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GAZEBO OUT NOW: http://jackharlow.us/ Produced by 2forwOyNE http://open.spotify.com/artist/2LIk90788K0zvyj2JJVwkJ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/jackharlow INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jackharlow Video by BCSPhotography Mixed by KY Engineerin' WRITTEN AND RECORDED BY JACK HARLOW.
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Text Comments (1516)
skye artiles (23 hours ago)
everyone sleeps this goes hard <3
Thadd Patterson (2 days ago)
It's like if hobo johnson was dope
Eddie 462 Johnson (2 days ago)
Bruh I’ve been listening to ess
trip6ix (3 days ago)
stay yourself :)
Gillah Ville (3 days ago)
🤟🏿🤯🔥 " ain't even know it"
BORUTO UZUMAKI (5 days ago)
0:06 i thought this was a dance video lmao
urbanmagpie (7 days ago)
New go to song for me :)
Brian Jeffery (7 days ago)
youre my hero
David Tovar (8 days ago)
“Really you can keep it like the coleslaw” -If that ain’t the realist shit I ever heard.
Maria White (10 days ago)
Spit the fire 🔥
KidTheKingMusic (11 days ago)
this prob tears the show up EVERYTIME!! opening and closing with this forsure! haha
ShaMaunie (11 days ago)
Still my favorite song!!😍
The Filmatic Condition (14 days ago)
Get a xxl shirt and then tuck it in!
Keelan Thomas Dillon (15 days ago)
Noisey wya?
u kno (17 days ago)
Shit goes hard as fuck bro nice flow
YÜNG T3CH (18 days ago)
He sound like mgk
Jack K (18 days ago)
Yes. Rise, my dude. RISE. RISE!!!!!!
lil fyer (20 days ago)
bro, there is a kid named jake in nc where i live that is your literal twin. jake middlecomb or some shit
I love u 💖
Jordan Saenz (24 days ago)
Shouts to CyHi for tapping into the minds of the youth. Kids talented.
reggie (24 days ago)
0:49-0:52 why did I find that little dance so attractive
tashay moon (24 days ago)
Victor Man (25 days ago)
1:13 when u find your homie using an android phone
GNARLY TJ (1 month ago)
599 Dislikes Is Really Bothering Me...😶
Ren The Villain (1 month ago)
Bro fwm id love to make a song wit u g fr
TROD SANTANA (1 month ago)
Louisville ⛽⛽⛽
Joseph Taylor (1 month ago)
Damn why am I just listening to you this is fire and I'm from the area too
Shama Llama (1 month ago)
someone from the ville besides Tiller, shit goes hard man keep at it
bahumbug (1 month ago)
"She don't listen to the lyrics but she fucks with my voice" 👀👀aaaahhh ya got me.
Tyler Brockman (1 month ago)
KENTUCKY STAND UP!!! #502 #270
Red Holiday (1 month ago)
I knew it! I can hear Sy Hi and a lil KCamp in his flow. But dats ok.
Darold Gunion (1 month ago)
He sounding a little like Joyner Lucas
Clay Aderhold (1 month ago)
such a white boy I love this shit
adoreriver (1 month ago)
he can emp
Adequatecole (1 month ago)
Damn. Got me wishing I had someone to make my beats and videos :/
nxckt (1 month ago)
you different
JJ Sharp (1 month ago)
g eazy vibes?
shaqreia Carlton (1 month ago)
why am i just finding him i mad what was i doing before i fuck with this so hard.
dlepi40 (1 month ago)
Merch he said he's ten toes down. TTD!
Y.B SKY (1 month ago)
U can to the black people ceremony aka (CookOut)
ChoppedBy Tina (1 month ago)
Ayeeeee need to screw this shit
Matt Lamb (1 month ago)
bro I'm almost 100% sure he went to the same day care as me and my brother
Valin Harrison (1 month ago)
Haha yo Jack Harlow can fuck my bitch tho He goes hard tho
Martin Davidson (1 month ago)
Man this shit is lit af and hard bruh I fuck witchu
E. MAN216 (1 month ago)
Logics lil brother topic😂😂😂
steve mcgleeve (1 month ago)
Joshua T. (1 month ago)
rep the ville merch! respect
Lancing Ruel (1 month ago)
This is dope as fuck too god damn JACK HARLOW
Jean-Marc Jardine (1 month ago)
this lowkey hard son
sterling SavageSoldier (1 month ago)
He got his black card yet
TheRadwolfVanGhost:-) (1 month ago)
I’m not even mad that he says nigga a couple times 🤷🏼‍♂️ shits 🔥
Quinn Causer (1 month ago)
He is unstoppable
josh fowler (1 month ago)
Damn this goes hard
Vexify Zynix (1 month ago)
#502 we go crazy around here 🔥🔥🔥
punk (1 month ago)
underrated as fuck.
Ziggy (1 month ago)
anthony vicencio (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that thinks jack would sound like Mac if he sang :.
Mndkiller08 (2 months ago)
Gooddirido 909 (2 months ago)
He is next
Gooddirido 909 (2 months ago)
Biggest fan
Young Nate (2 months ago)
I wanna be on a song with you check my shit out
Joseph Geyer (2 months ago)
502 shit you already know We wavy 🌊
PIMP (2 months ago)
jack harlow type beats on my page 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://youtu.be/NuGGadoSFnQ
ohhjxshy (2 months ago)
ohh shit
Bodie Johnson (2 months ago)
Jack I got your back homie keep it 100 for the city I fucks wit ya Bodie. M.C undaground Mafia
Jason Williams (2 months ago)
Dope af
Isobel Quinn (2 months ago)
He’s right I don’t listen to the lyrics I just fuck with his voice ... heavyyyyyyy
Mrcarry L.O.L is life (2 months ago)
Bro here you be at ??
Joshua Holland (2 months ago)
At 0:50 all kinds of sauce 👀👀
Lukas Furgason (2 months ago)
You know this guy’s good when Yung Gravy comments on it. Go Big Blue!!!
horticasey (2 months ago)
I wanted to thumbs this down. But it was so god damn good I couldn't.
96213sam (2 months ago)
Riding through the city with the windows down Heard that you was talking 'bout him right there Boy I swear to god you better switch pronouns I don't ride waves, I don't switch no sound I don't hang ten, I'm ten toes down Had a little song I was gonna put first but boy, god damn, this an intro now Right back to it never left though Except for that week I had strep throat Know this shit boom when we come down south and I had to bring my own Lil Metro 2for's on it, man the kid psychotic If you looking for the flows or the hits, I got it When the sun goes down I'ma creep up on it Like a thief in the night, finna pick your pockets I ain't really fucking with you hypebeasts (nah) Really though, I put it on everything (everything) I don't really be in no shindigs I ain't been happy since 13 CyHi told me how to deal with the writer's block Got me thinking maybe I was thinking inside the box Now we in the house, finna bring it around the block Know they wanna hang, but we hanging them out to dry (woo, woo, woo) Guess he never seen this shit coming She a little older, then think she be coming Only thing I'm trying to do is keep this shit jumping So I turned this motherfucker to a pole vault Chicken finger plate for the road, dog Heard that you was working on a mixtape Really you can keep it like the coleslaw Bring the beat back like the overalls Your boyfriend a tool, that's a Kobalt When I'm in the booth, make the snow fall Ain't nobody in my class, check the role call One name on it, bring the beat to me I'ma come skate on it Something like Timmy, I'ma Wuntayk on it Boy, I know this shit's hot, no one takes on it Pre-Med shorty, turn me on like she hit the reset on me Told me that we living different lives right now When I graduated, it was recess for me All these frat boys won't fuck with the boy Even when it's really something they could come to enjoy She don't listen to the lyrics, but she fuck with my voice I got one-hundred situations that I want to exploit and I'ma do it That's right, riding through the city on my Last life, know I had to beat it down Last night, when she leave the crib she get Baptized, every time Funny how it all works out Right before I did this, I was feeling burnt out Now the whole city 'bout to get burnt down
Olivia Spotswood (2 months ago)
he reminds me of the guys in school who never talk or smile but everyone has a crush on them
Tyler Williams (2 months ago)
This and got me thinking are🔥🔥
Thot Slayer Reddit (2 months ago)
How am I just finding this?
MiNoGanG (2 months ago)
Thank you cyhi!
Jacob Heckman (2 months ago)
kcityy (2 months ago)
Dude you got flow 🌊
Franklyn Coaxum (2 months ago)
MOOD: 0:50
how he sound like this and look like that
CMz Recoil (2 months ago)
Victor Reyes (2 months ago)
this white boy got more lyrics than 96% of these millenial rappers
5star King (7 days ago)
charlene leak (2 months ago)
Well damn
Chris Flightrisk19 (2 months ago)
Craig Vanet (2 months ago)
All the trash in the world gets 38 mill on wshh. Jack gonna blow any minute. He better
Tabula Rasa (2 months ago)
Came in too damn smooth with it
Angel Rios (2 months ago)
when she leave the crib she get, baptized. Lyrics crazy bro
Graces Universe (2 months ago)
His snapchat is bad he’s tryna post pics of people on line
Graces Universe (2 months ago)
Guys never trust this guy
Chance Stance (2 months ago)
“Running through the city on my, last life”
Chance Stance (2 months ago)
It refreshing to see someone just be themselves in the rap game today
Otis (2 months ago)
Modern day Mac miller
Rendu Sosa (2 months ago)
Louisville Ky shit 502 s/o JACK HARLOW 👏🏽💪🏽💯
J D (2 months ago)
When did Chucky from Rugrats move to the hood?
Jon DGAF (2 months ago)
akakalvin (2 months ago)
Brent 2won (2 months ago)
I see you dawg
Grim Salvo (2 months ago)
0:19 That Coogi shirt on point
TheLinkClub (2 months ago)
jack is so fine i need to meet this man
LebanonDon (2 months ago)
New album isn’t that good tho man

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