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Text Comments (559)
Krista O'Donnell (1 month ago)
What song is in the background
Sal AveNU (6 months ago)
Purple is supposed to represent royalty. So maybe it should signal "I expect to be treated like a queen/ or a princess" I'm very fem and I want it all to be about me.
Cynthia Martinez (7 months ago)
I'm 50
Jett Jo johnson (11 months ago)
Being a very old carpet munching Trans woman And with most lesbians back in the day, and Bi woman. And mind you that get to gathers under on roof was always intresting to say the least. One thing allways was present Drama. Mostly fun . But you girls today are a new breed . And i think its a good thing. Back then , therapists and Doctor's would tell me that there was no real thing as A lesbian trans girl. I had also never met one or even heard of gayT girls like my self. Never the less i was always exsepted as one of the girls . Some lesbians did not like that one bit. One bull Dike that hated man and trans girls even more , had put her arms around me and well she did not know, i was trans , So we talked and she let me free to get her a beer. I walked out and left. The other girls coverd for me. A few weeks later shit hit the fan. She would have ended me , But a lot of people liked me a lot plus i could run realy fast. That was over 30 years ago. Over time people have changed.
sam mcburney (1 year ago)
Maybe it's just because I don't get out often but I don't follow any "Codes" Like the "Girl code" or a "lesbian code" or anything else lol
Nacho (1 year ago)
Tattoos are lgbtq culture
vanessa issaka (1 year ago)
I had my best friend come up to me and tell me she wants to eat my pussy and finger me while sucking on my nipples. I don't find her attractive and she knows I'm straight. I don't why she would even say it. to this day she still says things .
Ashlee Johnson (2 years ago)
purple- I'm bisexual and dwn for anything
Emily Brazier (2 years ago)
Purple- I'm lonely
sophie s. (2 years ago)
most honest thing said to me: "look, im gonna ask you out later tonight please give me time to come up with a good line thanks" his line worked
Honey (2 years ago)
Purple- I'm bisexual
Gwendall Grey (2 years ago)
"But you're supposed to have my babies!" ~ how NOT to tell a closeted girl you're into her
Marta Kołecka (3 years ago)
Ojciec means father in polish
HeatherLynnC33 (3 years ago)
Purple... I like butt stuff
What a Loser (3 years ago)
Purple-just want a you to do the work well I text my ex
Sarah (3 years ago)
Someone once walked up to me on the one day I didn't wear makeup and said "Hey you look like trash. I'm obligated to take you out." I was feeling like shit that day and later had a mental breakdown... Lets just say, we didn't go out.
Miren Summers (3 years ago)
purple - asexy, attracted romantically to women
Samsonstyn (3 years ago)
I think purple should be- just cam out, looking for a private relationship.
Tora DragonFire (3 years ago)
people should be open for a relationship
Lena Borchardt (3 years ago)
Most honest line (from a man): Lesbians wanna be f*cked too. Interested? I didn't even know what to say
General_Sparklez 2082 (2 years ago)
Oh my god one time, this dude came up to me while I was talking to a friend and said: So your a lesbian, does that mean you like threesomes? And I was like Då füçk?
Cupcake4uXP (3 years ago)
Purple: Single and available. Will spoil you with affection, kisses, and food
Aj Collins (3 years ago)
Purple; Netflix and Chill, but we might skip the Netflix part ;)
KS (3 years ago)
Purple: When I make out with you I will bite your neck so much that you'll match this handkerchief, in other words I'm into some very kinky shit whips and chains will be on the menu Most honest line someone used on me actually only happened last weekend at a nightclub he said: "I just had to come over and say hi because you're gorgeous and I may never see you again". Unlucky for him we went to the same high school together and I was invisible to him during those years plus I'm married. So my reply was to flash my ring and say: "Thanks but you had six years to get to know me in high school, if you didn't bother with me then why should I bother with you now?"
Denise King (3 years ago)
The best line ever said to me was 'I am so into you! If you ever want to get it on just let me know ' I was like yesss💋
Brandi Ross (3 years ago)
You should bring this back up!!!!!!!!!!1
Alice Devaniere (3 years ago)
Purple- I'm homophobic in public/in the closet so our relationship must be secret
Leia Puco (3 years ago)
Rhiannon Keating (3 years ago)
the red one makes me......... "hungry", is that nomal? because. I kinda feel like a shark.
KS (3 years ago)
Red triggers a part of the brain that has been with us since we were cave people though it has evolved with us it's still there. Red we associate with food and sex - the two things we needed most to survive. It's why a lot of people have red kitchens to stimulate an appetite and red bedrooms to wake up their primal urges for a good bang haha
squirrelkind (3 years ago)
id be light blue tbh
Louise Shepherd (3 years ago)
Please accept my sincere apologies DerpyDuds ,I've just realised what a prat I've made of myself just by misunderstanding a comment! Best regards to you nonetheless! Luv from louloubelle xxx
Hate Itself (3 years ago)
Purple: I'm asexual, so I'm all for romantic relationships, but don't have sex with me.
hellgrin (3 years ago)
Lol nones gaydar is as shitty as mine. I can bing a Gay Guy 200meters away but i can't see differences with straight or lesbian chicks even if my life depends on it. Arielle you could come sit right before me in your cutest pink bra and i'd still be oblivious of your fabulous gayness. Also i'd try to be all gentlewoman and not stare wich would be either adorably cute or just plain weird. Butch girls too... none the wiser :P
KS (3 years ago)
My stepmum has THE worst gaydar, seriously. She met a couple of my lesbian friends and said with complete sincerity "So girls night out huh? Leave the boyfriends at home woohoo!" To which they said "Actually we don't have boyfriends" before they could elaborate my stepmum goes "Aw don't worry honey there's a Prince Charming for everyone" Their response was "We're each other's PrincESS Charming" and the biggest look of realisation and confusion dawned on my stepmum's face I was about ready to make out with a Colt 45 by the end of the conversation
Raven Black (3 years ago)
Purple: I think purple should mean ready for a relationship or I'm single and looking.
hannahsistare (3 years ago)
purple- baby dyke
April Burroughs (3 years ago)
Purple: I like hickies.biting and don't care if you're on the rag ;) ;*
Lilly Kelly (3 years ago)
Purple I'm bi and looking for a romantic night
Louise Shepherd (3 years ago)
OMG how embarrassing! It was me who pressed like to my own comment; stupid touchscreen phone & my stupid fat fingers! Please can someone like 1of my comments? Just so I don't feel like a total divvy? Please? Luv louloubelle xxx
Louise Shepherd (3 years ago)
Thanx for the like! Who ever you may be! ?
Louise Shepherd (3 years ago)
Ps I don't mind boyish girls just not into really butch(like I think Amber is beautiful).Then again if I I met a girl & maybe fell in love, then I wouldn't care what she looked like!
Louise Shepherd (3 years ago)
+DerpyDuds, hi Louise here, I just noticed ur comment; unfortunately I'm not sure wot u mean? Luv louloubelle xxx
DerpyDuds (3 years ago)
Amber Lui from f(x)
Louise Shepherd (3 years ago)
Purple should mean I'm not quite a Virgin; but very inexperienced even though I'm an older woman
snow whitefox (3 years ago)
Purple should be :hey I'm single Pringles ready to mingle 
Leif Guist (3 years ago)
purple: i am a baby dyke and i have no clue what i am doing.
owler (3 years ago)
I would *so* be green.
Lewis Memes (3 years ago)
Purple: looking for a relationship/ sober driver
Clara Pagett (3 years ago)
Light purple or sky blue "Looking for 1st Lesbian girlfriend" maybe...?
Jake New (3 years ago)
Purple yeah wana go watch barney? We can have fun
Shelly - (4 years ago)
This one girl that sits across from me in class and she is 'straight, but confused,' said "Bruh if you didn't have a girlfriend I would fuck the shit outta you!" That's the most straight forward thing any one has ever said to me.
Louise Shepherd (3 years ago)
I remember this girl at high school who was a couple yrs older. I passed her& her pals in the corridor & she asked me out! 2b honest I was like"ooh Nooooo!" However it was more cos she was too butch looking 4 me . Also I had a crush on my bff; long blonde hair pale creamy skin, big boobies&i ADORED her!
Hani Pantsue (4 years ago)
I once went up to a girl and blatantly told her that she was attractive and that if she was free for coffee we should get some. And now she's my girlfriend. Maybe honesty actually IS the best policy?
KS (3 years ago)
That kind of honesty is refreshing but it can backfire. I've had a few honest lines used on me and while they are not as bad as "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven" they are a little extra awkward to get out of because the poor soul has just walked in with no armor on
Greynose (3 years ago)
+Hani Pantsue kudos to that.
modernsea 2 (4 years ago)
plz can u date me
Allison Wert (4 years ago)
Purple should mean very passionate person in bed.
Soul Writer (4 years ago)
Purple should mean...my girlfriend and I are taking some down time but we still hook up in bed..I'm in love with her and I hope we get back together but who knows what will happen..so you wanna get kinky and pretend for one night that this is the beginning of something more when it's obviously not and we are boosting our egos??
Harley Syd (4 years ago)
Since purple(also pink) was originally a man's color: I may look femme, but I'm butch inside... And in the bed...
hailey crane (4 years ago)
someone once said to me "I am jealous with your bae when you brake up your mine" 
princessnoni76 (4 years ago)
oh God I'm a light blue!
erin (4 years ago)
My friend told my that he used his left hand to masturbate O.O
Hazel Grey (4 years ago)
Purple: I'm asexual and I'm looking for a cuddle buddy!
Jett Jo johnson (11 months ago)
Hey, just kick back and fun conversation . No hook up requirements.
*drip drop* (3 years ago)
Allie Woltemade (4 years ago)
You are too cute... I love watching your videos! Hilarious babes!!
weeping angelx (4 years ago)
The most honest thing someone has said to me is "I like you let's go make out"
Lesbian Lycantrope (4 years ago)
Purple should be virgin who's looking to not be.
Anthony Rizzo (4 years ago)
Purple should mean bisexual just getting over a man desperately needs a female to reassure the lesbian side of her bisexuality.  
Tomato Hater (4 years ago)
Purple should mean that you are looking for a Justin Beiber look alike.
The Middlechild (4 years ago)
Purple: I'm a lesbian looking for a girlfriend.
Bryce Latimer-boulden (4 years ago)
rachel tarmey (4 years ago)
funny pick up line . can i put you on my too do list lol
Anna Wells (4 years ago)
Honest comment: when you gat a booty like the north star wise men shall follow. Purple: looking for someone to date
taylor Barnes (4 years ago)
The most honest line is that one chick walked up to me and my girlfriend and said I want a threesome with you two
CreatureOfTheFay (4 years ago)
purple should probs mean asexual or demisexual? just thinking
ClassicsForSchool (1 year ago)
Or Pansexual? Or Bisexual, considering the bi flag?
Fiona o'reilly (4 years ago)
Purple- feeling desperate and looking for more than just a one night stand
skis (4 years ago)
Most honest: you're a adorable, and I like your face.
Emma SpAce (3 years ago)
I have told so many people I liked their face
skis (4 years ago)
Most honest: you're a adorable, and I like your face.
Killer Wolf (4 years ago)
AJ Lynn (4 years ago)
Nakiah Holt (4 years ago)
Purple should be bisexual
Laura Gliebe (4 years ago)
purple should be bi
sophia light (4 years ago)
the most honest thing some one has ever told me is "umm hi, you're hot soooo we should go back to my place"
JUMP JACKET JUMPER (4 years ago)
purple should stand for worship me in many ways wink
Purple: high maintenance. We'll fuck only after you pay my bar tab and guarantee me pancakes in the morning.
lovemusicbandchorus (4 years ago)
Most honest thing: "So I want oral right now."
Juniper Lee (4 years ago)
"jeg ligger an på dig" translated to english "I am coming on to you"
Robyn Taylor (4 years ago)
purple- cheeky, naughty and rough
Kate Hamilton (4 years ago)
It's late, but purple should be "rough" because bruises and hickies are purples
1r3n3Char1s (4 years ago)
Handkerchief code!?!?! I never got the memo!!! XD I only own black ones cuz for the most part, I don't really wear much color. I'm not gothic, I'm just too lazy to try matching things. Ahahaha
Lauren Schlepp (4 years ago)
My freshman year in high school a guy asked me if I wanted to have a threesome with him and his girlfriend but I was a naïve little child and didn't know what a threesome was and I just looked all confused and said no. After I learned what he meant when he said that to me, I was red faced with embarrassment a week later. haha!
Stacia C. (4 years ago)
What about purple and light pink? Cause i only have those colors lol.
Tatiana Gee (4 years ago)
so many good purple suggestions... POLL TIME!
KatieUnplugged (4 years ago)
A couple (boy and girl) walk up on me on the dance floor, in the middle of a gay club. The the guy says:"we have been watching you all night, and we want you to come home with us in bed." - I obviously faked my self to a gf, and said, thanks but no thanks. 
Karrissa Bechtold (4 years ago)
Purple= I'm am just super excited (horny) and anyone would do.
Freya is a Yandere (5 years ago)
purple means girly and boyish cause blue + pink= purple
Hope (5 years ago)
Someone said to me (after I kissed my girlfriend) "Dude? You're gay? That's hot. threesome?"
Emma Eidem (5 years ago)
Well, I thought this guy was pretty forward: "Hi, I'm Rasmus. Wanna fuck?"
Cloud (5 years ago)
man i want a tattoo! :( idk what exactly. is 17 too young? 
Jiji (5 years ago)
shut up.
Professor's Glasses (5 years ago)
Someone Has said " I love you will you kiss me your hot , wait , your lesbian right"
Deathrockprincess (5 years ago)
Symone Reid (5 years ago)
Lol, shark week! XD and the most honest line I've ever heard: Friend: *does something I take offense to* Me: *bites their hand* Friend: ow!! Me: Yeah, I just bit your hand, how does that make you feel? Friend: horny. Me:.....
Dusty Shadow (4 years ago)
Evelyn Rileigh (5 years ago)
isn't purple the color of bisexuality?
chris latimer (5 years ago)
'Your a fat ugly pig go die chris'
Sarah Sperber (5 years ago)
Purple should be here with my girlfriend
Neci J Bryant (5 years ago)
Purple: let's exchange head??
elliotoffscrubs (5 years ago)
Purple= "don't beat me up when you find out I am a trans lesbian, I am just looking for someone to love".
samantha murphy (5 years ago)
Purple should be I'm here I'm gay get over it BTW my gaydar sucks to to many dudes hitn on me not enough chicks

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