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Why The Queer Community Hates Lesbians

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Long overdue video about why the SJW side of the LGBT community hates me and think's I'm trash. Outspoken women usually do get the most hate, don't they? Talk With Me 1 on 1 : https://www.patreon.com/ArielleScarcella Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Rowan Mooney (6 months ago)
This insanity of which you speak is why I cringe so hard over how trans people are presented online. People like Riley Dennis and Zinnia Jones terrify me because they are demanding and trying to police other people's sexual orientations and such when the very body policing they are doing is in-line with what some tell transgender people to do. No one should police another person's body. Ever. Your videos are a needed breath of fresh air and rationale. - a trans disabled Army veteran
Jett Jo johnson (5 months ago)
Rowan Mooney hey, thanks first of for stepping up for all of us. I'm trans and I agree with you . I can't spoke of even walk around with out trans, what the trans special, attacking me. now, genetic woman need there own activitys that is for them only, any real transgender woman would respect that. when genetic lesbian woman want to just have there get togather or aria, then trans woman need to respect that an leve them alone. Arriell has don't a lot for trans , now trans woman show her the respect she has shown trans.
MICKIE GEE (5 months ago)
S Alex exactly, which is why today’s culture is so harmful cuz at this point it doesn’t even matter if you have good intentions, you can’t just be let free for that anymore bc ppl aren’t doing correct research on what they’re influencing bc they think being [a fresher, ‘more woke’ *cringe* ] part of that community means they know best, ughhhhhhhh
MICKIE GEE (5 months ago)
Rowan Mooney yes not to mention many of those like them have been on the lgbtq+ scene (esp. on social media) or activists in general for much shorter times than arielle & ppl she associates with, but then think they can write the rule book or think they know better how the world works just bc they’re further left or younger? it’s so confusing, and arielle never suggested they know less than her, but it is clear that they believe they know more than her, and all arielle tries to preach is that all of us live our lives so differently + we can’t help these things about ourselves + we should all leave eachother the fuck alone or support one another, AS LONG AS ONE ANOTHER IS NOT PUSHING A MISUNDERSTOOD AGENDA TO TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS AS A REPRESENTATION OF AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY AND THEN ACTING HOLIER-THAN-THOU TOWARDS OTHER LGBTQ+ INFLUENCERS bc they’re the ‘modernly’-more-popular type of different and snowflakes can really push the newer gen of millennials to harrass a cis gay activist just thru misinformation and misunderstanding and lack-of-care in actually fact-checking whether the person’s actions deserve this kind of shit. sorry for ranting right there!! just wholeheartedly agreeing with you!
Offbeatdrummer (6 months ago)
Rowan Mooney the majority of trans people don’t think they are entitled to have others like their genitals. Yeah some trans people think is not great that people blankly say they won’t like us based on our genitals, but that’s just tough shit. Everyone has preferences and that’s over. I prefer to only have relations with people that are interested in all of me.
leopard prints (6 months ago)
I totally disagree that Riley is coming from a 'good place'. Riley is coming from a place of male entitlement.
applefrittah (1 month ago)
Juliette Veronica (1 month ago)
Lesbians aren’t saying “we don’t like dick so we don’t like you” we’re saying “we don’t like dick cause it’s not what we’re looking for”
slippin rich (1 month ago)
BOO HOO You are all freaks and weirdos and degenerates
MrGrumpykangaroo (1 month ago)
This is very true. I'm a gay man and have been slowly starting to share some of these opinions. It took a while because I was afraid. I've only done this in one on one conversations because it's safer. I have dealt with some hostility for this but also found others that agree but are afraid to talk about it.
Elina Pysmenna (1 month ago)
Lesbians are not pansexual, and people should realize that
ImprobableHumanity (1 month ago)
Im late but fucking AMEN!
universal transit (1 month ago)
fuck you, you horny lesbian bitch
Veronique Dubé (2 months ago)
, i just think would a gay men want to have sex with a trans men , probably not. like most people are probably not turned on by the different genitas , because when u meet someone ur not in love... so ya why would you want to have sex with some ones genitals doesn't turn u on... ok when emotions comes in place, its another story, but with today's dating, emotions comes after sex so...
Goodlies (2 months ago)
Exactly! But gay men would never get shit for this, misogyny goes on within the lgbt community without people even noticing.
Goodlies (2 months ago)
When I first realised I was a lesbian I never used to think the lgbt community would ever go against each other because why would they? We’re all in the same boat.. then I became friends with a group of gay men and I was disgusted how they treated me and other lesbians.. calling us smelly, saying they don’t understand how we don’t like dick, saying we get it easy because we’re sexualised by straight men. And ever since then I ALWAYS see people in the lgbt community talking shit about each other especially towards lesbians, so much fucking misogyny. It’s like they only care about feminism if it’s to do with straight women. I honestly feel like I don’t fit in anywhere, like lesbians are just not wanted it’s so incredibly sad, we should all be there for each other in this community.
loveisanopendoor (2 months ago)
Would love to hear more on this topic about how we can do more for women!!
loveisanopendoor (2 months ago)
Your logic makes too much sense for some people
loveisanopendoor (2 months ago)
“When will it ever be about females?” PREACH -a cis lesbian who dates cis lesbians
Spirit Hawk (2 months ago)
I don't hate lesbians at all, I just want you to stop demonizing any trans person who doesn't fit your very binary expectations and strawmanning non conforming trans people as hysterical teenage sjws.
Mila Space (1 month ago)
+Goodlies I'm so tired of this idiocy too. They don't know what homosexuality is. A bunch of homophobic idiots . And it's true all this hate are only towards homosexual women, gay men are untouchable and their sexual orientation is always respected.
Goodlies (2 months ago)
Look, I’m a lesbian and I know for most lesbians we do not have any problem whatsoever with trans women, in fact I am SO proud of them. However you can NOT help who you are attracted to, lesbians do not want penis therefor if a trans women happens to have a penis we are not going to be attracted to that, it’s simple. Please answer me this, why is it gay men never get shit for not wanting to have sex with trans men with vaginas? I literally never see people hating on them. So much misogyny happens against lesbians within the lgbt community and no one even realises it.
ThatTruckerChick82! !! (2 months ago)
If you like a from birth vagina get that.
Laser Peles (2 months ago)
I'm a queer and very far left but feeling ashamed for not voicing support earlier. I think that the negativity towards you and others is absurd. A evilish twist of our fight for freedom. It is definitely not left, nor radical. It is also not doing anything to champion the rights of anyone in our LGBTQ+ community. I promise to voice support when will come across such opinions in person or online. <3
elchamber (2 months ago)
Oh my... it gets worst?!
WhateverFloatsYourBoat (3 months ago)
I know plenty of lesbians on YouTube that feature trans people and aren't a dick to them. No one is fucking saying you have to date people with penises. It's not for everyone. But not all trans women even have penises! You are victimizing yourself. Lesbians have become much more accepted in society. Trans people have not. Stop spewing harmful rhetoric about them and apologize and the other lesbians will take you back in a second. You've always been a lesbian purist who is down on other people in the community, and that's why people don't like you.
Goodlies (2 months ago)
Please tell me why I NEVER see gay men getting shit for not wanting to have sex with trans men who have vaginas??
zisforzoo16 (3 months ago)
This is why we have other sexual orientations like pansexual...I’m a gay man, and I am attracted to biological men, I want my man to have a penis, and that is completely ok, we have got to stop policing other people!!!
Goodlies (2 months ago)
Exactly! And gay men never get shit for this, only lesbians. It’s incredibly sad.
Noorie Noorie (3 months ago)
Arielle, remember me? I've finally come to terms that I'm a lesbian after so many years of brainwashing, compulsory heterosexuality and heteronormative rhetoric, and zealous religious freaks being outspoken about gay marriage. I just want you to know how thankful I am that you are a prominent lesbian youtuber right now, and that you do try your best to as inclusive as you possibly can. What I will say might not be popular, but here it is: Don't be surprised if all your efforts were in vain. Lesbian issues are worlds apart from trans issues. Even so called transbians do not go through the same thing as us cis lesbians do, so they see us as caricatures or a goal to attain rather than real human beings. Trans rights activities will happily throw you under the bus if you say you are strictly attracted to natal women, as you should be, being a lesbian and all.
Chloe Light (3 months ago)
TruMu92 (4 months ago)
I’m so glad that there is at least one LGBT YouTuber who is being honest. SJW’s have lost their shit.
Akon Fenty (4 months ago)
I'm a conservative and can respect sensible liberals. I cannot stand the SJW leftists. It annoys me when I am ashamed for not wanting to have sex with a person who has a penis. I am a heterosexual man meaning I am attracted to who I see that is a woman. I've said b4 that there are women who happen to be trans that you wouldn't know was born in a male body who are attractive, but when it comes to sex and they have a penis then it is a deal breaker. Don't shame me for not wanting to have sex with a penis. The woman who happens to be trans and has a vagina then I wouldn't mind her or wouldn't mind dating her and if we had sex then it's a vagina and I like vagina in bed with me, cuz a straight man likes vagina in bed. You can be a woman who happens to be trans and be very attractive, but if you have a penis then it wouldn't work out relationship wise or sexually. I can be friends with her and that's about it.
Inkruse (4 months ago)
For me it sucks to be a conservative lesbian
I do not hate you. You are doing a great job :) Keep doing that!
Kaymai (4 months ago)
Transsexual woman here, if someone doesn't want anything to do with my genitals (don't worry, I don't want them either) then that's fine. It would be great if more people looked past that flaw of mine, but I can't be angry at someone for not being attracted to it. Ain't stopped me from getting women, even lesbian women with no attraction to men or masculinity whatsoever, to fuck me. Just gotta ignore the rejections and keep going till you find someone that is attracted to you and want's to be with you. It happened to me, and I live in the deep south, so it can happen for anyone.
ad3la41 (4 months ago)
so fucking true
Laura (4 months ago)
Here’s my deal...as a lesbian I would 100% date a trans woman, like you said, they are women after all. I would date them, hug them, cuddle them, kiss them, but would not do anything else. Not because they are any less of a woman than anyone else, but because that is simply not my sexual preference, plain and simple. I sincerely apologize for any and all hate you get for this video, keep doing you girl.
John (4 months ago)
straw man.
Zane R (4 months ago)
Tbh if the lgbt disagrees with you these days you’re probably doing something right
XO (4 months ago)
Fuck SJWs
chesiregirl (4 months ago)
The left loves to say "my body, my choice" until it comes to lesbians...
ja3 (4 months ago)
maybe we hate you because you’re a huge fucking cunt
Henry (4 months ago)
Don't worry. LGBT "activists" hate everyone with a different opinion. In other words, you are the vast majority.
maisie (4 months ago)
repo jones (4 months ago)
It is more prevalent in okay to be a lesbian then it is to be a gay man so say that s*** like gay men have more privileged you're ridiculous and it's not your orientation this is what you have decided you didn't come out gay somewhere down the line you seen something that made you want to be gay but you didn't come out gay so stop brainwashing yourself
Goodlies (2 months ago)
Are you joking? How are lesbians more privileged? Because some feminine lesbians are sexualised and not taken seriously by straight men? That is NOT acceptance, both gay men and lesbians deal with equal homophobia but lesbians do get it worse WITHIN the community.. everyone puts us down for not wanting dick.
repo jones (4 months ago)
So this is what you fight for all the time and get on here about your Walk of Life so what do you want kids to get from this you probably are happy about it and say you might free them or something another thing if everybody was gay how we reproduce as humans you just throw it away huh so how you down for the home team and you ready to sell the home team out put us to death all men to men or women women that's it no more babies in this world transgendering I'm a man but I'm a woman and also if I say I'm a woman I want you to think I'm a woman so when you see me at the club and I say I'm a woman would you believe you're taking me as a woman even though I'm not a woman. So what if you want a real woman I said I'm a woman so you got to accept me as a woman. That's just like somebody growing hair crawling around like a dog if your best to have surgery to make him look like a dog and says their dog now even though you look right at this dumbass and tell that they're still human but they still want you 2 believe they are dog but stop talkin about other people and you ain't worked out your own issues your going to get mad at the trans Community what about your community
Go Deep Sheep (4 months ago)
Gurl we are on your side, worry not :3
Deverje Efem (4 months ago)
Dude, i used to sub to you man. But why is it that every time I check on your channel its about trans issues? If you dont want a fuck a person with a dick then don't? You dont have to. But you don't have to shout from the rooftops that you would never do it. Why is it your whole personality? Ugh.
Deverje Efem (3 months ago)
+ALGORITHM IS A DANCER i sincerely doubt that. She's already made her opinion quite clear. No one is knocking down her door to hear the same thing she's said 5000 times. Add in the insanely clickbaity titles and the reason this continues is very clear.
ALGORITHM IS A DANCER (3 months ago)
Probably because other people literally won't leave her alone?? I'm sure she wanted to end this conversation months ago, but there are probably many more people collectively tweeting and talking about her and calling her a terf
AshBlueSky (4 months ago)
Preach girl,
Emma Cat (4 months ago)
I'm bisexual, and I'm attracted to cismen, ciswomen, and transwomen. SJWs can bite me.
Emma Cat (4 months ago)
Lol. Wait until SJWs find out that some of us bisexuals only date cisgender people.
Vex TheGreat (4 months ago)
I am a lesbian and I love you. I don’t care what these people say, actual lesbians do not want dick or men. While I am willing to respect a transgender person’s request that I refer to them using their preferred pronouns and names, I am within my rights to draw the line at consent. Sexually and romantically, my view of them changes. My choice of sexual partners and how I choose to express my sexuality is no one’s business. You know what, Arielle? Have you ever noticed that gay men don’t get this type of hate. Gay men are not lambasted for saying that they want a man with a functioning penis and is a natal male. Straight men, who are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violence against transgender women, are never dragged for saying they don’t want anything to do with a dick or a natal male. That is because they are men and their sexuality is respected. This is pure misogyny. It is time for people to wake up to the fact that transgender people and LGB people have diverging interests. Many, if not most, arguments on the rights transgender people should have are homophobic and misogynistic. They target lesbians. They want to take spaces away from natal women and girls. They dismiss us as “hysterical” when we say that we have a right to fear men and that we need our own spaces. It’s also ridiculous that men who’ve transitioned or started identifying as women are allowed to play on women’s sports teams. Yeah, because the person born taller, with larger hands, and larger feet is totally fit to compete with natal women. We will never hear about an FTM person dominating a male sport. Women should not cede another millimeter and lesbians need to draw a hard barrier around consent. Don’t worry about the virtue signaling phonies who think the same way you do but parrot the current line in order to avoid being ostracized. Continue to speak the truth and stand firm in your word. Keep standing up for lesbians!
guao!a (4 months ago)
Thank you for speaking about this, I'm really glad you're here making videos about this subject!
Anonymer Benutzer (4 months ago)
Bisexual men are policed compared to lesbians. Nobody gives a fuck about any of us though. Our attraction to females is why we are hated though.
blazeissilent (4 months ago)
Anyone with half a brain cell knows if a woman doesn't want a dick in her you dont manipulate her into putting a dick in her
The Q (4 months ago)
Tea, sis.
NT YL (4 months ago)
tegan santana (5 months ago)
Love this, stand your ground Arielle! This Black lesbian supports you.
J. O. (5 months ago)
They're like saying gay men are misogynistic because they don't date biological women.
Lyann Duff (5 months ago)
That's insanity! People be crazy. You're the best. People hate the truth or hate when people put everyone on the forefront.
JGT (5 months ago)
I agree with you 100% even though I Am a lesbian who really doesn't care to have sex with someone with a penis I do understand if people do and I really don't get why some people get so annoyed by this. This is personal and should be respected.
Mila Space (1 month ago)
You aren't a lesbian if you like have sex with penises. What the fuck is so hard to understand with you BISEXUAL WOMAN and other dumb bisexual women like you, that homosexuality exist end that Lesbian are homosexual female and homosexual female aren't attracted to male ,male body and dicks????? Why you call yourself a lesbian when you aren't one but you are clearly bisexual ? Can you explain me please WHY for you it's so hard to use the right term ( bisexual) that describes perfectly your sexual orientation????????? Are you really so dumb?
Jasper Rose (5 months ago)
You were the youtuber I watched when I was still trying to figure myself out in highschool. You helped me be comfortable with my attraction towards other women and now I’m happier than ever. You’re an amazing person and I’m happy to have been here through all your hate
Oh K (5 months ago)
I agree with you ❤️
A transguy said that bi means more than two and I’m like WTF? Stop changing the definition of Bisexuality. There’s Polysexuality and Pansexuality. Be happy with that you man hating transman.
Thanks to you and Kalvin I’m not an Anti-SJW Democrat.
GuitarsForever100 (5 months ago)
I am a lesbian I only would date feminine women with a female body. I don’t care what any one else thinks that’s what I’m attracted to. I’m not attracted to masculine characteristics so if you have that then I won’t date you. I don’t care what gender you were born with.
Paul McFarland (5 months ago)
Well said.
zach collins (5 months ago)
I’m a gay guy and yes have founds trans men attractive that look more masc than most guys but I could NOT have sex with anyone with a vagina. I’m sorry that’s just a deal breaker for me.
Zero Sleep (5 months ago)
why people hate you ????? you have to find out .....
tutu beast (5 months ago)
Why so much divide in LGBT community. This is not us. Get it together. Who cares what genitalia u prefer. Live and let ppl live on both sides of this argument. I'm a lesbian that does not care about genitalia but some do. Does it matter. No.
Mila Space (1 month ago)
A lesbian that "doesn't care" about genitalia isn't Lesbian in the first place. Only bisexuals "don't care" about genitalia. Do you even know what homosexuality is?
Edifyingart channel (5 months ago)
Best best best feminist rant :)
lol no (5 months ago)
I wasn't even aware of how far that side of the community has gone. it's ridiculous. they are the people giving lgbt a bad name and they are literally at a loss of any logic. sad.
Ruth Fiona (5 months ago)
You make some great points in this - especially at the end about when will it ever be about females? I can't help but feel that too. I admire your strength in the face of adversity Arielle and I totally get and relate to not talking about this topic as it has got more and more complicated and seems to be angry activism that you're talking about. It's sad that I have a friend that gets angry and calls you a Terf. I didn't even bother arguing with him. Sometimes it's just not worth it. I'll carry on liking your videos and respecting you for all the amazing things you have done for the LGBT+ community. Also, yay for Arielle filming in a bra! How you started and we knew you <3 haha
Ruth Fiona (5 months ago)
Also I love the word lesbian and lesbian history so fuck not using that
Paranoid life (5 months ago)
I’m going to cherish and love the female body and nobody can change that, I am not nor have I ever found any attraction to a male body so no matter what imbeciles say it won’t change the fact that I am a lesbian, and no not the lesbian they define as actually bisexual but a true lesbian that it attracted to females and have a appreciation for females, so Arielle thank you, for speaking nothing but the truth and true issues happening around us.
Ashley S (5 months ago)
I’m so glad you’ve made this video. I’m bisexual. I love men and I love women. . I’m not interested in having sex with a chic with a dick. Or a man with a vagina. My best friend is a trans woman. But I’m not attracted to her.
Schirin S. (5 months ago)
Arielle, you give me hope. I am really really so scared this days and shamed for being as lesbian everyday. I started to hide my sexuality again, I deleted my twitter and my instagram. I am really freakin scared, Thank you for giving me a voice.
Charmed Diaries (5 months ago)
Honestly Arielle you still ponder to this toxic neo-homophobia and neo-misogynistic community by even having them on your channel and calling “trans women”, women, when deep down you know they’re not. How could you sit here and say it doesn’t bother you when “trans women” call themselves lesbians. Trans-lesbians are *straight men*. The fact it doesn’t bother you they’re calling themselves “lesbians” is part of the reason this problem will never go away. Your female socialization makes you feel like it’s your duty to feel sorry for them, but in reality these straight men with lesbian fetishes need to be called out.
AliceDiableaux (5 months ago)
This is what an actual feminist looks like, people. Women sticking up for women, and refusing to be put into the meek and accomodating box society (read:men) want us to be.
Madison Jonas (5 months ago)
This video revived my lesbian soul 😭
Dolna Ray (5 months ago)
Btw those who are shunning on you, have forgotten #nomeansno Ironic. Btw not just lesbians but even straight people (especially men) are demonized for prefering cis women when it comes to dating .
Xzamilloh (5 months ago)
This video has barely 30k views... the LGBT community doesn't hate you because the LGBT community ain't checking for you. What you're talking about is a vocal minority of young people that are emotionally underdeveloped and need to mature. But get those edgelord clicks from the tired ass SJW drum, mam. Here's a newsflash: The "SJW" side of the LGBT community will always find something to complain about. It's just what they do.
Mike Hunt (5 months ago)
I’m bi and married to a woman and used to love the LGBT community but they are so far gone and especially when I started supporting the president.. forget about it. I’ve even been called a homophobe..... *crickets*
bluecannibaleyes (5 months ago)
Yeah, I know the feel as a former lesbian who is now an evil bigoted homophobic Nazi. I officially quit the LGBT after voting for Trump. The LGBT movement never been compatable with my values. Unlike the LGBT community, I value basically everything else in life way more than I value what makes my genitals tingly. They can call me whatever slur they want.
Chris Spiller (5 months ago)
So... Whats a terf?
Tristan14578 (5 months ago)
you are correct. people need to chill out. They do more damage than good for us trans folk. Thats why i dont do videos anymore. I just do myself and enjoy life. If people like me great if not thats ok. Im not pushing or forcing anyone. I just chill and go about my day. these folks are straight crazy.
Alice Bessoni (5 months ago)
You’re one of the few sane people left here. I’m so tired of crazy sjw, and I’m so annoyed that they take our space and kick us out of our own community for not being crazy like them.
3:40 I hate when people say that. You don't deserve shit. Definitely not sex. It is not a right. It's an agreement.
ReadingWhispers (5 months ago)
I respect the choice to do what you want with your own body, but I think the controversy for me comes in with the close-mindedness that it takes to completely shut off a group of potential partners because of their genitalia. If you met someone that was absolutely incredible and you were very interested, but they had a penis, I don't entirely understand the logic behind abandoning that connection. I understand the right to express your sexuality by having sex with who you want to have sex with, but not opening yourself up to many amazing women because they have different genitalia kind of confuses me. It's a touchy subject though and I have no qualms with Arielle personally, I just am confused by that aspect of her argument. Just some thoughts.
bluecannibaleyes (5 months ago)
It’s because if lesbians can fall in love with someone who has a penis, then that indicates that conversion therapy is possible. And nothing scares gay people more than the idea of becoming straight.
Sasha D (6 months ago)
I had no idea this was happening! How awful. :( Not progressive at all. SJWs are consistently making fools of themselves these last few years. They can’t just sit back and enjoy real progress. They want to pioneer harmful ideas of progress. Much of this is narcissism and vanity due to the rise of social media. I get it. These people are largely victims to advances we’ve made in technology. But it’s no excuse.
Lissa Marie (6 months ago)
I think people also misuse the term terf like it’s supposed to be for people who claim to be feminist and exclude trans people not someone who doesn’t like dick. Like I’m also a lesbian and not a fan of dick but that doesn’t make me a fucking terf.
Lissa Marie (6 months ago)
You are literally so cool like I don’t get why people hate you
Aug 101 (6 months ago)
Penises make me want to puke, and I can’t change that!
Amanda C (6 months ago)
theres nothing wrong with being a lesbian who likes biological women. Anyone who has an issue with that isn't in favor of a womans right to choose. I love women and I respect their choices. That's what feminism is about.
bluecannibaleyes (6 months ago)
Wait so you’re admitting that it’s a choice now?
Panda (6 months ago)
I agree with you on every point. I'm bisexual and it took me a long time to be okay with that. Identify as bisexual because I am attracted to men and women. When asked if I would date a trans person I always say "I don't know. It depends on the person I guess." And I got called transphoic for simply not being sure. It's a crazy world we live in today.
Jay Reno (6 months ago)
You still fuck guys though
Yiffonthehaters (6 months ago)
First it was all conservatives/centrists/moderate liberals = Nazis now it's anyone who isn't pansexual = TERF This is why I only hang out with straight people lmao
bluecannibaleyes (6 months ago)
The TERF to Nazi pipeline is real. I’m a proud NazTERF.
XO (6 months ago)
You're one of the few lesbians willing to speak out about this.
mobaby1975 (6 months ago)
Damn I unsubscribed to you in 2015- 2016 for 'reasons'. But as a Lesbian female(with no extras), I don't want to be in a relationship with a 'dead' male(ftm). Regardless of what people say/think, biological females have a certain smell(pheromones). Have I found ftm's visually attractive...yes, but the physical attraction been there no. I notice hand size and other 'differences'(scent being a biggie). That said I support all our trans brethren, I just don't want to sleep with you.
Beth Anne (6 months ago)
I'm bi and I don't associate at all with the LGBTQ community at all... or the straight community.. This topic right at the top of the list of reasons why. You always have to justify yourself to whichever side you tell so I just don't talk about it. Not out of fear or feeling opressed/repressed.. I just can't be bothered, it should be as simple as "I'm attracted to the people I'm attracted to and women's bodies are fucking amazing" but it turns in to a 3 hour discussion about why certain parts of the LGBTQ community apparently don't exist
ForwardAutumn13 (6 months ago)
Personally I'm pan but I can completely understand why a lesbian would only be into forms with no penis and/or only women. Wtaf..I didnt even realise this was a thing *facepalm* if its not one thing it's another. Can people not start focusing on Actual issues please rather than these made up ones? 😅😭😂 F. Thanks for the horribly enlightening video.
Rishi Sanas (6 months ago)
You are doing a great job to make us straight people aware of people with other sexual preferences and their stimuli.. I really wish I could have a partner as understanding and beautiful as you.. :)
Bearded Vulture (6 months ago)
Honestly, from a trans man, I applaud your patience. The scary thing about those kill terf things is how easy it is to get branded one. I'm a trans man and get called one all the time. I know trans women who are too. Even just saying the words "female body" is enough to be a terf now. It's so messed up that they're literally saying lesbians should die for being lesbians, and acting like relabeling homophobic sentiments is radical. It seems like from the start you did what people told you regarding trans inclusion and representation and it was never enough or not good enough. I'm so glad you're sticking up for yourself and saying what so many people are afraid of saying.
Dorian Cassidy (6 months ago)
How does being attracted to trans women make you bisexual if they're WOMEN?
Mila Space (1 month ago)
Transgender" women" are male, Lesbians are only attracted to women and WOMEN are only female.
Goodlies (2 months ago)
Because lesbians don’t want to have dick, it’s as simple as that.. I’d like to see the same being said to gay men who don’t want to have sex with trans men.
Sax And relax (6 months ago)
AnnaLand - Gaming (6 months ago)
Thank you
Tiffany Gomes (6 months ago)
First it was religious extremists that wanted to change us from being gay or bisexual. Now it’s the total opposite people. I’m sorry that if I don’t want a penis! It’s exactly what you said you cannot change who we love. Trans members of the community will find someone one day. Why would you want it to be someone who was FORCED into liking you instead of someone who loves you the way you are.
The Bisexual Centrist (6 months ago)
This is why I’m not a leftist.
The Bisexual Centrist (6 months ago)
I'm a libertarian, so by the term yes, I'm a classic liberal by definition. My problem with politics today is that, being a Nazi is following a ideology, its not because you have a difference of opinion. Being antifa is also following an ideology, its not a difference of opinion. Both of these groups by name have committed genocide on people in history. People have to stop throwing these words out there, like they know what they are saying.
Yiffonthehaters (6 months ago)
Being a moderate "classic" liberal in today's climate is like being a unicorn everyone is apparently a nazi or antifa and there's no in between rip in peace politics
Dean Anderson (6 months ago)
Why do we need labels? I'm a straight man but I live and let live. I like watching you because your funny and informative.
Mila Space (1 month ago)
So if we don't need " labels" why you put the labels on yourself in the first place? Like the one you have used here for describe what you are ,"straight men". Labels" are just words and we use labels/words every day for describe everything around us. You know, language is important if you want to communicate with other people (;
Mitch Watson (6 months ago)
I love it when people whom the Left think they should have in lockstep realize how intolerant and hateful they have actually become. It all comes back to individuals vs. the collective. And if you fall outside the Left's strict group-think, even if you're one of the minorities they claim to fight for, they will tear you apart in an instant. Actually, ESPECIALLY if you're one of those minorities.
Hannah Dixon (6 months ago)
I'm a lesbian and I've dated both trans women and cis women, and I felt nothing while kissing trans women, and never felt aroused by them, and never enjoyed sex with them(even if they've been on hormones for years). Sexuality does not account for a person's identity. It's determined by the hormones, pheromones, and physical sex of the other person, which does, in fact, include their natural genitalia

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