian here. I love trans women, but i can only see myself being with one post op. That being said, I’m sexually attached to boobs, vagina, etc. I’m romantically attracted to the person. Genital preferences are something that’s in our genetics! And some lesbians are more penis repulsed than others! People need to respect what people are born attracted to.
ohjustwork (5 days ago)
Anyone who says 'terf' is in fact a 'dick'. Well done arielle!
Samantha C (5 days ago)
From one lesbian to another, you are one of my absolute favorite lesbians out there. I get lots of shit from people in the LGBT community for my centrist / right-leaning political views, and your videos have been a big help for many non-SJW and non-left LGBT folks to not feel alone. People shouldn't be denied their sexuality or part in the LGBT community just because they aren't liberals, etc. Thank you for this!!
Nine Inch Heels (5 days ago)
Arielle you are amazing. Thank you so much for speaking the truth. The left sounds like a bunch of far right conservatives at this point. They're really no different from the misogynistic and homophobic far right; they just disguise their hatred as "activism." And you forgot to mention that Chelsea Poe is a rapist; anyone who tries to coerce someone else into sex is a rapist.
Serena Krist (5 days ago)
PREACH!! 80 trillion thumbs up!!
STLSouthCity (5 days ago)
Screw the SJWs because they're trying to instill fear in lesbians and erase us.
Amber Brookes (5 days ago)
You are literally my hero 😂 It's ridiculous how butthurt people get. Lesbians don't like being penetrated by a penis, hence the term lesbian. I've lost count how many times I've heard "but you use toys." Yes. TOYS = not a penis. It really sounds like the sjw's just don't like rejection, and yeah it sucks because they weren't born biologically female and I honestly couldn't imagine what that must feel like. But it's also not our fault that we aren't attracted to male genitalia (which I hope doesn't trigger anyone >.<) and that doesn't make us TERFs or whatever. This is why pansexuality exists, to be sexually attracted to all genders. So why is there a problem? It's very irritating to see so much hate, to such an extreme that people are saying to "kill all TERFs"? So basically they want to kill lesbians because we don't like penis 😂 sorry my mind is just blown that it's got this extreme. You keep preaching Arielle! Us TERFs are proud of you! 😂
Fainora (5 days ago)
I get a lot of shit for this and others. Not only not wanting to be with women who still have their bio-male parts but also for not wanting to date trans-men. Well yeah I'm a lesbian Trans-men are men, I am not attracted to men. Also I don't think cis gender hetero-romantic asexual people get a seat at the LGBTQ table. Like sorry your mom doesn't get you but right now 16 states are petitioning the President to give them permission to fire LGBTQ people for being LGBTQ and you aren't included in that firing.hiring lack of rights so sit the f*ck down.
A Garcia (5 days ago)
YES YES YES! thanks for the speaking out. Rock on sister <3
Ask Carlos (5 days ago)
Arielle, one of the fewest LGBT youtubers that haven't lost their mind in the SJW propaganda.
yeaitsmecourt16 (5 days ago)
Well we love you girl. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve learned so much from you on this channel.
angelica lim (5 days ago)
Thanks for standing up for gay women. You're a true hero. 👏👏👏
Tracy Edmonson (6 days ago)
Preach! The stereotypes, bashing and disrespect shown to lesbians and bi-women is disgusting. It is also one of the reasons why I don’t concern myself with an individuals pronouns and instead simply call them by their given name or use a broad reference for any person.
I'm so sorry that people in our own community are attacking you over sexual orientation, which cannot be controlled!!!
Writer withnocause (6 days ago)
Well said. Thanks for always being honest
grey Hand (6 days ago)
I hate the world we live in.. like fuck u can't do u anything right
All i gotta say as a bi/pan female, you like what you like.
jellyrcw12 (6 days ago)
Thank you for this video!!!!!!
John Roberts (6 days ago)
Great video, thank you for bringing it to our attention. I hope one day society will put all of this behind us and just accept people for who they are.
jaycelegends (6 days ago)
tRiGgEReD love you arielle, i wish this type of shit wasn't a hot take, it's common sense and most people (everyday people not in the lgbt socio-political sphere) would agree without question- it's just simple, common sense. There's not enough of that in the radical parts of the lgbt community.
Blue G (6 days ago)
a big fat thank you from a lesbian and feminist
Jay Jay (6 days ago)
GreenBerry (6 days ago)
Im so done with my own community (I'm a trans guy) can people just chill the fuck out like let people have opinions...
haley (6 days ago)
Bc you endorse kids who hate non-binary and asexual individuals!!
bluecannibaleyes (5 days ago)
pablo martinez (6 days ago)
Not all of us hate you, I love you
hurleyboi4947 (6 days ago)
Love this! Please keep being the voice of reason!
Mattico Scrooge (6 days ago)
for the past three month you've benn complaining about how you are rejected instead of being positive and making important content. You're ruining your life and I won't stand another of your complaining videos. Sorry for your bullying but move on! unsub.
L N (6 days ago)
I LOVE YOU! Thank you for always speaking out and standing with women and lesbians against classic misogyny and revamped homophobia.
L N (2 days ago)
There is very clear misogyny (AND homophobia) when females, lesbians, are the ones being targeted.
Laura Reid (2 days ago)
there isnt misogyny just homephobia
Funeral enthusiast (6 days ago)
tulsa9191 (6 days ago)
New dating profile bio: Sided with Arielle Scarcella. The end.
Sian Llewellyn (6 days ago)
You and your videos were always an inspiration and a great help as a fellow lesbian (oh wait, clearly i am bi right??? Ugh). Not only cuz they made me laugh sooo much but they covered topics that I found interesting. Nowadays you do A LOT of trans related stuff and admittedly I don't watch much (nothing to do with quality just of less interest to me). I honestly don't get why people are so offended by who you are attracted to. Like I am completely a lesbian and can see you personally are a beautiful woman. However, I am not attracted to you. Is that an insult, or make you less of a woman? No! Anyway, I hope you see all this love and it helps you through. I know its been tough for you recently. Love and hugs sent from England xx
Jade P. (6 days ago)
I love you so much and thank you for speaking the truth. I’ve been watching your videos for years, and I really appreciate the topics you post about.
Camille Girard (6 days ago)
Indeed, "terf" is about women and lesbians, "terf" is lesbophobic and misogynous slur, it is the new "witch" slur. You were never a "terf", it is an excuse to make you bow, but you are strong. I was scared to speak some years ago, not anymore. I am a lesbian, not "queer", lesbian isn't a stale word, to say so is misogynous, it is lesbophobia and lesbian erasure. I won't comply with that. Somone told me once that I must be trans, which is not true. Being a lesbian =/= not being a woman. Men can fuck off, lesbians are not rape toys. Greetings from a french radical lesbian.
bluecannibaleyes (6 days ago)
Words only have power as ‘slurs’ if you let them. It ceases to be a slur if you own it/don’t care. I mean I personally wouldn’t own the term ‘TERF’ myself because I’m not a radfem, but I don’t see why radfems couldn’t just be like “yeah so what?” when called it. Personally I just find it funny when people call me TERF because I’m far from a feminist of any sort. Trans exclusionary though? Hell yeah I am and I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about it. They can call me ‘TE’ all they want and I’ll kust laugh and say “yeah, so what?” You won’t use words made by men? Sounds like you have a bit of misandry yourself. “Plus, I don’t exclude men, I am gynocentric” I honestly don’t get what you’re trying to say here.
Camille Girard (6 days ago)
Because it is a slur, like I don't want to use the word queer because it is a slur too. Men made this slur to justify their misogyny. Maybe there are radfem using this word, but I'd rather a word made by women. When I use the word terf, it is with my friends and with irony. Plus, I don't exclude men, I am gynocentric ^^
bluecannibaleyes (6 days ago)
Why not just own the word TERF? What’s wrong with actually being a TERF?

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