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Domestic Violence in TV/Movies (Part 5)

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I made a playlist of domestic violence (aganist women), and how it has been portrayed in tv & movies. I haven't been able to find any movies that portrayed domestic violence against men or among homosexuals. Strange since we know it does exists. If you know any tv-shows & or movies about that, you are welcome to write the titles in the comment section. I wasn't able to upload all clips in one video. I do not own anything, tv-shows, movies or music!
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Text Comments (843)
امممممممه 🙈🙈
cutie pie (1 day ago)
I would like to be forced to have sex.
james gathua (1 day ago)
who would post such think so yuck
linda jones (1 day ago)
uh uh oh yeah
fenella patton (2 days ago)
Jessie and Rob (2 days ago)
Realistically she would have been fucking screaming Lol.
Young Boi Came fast On that the wierd thing was the noises Like the clapping and stuff just freaked me out i understand what being a boy is obviously cause I am But this is low key wierd
Busser Macke (6 days ago)
That's against the human dignity
linda jones (7 days ago)
what is that noice
SC info (7 days ago)
Are some women stupid or what? Some daft bird is going "Oh, my boyfriend does that to me sometimes", and I'm thinking "And you're still WITH him?" And this "traditionalist nut-job" Hannah... Can you imagine her conversation with the doctor ?  "Oh, it was God's will for my husband to rupture my intestines and give me HIV.... "
linda jones (7 days ago)
not in the butt she said god people rape sometimes
Uma Uma (8 days ago)
Plz respect feeling of women
SC info (8 days ago)
There is some evil depraved masochist in the comments section called Hannah, saying that if a man ass-rapes his wife it is "God's will" or some such crap.
ASHLEY :-P nnx (8 days ago)
poor girl 😢
Lijia Godinezaleman (11 days ago)
Que ricooooooooo quien me lo quiere meter duro y rico 😍😍😍😍
منحرفة جادة (11 days ago)
Amer Jordan (17 hours ago)
منحرفة جادة تصيري كلبتي
Maylis Faine (12 days ago)
J' adore
reaper1 dragneel (12 days ago)
To be honest every time I see a scene like this in a movie I look away and plug my ears until it's over
Youmna Yousif (13 days ago)
He took the blanket to
Youmna Yousif تعالي ساخن واتساب
girl plays gacha (14 days ago)
It means that guy deserves to be in jail her wife said NOT now and he didn't listen
girl plays gacha (14 days ago)
nani gonzalez (14 days ago)
this is cool
Alusine Jalloh (15 days ago)
Just again if he's your sister or your mom are you going to allow a man to treat them like that?
Alusine Jalloh (15 days ago)
Your mom
Alusine Jalloh (15 days ago)
Come on guys that's a woman we all talking about. Am a man but that's not right you have to treat a woman with respect just first of all if you are in that position, how would you feel?
linda jones (7 days ago)
Alusine Jalloh
Alusine Jalloh (8 days ago)
Aliezah Juarez (14 days ago)
Alusine Jalloh agree when men get into position like this, they feel like how a women feels when being raped.
kathryn olsen (18 days ago)
that must of hurt
emma shun (18 days ago)
Leave him
Abril Pantoja (20 days ago)
Abril Pantoja (20 days ago)
That's called rape
G. Carter (23 days ago)
this look real
Dee Simpson (25 days ago)
This looks like rape 😐😐
srubpi (25 days ago)
Any one jerk off
Irma Lopez Vega (26 days ago)
Straight up my meat got hard as a mf
Eco Nowar (1 day ago)
Irma Lopez Vega ii
Rahul vinal Narayan (27 days ago)
More like rape
PinkMonkey (27 days ago)
Oh yah baby so seexy💦👅
Thomas totogang (28 days ago)
An an an haaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AFSAR Afsar (30 days ago)
Amy Quintanilla (1 month ago)
Nice film
Pamela Cupps (1 month ago)
Arabs do not value women and they love to rape beat and perform all manner of violence against women and little girls. They are sadist pigs like a pack of rabinist wolves in sheep's clothing. Just look at all the here crimes and violence against women all across Europe since the in flux of Muslim refugees. They will not assimilate and want to force sharia law on everyone. Imagine if the Christians or Jews wanted to enforce their belief system on the Europe or the United States.
Dream Girl (1 month ago)
Anout Achid (1 month ago)
sex forced
Crystal R (1 month ago)
I'm I'm I'm 464 and I was hyper and lit the nigga with my tablet is the first of the receipt my phone died so I'm trying to do
Bintou Sinera (1 month ago)
I just came across this why are people watching this is gross
†Torofox 666† (1 month ago)
02:51-03:29: This clip will be a little better when you will *turn off the audio ._.*
Jovon Johnson (1 month ago)
See how he fell out afterwards? Damn its like her ass was amazing!
Jovon Johnson (15 days ago)
Diana Quintana yes if you want. Ill do that for you. Where are you?
Diana Quintana (17 days ago)
Wanna fuck id like it
Do you think it was real
Bubba Chunk Funk (1 month ago)
Nice ass
Tashe Mann (21 days ago)
Bubba Chunk Funk it is a nice ass and he was going fast like Sonic the hedgehog
Bubba Chunk Funk (1 month ago)
Welp that's was hot and messed up at the same time
My name is PRIVATE (1 month ago)
Movie name?!?
YTAlexd 5896 (1 month ago)
My name is PRIVATE avengers
Marc Yzmael Jornales (1 month ago)
辰心 (1 month ago)
okay can someone answer me why suddenly this video got so popular among.arab speakers think almost 40% of comments now are in arab
Indya Hagans (1 month ago)
This isn’t Domestic Violence Competition, this is Top Weakest Men On The Planet Competition😂😂
Indya Hagans (1 month ago)
Jovon Johnson true
Jovon Johnson (1 month ago)
That shit is hot.
Michael Harper (1 month ago)
its too late when she said not on the butt bc his penis is already in her butt
Mouloud Belala (1 month ago)
Mordecai (1 month ago)
Message me if you want me to do this to you.
j ejeheyeee (24 days ago)
Mordecai Fucking pathetic
Angelica Deleon (1 month ago)
What is this movie called
YTAlexd 5896 (1 month ago)
Angelica Deleon spider man
Marine Veteran USA (2 months ago)
I'm just like that guy... only time I ever pull out is if its my knife or a relationship. 😎
Pablo Tipo (2 months ago)
cada vez se ven mas escenas de sexo asi por el culo....los hombres tienen mucha obsesion con el ano....
Alex (2 months ago)
That's how I like it
Gabby Prushko (15 days ago)
Alex u want this to happen to me but it's not going to be raping
Annese Simeon (2 months ago)
Why really she sad no
Amaan Pasha (2 months ago)
Age 20
Abdu Rahman Hamra (2 months ago)
The lady became quit after farting😂😂😂 and then struggling to catch herself
Genesis (2 months ago)
If this is considered rape then there's really no hope for humankind.
younes adjeroud (2 months ago)
A guy not a men fuk you men
CodSucks911 (2 months ago)
If they had a lamp w the clap on-off function, that room would be a rave LMAO
sathya sathya (2 months ago)
Marinna Black (2 months ago)
GFY GFY good video.
Marinna Black (2 months ago)
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Shealyn O'Reilly (2 months ago)
Yasmim Beatriz Souza (2 months ago)
Poi mas vídeos de violência contra
Marinna Black (2 months ago)
I wonder what that feels like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow Black (1 month ago)
Marinna Black hhhhh what a heck 😂😂😂😂
Marinna Black (2 months ago)
Now that is what I call a RAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
` ` (2 months ago)
He came after 20 seconds 😂😂😂😂
Jovon Johnson (1 month ago)
Look like he felt bad afterwards though. He came to his senses.
Jovon Johnson (1 month ago)
Yeah he cum fastd he must have been horney as hell. She probably been holding out! Then he said fuck it im takin this ass!
Amanda Mäkelä (2 months ago)
kan ni visa en video ner ni seksas med varandra
Selena Boyd (2 months ago)
He raped her because she said not in thr butt
boubou TV (2 months ago)
Vasha Philips (2 months ago)
He knew what he was doing was wrong
Ayse Aksu (3 months ago)
Gerçekten yapıyorlar mı
Leona Stoykova (3 months ago)
wow wow
Shell Gilbert (3 months ago)
Why is he going so fast the girls shaking like a glitch
Clint Dolan (1 month ago)
He should of got her on her nees an don a proper job he's got small dick she don't even scream he needs loob not spit selfish little prick
Jodian yea what ever (1 month ago)
Shell Gilbert 0;o
Shell Gilbert (3 months ago)
Please comment me or like or dislike I don't care
Carlos Laganzo (3 months ago)
Men are so happy when they do that! ;)
Jodian yea what ever (1 month ago)
Carlos Laganzo that's why "Men" are getting ass rape too
Rina (2 months ago)
that's why men are pigs, only thinking about their poor little and flabby cock instead of how they make suffer a human being, Oh I forgot, men don't think women are human beings ;p they only think about vagina and boobs like homer simpson with donuts
Alusine Jalloh (2 months ago)
Carlos Laganzo , not all men
Joliyne Rodriguez (3 months ago)
AngryHateMusic (3 months ago)
Informative Murder Porn... the only thing Americans love more is when it's real.
Delvexcio Allen (3 months ago)
Thanks again for your help
Aidryn Garcia (3 months ago)
Arianatorsquad234 4 (3 months ago)
Delvexcio Allen (3 months ago)
I'm I'm so high
Delvexcio Allen (3 months ago)
BADASS Gemini (3 months ago)
He cum faster than the furious ....
Patricia Bland (3 months ago)
I’m totally against rape but rough sex I’m for that’s probably what turned u guys on
Dude lord Lego (1 month ago)
Nature boi
Dude lord Lego (1 month ago)
Yeah what xaaam said
xaaam dat ass (2 months ago)
Rina its not our fault that this turns us guys on
Rina (2 months ago)
i'ts always "guys" that are turned on with the image of domination upon a woman. How pathetic is this...
mohammad romance (3 months ago)
Patricia Bland I want to share kisses and work with you sex
me mo (3 months ago)
Dear lord, why does this arse hole sound like the gorilla from temple run at the beginning of each round of the game every time he exhales throughout this scene? Does he need to see a doctor?
shweta pandey (3 months ago)
This is nt wrong bcoz husband owns his wife body
Alusine Jalloh (15 days ago)
shweta pandey you are a pussy
Malak Noser (1 month ago)
Rina this is the best comment ever like some people think this is okay like wtf ..... if men can own women's bodies so can women own men's bodies
DeeOhGee DOG (2 months ago)
shweta pandey they aren't married you twat... They're boyfriend and girlfriend...
Rina (2 months ago)
loooool are you serious or just incredibly stupid?!
Rina (2 months ago)
if you say so marry me, you'll be my husband and your cock will be mine, I'll cut it off and make it fry for your diner you sucker with no respect!
shweta pandey (3 months ago)
I dont think anything is wrong in this...sometime u have to adjust ur self according to ur partners mood
Ben Logic (1 day ago)
Melany Not really true. Society is a load of horseshit, we are the only animals that think that way and it's really disruptive from an evolutionary standpoint consent isn't a thing. Only from society it is.
Melany Morales (2 months ago)
The fuck us wrong with u she didn't want to he forced himslef on her
unexpectedly aweasome (3 months ago)
shweta pandey or sometimes your partner can take no for an answer ?
Valkyrie Phoenix (3 months ago)
As for homosexuality in movies or tv.. look up "boys dont cry" based on a true story, "brokeback mountain" an a TV show called "when we rise".. need more, let me kmow
Vicente Chua (3 months ago)
He fucking quickly like a chicken..
Sonali Sawardakar (4 months ago)
I don't like your video you should be in the God, s place mantle
Arun Kumar (3 months ago)
This is superb clip... just fuck that ....
Lieutenant Columbo (4 months ago)
Good tic tac ass clap 👏😍
ricco ricco (4 months ago)
if anal sex with will not work then you have to do it with violence perfeckt fucked
Patricia Acuna (4 months ago)
I t

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