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My Dog Stories

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Text Comments (56236)
mason Sheehan (20 minutes ago)
Me cat died \ :( Lol
makaylah carroll (1 hour ago)
Every time you just say a word i laugh and the people walking around me look at me like i have a mental disability, but you know. meh
Mayu chan (2 hours ago)
Opa is german and means grandpa xD
Seth Prince (3 hours ago)
That one moment when you watch the beginning of this video, and you remember your cat who got hit by a car. 😅😢
Zachaboy Tinsley (5 hours ago)
How did it feel to animate your part in the yubtub rewind
gamer girl71 (5 hours ago)
When my dog Jake died when i was 4 or 3 he was my BODYGAURD . Once i was camping with my family and i wnt in the woods....... at afternoon.......alone BUT he followed me
sunnysporthorse (5 hours ago)
i have 4 dogs i have a small dog to his name is chillie he has three legs and hes fast as F#@$ boi!
gamer girl71 (5 hours ago)
gamer girl71 (5 hours ago)
R.I.P. Gabe the borking dog
ThePickleLlama !?? (5 hours ago)
I have a blue tongue, and it was hilarious when I first got her, I scared the crap out of my gramma...but it’s not my fault, it was my grandpas idea! 😂
Pixelard 0.1 (5 hours ago)
About the ending... I actually think snakes are adorable 😃
Pikachu (5 hours ago)
my family probably was so sad when i jumped out of my car and ran... they found me the next day
Jadyn M (6 hours ago)
this made me criy
Daily Dork (6 hours ago)
My dog died today 😭😢😭😢😭😢 lick if sad
YouTubeguy 46 (6 hours ago)
The gaming Dork. You spelled like lick
Waffle Gaming (6 hours ago)
The gaming Dork I’m sorry. I hope you are okay
Kayas Rus (6 hours ago)
4:39 I am eating a happy meal right now... please don’t kill me
SuperboyEV (6 hours ago)
ant (6 hours ago)
Scruffy looks like my dog
Aidan Standard (6 hours ago)
Proof that Jaiden likes animals 0:24
Jordan Goodwin (6 hours ago)
I think this was in everyone’s recommended for some reason
Ann Cruz (6 hours ago)
I only have fish😭😭😭😭😭
TREVOR TAYLOR (7 hours ago)
I love how even a year later the comment section is still alive and filled with comments from today
I’m allergic to dogs and cats
Craig but with a hat (7 hours ago)
Madison Pilley (7 hours ago)
I didn't get my first dogs when I was 9. They look like chubaca's :)
Kris Arts (6 hours ago)
Mom what’s chubaca? (Chubaca yells) Oh!aaaAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
Avay banana (8 hours ago)
My cat rowddy died and my chiwawa little man and my pit bull boots which is my bogs unkle now
Star Moon (8 hours ago)
Actually my cousin of 3 years went out the house with her doll to the park and nobody realized except me, but she’s fine 😝
explodingcrper YT (9 hours ago)
Snakes want love too ............. And to bite u
Ihaztwojayz (9 hours ago)
i lost my kitten she well was peeing all the time so we got rid of her
The Wolf Child (9 hours ago)
2018 and i still remember his bork ;-;
mastro gaming (9 hours ago)
that dog looks just like mine
Lydia Faith (10 hours ago)
“Pull at your pants we’re goin on a run “ jaiden 2018
Mia sings 12 (10 hours ago)
I have a hedge hog
Lara Waldron (10 hours ago)
i have a snake her names eevee cause she is eevees coloring
Gabriel Robert (11 hours ago)
tracey weir (11 hours ago)
But I love animals
tracey weir (11 hours ago)
ciara simcock (12 hours ago)
I love how casually you say desert, I live in England and only see trees and forests😅😂
William Armitage (12 hours ago)
Paddy Newton (13 hours ago)
In the intro I was playing with my dog! He’s so cute.
Samuel Hellewell (13 hours ago)
So scruffy is my dog except mines white
Haris Saqib (14 hours ago)
i think you mom didnt want another dog, cuz she didnt want to go through the death of another pet. she probably didnt want you to go through it as well. or smn. I dunno.
Haris Saqib (14 hours ago)
This kinda seems sounds like wimpy id in real life or smn.
Max Rispens (15 hours ago)
Opa is da dutch word for granpa
L.R. Verwers (15 hours ago)
I accidentally kicked my dog in the chin last night, (she's ok) I want to kill myself (I'm not going to)
C4 Kazuyoshi (16 hours ago)
I I I don't remind me of blitz my dog who died year's ago just no
Sanjiv Bindraban (17 hours ago)
Are you dutch
TundarrPlayz (8 hours ago)
Sanjiv Bindraban she is Asian
Mibi (17 hours ago)
Opa is actually the dutch word for grandpa!
Sameeth Khan (17 hours ago)
3:36 the dog flipped Jaiden's dad
random guy (18 hours ago)
Arthur Kirkland (18 hours ago)
[Admin] My dog which is a mix of labrador and dachshund went wild... I was at school that time, so I literally have no idea what happened to him, until I got home. When I got home... There was not a single sight of a cute, black, 1 year old dog. I panicked and asked my family, but they said, he had gone wild and wouldn't let anyone inside the house when his leash broke. When the animal control something like that came, they captured him... I got really heartbroken... I don't know what happened to him right now... I love him... I cried myself to sleep. This happened when I was in 5th Grade, but... I still miss him to this day. [Grade 8] ♡I love you Blake..♡ I just wanted to share my story. Thanks for taking time to read this. [Although, you might not care--]
I love Cat's 83 (18 hours ago)
lol ari your messing up the recording scream scream scream CALM DOWN SCREEEECH!!!
I love Cat's 83 (18 hours ago)
jaiden that won't work for me i have fish so how am i gonna do that?
Sara B (19 hours ago)
Weeeeellllllllllllllllll.... My dogs are 14 (I'm almost 11) and they have not kicked the bucket yet.(even though they are old we LOVE THEM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! make sure you your pets ) 🐕🐩
xX666CHAOS666Xx (20 hours ago)
My mom had a little white dog named Tocca and she used to put her in my moms bag and roller blade around New York because she went to college there. Then she gave birth to me and Tocca was there, every birthday party, she would always be in the picture. 10th birthday.... she died. I loved her so much I cried so much..... I never wanted another pet again.
Sacha Peters (21 hours ago)
'Opa' is dutch for grandpa!
Retro gamer (21 hours ago)
think yourself lucky, I somehow ran away from home when I was like... 2? I somehow managed to unlock the front door, and walk almost all the way to my nearest park, WITHOUT getting injured!
Retro gamer (21 hours ago)
My mum got a strike by the police for letting me roam around without a parent
Stellar Melody Song (22 hours ago)
Hah! I knew it! You use Audacity as well... Can you please teach me senpai?
Wan Rizal (23 hours ago)
My gator just died a week ago 😭😭
syaffa azzra (23 hours ago)
James:how's ur day? Meh:my cats lost
Legendary Gaming Nugget (23 hours ago)
Love your channel and I like jameses channel to I like to look up to your drawings
Sarah Whatmough (1 day ago)
The start I'm like stap talking my nanas dog died yesterday and I was crying I miss my dog
Pepsi5 Gt (1 day ago)
Day and you I just saw the picture you and I just looked for it I just thought you
Hunter Minck (1 day ago)
My grandads name is opa too
Lucas Mak (1 day ago)
Yeah, come down Ari
the gaming group (1 day ago)
Matthew Elledge (1 day ago)
That first dog story happened to me too! My parents had to call the police as I left the house for about half an hour. Great vid tho
Diego Corona (1 day ago)
my cat just went missing. :(
Snakes dont like their head being touched, besides that i give my pyhton all the love he needs! :)
Boople Doop (1 day ago)
My dog is big and has really long legs, and he runs like a one-legged badger.
Wes Hunter (1 day ago)
My cousin has a English springer spaniel but we don’t like to say all that and his name is remi by the way so we call them remi dogs
Cecilia Bleyer (1 day ago)
is it a careen terrier?
Cecilia Bleyer (1 day ago)
Or poodle?
I have a dog named scruffy he looks just like that
Michi chan (1 day ago)
Why you going to the elementary school in summer ?
Selena Noell (1 day ago)
I loves snakes I want one so bad 🐍❤️💚 snakes 4life
Ellie (1 day ago)
the amount of times i had to pause and go frame by frame to read the small texts that speed past the screen is kinda sad
Recycled Egg (1 day ago)
i hamster died two days ago........this helped
mintybear 39093 (1 day ago)
My dog died a year ago cri.
Lily Bristow (1 day ago)
My name is GABE even though my username is lily I’m a boi *this is my sisters ipad*
KOOL KIDS (1 day ago)
We she said police I herd a poly siren right down theroad
calymama (1 day ago)
My dog escaped without us knowing and someone found him we didn't know
I'm a cat and a wolf and a fox person
I'm nederlands and opa is nederlands
Eliza DOGGY (1 day ago)
I have a Shetlan sheepdog
nebbie1964 (1 day ago)
Opa is the dutch word fore grandpa
LangeManGlenn (1 day ago)
5:16 Opa is literally Dutch for grandpa.
RED DOLPHIN (1 day ago)
The Ari The kaisha
Rośe Chae-Young (1 day ago)
Im also a animal lover!!
pokemon maniac (1 day ago)
when you said opa i thought you were dutch because grandpa is in our country opa
Jaiden is a furry
LUPEDI Roblox (1 day ago)
My 2 parrots died
KCH x (1 day ago)
‘Opa’ means ‘grandpa’ in Dutch Felt like I should mention it hihi
Amber Lee LPS (1 day ago)
OMG, you’re the same as me!! I always beg my Mom for another dog for Ever in Life but she wont let me cause she doesn’t trust me caring it. 😢😢
BenGamimgGo Aaron (1 day ago)
DragonFlame Music (1 day ago)
Then the second story is my great grandma and great grandpa except that he hated everyone except my gg papa and his name is scruffy too
Daddy thug life 😎
DragonFlame Music (1 day ago)
But the first story was me I actually did that but I had no leash for the dog
fallin marshall (1 day ago)
-_- I thought gave was a girl and was named gabby
Fluffy Pusheen (1 day ago)
I'm q cat lover
Benji Shmuel (1 day ago)
I cried

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