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Lesbians Explain : Sleeping With Straight Girls

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Text Comments (1381)
Jen S (7 days ago)
There arent 100% straight they are bi-curious
damn I only get a ribbon 🤣
Tamara Newman (5 months ago)
i think "all girls" is a bold statement
M S (6 months ago)
Straight people don't have sex with people of the same sex unless they are forced to.
edwads74 (7 months ago)
they're not straight if they go for girls...
Grace Smith (7 months ago)
Just me or does the girl in the baseball cap look kinda like Liza Koshy?
Philip Bulgar (7 months ago)
GarlicKiss (6 months ago)
blindthief (7 months ago)
I'm a straight guy and I've slept with a lesbian. Sex was awesome. She probably regrets it but it was a great experience for me. I guess part of that great satisfaction comes in the fact that I had to work extra, extra hard to woo her (obviously because she normally isn't sexually attracted to men). I actually wanted to be in a relationship and made an attempt but was shot down. Seeing as she's a lesbian it would've never worked out.
mudshark jones (7 months ago)
a girl who sleeps with a girl? straight? a guy who sleeps with a guy even once will never qualify as straight ever again. my daughter is gay,i never ask, not because I am a prude but it all gets rather complicated and confusing for me. so you kissed a boy? yes. but your 100% gay? yes , but ? leave it dad you already look, confused .ok love lets go and get a MD ,you can tell me if you like, but I will never ask again. btw life is complicated and confusing for everybody without lumping being gay on top of it .to the gay people who find life easy being gay .well done, be happy forever with all my love for those like my daughter wading through the minefield, you're not alone and if I could I would sweep you all up in my arms tell you I love you for being you and that it will all work itself out in the end.
BL4CK KN1G8T (7 months ago)
Most women are like Spaghetti, straight till wet.
BL4CK KN1G8T (7 months ago)
Just like a guy who can get a lesbian back on dick again.
dkfatcatguitar (7 months ago)
Lesbian is a woman that ain’t been fucked right yet.
Power is Taken (7 months ago)
Rug munchers..
Quasaricemage (7 months ago)
And the Carpet Munching continues...
Jeremy Lathem (7 months ago)
Everybody's gotta fuck something, I guess. Go fuck something.
Courtney Williams (7 months ago)
If they get with another woman how are they straight
tom thompson (7 months ago)
what a total load of bollox ,,,,, or not. lol
Gina theVoodooVixen (7 months ago)
They aint that damn straight
TheBooban (7 months ago)
Bunch of butch lesbians hunting insecure straight girls for their kink.
Justin Y Not. (7 months ago)
You can’t be straight if you’re sleeping with the same gender Imagine if a man slept with another man and still tried to call himself straight lol 😂
Woody Dickson (7 months ago)
If a girl sleeps with a girl, then she's either gay or bi, not straight.
Youtuber Trump (7 months ago)
Did you hear about the lesbian carpenters. They built a house without nails. It was all tongue and groove!!
Marc Aliventi Aliventi (7 months ago)
Face it they don't know what they are doing with lesbians or men. Straight women are toooo uptight about sex and what to do
Tony Ray (7 months ago)
Fucking retards
Tony Ray (7 months ago)
Weirdo freaks
Anthony (7 months ago)
disgusting bitches
Evelyn Johnson (7 months ago)
You not no men women are for men women with women it not natural women don't have a dick
Sub Samadhi (7 months ago)
dave d (7 months ago)
Arielle is stunningly beautiful!
Sarmad Sheikh (7 months ago)
A straight girl sleeping with a lesbian? How does that doesn't make her straight?
Cranjis McBasketball (7 months ago)
if a girl is eatin another girls ass...then she aint straight BITCHES!!!! jus sayin!!
Trevor James (7 months ago)
As a straight guy, when i die,and if given the choice,I'm telling God ... Im so coming back as a lesbian so I can hit on straight girls ... 😂😂😂
scott carter (7 months ago)
Proves the gay agenda is a load of shit ,no ones born gay ,your a bunch of sexual deviants cunts so ha ha charade you are
scott carter (7 months ago)
A bunch of sick cunts on your way to hell
Elizabeth Gem (7 months ago)
What song is playing at the end..?
Kevin Bromseth (7 months ago)
Females are good to masturbate in
Kevin Bromseth (7 months ago)
Lesbian’s just have hit the wall and can’t find a man...damaged goods!
Michele Walburger (7 months ago)
Strictly dickly dumbbells got It? Disgusting lesbians
Michele Walburger (7 months ago)
Dumb question if s girl was really straight she wouldn't let any nasty carpet muncher near her. Gross I NEVER would Straight is forever straight
newjustice1 (7 months ago)
Am i the only straight guy here....
Shannon Stannard (7 months ago)
She's not straight if she sleeps with another female...and if you say shes "curious" ummm no, she is bisexual but may choose to marry a man and make a family which is fine. Some bisexual fall in love with same sex and some the opposite sex. Note: When a man decides to sleep with another man he does not say that he was "curious" he knows he's bisexual. A heterosexual man does not cross over. I'm just saying.
tallandhandsome29 (7 months ago)
A straight girl that sleeps with a lesbian automatically becomes not straight any more, surely?
yayayaokoksure (7 months ago)
Tyler Durden (7 months ago)
Kind of impossible bc if she's sleeping with another woman she's lesbian
Rude Gaming (7 months ago)
Fucking loose FISTED vaginas!!!!
Infidel Heretic (7 months ago)
I’ve told this to many of my friends. “What’s the difference between a straight girl and a bisexual one?... A bottle and a half of wine.”
Motor City Cobra (7 months ago)
Infidel Heretic same as whats the difference between a fox and dog.
daddyleon (7 months ago)
Then...they're not really straight, are they??
Richard East (7 months ago)
The Black woman reminds of the woman in Coming to America that tells Eddie Murphy's character that she can't be sexually satisfied.
Mulberryman (7 months ago)
if their willing to sleep with other women then they're not actually straight, they may only be Bi-curious but their definitely not straight because a straight person would never under any circumstance even consider having consensual sex with a member of the same sex
Misty Heaton (7 months ago)
I'm straight but MAN, that chick with the dreads......
Ryan Carlen (7 months ago)
If you're hooking up with someone of the same sex.....you ain't straight!!
Etain Epona (7 months ago)
nasty. stay with your own fucked up kind.
Rantandreason (7 months ago)
If a chick sleeps with another chick, she’s not straight.
RufusLeakin (7 months ago)
If a straight girl gets it on with a lesbian, she isn't straight, she's bisexual.
Herman Hoth (7 months ago)
They'll never know the pleasure of penetrating and thrusting into a woman. Hahahaha.
IFG (7 months ago)
They are not straight if they are sleeping with lesbians
Tall Noodle (6 months ago)
The “straight” women being questioned are only what THEY identify as. No one else has a say in their sexuality.
The anomaly pill (7 months ago)
Dorian Gray Clampitt None of this research changes anything. You’re ignoring the fact there’s many men in prison who do not engage in homosexual sex at all despite the deprivation of their capabilities to have heterosexual sex. You’re also ignoring perversion and sexual deviation which is a factor as to why these things happen, where supposed heterosexuals become homosexuals in heterosexual sex depriving environments . Plus, we all know not all homophobic people aren’t homophobic for the same reasons but we do know that the main reason for homophobia is heterosexuality. Some people are homosexuals but are made homophobic because of their religion so they fight against their own homosexuality. Plus not all heterosexuals are legit heterosexuals. The research doesn’t confirm the authenticity of these men being heterosexual just that they claimed it. There was a simulated prison experiment done and a movie was made for it. One of the guys wanted to have sex with one of the “inmates” after a prolonged period of their “imprisonment” and tried to rape him. One of the things that stood out to of me was the interviews done before this experiment. In the interview the guy was asked about his sexuality in which he strongly affirmed and swore he was a heterosexual. In which they continued to aggressively confront him about this in the interview and he consistently swore his heterosexuality. The issue is the guy was a sexual deviant because his homosexual attraction to the other “inmate” was influenced by his perception of the other inmates look as “feminine”. Basically because of sexual deviation and perversion this sicko claiming heterosexually became capable of homosexual acts because he mentally convinced himself that in a sense he would be fucking a “woman”. Basically having sex with the “inmate” wouldn’t make him gay because he was doing the fucking and the other guy would be the bitch-the fag.This whole incident is a clear cut indication that this guy in fact was bisexual and capable of homosexual sex but obviously favored and stayed away from homosexual sex because of homophobia. He didn’t want to be homosexual, it disgusted him because he didn’t want to be a fag. This is why I say any supposed heterosexual who has same sex is definitely not a heterosexual and is bisexual. The evidentiality of the fact there’s men and women who never engage in same sex acts in heterosexual sex deprived environments is evidence of this. What you’re not getting and the research is not getting is how powerful homophobia is. How it has created subconscious homosexuals or bisexuals who are conscious heterosexuals. It’s once they are exposed to the extremities of the deprivation of their conscious heterosexual identity that their dormant identity comes into existence and presence.
Dorian Gray Clampitt (7 months ago)
The anomaly pill the argument is that your statement that heterosexual men would never engage in sexual behaviours with other men is a falsehood based in either a lack of knowledge or a fear you may be gay/bicuriousity. Almost all studies have shown that people will engage in efforts to fulfil their basic needs regardless of previously held beliefs about themselves. Honest people will lie to save their lives and steal to feed themselves. Desire and love/belonging are part of Maslow’s hierarchy of Need. Once people meet the most basic needs of shelter/food/safety, they often seek to meet their other needs, the next being belonging/love. This is why heterosexual men will engage in non-plutonic relationships with other men when they are trapped in confined spaces where outside contact is limited. Prisons, naval ships, desert islands, etc. The need for companionship usually overrides their preferences until the conditions are changed. The Kinsey institute has done numerous studies and numerous reports in regards to human sexuality, and not surprisingly they have found that it’s not really a black/white situation, more of many shades of gray, with very few people in the extremes. In 2016 they were incorporated with the university of Indiana, which has slowed down some reporting. They also found that many men claiming to be homophobic or extremely heterosexual were themselves usually attracted to men and ashamed of their feelings. I’d suggest reading some psychology books about human need and human sexuality, you may be surprised.
The anomaly pill (7 months ago)
Dorian Gray Clampitt what is the argument here? This is simple logic. Obviously you’re a bit abnormal or to make you feel better “unique”. I never contemplated kissing another man in my life, why would I? I’m heterosexual. Fully committed is not being used literally here, when I say fully committed heterosexual I mean your normal day to day straight person. Fucking the same sex is automatic homosexual attraction, there needs to be some sort of sexual attraction to fuck the same sex. Doing this is automatic entrance to bisexuality whether you chose to believe it or not. This is so straight forward I don’t even get what you’re trying to argue. A heterosexual thinking of kissing the same sex is heading into the place of bicurious. When the bicurious thoughts become actual sexual actions you’ve have headed to a place of bisexuality. Can you not understand that? Are you trying to insinuate that it’s normal behavior for heterosexuals to want to kiss or fuck the same sex? You can’t be that delusional. There’s a reason why homophobia exists.
Dorian Gray Clampitt (7 months ago)
The anomaly pill amusing pun? Anyway, how is one fully committed heterosexual? I’ve never kissed a man in a sexual fashion, but have I wondered what it would be like? Yes, Sure empirically I’ve wondered what it would be like, what it would feel like. I can appreciate that some men are handsome. Never been sexually attracted to men. That said I understand when men spend long periods of time alone, where physical contact is limited to only men, why it would happen. Human contact and intimacy are basic drives. If you don’t understand that or can’t, I’m going to guess your either uneducated? (Which hey again there is lot of material on the subject. Read up. ) being dishonest with yourself (that’s your problem. Know that being gay or bi isn’t a big deal. Being happy is more important) or homophobic (which again read assessment two).
Hue Lu (7 months ago)
I’m straight, I used to have lesbian friends, it’s strange to me to be honest. I once kissed a girl, accidentally, she was drunk or can be called bi, I didn’t like it, honestly.... so.... I knew someone who was kinda like you, and she wasn’t lesbian though, talking about real gender, not sure relevant.
Hue Lu (7 months ago)
Vishal Chanduri - I literally don’t want to attract every types of people, literally all genders. I know I am attractive and intelligent but hell, I draw borders to everything, don’t even dare stepping on it even you’re drunk, I’m straight, not sure what cis for, if that means born as a special species then hell yeah. Don’t step on my lines or don’t even ask me why mean.
Vishal Chanduri (7 months ago)
That happens ofte today. Girls just makeout when they are drunk. And they are straight girls and man don´t see boys just do it for fun. If i should kiss anybody at a party it will of course be a girl and it is only a kiss so it is not something big like having sex
LaToya Banks (7 months ago)
Can't subscribed ugh. Love the you know your gay video
aleem333 (7 months ago)
Really sad women trying to be cool and trendy very sad really
whatthebleep (7 months ago)
3 that is hopefully correct!
Blacka Đøn (7 months ago)
Fucking Bullshit Demonic Lesbians Scum
tman55575 (7 months ago)
Was that george foreman!??
Marcus Aurelius (7 months ago)
There not straight girls if they are sleeping with lesbians
lexuscarrington (7 months ago)
This is bizzare, I have no words for the straight girl behavior. Madness.
TheWarchild490 (7 months ago)
Dude...how many girls, gay or straight or actually bad in bed? 🤔 it ain't rocket science.
Aaron Kolatch (7 months ago)
if a straight girl is sleeping with a gay girl, wouldn't that make the straight girl gay also? A guy certainly couldn't sleep with another guy and call himself straight.
Carlos Mosqueda (7 months ago)
Why do lesbian hook up with straight men? Seriously, then there are the people who say you can no longer call them lesbians if they've been with a man. Whats the deal?
Doom metal tortoise (7 months ago)
If they had sex with you they're not straight lol
backassward (7 months ago)
*the chick at **0:40** cracked me up*
Uncle Sam is Watching (7 months ago)
your all lesbians.. no such thing as a straight girl...
Bonita Nacua (7 months ago)
As per The L Word they should be called "spaghetti girls". They are straight until wet. 😜
shamanahaboolist (7 months ago)
It's an ego thing...
obsolete professor (7 months ago)
I am an engineer in the Silicon Valley. I have encountered women who were hesitant about receiving oral. I became pretty good at it. My nickname is labios de oro (lips of gold because of pee stains) and Master of the Chocolate Kiss. I learned my technique in college. I would draw the alphabet and then numbers with my tongue. I then started doing my Calculus homework using my tongue to work out the problems. My secret came out when one of the girls I met in class, while in bed, screamed out the answer.
Kimberly F (1 month ago)
obsolete professor : Whatev! She was faking it dude! Grab some humility and put down the ego Mr. “I work in Silicone Valley!” Irrelevant!!!
Big Papi (7 months ago)
If you are a woman and have sex with another woman, neither of you are straight.
Raja1938 (7 months ago)
Being straight is just a stage. Either a woman is born lesbian or they evolve towards it.
Allen Shepard (7 months ago)
Straight male - comfort I can see. Also guys do not understand the breast/vagina connection or how to vary how they do things. Odd straight women are bad at fingering. Is it an "ick" thing? I learned so much from listening to lesbians. No "secret answer" but very good hints.
Take The Red Pill (7 months ago)
Gee, I wonder if she's Jewish?
Rickey Henderson (7 months ago)
A lesbian can't fuck a straight chick because straight chicks don't like pussy and they don't want anything to do with pussy. These chicks are fuckin' wit bi chicks. This video is yet another example of why female logic is indeed a muthafucka.
0n3tw0 12 (7 months ago)
Wow, that's a clickbaity title that'd lead to a whole bunch of false perceptions. It gets even worse! Imagine gay men talking about straight men this way. Good trolls make it obvious or reveal they're not serious at some point, this looks like mental illness. I'm sure some of the folks you think you have an alliance with would agree with me. Any way you look at it, divide and conquer is a really really bad strategy. How will these lesbians feel when these "straight" women fall in love with a man and want nothing to do with this anymore? Have you formed perceptions around this already to prevent that from happening or do you protect your mind with comforting delusions? How do the "straight" exes of these women feel that they're talking about them on youtube? There will never be a mass conversion and the boinking revolution already happened, it turns out in the end most people end up rather conservative on these issues or would have been if they could hop in a time machine and do it all over again, straight or not. But that's life, live and learn. This is like inside jokes that should stay among a circle of friends and not on youtube with millions of views. These women should make videos about their hobbies or interests that don't entirely involve their sexuality but with subtly, that's what a good role model is. Female pick up artists and players, go figure.
Amore C-P (7 months ago)
If a woman wants to sleep with a woman she is far from being STR8. Shes lesbian just a virgin. That's like me sucking a penis and a guy tells everyone he had a mouth session from a STR8 guy.....no no no I wud be gay'er than a 7 dollar bill
AMVactivists (7 months ago)
These all sound like the lesbians who conveniently forget I'm bi 5 mins after I told them
Great video
FÜHER FROG (7 months ago)
I like girls so I'm a lesbian I guess
dave parkinson (7 months ago)
All queers male or female should be crucified................
skid marks (7 months ago)
Men are lesbian's,im a man an I love vagina!
skid marks (7 months ago)
no such animal,if she eats vagina she's lesbo.
Elizabeth Velasquez (7 months ago)
You're not sleeping with straight girls; You're sleeping with bi girls.
Mark (7 months ago)
There's no such thing as a girl being with another straight girl. That makes her a lesbian. Or don't you understand what that word means???
Brady B (7 months ago)
Straight girls experimenting with lesbians only once and not being considered some variation of bisexual, is a bit like an adult having only one incident ever experimenting with a child and not being called a pedophile.  Or, like you kill only one person and never killing anyone else again, non self defense, and the police finding out you did it and say, oh, you're fine, you were just experimenting.  Also, when you're a woman and you have a child by having sex with a guy, but say you're lesbian later.  Technically, you're bisexual with a preference of women and lesbian.  If you're bisexual, be bisexual.  I'm glad you're happy.  But don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining either.
Native Atheist (7 months ago)
If a girl is with another girl...she wouldn't be straight...... would she?
awile999 (7 months ago)
Once you sleep with a lesbian, you’re not straight. Straight girls don’t sleep with other girls.
Andrew Wells (7 months ago)
I wish straight guys were this open minded :(
Team DriveAlot (7 months ago)
Because its fun :) well good job at carching a straight one then ;)
GeminiWest (7 months ago)
"Once you hit it".... what exactly are you hitting it with? I would think it's more if a "once you grind it" term. Hearing a butch lesbian say "once you hit it" was cringe for me lol. Thanks for sharing tho.
Namsi (7 months ago)
The statistics don’t match their acedotes
Namsi (7 months ago)
Isn't it just a whole another thing with women like that straight women sometimes do les stuff anyway while for almost every man faggotry is a taboo
Aiya Yotsuki (7 months ago)
Hahaha "I'm not a lesbian but I fucked a girl who was"
The Mold (7 months ago)
Sounds like lesbians sleeping with lesbians to me.
tackyman2011 (7 months ago)
I don't see snarky/ critical comments. You must edit the shit outta them.

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