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Why I Chose DistroKid to Sell My Music - Placement

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Text Comments (65)
44deluxe (2 months ago)
Cool vid 👍🏼 subbed
TJay Johnson (2 months ago)
thanks for the love
Kanzou Life Movies (3 months ago)
I have a Problem with Distrokid. I want to know exactly wenn my Song are buy. I want to see how much i sell or just receive notification when someone buy the song but it s no posibile to see that. I saw my Friend buy the song but in my Bank in Distrokid it 0 Dollar
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
It takes 60-90 days for your $ from a song to come about. Statistics about what songs are played come from individual streaming companies. Apple music has stats and Spotify has stats. What I recommend is for you to be more patient. I would like to be paid in real time too but that's not how it works yet.
ZineroTV (3 months ago)
Very Interesting Video Bro, I'm Considering DistroKid. One Question I Had Is, Suppose You Are An Artist With A Name That Someone Else Has As Well But They Pronounce It Differently (In Another Country To Be Exact). All Your Albums, Singles & Record Label Are Linked With That Other Person & Vice Versa. Does DistroKid Give You An Option To Distinguish Which Ones Which, That Way The Artist Won't Be Linked To The Other?
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
word, i hope everything works for you in the future. thanks for the sub.
ZineroTV (3 months ago)
TJay Johnson Outworking Is The Key! I Appreciate The Reply, I Just Subbed To Your Channel As Well. THANKS!
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
Sort of...what happens when you distribute is you get a unique artist ID for everything you release via your distributor. There is still a chance that your catalogue will get mixed up. You can send emails to most of the companies (Apple music, Spotify, etc.) To have them correct it, but they will recommend you talk with the distributor first to sort out where the new music lands. Some ways to correct this are: pick a more unique name and begin to move your old music to the new name...(my old name is not that far from my new one). The other way would be to simply outwork that other person, but if they are active long term you will have issues in the future once you globalize. Start thinking of your brand as a global brand and consider changing your name to start fresh. That's what I would do. It doesn't stop your old music from bringing you income. If you need more help simply schedule some time with me one on one at http://otmmg.com/rise
YOU WERE BORN TO SING (3 months ago)
Bro hi. Took you a month to respond. Okay. But please I need some information from our dear guru. You ready? Please help me find out. How can I register with Distrokid. I have no VISA or MASTER card I live in Europe. And I really want to start putting songs out there. Please respond or even do a little research for me. If I was in the State I would contact the Distrokid guy myself. Because he seems a good guy. Please do not ignore your nigga. A lot of people need this. How many people have Visa or Master card in India, Jamaica, Australia, how many young people making music have a credit card. I don't why they say good things about Distrokid but fail here big time in the very first step. The registration. All they need is my money. let me pay it in whatever way I can. As long as they get their 20 dollars. OMG. Please research this deeper if need be but please respond back to me. Thanks brother.
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
Get a prepaid visa card? Ask someone in the states to buy you one and you pay them? If you live in Europe email works the same way it does anywhere else in the world. Send your question to [email protected] You can also get a paypal account and request a debit card from them. That's the best I can do.
pud (3 months ago)
Yo thank you! -Philip from DK
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
you’re very welcome!
jahjahtruth (3 months ago)
I think you sold me on this distributor!
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
Man they are dope
arthur long jr (3 months ago)
Can they get your music on Pandora?
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
No problem
arthur long jr (3 months ago)
TJay Johnson Thanks for responding bro.
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
Yes they submit it to Pandora but check out my video on how to submit to Pandora directly
CashFlow Musician (4 months ago)
Hey TJay, have you used other platforms to distribute your music in the past? If so, do you still leverage some of the features on these platforms that Distrokid doesn't provide or are you strictly on Distrokid at the moment?
TJay Johnson (4 months ago)
i have music at: CD Baby and i use the pro feature for publishing administration...i only have tunecore for one song. That’s probably gonna come down soon because i spend more than i make on it.
YOU WERE BORN TO SING (4 months ago)
cd baby has millions of distractions on screen cant even see my own song when am in and i have do so much to see anything I want. I am pro and smart. I am out of cdbaby. I want somethng without too many adverts of their own.
YOU WERE BORN TO SING (4 months ago)
please I want to cancel my cdbaby account, its horrible and a waste of time. I cant find how to deactivate my cdbaby account. please tell me
TJay Johnson (3 months ago)
i feel ya
kell cole Style Ent (3 months ago)
I never use cdbaby
FRANK R ICE COLD (5 months ago)
i Was Going To Go With DistroKid But i Had a Few Questions and They Don't Have a Support Phone Number and it is Just To Hard To Get My Questions answered Just e mailing Back And Forth i Don't Have Time For that and The Questions Don't Get answered ( i Make it a Habit Not To Give Money to Companies i Can't Talk to in person
TJay Johnson (5 months ago)
Most questions are answered on their support page and email. They are a much different company centered on tech and automation. Distrokid may not before you if you want to talk to a person. Go with CD Baby
13FingazCrew (5 months ago)
Thanks and that "BEAT" is #DOPE!!!!!!!
TJay Johnson (5 months ago)
thanks for the love
JBCOOL FROMTHEATL (5 months ago)
I am glad you are not my son. I wouldn't claim a liar and sell out as my son.I'll bet you can't even play an instrument. You young ass know it alls depend on a computer to compose for you. The computer should be getting the royalties. I don't have anything else to say to you.
JBCOOL FROMTHEATL (6 months ago)
I made the swap from Tunecore to Distrokid and glad I did. Tunecore didn't do a damn thing for me. I didn't even make a penny. Even though the pirating record companies are almost all out of existence, there is still a potential for distributors to steal your money. Nothing is fool proof, or free from the crooks!
TJay Johnson (5 months ago)
I’m not your son! You came here to cry and complain. Go somewhere else with that.
JBCOOL FROMTHEATL (5 months ago)
TJay Johnson listen son I was in music before you were born. That's what's wrong with you youngsters, you know every damn thing and don't know nothing. I can tell you some things about the music industry you don't know and that comes from working in it for years, and need listening to videos where you get your information from.
TJay Johnson (5 months ago)
Tunecore nor Distrokid are obligated to promote your music. If you didn't make any money...that isn't Tunecore's fault. Noone has stolen your money. You just need to work harder.
KAPITAL GAIN (6 months ago)
Very informative and to the point...👍👍
TJay Johnson (6 months ago)
thank you
Ktraa Official (6 months ago)
Q? Can I use Distrokid and Tunecore publish Administration Service for the same song plz help me
Prof Blue (7 months ago)
Great Video about DistroKid Thanks, Can you send me that 7% coupon for DistroKid Prof. Blue [email protected]
King Aussie (7 months ago)
Would you recommend using Distrokid for distribution and song trust for publishing?
TJay Johnson (7 months ago)
Yes, but be aware song trust will charge you one time to sign up and for song registration. Tunecore Publishing does not charge you more than once, and you can use them without distribution through Tunecore.
Marlo Stanfield (7 months ago)
Can I get my beattape with Uncleared Samples distributed through Distrokid?
TJay Johnson (7 months ago)
Some people just take the risk. The reality is you can get away with it but if something blows up...Be ready to fight it...Always save 15%!!!!
Marlo Stanfield (7 months ago)
TJay Johnson I see projects from small time artists that must have uncleared samples. No way they cleared certain samples.
TJay Johnson (7 months ago)
nope. but i hope to talk about this new service in a future video about that
Shawn Mac McCullough (7 months ago)
100 Albums In A Year #ChallengeAccepted
TJay Johnson (7 months ago)
it can be done! idk how but hell!!
Christopher Newman (7 months ago)
This is dope!
TJay Johnson (7 months ago)
Xperimental Music (7 months ago)
How long does it usually take to see how much $ you've earned?
TJay Johnson (7 months ago)
60 days on average. The retailers report later just in case of refunds, tech issues, and things like that.
MOONSPIRIT 12 (8 months ago)
How can you distribute your music on distrokid and have publishing administration on TUNECORE?
TJay Johnson (8 months ago)
because distrokid only does Distribution. Tunecore Publishing Administration can be purchased separately from their distribution services. Once you distribute you provide the metadata from distrokid and they will handle the rest. That is how. Way more cost effective if you release a lot of music. not so much if you do 1 album every 5 years. Those yearly fees “per project on tunecore add up”.
Zeraphenom (8 months ago)
Can I assign my own irsc codes to my tracks? (I am a registrant)
TJay Johnson (8 months ago)
Man who does if you're releasing often?! Plus losing like an additional 15%
Zeraphenom (8 months ago)
Thanks bro, swift response! I have your link bookmarked for when I make the move. Planning on releasing alot of music this year and don't have the budget to keep cdbaby.
TJay Johnson (8 months ago)
Yup sure can
RealLyfe Productions (9 months ago)
With distro Kid and tunecore administration do I still need sound exchange and bmi/ascap?
TJay Johnson (1 month ago)
BMI is free to sign up as a writer and to collect publishing you either own a publishing company through them which will cost about ($150). Regardless you have to register with a publishing administrator for about $75-100. So the cheapest method is via BMI. Some like ASCAP better and to have both writer and publishing accounts it cost $50/account
tyquan fuller (1 month ago)
TJay Johnson i am an R&b/hip hop artist that write my own songs,should I go with ascap or bmi?
JBCOOL FROMTHEATL (6 months ago)
I am with ascap and soundexchange. When it comes to deciding between ascap and bmi, that depends on what you are doing musically. Look at the videos on youtube to learn about the differnece between the two PRO's.
TJay Johnson (8 months ago)
It’s not free to join ASCAP. BMI does the same job for free but you don’t get your Publishing collected. Even more it’s rare that you will get all your due payments if you aren’t registered with every agency world wide. For a DIY artist this requires a lot of work. So you may as well get someone to admin and take a percent of your Publishing royalty. They don’t touch your writing or composing royalties. If you own your publishing company which cost $150 through BMI then you can collect more $. So where’s the con? people are working on your behalf. If you wanna hire staff to admin your publishing then go pay someone 30k to do a full time job for you!
TJay Johnson (9 months ago)
Yes you do. they all collect different royalties
Kaceo Spades (10 months ago)
Question 🤔🤔🤔 can I use DistroKid to release and TuneCore to manage my publishing administration? I’m currently wit TuneCore but I’m considering the swap..
TJay Johnson (8 months ago)
Sure if you release more than 1 album per year or multiple singles per year then its best to use a combo of Distrokid to distribute and Tunecore to admin your publishing. This is a good financial strategy for today’s market where releasing more music is beneficial to a growing brand. Distrokid charges yearly for unlimited releases, and you pay $75 one time for administration of those songs. If you release very little music (which is against my current beliefs on how you should operate) then tunecore alone will suffice.
Jesse Gavilanes (8 months ago)
@TJay Johnson may you elaborate on your answer. I don't understand about Distrokid to release and TuneCore to manage administration?
TJay Johnson (10 months ago)
Yes! You can use DistroKid and still use Tunecore to manage the administration. Especially if you plan on releasing a LOT of songs or albums. You will just have to fill out a form for every song or album after you release. It's really easy. One of my former artists has done it this way.

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