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10 Things Girls Do That TURN GUYS ON

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10 Habits and behaviours girl have that guys really like. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos you might like: 10 Signs A Girl Likes You https://youtu.be/vhM7MprEvDk 10 Signs A Guy Likes You https://youtu.be/I5C328zphNA 10 UGLY Things Guys LOVE About Girls https://youtu.be/DDtblbErJys 10 Things Girls Do That Guys HATE https://youtu.be/fnLnIXkx0OE 10 UGLY Habits That Make You Less Attractive https://youtu.be/hz1Subih_CU Description: Everyone has their own idea of what’s hot and what’s not, but when it comes to guys, there are a few things the majority of them prefer when it comes to dating and relationships. Here are a few of the things girls do that guys just can’t get enough of. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (17465)
Suarez Tv (2 years ago)
100% true
Fadox (3 months ago)
+vSauceKing Every men with common sense.
lightningalex2 (4 months ago)
Except for the perfume. Perfume is an annoying smell that just makes people sneeze 🤧
Karlos Sargeant (4 months ago)
Yup that's Kool for sure.
Mad Mades2 (4 months ago)
90% percent right the shampoo in there hair i hate perfume
Drako Mado (8 hours ago)
Is it weird that I was talking to my gf on the phone till 3 am horny af and we were both pleasuring our selves on the phone? ( SHE WAS MOANING SOO HOT ) Ok nvm
R Rockwell (2 days ago)
This girl would stand near me and when I would face her and touch her neck or face she would take a quick short breath in and her eyes would dilate. It was a huge turn on.
Ninja (4 days ago)
You did not say pokimane
emma matson (4 days ago)
Whoever is reading this . You are strong ,amazing, and beautiful. Dont change yourself for any one ❤
Maria Cena (5 days ago)
4:05 Loved that you put Niall ❤️❤️❤️
The Weirdo (5 days ago)
Haden Barrow (6 days ago)
Ladies cannot be stronger than men I want because men workout more men go to hard labor known as job they go to war they have to put in 8 hours of work
Landon Miller (6 days ago)
Tits, just tits
Jade Love Namjoon (8 days ago)
100% false
Corgi Fan (8 days ago)
I don't watch but I like dodgeball...
Jinger plays (9 days ago)
In my school,I'm 4 grade,(Boys in 4 grade are nasty!) And all the Boys care About,....is how pretty girls are and in over their like :|
AMAZING IN THE FACT ! ! ! The Girl From Thumbnail Really Turn Me ON.
Lydia The Rat SSO (11 days ago)
My crush does: Looks at me Makes me laugh Whispers about me (in a good way) And some people call me and he boy friend and girl friend :') Leave a like on this comment and let me know if you think he likes me back ;)
That_one_shark pokefan (11 days ago)
Abigail Howell (14 days ago)
i rub my peepee on boyz :3
Angel Nicole (15 days ago)
*I HATE SPORTS* I'm gonna be single for life
Ruby The Angel Girl (11 days ago)
Angel Nicole IKR?! =(
Black Rose Wolf (16 days ago)
Im not even sure now😅😅 because like 10 guys at my school like me and im literally always wearing either sweats or jeans and im socially awkward😅😅😆😆
Barney The dinosaur (17 days ago)
BronxGod ____ (19 days ago)
Okay damn what a thumbnail
Ruby The Angel Girl (20 days ago)
Anti-Semitic Fruit (20 days ago)
How to turn a guy on: 1: Go back to the kitchen 2: Making me a fucking sandwich 3: Stfu and suck my dick
Kaing Chheavly (21 days ago)
I am 11years old and I have a girl name rattanak that always stare at me my name kaing vattanak and hate girl looks at me
AND PEGGy (24 days ago)
No such thing as girl gamers they r just e thots
rachi xoxo (24 days ago)
like goes for putting niall and deepika in the video
Rachelll / (24 days ago)
lol all i can cook is toast my boyfriend sure is lucky
Andria Charalambous (25 days ago)
14 year olds?
Ruby The Angel Girl (25 days ago)
I’m 13, so I’ll be 14 this year.
Tobias Enevoldsen (27 days ago)
Most of the things is remind me about my self
Tobias Enevoldsen (27 days ago)
You can not know this if you are a girl🙄
Princess_P_10 yt (29 days ago)
I'm not here OK...
Sinister Minister (30 days ago)
I got news for you the number one turn on for most guys is a pulse.
Zariahn Brian (1 month ago)
Why is handjobs blowjobs anal and send nudes not included
Cody Rogers (1 month ago)
10. Yup gaming is great! 9. Sports not for me but for most guys yeah 8. Laughing yeah it's nice 7. Eye contact as long as it's not creepy yeah 6. Comfortable clothes yeah if you're happy I'm happy 5. Playing with my hair not to much but whatever 4. Perfume sure 3. No make-up sure go no make-up if you want to 2. Cooking yeah it's nice but I can cook for myself 1. YOGA PANTS these are the best on this list My personal tip just smile most men love it when you smile!
FairyyTail (1 month ago)
I gotta say everyone came here for the thumbnail 😂 I didn’t because I wanted to see if this was true lmao
Duh GamingUni (1 month ago)
How to turn a girl on: Talk about masturbation and How you imagine you in her bed. Same for guys
Robbie Howell (1 month ago)
40% true to me. I hate yoga!!! And plus perfume really? Perfume does not turn me on.
mees_ riese (1 month ago)
0:43 but im a gamergirl🤣😅
Leelalaland (1 month ago)
So they want a Cool Girl?
Ruby The Angel Girl (25 days ago)
Charlie Trowbridge (1 month ago)
I hate when girls run their hands through my hair
Luci Solorzano (1 month ago)
My dad don't let me ware tights yoga pants or skinny jeans some times decently not yoga pants or tights
The Psychos _ (1 month ago)
2:30 my crush touched my hair just like that. I got so happy 😂💖
Camry Nadeau Woodard (1 month ago)
I definitely always wear perfume
I love gaming ;0;
Layla Diamond (1 month ago)
Jade Bloodmoon (1 month ago)
Here’s a way to turn a guy on no matter what I’m at least 80% sure it works because it worked on my crush and that way is: Be seductive~
fucking cunt (1 month ago)
Baggy clothes? LOL
Tiffany Smith (1 month ago)
Oh my god thank you soooo much I'm gonna need it lol
Kunal Mazumdar (1 month ago)
Holy 🐐. I will never choose a girl video gamer as girlfriend, as video game is one thing I most enjoy and don't want it ruin by someone else.
Kean Michael Guillermo (1 month ago)
i'm a girl (1 month ago)
Damn one day i was looking at a guy it was by a mistake and he was looking at me nonstop and even i made eyecontact with himm dudhh...he is hot😜
-takes notes-
Gabyyy ! (1 month ago)
cook for them!! Me: hell no 😂
Ruby The Angel Girl (25 days ago)
Omg same!
Fenryr Vuohikristus (1 month ago)
The eye contact one is very true. Everytime i see the girl i like and she sees me back my heart just stops.
Alex Gray (1 month ago)
I like my coffee like I like my women…sealed in an airtight bag in the freezer
Homo Sapiens (1 month ago)
i think 95% people who watch this is a dude
Black Rose Wolf (16 days ago)
While im on here seeing if i do stuff on this list cuz like 10 dudes like me😅😅
Al salehy Moh (1 month ago)
If you want a bad boy just be bitchey if you want nice guy just be your self
pablo s wifethebadassone (2 months ago)
Ruby The Angel Girl (2 months ago)
pablo s wife Me
Amir Khadka (2 months ago)
ThE girls soon in videos we're beautiful😄💕
Paloma Peterson (2 months ago)
Personally, I think theyre a good guy when they can love you for who you are. Besides, if we all did this stuff, what would be so special about us? We would all be the same. And that sounds pretty boring tbh.
Laney Surrency (2 months ago)
Tanasinn You shall be (2 months ago)
None of these are true
berke hüseyin (2 months ago)
As a guy I fucking hate baggy clothes I think that is a bad suggestion
Amna Ahmed (2 months ago)
Well I’m a girl gamer my self but I dress like a girl to impress my crush does it actually impress boys when a girl dresses like a girl? cuz it’s not my style, and I’m more of a Tom boy
Black Rose Wolf (16 days ago)
Raden (2 months ago)
"Were you surprised by any of these things that turn a guy on?" Yeah, keep your damn hands out of my hair.
Pug Whisperer (2 months ago)
Don’t be aggressive be intelligent and witty and don’t waste your quality on a chad looks are fleeting I myself am far from a unattractive nerd but I have seen it many times where a reasonably good woman will say something to you like your too nice and I understand that biology is partly to blame but don’t go after a meathead football player with too much testosterone to handle or you’ll end up with a wife beater that looks like biff tannen take a reasonable pick don’t go after a cuck but also not a meathead find a man that will treat you right and call you out when you are wrong
Pug Whisperer (2 months ago)
I myself don’t personally care all that much what women wear though good looks raise your chances it isn’t always necessary to get a man, show him that you are interested or not don’t pussy foot around it be straight forward that way neither of your lives are made to be worse don’t play a mind game with him as a lot of men are as dense as concrete when it comes to female logic
Zane Staley (2 months ago)
To April... I understand completely. Lol
NCBTY 211 (2 months ago)
Women don’t know anything abt sports or video games. And plz don’t try that’s for men stay in your lane
Ej so savage Ejso savage (2 months ago)
10% right
Last Fire (2 months ago)
I am a guy and all these is true
zebider shitie (2 months ago)
all the mentioned tips are opposite to my boyfriend preference...oh
Brushwood Group (2 months ago)
Why did they use so many clips from new girl?
Unicorn girl Willow (2 months ago)
What guys love when the girl just starts kissing and snogging you
Niall Stole My Heart (2 months ago)
Woe (2 months ago)
Idk for me it’s as simple as treating me like a human being
ruuxi. (2 months ago)
I'm a guy, this is not true, this is like the opposite of true.
Shreya Chakravarty (2 months ago)
Aaron Kis (2 months ago)
Everything that video said is 100% true, but you don't need to be perfect. As long as your sweet and have a good humor.
rocky primes (2 months ago)
Just wear short dresses
Lori Owens (2 months ago)
Ha ha ha. I won't ever be built or physically look like women like this that's okay. I'm good. 👌👍
Amazing _ Andrea (2 months ago)
But only if your hot lol
Javi Rodriguez (2 months ago)
This vid turned me on big time (gained an extra inch or 2, if u know what I mean)
Juli Mullet (2 months ago)
Sorry, Justin Bieber, I *don't* love you.
Cringe R Us (2 months ago)
If a girl makes eye contact with a boy for 1 second he thinks she loves him
If you say that i m gonna say this this is the opposite when a boy makes an eyecontact with a girl
Chakrika Khan (2 months ago)
1:55 they really made Deepika white 😂😒
Jessica Rosas (2 months ago)
I was looking at my crush across the table when we were making eye contact at lunch and then he just winked at me and looked back at his friends when he did that I had a mini heart attack
Zachary Warner (2 months ago)
This list was obviously made by girls and what they think turn us on.
JODORAMBAM (3 months ago)
Guys don’t love it that much when you beat them in their favorite game lmaoooo
TVFrancis Frank (3 months ago)
3:37 *This is it, Chief!*
Betty Veronica (3 months ago)
Wait That's my CHARLIE! MY Charlie! Omg that was surreal.
Abbie (3 months ago)
i can’t even cook 2 minute noodles.... it’s the instructions
Ooooh heehhehe
Slothfulchimp (3 months ago)
Just touck my thigh and it's boner city for you... Sometimes you don't even have to be girl
baa_ tiful (3 months ago)
Turn a man on is so easy XD
Alexandra Pedraroja (3 months ago)
so we will be the one to adjust?
•SaraTheCute • (3 months ago)
Fight with someone and die
Copenhagen dip (3 months ago)
Yoga pants and lip biting
Nimisha Narayan (3 months ago)
I don't even know to put makeup on tho...
Floss PC Gaming (3 months ago)
this video is so fucked
Hadii_ X74 (3 months ago)
Guys Are Always Turn On 😂
Hadii_ X74 (3 months ago)
Leyla Jimenez (3 months ago)
Hadii_ X74 what about if they sit on ur lap 😏
Atiqa Qazzafi (3 months ago)

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