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"Review video about victoria's secret Body spray's "

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this a short review video about victoria's secret body spray's. Mango Temptation, and Endless Love. any questions about this body sprays feel free to ask . no one is sponsoring me i got this body's spray's with my own money .
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Jexi Perez (5 years ago)
I wish I had those perfumes they say it smells wooonderfull I will buy it some day by the way I love your videos♥
Ebba Lindberg (5 years ago)
I have Mango Temptation too, and I think I will buy Endless Love when I will go to Germany :)
Ebba Lindberg (2 years ago)
@Lilith Williams I never use them anymore, but for me they lasted like 30 min not even kidding
jada Williams (2 years ago)
Ebba Lindberg how long do they last
D Pagne (5 years ago)
ilan ilang scent is a flower from the Philippines that smell so good
no4y32 (5 years ago)
ty for stopping by my channel and n I haven't tried the pure seduction from Victoria secret , but looking forward to do so ,if you haven't tried the bath and body works you should they are amazing and are very affordable , I haved tried honey suckle amore, and paris amore and are some delicious scents .
jenraider72 (5 years ago)
Have you tried the one called: "Pure Seduction"? I just watched a tv show where the girl was saying how great it is, so I went to Amazon and now I'm torn between a few scents, including the 2 you review here. Thanks for the review, by the way. Any input or suggestions from you or any other users are most welcome. As far as usual scent types/preferences- perfumes I wear now are, Lola and Daisy Eau so Fresh(M Jacobs) but I'm running out( Clinique Happy,too)-looking for something more economical.
no4y32 (5 years ago)
im from puerto rico , thanks for stopping by my channel have a nice day
Rudaina Reaz (5 years ago)
you have a queer accent. which country are you from? I'm from england
Created_Artist (6 years ago)
Now i have to go get it lol..... I love anything fuity and sweet smelling:') thanks again:')
no4y32 (6 years ago)
i just love it too it smells amazing !
no4y32 (6 years ago)
ty so much sweetheart for watching , and welcome to my channel :)
Tanntalizing (6 years ago)
I have the Mango Temptation, LOVE IT!
no4y32 (6 years ago)
girl if you like endless love your gonna love mango temptation, the smell is amazing is a deliucious smell you just have to try it out your gonna fall in love with it :)
Created_Artist (6 years ago)
Omg i have the blue one Endless Love, I love that one but i have to have the Mango Temptation cause i love mango everything lol. I am a mangoaholic!! lol
no4y32 (6 years ago)
they smell so good i love them , and thanks for watching :)
mkblady (6 years ago)
i love both of those scents, good choices!!

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